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TradeStops Review: The #1 TradeSmith Service?

Chris Dios - October 19, 2021

tradestops featured
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TradeStops is a game-changing suite of investment tools that could take your portfolio to another level. We’re giving this TradeSmith service a full inspection in our TradeStops review, so keep reading to find out if it can really help you master the market.

Tradestops review

TradeStops Review: Overview

TradeStops is a portfolio management platform with an arsenal of cutting-edge research tools and analysis resources. The browser-based platform features a suite of powerful trading tools that can help investors make better decisions and improve trade outcomes.

Members can access a wide array of powerful portfolio management tools through TradeStops, including an intuitive alerts system, portfolio rebalancing tools, basic risk management metrics, and much more.

Users can automatically sync their brokerage account to the TradeStops platform seamlessly and securely to track portfolio performance directly through the platform.

This platform has everything you need to take control of your portfolio from top to bottom. It’s a complete portfolio management solution that gives you all the research tools you need to take on the stock market with confidence at an affordable price.

We’re going to take a deep dive into everything this platform has to offer in our TradeStops review, but first, who is behind this cutting-edge service?

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TradeSmith Review

TradeSmith is the company behind TradeStops and several other services for traders.

According to the mission statement on its website, TradeSmith’s primary mission is to provide everyday people with the tools and knowledge they need to take on the market with confidence.

The Baltimore, Maryland-based company began as a simple way to track portfolios with trailing stops, but it has since grown to incorporate a wide range of risk management and portfolio analysis tools.

The TradeSmith team designed TradeStops to provide investors with powerful portfolio-tracking tools that can help them develop a more systematic approach to the market. The tools can help investors manage risk more effectively, optimize their investment strategy, and get the most out of the market.

TradeSmith offers a diverse array of online service options, including Ideas by TradeSmith, Crypto by TradeSmith, and TradeSmith Decoder. Each service focuses on different aspects of the stock market, but they all offer high-quality research tools and analysis at an affordable price.

TradeSmith is a respected, U.S.-based company you can trust. You can do business with them with confidence.

Tradestops review

TradeStops Works Like a “Retirement Calculator” 

The latest presentation for the TradeStops platform focuses on one of the platform’s ability to function as a sort of “Retirement Calculator.”

Most basic retirement calculators you find with free portfolio tracking programs only tell you how much money you need to retire and whether your portfolio is on track. However, TradeStops offers significantly more functionality.

TradeStops’ “Retirement Calculator” uses backtested data to analyze the risk in each of your positions and suggest changes that could improve your portfolio’s overall performance.

Many Wall Street firms are using similar technology to pick stocks, and the approach has been effective in the past. In fact, one fund that uses similar concepts has been called “the greatest money-making machine of all time.”

TradeStops analyzes massive quantities of historical market data to identify trends and predict market outcomes. Simply input a ticker symbol, and the calculator tells you its outlook for the stock based on historical trends.

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Case Study:

Here’s an example of how TradeStops’ “retirement calculator” backtesting can improve your investment outcomes. This example was featured in a recent TradeStops presentation.

In this case, the investor bought shares of Hecla Mining (HL) shortly before the stock crashed. After years of steady declines, he finally gave up and sold out after his investment lost 63%.

tradestops review

Unfortunately, his timing couldn’t have been worse. Shortly after selling, shares rebounded, and this trader missed out.

If he used TradeStops, his results could’ve been much different. TradeStops could’ve guided him to substantial gains. 

tradestops review

This is a particularly strong demonstration of TradeStops’ capabilities as a “retirement calculator. It can potentially lead you to the ideal entry and exit points for each position.

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The #1 Mistake Investors Make

The importance of trade timing can’t be overstated. The number one mistake most investors make is to mistime your entries and exits.

As you can see from the example above, properly timing your trade can make a huge difference in the outcome of your trades.

This aspect of proper trade strategy can be one of the most difficult to master, but TradeStops can help you hone this elusive skill.

The tool can even automatically identify and notify you when it detects a potential entry or exit signal for a particular stock, so you’ll learn more about proper trade timing every time you use it.

TradeStops offers an excellent suite of tools that can benefit practically every type of trader. However, this is just a small dose of TradeStops’ full functionality.

Here’s a full breakdown of everything you get with the service.

TradeStops Review: Best Features

  • Proprietary Risk-based Ratings for 51,000 stocks
  • Health status reports
  • Brokerage and newsletter integration
  • Customized automatic alerts
  • Position size calculator
  • Video tutorials and concierge program
  • Access to special research reports
  • U.S.-based customer support
  • 60-Day money-back guarantee

tradestops review

Risk-Based “VQ” Ratings Review

TradeStops utilizes numerous technical indicators, but its proprietary rating system for measuring risk and market volatility is the foundational cornerstone for all other tools it has to offer. The TradeStops team calls it the Volatility Quotient, or VQ, and it’s proven to be a highly effective technical analysis metric since its inception.

TradeStops offers a Volatility Quotient rating on 51,000 stocks. That’s a massive pool of stocks considering the NYSE and Nasdaq exchanges only have 6,000 companies between them.

VQ ratings are even available for alternative assets like mutual funds and penny stocks.

tradestops review

TradeStops’ VQ ratings have become a major draw for TradeStops since its inception.

Each VQ rating is updated automatically every single weekend. The ratings change based on the latest market data for each stock, taking into account recent headlines, price movements, and more.

The Volatility Quotient is simple and straightforward. It can help you vet your stock ideas more efficiently and give you a full understanding of the potential market volatility risks before you enter any buy and sell orders.

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tradestops review


Health Status Indicators

As we’ve seen countless times in the past, all that glitters isn’t gold, and the market is no exception to this sage investment advice.

A company’s current price doesn’t reflect the underlying value of its business. In many cases, it’s the underlying value of the company’s business that matters.

TradeStops’ health status indicators analyze stocks from top to bottom, taking into account all the variables to determine whether the stock is a buy or sell.

Yes, it’s really that simple. The tool uses proprietary algorithms to determine the rating for each stock, and simply rates it as a ‘buy’ or ‘sell.’ It’s that simple.

You can quickly determine each ticker’s status with the Health Status Indicator. If the stock is a buy, the Health Status indicator will show green. Conversely, sell-rated stocks show as red.

TradeStops’ health status indicators can lead you to dozens of potentially profitable stocks over your subscription. It’s a valuable addition to TradeStops’ core tracking features.

tradestops review

Brokerage Integration

TradeStops makes it easy to manage your portfolio directly through the platform. The software directly integrates with most brokerage accounts so you can get the most out of the service.

Once you connect your portfolio with TradeStops, you can take advantage of even more valuable tools, including the Position Size Calculator, Asset Allocation tool, Risk Rebalancer tool, and more.

tradestops review

Broker integration makes TradeStops a full-featured trading machine with all the functionality you need for more intuitive trading and portfolio management.

These tools represent many of TradeStops’ core-tracking features, so you should take advantage of broker integration to get the most out of the platform. However, you can also manually sync your portfolio if you’re not comfortable with directly integrating it. 

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Newsletter Integration

If you’re a member of a research service, odds are you can easily integrate the service with your TradeStops account using the platform’s groundbreaking newsletter integration feature.

All you have to do is select the newsletter integration option from the TradeStops menu and select “access my newsletters.” From there, you simply log in just like you would through the login page on your research provider’s website.

Once you’ve successfully linked your account, you can monitor the latest research from your newsletter service directly through TradeStops. You can even access the latest model portfolio, newsletter issues, and more.

If you have multiple newsletter subscriptions, this feature is a godsend. It organizes all the spread-out research into one centralized location for easier access and more streamlined insights.

When combined with broker integration, newsletter integration makes TradeStops your one-stop solution for all your research needs.

tradestops review

Premium Alerts

TradeStops’ advanced alerts make it easy to build a custom alert program based on extremely specific criteria of your choice.

You can set alerts to notify you whenever it’s time to exit or enter a position based on a wide variety of technical and fundamental analysis metrics.

Alerts can also trigger based on price targets and other stock-tracking criteria, so you will always be notified when something needs your attention.

You can even use it to notify you of potential entry signals so you never miss an emerging opportunity.

No one wants to be glued to their computer during the trading day, but you can’t afford to be inattentive in the stock market. TradeStops’ premium alerts keep you informed so you can go about your day without worrying about the market.

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tradestops review

Position Size Calculator

We briefly touched on this feature before, but it deserves a more extensive review.

The Position Size Calculator automatically calculates how much you should allocate towards a stock based on equal risk against the other stocks in your portfolio.

The calculator uses TradeStops’ VQ ratings to determine asset allocation suggestions that will allow you to take equal risk in a new position when compared with other positions in that same portfolio.

You can also use the calculator to determine the ideal asset allocation for a new position based on  multiple portfolios, so the potential benefits could be enormous.

Long-term investors will especially appreciate this TradeStops feature. Over time, this strategic asset allocation tool could make a huge difference.

tradestops review

Video Tutorials and Concierge Program

TradeSmith provides everything you need to succeed with its software, including detailed video tutorials and access to TradeStops experts.

When you join, you get access to a complete collection of video walkthroughs explaining every aspect of the TradeStops platform, so you can get acclimated and start investing quickly.

If you need additional assistance with the platform, you can also schedule a one-hour training call with a TradeStop specialist who can show you how to best utilize the platform.

TradeStops is an advanced platform loaded with sophisticated tools, so the TradeSmith team will spend as long as you need to set you up for success. Fortunately, the platform itself also gives you access to a plethora ofhelpful resources to ensure you can master the platform.

>> Sign up for TradeStops to access the video tutorials <<

tradestops review

Special Research Reports

TradeStops also gives members access to exclusive bonus reports. These reports focus on different market sectors, emerging growth trends, and other specialized investing-related subject matter.

The current deal includes instant access to five special research reports, including:

  • Biotech Revolution: 3 Biotech Stocks for the Post-Covid World
  • Next Generation FAANGs: 4 Tech Stocks Getting the Green Light in 2021
  • And more!

These reports are an excellent addition to the package for both long-term investors and medium-term investors.

But, that’s not all. TradeSmith releases new research reports like this regularly, and you could get access to additional reports over your subscription period.

>> Join TradeStops now for instant access to these bonus reports <<

U.S.-Based Customer Support

As we mentioned in the tutorials section, TradeStops’ support is top-notch. If you ever have an issue, you can quickly get in touch with the TradeSmith team of dedicated U.S.-based support representatives.

The customer success team is available via both email and phone. Email requests can take up to two business days to process, but you can usually get someone on the phone much more quickly.

TradeSmith’s customer success team is standing by to address any issues you may encounter, and you can always contact them if you need additional guidance.

tradestops review

Money-Back Guarantee

TradeSmith offers an exhaustive satisfaction guarantee on every subscription. You have 60 days to try the service, and you can receive a refund for any reason if you request it within that time.

Plus, you get to keep the bonus reports as thanks for trying out the service.

TradeSmith’s guarantee is virtually airtight. If you don’t like it within the first 60 days, you can get a full refund. Check out the above screenshot of the actual refund policy to see for yourself.

You can’t ask for much more than a money-back guarantee. TradeSmith’s guarantee gives you plenty of time to test drive the service and determine if it’s a good fit for your needs.

Although we’ve seen longer guarantees in rare instances, TradeSmith’s airtight policy is substantially more than adequate.

>> Sign up now and take advantage of the money-back guarantee <<

TradeStops’ Track Record:

TradeStops’ tools have produced some pretty exemplary results in the past. Here are a few examples of the most notable wins:

tradestops review

TradeStops predicted a big move in TSLA stock before it broke out.

tradestops review

The system also identified a potential opportunity in Chinese EV-maker NIO, and the stock skyrocketed shortly after.

tradestops review

TradeStops: Pros and Cons

After a thorough TradeStops review, we’ve identified the following pros and cons:


  • Position Size Calculator and Health/Risk indicators use proprietary algorithms
  • Exclusive Volatility Quotient ratings on thousands of stocks
  • Integrates with most major brokers and research services
  • Stock Health Indicators provide cut-and-dry ratings on each stock
  • Customized automatic alerts available for countless triggers
  • Complete video tutorial library
  • Access to one-on-one training sessions with specialists
  • Tools help you maximize potential gains
  • Includes five bonus research reports
  • Affordably priced under the latest deal
  • U.S.-based customer support
  • All-in-one portfolio management solution


  • No options coverage
  • No community chat or forum
  • No custom charts

>> Join TradeStops to access these benefits now <<

TradeStops Review: Is It Right for Me?

TradeStops has a lot to offer, but we think it’s a particularly good match for the following types of people:

Active Traders

This is an obvious group that can reap substantial benefits with TradeStops. With proprietary ratings on 51,000 stocks, TradeStops is an excellent resource for active traders. Its quick-and-simple Health Indicators and other tools instantly provide deep insights into potential trades.

Newsletter Subscribers

If you subscribe to one or multiple research newsletters, TradeStops can help you organize your research into one centralized location. When combined with broker integration, you have a complete one-stop trading solution with access to research, analysis, stock-tracking tools, and more.

Technical Analysts

TradeStops has a wide selection of technical indicators built into its platform. It even has its own in-house technical metric, VQ. It’s a goldmine of insights for anyone who prefers to take a technical approach to the market.

Busy Investors

Monitoring the market on a daily basis can be a bore, but you might miss a big move if you don’t pay attention. Fortunately, TradeStops’ custom alerts make it easy to keep track of the latest. Once you set them up to your preference, you’ll be notified whenever something needs your attention, so you can forget about the market and go on with your day.

TradeStops Reviews By Members

TradeStops offered a few TradeStops reviews from members during its latest presentation. Here is what members are saying about the service:

tradestops review

And, here are a few more:

tradestops review

How Much Does TradeStops Cost?

A one-year subscription to TradeStops Plus typically costs $588 per year. That’s not cheap, but it’s not surprising given what the service can offer.

However, you can pay significantly less if you take advantage of this special discount we’ve secured for our readers.

Under this deal, you can sign up for an entire year of TradeStops Plus for just $79.

This service tier includes all of the features we’ve discussed in this TradeStops review. Plus, you still get the 60-day guarantee.

>> Join TradeStops now for just $79 <<

Is TradeStops Worth It?

TradeStops is an excellent bargain under this special discount. You can get access to everything the service has to offer for an average cost of less than $7 per month.

You also get the five bonus research reports covering top biotech stocks and tech stocks included fee, and they’re yours to keep regardless of whether you keep or return the product.

The analysis tools make TradeStops an excellent value on their own, but when you consider the other features it becomes a true bargain.

Considering this service typically goes for more than $500, we think TradeStops is well worth it at just $79 for the year.

TradeStops Review: Final Verdict

TradeStops can significantly organize and improve your overall trading experience thanks to its broker integration and customized alerts tools. Plus, its proprietary analysis tools could lead you to game-changing insights and drastically improve your trading outcomes.

The current deal also represents a tremendous value over the service’s typical price, and your purchase is still covered with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you decide it’s not worth it, you still get to use the software for a full two months and keep the five bonus research reports for free.

TradeStop gives you all the tools you need for market success. The Stock Health Indicators and Position Size calculator tool can quickly tell you if a trade is worth your time, saving you countless hours of otherwise wasted research.

After a thorough TradeStops review, we give this service excellent marks. It’s a worthwhile option for anyone in search of an all-in-one portfolio management and research solution, and it’s one heck of a value.

>> That’s It for Our TradeStops Review. Claim Your Discount and Join Now for $79 <<


Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris studied accounting at Drexel University and first started investing back in 2018. He currently resides just outside Billings, Montana. Chris specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.