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True Trading Group Review: Is Michael Edward Legit?

Jenna Gleespen - September 08, 2021

True Trading Group review featured
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True Trading Group provides a platform for investors who want to learn how to trade stocks and options through a litany of educational resources designed to improve trading strategies.

Our True Trading Review will tell you all you need to know so you can decide if this service is right for you.

True Trading Group’s resources include tutorial videos, charts, and other materials tailored to help investors make the smartest trading decisions possible.

But does this trading hub live up to the first word in its name? 

Read our True Trading Group review to find out its trading education resources are the real deal!

True Trading Group Review

True Trading Group Review: Overview

Based in Coral Gables, Florida, True Trading Group is a limited liability company (LLC) that operates as an online trading service.

True Trading Group’s educational tools cater to all levels of traders, from beginners to active and professional traders.

The company was founded in 2014 by its owner, Michael Edward Perinotti, alongside co-founder and COO Adam Heimann.

Perinotti is an award-winning hedge fund trader and entrepreneur who created True Trading Group to try and provide traders with professional education, top-tier trading tools, and more to help them thrive in the trading world.

Perinotti uses his experience as a hedge fund trader in New York City to orchestrate a curriculum to teach traders various tips and tricks to help them become profitable in the trading market.

Edwards primarily uses YouTube to do tutorial videos and live streams, offering stock market advice while giving people inside knowledge on how to trade a variety of products successfully.

Edwards leads a team of traders with several years of trading experience under their belts with commendable levels of success.

True Trading Group operates as an educational hub for traders.

True Trading Group Review

How Does True Trading Group Work?

When you sign up and become a member of True Trading Group, you gain access to information on how to trade several products successfully.

These trading products include: 

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Penny stocks
  • Stock options 
  • Small caps NASDAQ
  • Large-cap big boards 

True Trading Group provides several options that allow you to diversify your portfolio and expand your trading capabilities.

The company offers economic data and showcases the latest market trends while providing news items that users should know about.

Thanks to this wealth of information, the trading platform is set up to help users try and profit in the market.

Through the aforementioned videos, Edwards chats about various tactics that traders can use to improve trading strategies.

Novice traders who join will learn professional terminology as well as information that will help them gain experience in several trading scenarios.

The videos on the platform are technical and detailed, with Perinotti also helping traders to learn the psychology of trading.

There are foundational, advance, and options trading courses that you can take once you sign up for True Trading Group.

Each day, the trading platform offers watchlists, pre-market game plans, and live chat room coverage to users to show them the ropes of trading.

Users can also trade alongside Perinotti and receive several real-time trade alerts via emails and text messages, as many as 10 per week.

What Are the Fees for True Trading Group?

There are a few costs you need to note before you can start using the trading platform.

True Trading Group offers a one-year subscription that costs a shade under $2,000.

With this membership, you get access to all of the trading platform’s trading courses and a new laptop so you can do trading daily.

There’s also an alternate two-year subscription which costs $2,654.

The company also offers a one-week trial for a $3 fee that, according to the website, is not auto-renewable and isn’t recurring.

This is a refreshing approach, as many platforms entice users with a low-cost or free entrance into its services to lock them in through a convoluted canceling process.

With this convenient and cost-effective trial, users receive full access to current and future trading courses.

You also get access to the chatroom for the duration of the trial, which connects you to True Trading’s lively community of traders.

On top of that, users gain unlimited access to the platform’s stock tool, a due diligence companion that includes analyst ratings.

Is True Trading Group Legit? 

True Trading Group is a legitimate trading platform.

However, you’ll need to follow some sound strategies if you want to make highly profitable trades when investing.

There are no guarantees that you will make good money just by joining the platform.

But, considering the range of educational tools available on the platform, users get a solid foundation to try and optimize trading strategies while gaining useful experience.

This can set users up for a life of full-time day trading if they take True Trading Group’s training seriously.

True Trading group Review

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What Courses Does True Trading Group Offer?

Beginners Course 

For the beginners’ course, you will learn how the stock market operates and why it’s important to be consistent in the market.

Additionally, you’ll learn trading terms that every trader should know while gaining experience in the field.

You will also learn how to sign up with the online broker most suited to your needs, and the platform will teach you how and when to place market orders vs. limit orders.

More on the Beginners Course

The course provides a list of 10 rules that traders must be familiar with and 20 mistakes that traders should avoid, plus the tips to avoid them.

You will also know how to read chart patterns and use those patterns to positively impact your trading decisions.

The course comes with resources to help you build knowledge of technical indicators for day trading and swing trading.

There is also a section to introduce you to the shorting process.

Advanced Course 

With the advanced course, users can access a risk management system to help them lower losses while also gaining information about sticking to winning trends for extended periods.

Perinotti provides users with the most consistent chart patterns and advice on how to trade with these patterns.

Technical indicators are provided daily, plus accompanying knowledge on how these indicators work alongside each other.

Furthermore, you will see real-time breakdowns from top traders, seeing their trends at particular times each day.

In addition to video lessons, there are webinars held to relay all of this information to users.

Will your trades involving crypto and other trading tools pay off?

How Do You Make Money with True Trading Group?

True Trading Group doesn’t guarantee profitability.

But, the true Trading Group platform does give active traders, day traders, professional traders, and beginners comprehensive education to improve their chances of making money.

The head traders on the trading platform identify the most profitable trades each day.

However, they recommend that users study their trading materials before putting their funds at risk.

True Trading Group also provides tactics on how to minimize losses so users can maximize their profit-making capabilities.

What Is the Minimum Deposit for True Trading Group?

Online brokers all have different account minimums and some allow you to open an account without funding it. 

However, True Trading Group recommends that users start with at least $1,000 so that you can truly capitalize on the platform.

What Do You Get with True Trading Group?

For the one and two-year subscriptions, users get a host of benefits, including:

  • Trading chat room with verified True Trading Group members
  • Private study group
  • TradingView Pro Real — charting software
  • Trade Ideas Real-Time Scanner 
  • Trading simulator
  • Stock screener
  • Stock profiles and analyst ratings
  • Trading a Market Crash for Huge Profit (Course) 

Read more to find out about each item on this list.

The Trading Chat Room is one of the company’s most popular features.

Trading Chat Room

As one of True Trading Group’s most interactive features, you can watch award-winning hedge fund trader Perinotti and his team of experienced traders as they share their screens with users and pass on their expertise.

True Trading Group Review

Additionally, users will see trade alerts and be provided with audio analysis to break down real-time events within the marketplace.

Additionally, you can access the Benzinga Pro Live News Feed and Squawk directly through the chat room.

Private Study Group 

On Thursdays, trading moderators hold small private study groups to provide individual attention to traders after market hours.

No more than 50 members can be a part of the study group at once.

True Trading group Review

TradingView Pro: Real-Time Streaming and Charting Software

With this service, users get access to TradingView Pro’s entire charting library as well as real-time streaming data from QuoteStream.

The charting software is considered the best of its class.

Trade Ideas Real-Time Scanner 

Trade Ideas is an industry-standard scanner tailored to the cloud.

True Trading Group Review

The scanner and stock market analysis platform uses artificial intelligence to stream trade updates as they happen.

Trading Simulator

The trading simulator provides scenarios and tips for all levels of traders looking to hone their skills.

It also lets you practice stock and options trading at will and offers streaming data.

Stock Screener 

True Trading Group’s stock screener allows you to find companies that meet custom financial criteria.

The tool lets members identify the stocks they want to trade without spending an extensive period doing research.

True Trading Group Review

Stock Profiles and Analyst Ratings

The Stock Profile Tool offers on-demand information on public companies, such as the current price, bids, and ask, as well as current volume, curated stories, price history, financial analyst ratings, and Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) filings.

True Trading Group review

All information gathered by the stock profiles tool can be downloaded to your computer as a PDF.

Trading a Market Crash for Huge Profit (Course) 

This course teaches traders how to thrive in scenarios where the stock market is showing intense volatility.

You get knowledge on what makes the stock market crash and how you can perform damage control, so you still make good money.

Meanwhile, the trial gives traders access to the stock profiles and analyst ratings, plus three courses to help them get comfortable with the platform and making trades.

Understanding What’s Possible – This introductory course lets you meet Perinotti and gain starter knowledge on how to become a consistently profitable trader.

Trading Tools and Charting Patterns – In this course, traders learn how to use the best trading tools available and how to pick winning trades. Users will learn how to read different patterns.

Time to Learn Trade & Profit – This course combines what you learned in the first two courses. The head trader gives you an overview of his process when avoiding losing trades, offering you the tricks of staying profitable within the stock market.

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True Trading Group Review: Pros and Cons 

True Trading Pros

Educational Resources – There are several detailed resources that traders of all skill levels will be exposed to, providing good starting points for new traders trying to attain the necessary experience. True Trading courses can help you shorten your learning curve and become successful in trading.

Interactive Features – From the charting platform to real-time screeners to the chatroom, True Trading Group emphasizes interactive learning so that new, active, and professional traders can learn about the market and pick up tips in real-time.

Accessibility – True Trading Group’s platform is relatively easy to use. Much of the content is visual, particularly its videos and live streaming.

True Trading Group Cons 

Quality of Alerts – While the information is extensive, the alerts aren’t necessarily the most helpful if you’re looking to make real profits from your trades.

Learning Curve – The learning curve is considered high, meaning it will take a while for you to process the information and use it to your advantage.

Cancellation Policy

True Trading Group offers no refund policies; however, you can cancel your subscription by using the option to skip auto-renewal, canceling your account in the process.

Cancellation should be made days before your payment is processed so that you can get your money back.

Is True Trading Group Right for Me?

Regardless of your trading experience, the education resources provided by True Trading Group will give you a good head start in the trading world.

However, like with any other platform, there are no guarantees that you will have significantly more trade profits than losses.

True Trading Group Customer Reviews

True Trading Group is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB); however, the company has earned a high customer rating on the BBB website.

True Trading Group review

Let’s take a look at what others have to say about True Trading Group.

“Great teacher, Mike, and mods. Tons of education for day trading. They cover everything from day trades, to options, to swings and long-term. Lots of good courses for beginners. They trade at a high level for long-time pros also. I am now profitable in my account and have learned so much. My friends ask me how I learned trading. Customer service is good, they get a little busy but they will get a hold of you and work out any issues. Definitely worth the investment in yourself to get a professional education.” – Ben Zuniga

“My experience is perhaps unique in that I didn’t need to blow up an account or waste a lot of money on other memberships like so many others before finding TTG. I joined TTG as an annual member earlier this year and cannot express my gratitude enough to Mike and the TTG family for giving me a real education and making me a successful trader.” – Jenny Wonder

Final Review: Is True Trading Group Worth It?

If you want an all-around learning resource where you can practice trades, learn terminologies, and get a better understanding of how the stock market works, True Trading Group is worth your time and money.

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Jenna Gleespen is a copywriter specializing in finance and investment finance. Originally from the United States, she now calls London, England home.