TradeCaster Review: Is Sean Dekmar’s Streaming Platform Worth It?

Noah Zelvis - May 19, 2021

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There are many ways to gather information on the stock trade online. Most feature educational content and chat rooms, but few incorporate streaming into the mix. Enter TradeCaster.

At The Stock Dork, we take the time to review the ins and outs of these services, so you don’t have to.

This TradeCaster review will tell you just what this platform is all about.TradeCaster Review

TradeCaster Review: Overview

TradeCaster is a relatively new platform that was founded in 2018 and centers around trader streaming. The site focuses on day trading at this time but plans to expand into options, forex, and crypto in the future. Different tiers of service make the site accessible to anyone wanting to learn more about trading.

TradeCaster Review: What Is TradeCaster?

TradeCaster is a unique platform where traders can share real-time video streams of themselves as they trade on the market. Working with some of the biggest chat room traders in day trading, forex, options, and even crypto, the TradeCaster team built a site where members can watch, learn, and profit.

Within the platform, you’ll learn insights that make others successful and, by watching, have full transparency on whether or not a strategy is successful.

Perhaps best of all, experienced traders can put their market trading skills to the test and host their own streams. TradeCaster makes it possible for anyone to make a name for themselves and grow an audience.

The site also has a trading chat room and plenty of video lessons for even more sources of education.


TradeCaster Review:Sean Dekmar Review

Sean Dekmar is the man behind both Dekmar Trades and the new platform TradeCaster. His time in college helped him realize that he could create his own path.

After studying the best ways to get rich, Dekmar was drawn to stocks and what he could do with trading. Saving up some money while still in college, Sean managed to make some $85,000 in profit in his first year.

In 2015, Dekmar launched Dekmar Trades as an educational website to turn uncertain traders into pros. The site expanded to include newsletters, charting, and chat rooms.

Over time, Dekmar Trades evolved into TradeCaster and now features a streaming component. Today, Sean works out of this startup where he trades stocks live and continues to teach others how to start trading. He is most passionate about penny stocks and enjoys helping traders who are unable to afford big-cap stocks.

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Dekmar Trades Review Highlights

Dekmar Trades was Sean Dekmar’s first entrepreneurial foray into the world of online trading. It began in 2015 as an educational site with morning news, daily lessons, SMS alerts on big plays, chat rooms, and eventually a live streaming service where users would watch the Dekmar Trades team trade.

At some point in 2018, Dekmar Trades was rebranded as TradeCaster with many of the same features. However, TradeCaster allows anyone to steam their trading sessions to educate the masses and create an audience.

It’s unclear why this shift happened, as review sites were quite favorable of Dekmar Trades and the services it offered. However, many comments on those same sites are of the notion that Dekmar is all talk and doesn’t practice what he preaches.

While there’s no mention of any scam, it seems some of those who are vocal on social media don’t like the way Sean trades. That being said, Sean does much of his trading live with full transparency so that you can make that call for yourself.

TradeCaster Review: What’s Included with TradeCaster?

TradeCaster offers several features that members can take advantage of to improve their trading game. While some of these features are locked behind the premium membership tier, most are available for anyone to use.

TradeCaster Review: Watch Traders Live

TradeCaster review: Live Streams

A TradeCaster membership gives members the chance to watch their favorite traders via a live trading stream as they go toe to toe with the stock market.

Through the live stream, it’s possible to view a trader’s trading strategies and see what makes them a successful trader. This education is invaluable for new traders to learn about trading and how to develop strategies of their own. It is also great feedback for intermediate traders who are looking to change things up.

Once in the lobby, the site reveals the most viewed and top-rated traders with a current active live stream. When TradeCaster first began, Sean Dekmar was the only person with a live trading stream.

Currently, there are hundreds of free traders to choose from and watch. You can subscribe to your favorites to be alerted when those traders start a live stream. By following specific traders, you’ll be introduced to a like-minded trading community to interact with in the chat area.

After selecting a trader, you’re taken to their private TradeCaster room, which features a ton of stock trading information in addition to the live stream. This information includes a news feed, stock charts, top gainers and losers, earnings calendars, and a chat area.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to personalize your viewing layout.

TradeCaster Review: Trading Chat Rooms

TradeCaster Review: Trading chat rooms

While TradeCaster is much more than just a trading chat room, chatting is an integral part of the platform.

As day traders are streaming, their live stream opens up to a chat area where traders can comment and share thoughts about the live feed.

Also, premium members have access to three additional chat rooms where they can chat with the worldwide trading community. Each chat area serves a specific purpose.

The Profits chat is for posting individual profits, the Public chat is for social conversation, and the Trading chat is a place for the trading community to discuss plans and stock setups.

TradeCaster Review: Video Library Lessons

In addition to a live stream, traders can post video recaps and lessons in their library. Many of them offer a technical analysis of ways to be a more successful trader.

Instructional videos include explanations on breakout patterns, earnings reports, entry and exit price, stock market trading strategies, and much more.

Most day trading videos are available to anyone, but some videos are locked behind the premium membership.

Should you choose to do some streaming of your own, you’ll be able to post videos you’ve created in your personal Video Library for other traders to see.

TradeCaster Review: Dekmar Trades Morning Newsletter

One of the bonus features of the Premium Membership is this daily morning newsletter. As the guide rolls out pre-market, the newsletter is set up to point you in the right direction before day trading even begins.

The newsletter provides a rundown of the previous day’s stock trades, most active penny stocks, and which stocks look ready to jump for the day. It also comes with a list of the top gainers of the previous day and earnings reports for low-cap stocks.

TradeCaster Review: Sean Dekmar Message Support

Premium members also have the added benefit of some one-on-one time with founder Sean Dekmar. This opens a messaging platform with Sean, who will share comments about your stock trades and investment strategy.

TradeCaster Review: Ultimate Trading Bootcamp

TradeCaster Review: Ultimate Trading Bootcamp

The Ultimate Trading Bootcamp is a course put together and led by Sean Dekmar himself to educate day traders on how to quit the nine to five grind and be successful on the stock market.

The course begins at ground zero to help even new traders find their way through all the nuances of the financial world.

The “Complete Guide” is an eight-hour course designed for anyone who wants to be a profitable trader. It features four different two-hour modules where Dekmar walks traders through fundamentals of trading, tools of the trade, what to watch for during market hours, and breakout patterns.

Day traders who want to take their money to the next level can enroll in the “Elite” course. This course is another eight-hour program with four two-hour modules. It covers material on advanced techniques, motivation and psychology, best ways to organize your time, and things to avoid in the market.

According to the Dekmar Trades website, each course costs $397 to sign up. A combo deal with both courses costs just $487.

Upon purchase of one of these courses, you’ll be able to download and watch each video at your leisure.

TradeCaster has a one-month free guarantee should you not feel ready to trade after having watched the videos. Should that happen, the platform will give you one month free of chat and address any comments or concerns you may have.

TradeCaster Review: Advanced Charts

TradeCaster Review: Advanced charts

Once inside a trader’s streaming room, you’ll be able to check out several different types of advanced charts that represent the trader’s recent activity.

You can adjust each chart’s scale to see what the trader has been trading for the last minute or the last month. It gives full transparency into what the trader has been up to so you can glean insights from their actions.

Charts are further customizable by style and can be set up in formats such as bar, line, area, point and figure, and candles.

You can even set up multiple tickers on one chart for a side-by-side comparison.

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TradeCaster Review: How Much Does TradeCaster Cost?

TradeCaster Pricing

TradeCaster offers multiple levels of service for traders to choose from. Here’s a list of what’s currently on offer:

TradeCaster Review: Host Membership

The host membership is a chance for you to grow your name and build a following around you while trading.

Hosts are able to set up and customize your streaming layout as you see fit. Whether you trade big-cap stocks or low float penny stocks, this is a great way to share your trades and strategy with other traders as you stream.

There’s also a platform to create and share video recaps and trading lessons saved in your personal library and made available for others to watch.

Best of all, a host membership is entirely free to set up and use to your heart’s content. With enough success, TradeCaster will even pay you for streaming!

TradeCaster Review: Free Membership

A free membership gives you access to the streaming community of free streamers on the platform. You can watch your favorite traders in real-time, follow along with each trade they make, and engage with other traders in the chat. It’s even possible to subscribe to a trader and get notified when they sign on.

In addition to the above, a free membership also allows you to review the contents of the free Video Lessons on the platform.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to customize your streaming layout.

As the name implies, the free membership costs no money to use.

TradeCaster Review: Premium Membership

The premium membership is the first tier that costs money to use but adds some additional features.

In addition to everything the free tier offers, this membership level allows access to streams from other premium traders (including Sean Dekmar himself). It also provides access to their premium video libraries.

You’ll also receive the Dekmar Trades morning newsletter before the start of each trading day and have access to one-on-one messaging with Sean.

Lastly, the premium membership enables you to visit and interact with the trading community in three additional chat rooms.

Signing up for these features costs a total of $99.99 per month.

TradeCaster Review: Semi-Annual and Annual Membership

This semi-annual membership is the same as the premium membership with a few interesting bonuses. First, the platform costs $499.95 for six months, which is effectively the same as getting one month free.

The cherry on top is that the semi-annual membership also includes the Ultimate Trading Bootcamp in that price, which in itself is a value of $350.

The annual membership saves a bit more money, coming in at $999.90 for the year. Here, you’re saving $200 from the monthly rate or the equivalent of two months.

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TradeCaster Review: TradeCaster Cancellation Policy

Both the free membership and the host membership are free to use and easy to cancel. All that’s required is to sign in to your account and navigate to the Account Settings tab.

Plans that have a monthly fee can be canceled the same way, but TradeCaster does not offer a refund for unused membership time.

Cancellation of any plan leads to the immediate deactivation of the user’s account.

TradeCaster Review: Pros and Cons

TradeCaster is a unique platform with a lot of neat features. Take a look at some pros and cons of the site:

TradeCaster Pros

  • Live training and mentoring
  • Many services are free
  • Anyone can host a stream
  • Chat rooms for interacting with the community
  • Ability to watch professional traders do what they do best
  • Live streams show several charts and data
  • Extensive video library with lessons and trade recaps

TradeCaster Cons

  • The site is still in its early stages
  • Top professionals require premium membership to view

TradeCaster Review: Is TradeCaster Right for Me?

Being a free platform, TradeCaster is an excellent tool for a new trader to use and watch others trade. Streamers talk through their strategies in real-time, providing invaluable information that beginners can use to learn how to trade themselves.

An experienced trader will glean insights from streamers as well and can incorporate what others are doing into their own strategy.

Experienced traders who have tips to share can create their own streams and provide information to those who are just starting out. Streamers can even charge for watching streams and make some additional money while trading.

TradeCaster Reviews by Members

TradeCaster members have a lot of good things to say after using the platform. Here are just a few of those reviews:

This chat room is the best. I have been following Dek for almost a year now, and I have learned a ton of trading information. The group is made up of some very knowledgeable traders, Dek is talking most of the day and explaining exactly what he’s looking at, and his game plan for different stocks during the day. The video library is amazing, I don’t know where I’d be without the help of this trading room.

-Alan, on Facebook Reviews

Dekmar provides great daily lessons which are archived to watch over and over. The chat has incredible traders with great knowledge and experience in the markets. Sean also is always available for questions or anything you may be struggling with in your trading career. A+ rating from me

-Jason, on Facebook Reviews

Final Review: Is TradeCaster Worth It?

TradeCaster may be the only site out there that does what it does when it comes to streaming. Watching traders and hearing their thoughts as they make trades is a powerful tool for those trying to discover how to be successful.

A lot of the site is accessible for free, so you can experience for yourself just what the platform is all about without having to spend a penny. Should you desire to get a little more out of it, TradeCaster has higher membership tiers that unlock even more features.

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