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Trade360 Review: TradeSmith’s Best Tools in One Platform

Chris Dios - November 02, 2021

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TradeSmith has combined its top-rated tools into one convenient platform. Read our Trade360 by TradeSmith review to find out if this cutting-edge research and analysis platform is worth your while.

Trade360 by TradeSmith Review: Overview

TradeSmith has earned a stellar reputation for its vast collection of high-powered trading tools. Previously, users had to sign up for multiple services to access these resources, but now you can access the best TradeSmith tools with Trade360.

Trade360 offers users a wide range of analysis and research options. In the typical TradeSmith style, each tool is simple, straightforward, and easy to use, so you don’t need to be a mathematical genius to make good use of the service.

Trade360 equips you with everything you need to take your trades to the next level. Users can access several research tools that can lead them to new insights and opportunities.

It all sounds great, but what kind of benefits do these highly-lauded trading tools offer? We’ll explain all of Trade360’s capabilities in explicit detail in our Trade360 review, but first, what’s the deal with TradeSmith, the company behind Trade360?

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TradeSmith Review

TradeSmith offers a wide array of premium trading tools for serious self-directed investors. The company’s mission is to provide everyday people with the tools and knowledge they need to invest confidently.

In its early days, TradeSmith offered trailing stops and basic portfolio tracking tools, but it’s expanded since then. Now, it offers a wide array of investing tools and services.

Trade360 combines some of the most powerful tools from across the TradeSmith platform in one place. Now, you can access the best TradeSmith has to offer with a single subscription. 

TradeSmith is a reputable US-based company with a track record for quality products and services. You can expect excellent customer service and transparent business practices when you deal with them.

The Exact Day Stocks Will Crash

In their latest presentation for Trade360, TradeSmith has a dire prediction. The market could be headed for an epic crash.

The possibility is certainly there. Many stocks have soared to record highs in recent months, and investors are beginning to worry that the market could be overvalued.

However, there could still be some upside left in the rally, and pulling out too early could cost you. Unfortunately, if you wait for an obvious red flag, it might already be too late.

Trade360 can help. Its proprietary tools use sophisticated algorithms to analyze market data and monitor for potential signs of trouble.

The system has proven very effective in the past. In 2020, it flashed a warning signal on February 27th, just a couple of weeks before the big COVID-19 sell-off swept through the market.

Trade360’s warning signal gave thousands of investors the opportunity to avoid massive losses in the days that followed and put them in an excellent position to buy back when stocks bottomed out.

But, the 2020 sell-off could be small potatoes compared to the next crash, and the downturn could come sooner than you expect.

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How Does It Work?

Before the 2020 crash, Trade360 alerted members that the market was flashing several bearish signals.

trade360 signals

The warning came just days after the stock market hit its pre-sell-off peak. In the Trade360 example, TradeSmith CEO Keith Kaplan explains how these signals warned him of what was to come.

Keith took heed to the warning and bailed out just in time. Here’s a graph that shows just how lucky he was to get out when he did:

trade360 review chart

Shortly after the signal, the Dow crashed by more than 30%.

trade360 review chart

But that wasn’t the only time Trade360’s bear market alerts accurately predicted a crash. Since 2000, the trading platform has flashed its bear market signal on five occasions.

Those alerts gave investors the opportunity to avoid major losses. Here’s a graphic explaining the timeline for each alert and the potential losses you could’ve avoided with Trade360:

trade260 review bear signals

This kind of advanced warning could’ve been a godsend for the countless investors whose savings were destroyed by the sell-offs, but only Trade360 subscribers saw the signs.

Now, these advanced tools are primed to warn of troubling signs again, but there’s still time to protect yourself. Our Trade360 review will explain how you can use this platform to sidestep a crash.

trade360 review

Trade360 by TradeSmith Review: Key Features

  • Unlimited access to Trade360 for one year
  • Proprietary Color-Coded Stock Health Indicator Alerts
  • Volatility-Based Trailing Stop Alerts
  • Market Volatility Quotient Ratings
  • Re-Entry Alerts
  • Position Size Calculator
  • Risk Rebalancer Tool
  • Pure Quant Portfolio Builder
  • “My Gurus” Newsletter Center
  • Market Health Tool
  • Bull and Bear Market Alerts
  • Ideas Lab Tool
  • Screener and Stock Finder tool

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One Year of Trade360

You can access the Trade360 platform for a full year once you sign up. Your subscription includes unlimited access to all the portfolio analysis tools described in our Trade360 review.

We’ll go through all of the platform’s different capabilities in this Trade360 review, but it all starts with your subscription.

Stock Health Indicator Alerts

Trade360’s Stock Health Indicators make it easy to quickly ascertain the outlook for thousands of stocks. The tool assigns buy and sell ratings for each stock and greatly simplifies your research routine.

Just one glance at the stock Health Indicator can quickly tell you if a stock is in buy or sell mode and save you tons of research time in the process.

Stock Health Indicators are particularly useful for active traders because they quickly reveal whether their investment ideas are worth pursuing based on prevailing trends.

Trailing Stop Alerts

Trailing stops are excellent trading tools, but using them for volatile stocks can create problems. They could trigger an unwanted sell order when intraday trading is volatile and cause you to miss out on potential gains.

Fortunately, Trade360’s volatility-based trailing stop alerts may be the answer to this investing dilemma. This tool automatically monitors positions and determines the best time to sell for maximum profits.

When you set up a trailing stop alert on a particular stock, Trade360 will automatically notify you when it’s the perfect time to sell.

You maintain full control of the trading process, so you’ll never exit a position by accident. Plus, you’ll receive an email or text alert to let you  know when the system triggers an exit from your trade based on your trading strategy. 

Trailing Stop Alerts can help you master risk management and improve overall trade timing. It’s an excellent addition to the program that could help you avoid substantial unnecessary losses over time.

Re-Entry Alerts

Trade timing is one of the most important aspects of trading, but getting out at the right time is only half the battle. You need to time your entries as carefully as your exits for optimum results.

Trade360’s re-entry alerts notify you whenever stocks you’ve exited could be prepared to rebound. It analyzes huge volumes of historical market data to identify circumstances that are statistically likely to produce a rebound and notifies you when it’s time to get back into a trade you exited.

You’ll always know when it’s time to get back into a trade with Trade360’s re-entry alerts. It’s an excellent tool for swing traders and other short-term traders.

Position Size Calculator

Proper position sizing can help you get the most out of your investing capital, but it’s a complex process that’s difficult to master. However, Trade360’s position-size calculator can drastically simplify the process.

This tool analyzes your portfolio size, number of open positions, and personal risk tolerance to determine the ideal position size for any prospective trade.

If you’re not sure how much to put into a new position, the position size calculator can provide some much-needed guidance. It can help you better balance potential risks and rewards so you have the best possible chance of a positive outcome.

Risk Rebalancer Tool

The position size calculator can help you size new positions, but what about the stocks you already have in your portfolio?

This is where Trade360’s risk rebalancer tool comes into play. It can analyze your portfolio positions and recommend moves that could reduce your overall risk exposure.

When combined with Trade360’s brokerage integrations, this tool can automatically analyze your holdings and come up with appropriate recommendations. You can also manually sync your holdings for added flexibility.

The risk rebalancer tool could help you avoid costly portfolio over-allocations and potentially save you from huge losses down the road. Virtually all traders and investors can benefit from such valuable insights.

Pure Quant Portfolio Builder

If you’re starting your investing journey from scratch, the Pure Quant Portfolio Builder could help you build the perfect portfolio.

The tool analyzes a wide variety of data inputs and determines the best potential holdings and asset allocation for your investing goals and risk preferences. Then, it generates a purpose-built model portfolio based on your inputs in a matter of minutes.

However, the Pure Quant Portfolio Builder isn’t only for new investors. It can also provide insights that can help more experienced investors refine their strategy and create new specialized portfolios based on their investment objectives.

Presenter Keith Kaplan said he used this tool to build his recovery portfolio following the 2020 pandemic sell-off in US markets, and it produced fantastic results.

If it worked for Kaplan, it can work for you too. Don’t overlook this simple but incredibly effective tool.

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trade360m newsletter hub

“My Gurus” Newsletter Center

Many investors love research newsletters because they regularly lead them to high-potential new stocks. TradeSmith understands how popular these services have become, so they made it easy for users to integrate their newsletter subscribers into the Trade360 platform.

Trade360 offers newsletter integrations for a wide selection of services. If you subscribe to a financial newsletter, there’s a good chance you can sync that subscription with the platform.

Once you connect your newsletter, you can access most of your member benefits without leaving the Trade360 platform. You can view each newsletter’s latest recommendations, model portfolio, price targets, and more.

The portfolio integration feature allows you to efficiently incorporate each research service’s insights into your Trade360 research without constantly switching back and forth between windows. You can access all your research resources in one convenient place.

BONUS: More Elite Tools

Trade360 is also offering access to these bonus tools under the latest deal.

trade360 market outlook

Market Health Tool

Trade360’s Market Health Tool uses the same concepts as its stock health indicator, but it applies them to the stock market as a whole. It analyzes numerous factors and labels the market with buy and sell ratings based on the latest data.

You can use the Market Health Indicator to quickly gauge the market’s temperature with a quick glance and determine whether the prevailing trends are bullish or bearish.

The Market Health Tool is a fantastic feature for index investors and other macro-scale investors. Even single-stock investors can use this tool to their advantage because it offers a quick-and-easy way to read the prevailing trends.

Bull and Bear Alerts

The moments leading up to a new bear or bull market is a time when fortunes can be made and lost. If you’re not paying attention, you could suffer huge losses or miss out on massive profits.

Trade360’s Bull and Bear Market Alerts are designed to address this issue. You’ll receive a notification anytime a massive trend shift could be developing in the market so you can act accordingly.

The market moves very quickly once a new trend is in place, and you can’t afford a slow reaction. Trade360’s Bull and Bear alerts keep you informed so you don’t get caught flat-footed.

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Ideas Lab Tool

The Trade360 Ideas Lab brings you high-potential trade ideas from across the market. The stocks are separated into various popular categories, including value stocks, high-growth stocks, dividend stocks, low-risk stocks, and more.

It also ranks the opportunities in each category, so you can quickly identify which trades have the best potential for success.

If you’re looking for new investment ideas, the Ideas Lab is an excellent tool. It automatically leads you to top opportunities that fit your tastes and preferences, and you don’t have to worry about screener settings or search parameters.

Screener and Stock Finder tool

The screener can also lead you to fantastic trade ideas, but it’s even more versatile and customizable than the Ideas Lab.

You can use the screener to identify stocks that fit precise parameters that you can set according to your investing goals and preferences. Think of it as a search engine that can peruse all the stocks in the Trade360 research universe.

More experienced traders will likely prefer the screener to the Ideas Lab because they can fine-tune it to meet their personal preferences. However, it’s also useful for newer traders who are getting the feel for the market.

You can learn a lot about the market by experimenting with the screener, and it could lead you to your next big winner if you learn to use it effectively.

The Trade360 screener is an excellent tool that goes well beyond the capabilities you would get with a free screener.

Trade360 Satisfaction Guarantee Review

TradeSmith stands by its product with a comprehensive 30-day full-credit guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with Trade360 for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund in the form of a TradeSmith credit if you request it during the guarantee period.

Simply pick up the phone, call customer service, request a refund, and get a 100% credit. It’s that simple.

You can apply your refund credit towards any other TradeSmith product or service. TradeSmith offers a wide variety of powerful trading tools, so you’re sure to find something you like.

It’s not a cash-back guarantee, but it’s notable nonetheless. Many research platforms offer no refunds whatsoever because they provide so much upfront value.

It’s an understandable take, but TradeSmith’s guarantee shows skeptical shoppers that the company stands by its product.

However, a full money-back guarantee gives bad actors too much leeway for abuse, so TradeSmith compromised with a full-credit guarantee.

When you take all the factors into consideration, TradeSmith’s Trade360 guarantee is a fair compromise, and it still gives you some recompense if you’re not satisfied with the service. 

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Trade360 Review: A Case Study

Each Trade360 tool is extremely powerful in its own right, but they really shine when they’re used in conjunction with one another.

Here’s an example of how Trade360’s insights could’ve helped a leading hedge fund significantly improve its numbers.

You might’ve heard of Greenlight Capital, Wall Street rockstar David Einhorn’s hedge fund. It’s one of the most successful funds of the past 20 years.

trade360 case study

As you can see, Greenlight outperformed the S&P 500 by a wide margin, according to publicly available SEC disclosures. However, it could’ve put up even bigger numbers with Trade360 in its corner.

trade360 case study chart

TradeSmith’s proprietary volatility ratings alone could’ve helped this fund improve its performance by a wide margin using the trailing stops tool.

However, if you mix in the position size tool, it gets even better.

Trade360 review case study

Combining both of these powerful tools could’ve improved Greenlight’s results by more than a 5X margin. That’s an incredible increase in performance, but we’re not done yet.

trade360 review chart

The final ingredient is TradeSmith’s color-coded stock Health Indicators. This simple tool uses a red-light, green-light rating system to quickly show you when it’s time to enter or exit a position.

Combined, these tools would’ve helped Greenlight Capital outperform the S&P 500 by a massive margin. This fund could’ve ultimately seen gains up to 862% higher.

These results clearly demonstrate Trade360’s potential impact on your trades. While these results aren’t typical, it shows what these tools can do in the right hands.

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Trade360 Pros and Cons

Trade360 has pros and cons. Here’s what you need to be aware of before you get started:


  • Access to TradeSmith’s best tools in one place
  • Proprietary volatility ratings on thousands of stocks
  • Color-coded stock health indicators
  • Intuitive portfolio-sizing tools
  • Trailing stop and reentry alerts for perfect trade timing
  • Macro-scale market health indicator
  • Bull and bear market warnings
  • Find new stocks with the Ideas Lab and screener
  • Seamless integration with several popular newsletter services
  • Affordably priced
  • Full-credit 30-day refund policy
  • First-class customer support team
  • Includes research on mutual funds and ETFs


  • No community chat room or forum
  • Doesn’t cover options
  • No cash refunds

Is Trade360 Right for Me?

Traders everywhere can benefit from Trade360’s tools, but these types of users are particularly well-suited for the platform:

Technical Traders

Trade360 uses sophisticated algorithms to transform huge quantities of historical market data into actionable market insights. It does the analytical heavy lifting for you so you can focus on trading without abandoning your preferred technical-first approach.

Swing Traders

If timing the market is your bread and butter, you’ll love Trade360. It offers several tools that can help you time the market with more precision and accuracy, including volatility-based trailing stops, re-entry alerts, and much more. It’s an excellent tool for serious swing traders.

Retirement Portfolios

You want to get the most out of your nest egg, and you need to ensure your positions are allocated properly to do it. Trade360’s Risk Rebalancer tool shows you the best potential allocations for each of your holdings, so you’ll never sell yourself short again.


Starting a portfolio from scratch can be a daunting task, but the Trade360 Pure Quant portfolio builder makes the process a breeze. Its suggestions will give you a model that will help you build the perfect portfolio, so you can hit the ground running in the market.

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More Trade360 Reviews

Trade360 gets high marks from its users. Here are some of the verified Trade360 reviews we came across:

trade360 reviews trade360 reviews

As you can see, these Trade360 reviews speak highly of this all-in-one trading platform. These reviews came directly from the Trade360 site, so you can take them with a grain of salt. However, they give you a good idea of what people enjoy most about the service.

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How Much Does Trade360 by TradeSmith Cost?

Trade360 combines several stand-alone tools into one platform, so it carries a hefty price tag. The basic plan includes a one-year Trade360 membership, and it typically costs $4,000.

Fortunately, we’ve secured an excellent deal for our readers. If you act now, you can get an entire year of Trade360 access for more than $2,500 off the regular purchase price.

With the discount, you’ll pay just $1,499 for unlimited access to Trade360 for a full year. Best of all, you’ll still get everything the platform has to offer for that price.

trade360 review

Is Trade360 by TradeSmith Worth It?

Trade360 might seem expensive at first glance, but you will quickly see it’s an excellent value once you break it down into individual pieces.

The subscription includes access to several proprietary tools, and each can cost up to hundreds of dollars on its own.

If you want everything TradeSmith has to offer, Trade360 is the best way to go. You’ll save substantially over what you’d pay if you signed up for each service individually.

Plus, there’s no limit to the amount of value you can pull out of your subscription over the course of a full year. The analytical insights you can gain from a full year with Trade360 are virtually endless.

While the price is certainly substantial, it’s well worth the cost of admission. TradeSmith also has a 30-day full-credit refund policy, so you can apply your purchase to different TradeSmith tools if it’s not a fit.

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Trade360 by TradeSmith Review: Final Verdict

Trade360 has everything you need to make a serious run at the market. If you’re ready to take your trades to the next level, this platform’s intuitive arsenal of trading tools cannot be beaten.

Whether you’re an experienced trading veteran or you’re just building your first portfolio, Trade360 has tools that can help you reach your goals.

Better yet, its intuitive tools are easy to use, and you don’t need to be an expert to garner actionable insights from the platform.

Trade360 offers a wide swath of benefits. It can help you find new stocks to trade, refine your existing portfolio, create new portfolios, double-check your trade ideas, gauge the market’s health, and much more.

If Trade360 is within your budget, you would be well-advised to consider this versatile and intuitive platform. It can give you tremendous trading advantages and lead you to significant improvements in overall trade outcomes.

We think Trade360 is an excellent option for anyone who’s making a concerted effort to make money in the market. Its proprietary tools are an excellent addition to any trading strategy.

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris studied accounting at Drexel University and first started investing back in 2018. He currently resides just outside Billings, Montana. Chris specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.