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Warlock’s World Review (Is Kenny Glick Legit?)

warlocks world reviews
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Kenny Glick’s new research service is making waves online, and I want to see if his insights check all the boxes. Keep reading for my full review of Warlock’s World to find out. 

What Is Warlock’s World?

Warlock’s World is an investment service that delivers live market analysis, charting code, training, and trade ideas.

Kenny Glick leads the way under the Money Map Press umbrella.

This service focuses on multi-day and 1-minute volume-weighted average price (VWAP) for its investing ideas.

The team uses a priority indicator to scope out institutional money flowing in a stock. Then, they recommend stocks and options plays for an opportunity to capitalize on quick price movements.

At the moment, they’ve set their sights on volatility caused by earnings statements.

I’ll dig into the details as we go, so stick around.

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service lead kenny

Who Is Kenny Glick?

Kenny Glick is a great analyst who likes to trade bad markets. And it’s no secret that he prefers volatility over cookie-cutter buy-and-hold strategies.

He believes growth stocks are boring and too predictable. Plus, many took a serious hit in 2020 and are still showing little signs of life.

While lines of growth stock investors patiently wait for another bull run, Kenny aims to take advantage of the volatility while he can.

Before joining Money Map Press, he had a brief stint on The Street, but he didn’t hang around for long.

The straight-laced nature and shady dealings within the financial markets left him looking for a new home.

He hung up his suit and tie and hit his stride day trading the VWAP. Now, he teaches members how to do the same.

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What Comes with the Service?

This premium research suite is loaded with great features and perks.

Follow along for the full scoop.

The Warlock’s Watchlist

Every market day before the Opening Bell, members receive a watchlist of Nick’s top stocks.

He posts in the members-only trading room, so you’ll need to sign up to see what investments he’s eyeing.

Nick usually keeps five to six stocks on his radar.

However, he says that there could be as many as 11. This all depends on current conditions.

While 11 potential plays sounds like a lot to take in, Nick and the team reviews each trade at length in live sessions.

This helps members decide which, if any, trade ideas fit their risk profile and investment objectives.

trading sessions live

LIVE Power Hour Trading Sessions

Nick hosts live trading sessions between 9:15am and 11:00am through Monday and Friday.

Every market day, members can peer over his shoulder and see the mind of an expert at work.

He screens about 600 stocks before the session and offers members six trade ideas depending on where the blue and orange VWAP lines take him.

These sessions are short, but that’s by design. The market is often at its most volatile at the opening bell.

This is also just one of the many live sessions of the day.


Daily Decode with Bobby Eight

Like the Power Hour, these sessions take place every trading day. They run from about 12:00pm to 1:00pm.

Kenny’s long-time friend, Bobby Eight jumps into the fold and offers an in-depth look at the day’s recommendations.

If there’s an options trade in the mix, Bobby lays out a comprehensive blueprint for executing it.

He’ll give the rundown on entries, exits, limiting risk, and much more.

Members are also free to chime in with their own questions, and Bobby will answer them live.

If you need a bit of help setting up a trade, this is a fantastic place to start.

brian king training

Foundations of Trading With Brian King

These 60-minute daily boot camps are where members go to hone their day trading skills.

Brian King, takes the floor and teaches the advanced techniques used by the team to find stocks with potential.

Brian also helps members build strong trading discipline.

Many alternatives tend to overlook the value of psychology in trading, but the ability to steel nerves and make dispassionate decisions is a vital component of success.

This is especially relevant for day trading.

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Additional Features

The latest deal offers even more features for members to sink their teeth into.

Here’s what you get.

code for thinkorswim

Proprietary Charting Code

Nick’s personal coder is along for the ride and shows members how to find trade opportunities by tracking price levels.

This also includes access to the same charting codes used in the live sessions.

Here’s a brief list of some of the codes available:

  • Hi/Lo ticker tracks stocks that could move at least $2 in a given day.
  • Earnings watchlist shows when stocks will report earnings.
  • Market grid offers an overview of 12 critical indices and equities, such as UVXY, Nasdaq, tick index, crypto, and more.
  • 1-minute and multi-day VWAP shows the volume-weighted average price of the given periods.

There are dozens of codes included. There are just the highlights.

On-Demand Replays of Every Live Session

If you miss a day, don’t worry. The team has you covered with replays of every live trading session, boot camp, and Daily Decode.

You have unlimited access as long as you are subscribed.

The only drawback is that the trade ideas are day trades. So these insights might not be as useful after the window closes.

That said, it’s a solid feature for someone still getting the hang of the system.

You can look back at the previous lessons and pick up valuable market commentary that could help you get into position before the next bell rings.

trading training

30 Days to VWAP Mastery Course

This course offers a deep dive into Kenny’s strategies and trading the VWAP.

It’s called the 30 Days to VWAP Mastery Course, but it can be completed in less than a month.

Usually, more experienced members can skip over these types of courses. However, the service tackles a unique investing angle, so it might be best to at least skim through it.

Some of the topics include:

  • Stock trading basics
  • Foundational approaches to options
  • Trading the VWAP and more

It’s a great resource that ensures members are up to speed when they hit the trading rooms.

Qualifying for a refund is also contingent on completing the course, which is another reason to check it out. 


Money-Back Guarantee

New members have 30 days to give Warlock’s World a test spin.

So if you decide that it isn’t a good fit, you can opt for a full refund of the price of your subscription.

There is one condition, however.

To qualify, you’ll need to complete the full VWAP Mastery Course.

A no-strings-attached refund policy would be ideal, but this is a fair compromise.

Also, one of the big positives is that the team doesn’t place a limit on what you can access during the 30-day window.

This means you can explore the entire service, and give it a thorough examination before making up your mind.

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Is Warlock’s World Legit?

Warlock’s World is legit.

Kenny Glick and the team’s expertise shows in the quality of their analysis.

Plus, a lot of the market is down right now, which is exactly the conditions they excel in.

There’s a good balance of no-nonsense instruction and light-hearted fun.

Learning to trade is serious business, but the team understands it doesn’t need to be tedious and boring.

All in all, the service offers a good balance of perspectives from masters of their craft.

Warlock’s World Pros and Cons

I found a lot to like during my review, but the service could improve in some areas.


  • Helmed by a team of experts
  • Excellent trading community
  • Access to custom charting code
  • Runs every market day


  • On the pricey side
  • Conditional refund


Warlock’s World Pricing

Warlock’s World typically costs $299 per month. However, Money Map Press is currently running a special deal that lowers the price tag down to $199 a month (a 33% discount).

The best value the service offers is $1,495 for a year. This shakes out to a whopping 37% off the price of 12 months, with the discount mentioned above.

There’s also a quarterly payment, but I think the better options are either the monthly or annual subscription.

If you compare the pricing of Warklock’s World to entry-level research services, it’s not the cheapest option on the market.

That said, this is a premium service. And Kenny’s insights are surprisingly affordable when compared to like-kind competitors.

For reference, some similar services I’ve reviewed (that don’t offer live trading sessions or chat rooms) can cost around $2,500 a year, with discounts.

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Is the Service Right for Me?

Warlock’s World is best suited for folks looking to trade volatility in short windows. Kenny Glick thrives in unstable markets, and anyone who wants to do the same is in good company.

The trading rooms, coaching, and Bootcamp also offer a healthy balance of diverse insights into the stock market.

There’s also a heavy emphasis on charts. So folks who prefer technical analysis or want to learn the ropes have their work cut out for them.

Basically, if you’re interested in day trading with a technical focus, this service could be a comfortable fit.

The team does not recommend holding positions for more than a day, which means it’s not suited for long-haulers.

WW service

Warlock’s World: Final Verdict

Warlock’s World is a great service that is well worth the sticker price. Kenny Glick acts as a strong lead who’s clearly up to the task.

While day trading is difficult, the team goes above and beyond to keep members one step ahead of the markets.

Additionally, the service’s focus on trading the VWAP specifically offers a unique angle that many could appreciate.

The money-back guarantee is also a good deal — though I’d rather there were no hoops.

That said, asking members to give the trading education a shot is reasonable. 

This is especially true when considering that many competitors in this price range either don’t offer refunds or only provide in-house credit.

All in all, Warlock’s World is rock solid, and I recommend keeping it on your radar.

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Jessica is a published author and copywriter specializing in personal and investment finance. Her expertise is in financial product reviews and stock market education.