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Visionary Investor Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Chris Dios - September 03, 2021

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There’s a new Stansberry Research service on the block, and we’re eager to put it to the test in our Visionary Investor review. Stay tuned to find out if this brand new research service can is worth your time and attention. 

Visionary Investor Review: Overview 

Visionary Investor is a relatively new service from the team at Stansberry Research. Led by editor Brian Tycangco, this service focuses on fast-moving opportunities in the tech sector with extraordinary growth potential.

The service primarily functions through a monthly newsletter, which includes a new recommendation in every issue. It also comes complete with backup research and analysis of each opportunity. 

According to Visionary Investor’s “about” on the Stansberry Research website, the service typically holds positions for one to three years. This time frame is typical of a medium-term approach commonly associated with growth investing.

Visionary Investor doesn’t recommend short positions or options, so you don’t need access to margin to follow along with their trades. Visionary Investor suggests new members have about $5,000 in investable capital to utilize the strategy properly. 

The Visionary Investor portfolio leans to the speculative side of the risk spectrum, so it’s best suited for people who are willing to take greater risks in exchange for the possibility of greater rewards.

On any given day, the Visionary Investor portfolio plans to hold anywhere from 15 to 20 open positions, which is pretty average for services like these.

Those are the basics, but we’ve got a lot more ground to cover. First, who is Brian Tycangco, and is his research worth following?

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brian tycangco review

Brian Tycangco Review

Brian Tycangco is a Stansberry Research analyst and expert on Asian stock markets. He joined the Stansberry team in 2019, and he used his expertise to help Dr. Steve Sjuggerud develop True Wealth Opportunities: China. 

Tycangco later took the editor role to debut Visionary Investor and lead the service. Although, he still works with True Wealth Opportunities: China as a contributing analyst.

Although Visionary Investor is a newer service, it’s not Tycangco’s first rodeo; not by a long shot. He’s worked with the equities market since the mid-90s, and he has a proven background as an analyst.

Brian Tycangco Background

Tycangco took his first step towards a career in finance when he earned a Bachelor’s degree in economics. Then, in 1995, he got his first job working with the equities markets as a trader. 

Later, he became a financial analyst with BNP Paribas, where he amassed even more market experience.

Tycangco is currently based in Asia, and he’s lived there his whole life. His extensive work within the Asian financial sphere gave him the expertise that few specialists can match. His experience has proven to be a valuable resource during his career with Stansberry Research.

However, Tycangco isn’t new to research publishing. Before joining Stansberry, he worked as the editor of the Asian Growth Stocks newsletter for 17 years. Tycangco claims to have picked more than 100 different triple-digit winners throughout his career. 

Brian Tycangco is an experienced analyst with nearly a quarter-century of experience working with financial markets. His Asian markets expertise and deep experience with equities markets have primed him to find the emerging opportunities that drive Visionary Investor. 

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stansberry research review
(PRNewsfoto/Stansberry Research)

Stansberry Research Review

Stansberry Research is an established research firm with hundreds of thousands of readers in more than 120 countries.

The firm opened its doors more than 20 years ago when founder Porter Stansberry launched Stansberry’s Investment Advisory. Since then, Stansberry Research has added several more services to the mix. 

Stansberry Research is a US-based firm with a long track record for quality work. It’s a trustworthy company that offers satisfaction guarantees on many of its products. 

Stansberry Research offers top-grade research services at rates that are affordable for most everyday people. So if you’re interested in expert stock market guidance, Stansberry is an excellent place to start. 

Apple’s Next Big Product Review

It’s always a big deal when Apple launches a new product, but Brian Tycangco thinks the firm could be preparing to roll out one of its most significant products ever. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook said this new device could “Change the way we use technology forever…”

However, Apple hasn’t made any official comments on this product’s launch or development just yet. Brian Tycangco doesn’t have any secret insider information, and he’s not affiliated or endorsed by Apple. That being said, he has unearthed some compelling evidence that something big is in the works.

Tycangco has been closely monitoring Apple’s patent applications and job postings over the years, and he sees signs that indicate the firm is working on a project it hasn’t made public yet.

Furthermore, Apple’s recent slate of newly-formed strategic partnerships could be evidence it’s gearing up for a major technological breakthrough. 

Tycangco makes an interesting case for this setup, but it won’t be a certainty until Apple announces the project. And by then, it might be too late. The market could rapidly drive up share prices, and you might miss the bulk of any potential gains. 

augmented reality growth chart

Augmented Reality

Brian Tycangco believes Apple’s next big move will be in the direction of Augmented Reality technology. You might be familiar with this technology from the funny facial filters you see on messaging apps, but AR’s ultimate potential is much, much greater.

Fully-capable AR could completely transform the world we live in, and it’s already having an impact on the eCommerce sector. 

Amazon and other apps have features that allow you to see life-size depictions of furniture and other products through your cell phone’s camera. Other companies have AR that enables you to see how their glasses look on your face before you buy them, try on sneakers digitally, and much more.

However, eCommerce is only the beginning. Eventually, companies could use this technology for everything from digital offices to warehouse work and military training. 

The potential is virtually limitless for AR, and Tycangco believes Apple could release its first AR headset as soon as 2022. If he’s right, it could drive a massive rally in certain stocks

Tycangco wrote an entire report detailing this potential opportunity, and he includes it for free with this offer. We’ll cover it in more detail in the following section. 

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visionary investor review

Visionary Investor Review: What’s Included?

A Visionary Investor membership includes various bonuses. Here’s what you get when you join:

  • 12 monthly issues of the Visionary Investor newsletter
  • The #1 Augmented Reality Component Maker: An Under-the-Radar Stock to Potentially Make Triple-Digit Gains as Apple’s New Augmented Reality Device Takes Off
  • Tech’s Next Triple-Digit Winners: 3 Companies Set to Dominate the Future
  • Bonus report library and additional research
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee

Here’s a closer look at each of these features:

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Visionary Investor Newsletter Review

The Visionary Investor newsletter is the centerpiece of the service and the primary vehicle for Brian Tycangco’s research. You’ll find new recommendations, fresh market analysis, and more in every issue of the newsletter.

Each month, you will get a new issue of Visionary Investor, usually featuring a new recommendation from Brian Tycangco. Each report also includes supporting research and guidance so you can understand all the angles.

Tycangco’s unique insights into the tech sector shine through in these monthly reports. In addition, his experience and connections in Asia give him a unique perspective on the tech sector that few analysts can match. 

The Visionary Investor newsletter is an entertaining read that’s jam-packed with helpful information to help you navigate the tech sector more effectively. 

Special Report Reviews:

These two reports also come with your Visionary Investor subscription, and they contain additional research on emerging opportunities:

The #1 Augmented Reality Component Maker Review

This headliner report covers the Apple AR opportunity we discussed above. It also features detailed research on the company’s possible push into an augmented reality product. 

However, Tycangco believes that buying shares of Apple isn’t the best way to play this potential opportunity. Instead, he’s recommending a company that could supply Apple with the technology it needs to make its AR product a reality.

Odds are you’ve never heard of this tiny company before, but Tycangco believes that won’t be the case for long. When Apple launches its AR headsets, this stock could quickly explode into the stratosphere. 

This simple, to-the-point report contains an immense amount of information and details on this opportunity. Tycangco recommends opening a position as soon as possible to take advantage of low prices now. 

The stock covered in this report is a virtual unknown, but it could have significant potential for long-term growth. It could be your ticket to massive gains if Tycangco is right. 

Tech’s Next Triple-Digit Winners Review

Tycangco’s research doesn’t end with one Apple supplier. He’s also pinpointed three other companies that could soar as AR rolls out on a wide scale.

Altogether, this report includes research on three companies that could lead the Augmented Reality revolution, including:

  • A microchip manufacturer with more than 1,000 patents and close relationships with many of the world’s largest brands. It could be a key supplier for AR chips in the years ahead.
  • The “Microsoft of Augmented Reality,” a company whose AR software could become the foundation of advanced AR systems, just like Microsoft Windows supported the PC boom.
  • An auto company that could develop a windshield-integrated AR platform that can overlay directions, safety info, and more. Hint: it’s NOT Tesla.

Each section includes supporting research and a detailed analysis of each opportunity, so you’ll have everything you need to make an educated decision on each stock.

With these three stocks, you will have everything you need to position yourself for the AR revolution. In addition, the report adds more value to the service and gives you three more chances for success.

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Bonus Report Library

You also get access to the Visionary Investor research library when you join. This archive includes existing and future research reports from Brian Tycangco.

The library is accessible via the Visionary Investor members portal, and you get unlimited access for as long as you’re a member of the service. You can use it to stay up-to-date on Tycangco’s specialized research, covering a wide variety of subjects.

It’s an excellent addition to the membership package. Check it out to discover stock picks, sector research, and more. 

money back guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee Review

You get a 30-day trial period when you sign up for Visionary Investor. If you’re not satisfied for any reason within that period, you can cancel and receive a full refund.

All you have to do is reach out to Stansberry Research’s Maryland-based customer service team and explain the situation, and they’ll issue you a full refund if you initiate the request within the first 30 days. 

The money-back guarantee is an excellent addition to the service. You get full access to Visionary Investor so you can see first-hand if it’s a fit for your needs. If it’s not what you expected, send it back within 30 days with no harm done. 

The guarantee’s 30-day refund period is pretty standard in the retail research world, but it still gives uncertain subscribers some reassurance. Furthermore, the guarantee’s no-questions-asked nature puts it ahead of some competitors who attach mountains of fine print to their guarantees. 

>> Take advantage of Brian Tycangco’s guarantee here <<

Brian Tycangco’s Track Record

Visionary Investor is a relatively new service, so there’s not much publicly available data on their picks. However, Brian Tycangco has made some picks that turned out to be very successful.

Throughout Tycangco’s career, he’s recommended more than 100 different triple-digit investments, and eight of those ultimately gained more than 1,000%. That’s an impressive stock-picking record by any standard. [source]

One of Tycangco’s recommended stocks even skyrocketed an incredible 3,488%. A $250 position could’ve grown to almost $9,000 with a performance like that. [source]

No one can realistically pick winners at a 100% success rate, so Tycangco has picked his fair share of losers too. However, his track record shows he is a qualified stock-picker with lots of market experience.

We think Tycangco has the necessary experience and expertise to lead Visionary Investor. His track record and resume speak for themselves, and you can follow his research with confidence. 

Visionary Investor Review: Pros and Cons

Nobody’s perfect. Here are the best and worst things about Visionary Investor.


  • Focused on high-growth tech stocks
  • Affordably priced
  • Includes two Augmented Reality bonus reports
  • New stock recommendations on a regular basis
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited access to the research report archives
  • Experienced guru with Asian markets expertise
  • Monthly newsletter with market research and analysis
  • Tycangco has an excellent trading track record


  • No short plays
  • Could be too speculative for some

>> Join Visionary Investor to access these perks now <<

Visionary Investor Reviews by Members

Visionary Investor is a relatively new service, so we didn’t have any luck finding member reviews or testimonials. 

Fortunately, the 30-day guarantee allows you to test drive the service and form your opinion without being stuck with your purchase. So if you want to get a feel for the service, try it out yourself and see if you like it. 

Is Visionary Investor Right for Me?

Visionary Investor has a broad appeal, but some people may get more out of the service than others. We think these types of people are excellent fits for this service.

Tech Bulls

If you’re upbeat about the tech sector, Visionary Investor is a great fit. Tycangco’s focus on under-the-radar tech stocks is an excellent match for anyone interested in learning more about investing in technology stocks. 


According to its about page on the Stansberry Research website, Visionary Investor leans slightly towards the speculative side of the risk spectrum. However, higher risk often equals higher potential awards, so this could be the service for you if you’re looking to hit home runs in the stock market. 

Asia Bugs

Asia hosts some of the hottest growth markets, and many Asian companies are critical components in international supply chains. Tycangco has excellent insights into this arena thanks to his lengthy background in Asia, and you could pick up some valuable info over your membership term.

Augmented Reality Opportunists

The latest Visionary Investor package includes a treasure trove of additional research focusing on emerging opportunities in AR. If you’re bullish on the sector, you don’t want to miss this research. Now could be your last chance to get into position before these stocks make big moves.

>> Sound like a fit? Join Visionary Investor here <<

visionary investor pricing 

How Much is Visionary Investor?

A standard Visionary Investor membership typically costs $199, but you can get a 75% discount if you join now. That means you’ll pay just $49 to sign up, and you’ll still get all the bonuses we mentioned earlier in the review.

The discounted rate averages out to a little more than $4 per month, and it’s a small price to pay for Visionary Investor’s professional-grade research.


You can upgrade to Visionary Investor’s premium membership for just $79. This enhanced package includes everything that comes with the standard subscription plus a host of additional bonuses.

For the additional investment of $30, you’ll get everything mentioned in this review, plus:

  • A one-year bonus subscription to Stansberry Research’s True Wealth, including 12 monthly issues of the True Wealth newsletter and other perks.
  • Special report: The Most Obvious Trend on Earth… That Nobody Is Investing
  • Special report: The Secret Currency
  • Full access to the True Wealth special report archives, featuring blockbuster reports like The 2021 Melt Up Blueprint and more. 

>> Join Visionary Investor now for as little as $49 <<

Is Visionary Investor Worth It?

Visionary Investor is a great deal at just $49. Furthermore, the premium membership includes an impressive selection of additional materials, and it’s only slightly more expensive than the basic version. 

You’ll have a hard time finding high-quality research at a lower price. You also get the bonus reports, including four additional stock picks between them, and access to even more research through the bonus report library. 

It’s also worth noting that Visionary Investor focuses on the highly coveted tech sector. Many services in this same niche charge significantly more money, so you’re getting access to these potential high-growth opportunities at an excellent rate. 

You’re also covered for 30 days from your purchase date under the money-back guarantee, so you can try Visionary Investor without worrying about buyer’s remorse. If it’s not what you expected, you can contact customer service within the trial period for a full refund. 

We think Visionary Investor offers a lot of value at a very reasonable price. This service is an excellent option for anyone looking to get an expert’s take on the tech sector.

Visionary Investor Review: Final Verdict

Visionary Investor is an excellent addition to the Stansberry Research family. It’s still a relatively young service, but it has a ton of potential. Plus, it’s an excellent value for the price. 

Brian Tycangco’s track record is nothing short of impressive, and his background in Asia makes him uniquely suited to take on the tech sector. 

Visionary Investor is off to a great start with its augmented reality reports. You’ll immediately see the benefits of Tycangco’s unique insights once you read these reports, and the four stocks detailed in the AR bonus reports have the potential to be tremendous successes.

With subscriptions starting at just $49, Visionary Investor is an excellent deal to boot. Plus, the 30-day guarantee should give any fence-sitters the reassurance they need to try the service with confidence. 

Here at the Stock Dork, we’re generally pretty bullish on the tech sector, and we love it when high-quality research services like Visionary Investor offer memberships at a price that’s accessible to everyday folks. 

With a high-quality guru, cutting-edge research, an affordable price, and excellent customer service, our Visionary Investor review gives this service high marks. We highly recommend you try Visionary Investor if you’re interested in getting ahead of the next explosive tech trend to sweep the market. 

>> That’s it for our Visionary Investor review. Click here to join now <<

Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris studied accounting at Drexel University and first started investing back in 2018. He currently resides just outside Billings, Montana. Chris specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.