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Wealth Megatrends Review: The Best Inflation Defense?

wealth megatrend feature
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The United States is at a major economic turning point, and unprepared investors could lose big. Luckily, there are ways to come out on the other side better than ever before. This Wealth Megatrends review explains the materials that will show you how.

weiss wealth megatrends reviews

Sean Brodrick Wealth Megatrends Overview

Wealth Megatrends is an investment research service and monthly newsletter from Sean Brodrick, who works under the Weiss Ratings umbrella. It guides readers to the hottest opportunities coming out of the market.

Sean Brodrick’s focuses his investment strategy around protecting and growing your wealth. He’s particularly attuned to large-scale macro trends and how they can impact investments.

The service can help you navigate the market with detailed research and analysis of the latest market-moving news. You’ll also get regular trade recommendations and tons of additional bonus research.

Right now, the deal is even sweeter with Sean Brodrick’s Stealth Attack. He’s throwing in a ton of bonus research and a generous discount to boot.

We’ll break down the deal piece-by-piece, but first, who is Sean Brodrick? Is this guru the real deal?

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sean brodrick reviews

Who is Sean Brodrick?

Sean Brodrick has been working in and around the investing space for years, building an impressive track record of success along the way.

Over that time, Sean Brodrick earned a reputation as an expert in geopolitical investment opportunities and market cycles.

Wealth Megatrends is Sean’s flagship service, but it’s not the only trading service he serves as an editor. Some of his other services include Gold & Silver Trader, and Supercycle Investor.

According to his online bio, Brodrick prefers a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ approach to investing. His most notable investments include small-cap value stocks, the natural resource sector, precious metals, and other areas.

Under Sean Brodrick’s guidance, Wealth Megatrends looks for under-the-radar trading opportunities in undiscovered stocks with enormous potential.

Identifying off-the-beaten-path opportunities has worked out well for Sean Brodrick in the past.

He forecasted the precious metals bull market, and he saw the value in industrial and energy metals way before Wall Street caught on. Many of his followers reaped plenty of rewards from his foresight.

Now, Brodrick is sounding a dire warning bell for his Wealth Megatrends subscribers. He sees a potential financial catastrophe on the horizon, and he’s on a mission to help his readers prepare for the coming storm.

inflation chart

Wealth Megatrends: The Bigger Lie

Word on the street is that economic indicators are blaring red, with billionaires and bankers unsure what to do.

The Bigger Lie meets the challenge head-on, unearthing the root of the problem and finding ways to combat it.

What exactly is coming, and how can investors prepare for it?

Martin Weiss seems to have the answer.

Martin Weiss’ Warning

Martin Weiss, the founder of Weiss Ratings, has been tracking the economic climate in the United States for over fifty years.

Through Weiss Ratings, he has predicted many stock market downturns, including the Dot-com bust and the 2008 recession.

Today, Weiss warns of a new kind of inflation that’s already starting to rear its ugly head.

If we’re not careful, this inflation will run amok with investments and savings alike.

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worst returns chart

Runaway Inflation

Sean Brodrick, senior analyst at Weiss Ratings, dug deep to discover just how bad things are becoming.

He shares that the value of the U.S. dollar is continuing to weaken, and those unaware could lose everything.

The Federal Government recently injected trillions right into the financial institutions, creating a huge income drain for anyone with money in a bank or insurance policy.

Interest levels took the first hit, and Sean Brodrick tells us that the payoffs for investing in banks are lower than ever.

Sadly, the bad news doesn’t end there.

The influx of money has already pushed inflation up from 1.2% last year to nearly 12%, with no end in sight.

Where $5,000 could buy enough lumber for a small house in 2020, that same wood now costs $25,000.

Every day food items like wheat, corn, and sugar have jumped 20% in price.

Sean Brodrick goes on to explain that yield after inflation is the worst it’s been in 100 years.

If investors aren’t careful, they can see wealth disappear seemingly overnight by the eroding spending power of the U.S. dollar.

Next, Sean Brodrick forecasts previously thought safe investments crashing in value almost overnight.


nyt weiss quote
Weiss Ratings was one of the first to specifically NAME and give advance warnings about the failure or government bailouts of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, General Motors, and many others during the ’08-’09 Financial Crisis.

The Key to Beating Inflation

There’s no way to stop inflation, but fortunately there are ways to prevent it from wiping out your financial future.

In The Bigger Lie package, Sean Brodrick reveals a short list of investment recommendations perfect for using the current economic situation to your advantage.

Sean Brodrick’s research identified six stocks that soared to incredible heights when the United States saw high inflation rates back in the late 1970s.

Using this knowledge, Sean Brodrick has picked out several inflation winners that he feels will perform the same way this time around.

To get your hands on the names of these lucrative stocks, you’ll have to pick up Sean Broderick’s Inflation Survival Guide and 12 Inflation-Beating Stocks.

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weiss ratings the bigger lie reviews

What’s Included With The Bigger Lie?

By signing up for a membership to Wealth Megatrends: The Bigger Lie, you’ll get your hands on no less than four reports and a dozen issues of the Wealth Megatrends magazine.

Next in our Wealth Megatrends review, I’ll break this deal down piece by piece so you know exactly what you get when you signup.

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wealth megatrends newsletter review

12 Monthly Issues of the Wealth Megatrends Newsletter

The monthly Wealth Megatrends newsletter is the centerpiece of the Bigger Lie bundle

Each month, you’ll get a new research report and trade recommendation from Sean Brodrick and his research team.

The reports also come crammed to the gills with analysis of the latest market-moving news and events.

The monthly newsletter serves as an excellent source for the latest stock market news, and it includes a thorough summary of all the latest happenings from Sean and his team.

It’s an excellent way to stay informed about the latest investing trends, and the trade recommendations provide an ideal blueprint for turning your newfound knowledge into actual returns.

Plus, you’ll get a big discount with this limited-time deal.

Model Portfolio

Members also get access to a model portfolio that lists every active Wealth Megatrends recommendation, along with any ‘Flash Alerts’ for the positions.

It’s the perfect way to get a bird’s eye view of Sean Brodrick’s trading strategy in action. You can even go back and see picks from before you signed up, so you’ll have tons of stock picks to explore as soon as you join.

Some model portfolio stocks are already posting sharp gains, but many more have yet to hit their stride. 

You’re sure to find plenty of actionable opportunities when you get a chance to give the model portfolio a close look.

weiss flash alerts

Portfolio Updates and Flash Alerts

Wealth Megatrends sends out a special alert anytime they update their position on one of their recommendations.

Anytime there’s a change to the market that calls for your attention, you’ll receive a Flash Alert in your inbox explaining everything you need to know.

You’ll also receive special VIP Invitations when Sean Brodrick sees a significant opportunity developing, so you have a chance to get in before the fray when something big is happening in the market.

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weiss bigger lie bonus reports

Wealth Megatrends: The Bigger Lie Bonus Reports

The Bigger Lie bundle also includes several in-depth research reports featuring promising stock picks and much more. Here’s what you get when you sign up now:

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weiss inflation survival guide

Wealth Megatrends Inflation Survival Guide

The Wealth Megatrends Inflation Survival Guide is your ticket out of the potentially catastrophic effects of the inflation boom.

Within the pages of this report, Sean Brodrick provides seven unique stocks he expects to surge in the coming months.

Sean Brodrick not only reveals the names of these assets; he also shares how to buy and when is the best time to take profits.

As a teaser, Brodrick hints at his number one winner – a company dealing in one of the most sought-after energy metals out there.

Should prices continue to climb, these high-demand energy metals could make a killing on the stock market.

The report also indicates investments to sell immediately, lest they take your money with them when they fall.

weiss best inflation stocks

The 12 Inflation Beating Stocks for the Next 12 Months

Through Weiss Ratings, Sean Brodrick has sorted through countless stocks in hopes of finding those set to succeed.

The 12 Inflation Beating Stocks for the Next 12 Months contains a dozen undervalued stocks with huge profit potential.

Amid the downturn, these 12 stocks can keep investments rising while other assets flounder.

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weiss bloodbath in bonds report

Bloodbath in Bonds

Bonds are traditionally low-risk investments that see gradual gains over time.

However, Sean Brodrick’s predictions move bonds from safe investments to dangerous territory with the rise of inflation.

As low-interest bonds continue to depreciate, they could be all but worthless down the line.

Bloodbath in Bonds reveals the information behind this tragic swing and what investors can do to prevent loss.

Anyone with bonds at the federal, state, county, or municipal level need to check out this report post-haste.


weiss new precious metals

The New Precious Metals

Precious metals tend to be inflation resistant, and Sean Brodrick believes this to still be the case.

However, in The New Precious Metals, he reveals that investments should extend beyond traditional gold and silver.

Within the pages of this report, Sean details 17 other precious metals and stocks that best represent them.

His success in this space helped him see gains in the previous precious metals bull market and will likely do the same this time around.


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wealth wave newsletter

Weekly Wealth Wave Newsletter

Wealth Megatrends does a pretty good job at keeping you informed, but a month is a ridiculously long time in the stock market.

To keep you in the loop in between newsletters, Wealth Megatrends includes its bonus e-letter ‘Wealth Wave’ for free with the Stealth Attack offer.

This regular research report comes out every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and it includes the latest insights on the market from Sean Brodrick and his team.

Wealth Wave doesn’t limit its focus to stocks either. It covers trends in real estate, technology, gold, energy, and more.

Wealth Wave is a perfect companion to the Wealth Megatrends monthly newsletter. Reading the regular reports gives you a better understanding of how current events impact your investments and keep you informed all month long.

Lifetime Savings

After you sign up for Wealth Megatrends: The Bigger Lie, you’ll be set up to renew each year at the very lowest price in effect at the time.

You’ll receive a notice via email when your subscription is up, and Wealth Megatrends will automatically bill your card unless you choose not to proceed.

If you’re not keen on continuing your Wealth Megatrends membership, you can cancel it at any time.

wealth megatrends money-back guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Wealth Megatrends has a spectacular refund policy. Most trading services only offer a limited money-back guarantee with a 30 or 60-day limit.

However, Sean Brodrick’s guarantee blows the competition out of the water. Wealth Megatrends has an iron-clad refund policy that covers the entire length of your subscription term.

That means you have a full year to evaluate the service, and you can request a refund at any time if you’re unsatisfied.

Quite honestly, this writer has never seen such an air-tight policy. You get tons of valuable stock recommendations and analysis with Wealth Megatrends as soon as you sign up. Plus, the guarantee covers you for the entire year.

If you decide on the 364th day that you hate the service and want your money back, you will get it. That’s how seriously this team takes the refund policy.

This generous research policy should leave any remaining doubts. Wealth Megatrends must be very confident in its service to offer such a comprehensive guarantee.

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Pros and Cons of Wealth Megatrends

Here are the pros and cons of Wealth Megatrends’ Bigger Lie bundle:


  • Contrarian strategies you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Detailed game plan for overcoming global uncertainty.
  • Extremely affordable at just $9 for a basic membership.
  • The Bigger Lie includes three bonus research reports.
  • Industry-leading money-back guarantee covers you for the entire course of your subscription.
  • Enjoy instant model portfolio access when you sign up.
  • Keeps members informed with monthly newsletters, flash alerts, and ‘Wealth Wave.’
  • Provides a birds-eye take on global events and how they impact your portfolio.


  • New traders may have some difficulty digesting the information
  • A little too laser-focused on inflation

Wealth Megatrends Reviews by Members

We like Wealth Megatrends, but don’t take our word for it. 

Many members rate their experience with Wealth Megatrends very highly. 

Here are some of the most notable examples we found online:

wealth megatrends reviews by members

Here are a few more:

wealth megatrends reviews by actual membersThese Wealth Megatrends reviews came from a previous presentation, so take them with a grain a salt. However, it’s the only verified reviews we could find. 

As you can see, many people have found success with this service, and there’s no reason you can’t either.

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Wealth Megatrends Pros and Cons

Wealth Megatrends has a pretty strong value case, but it’s not all good. Here’s the best and the worst points about this trading service:

Wealth Megatrends Pros

  • Contrarian strategies you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Detailed game plan for overcoming global uncertainty.
  • Extremely affordable at just $29 for a basic membership.
  • Stealth Attack’ deal includes five bonus research reports.
  • Industry-leading money-back guarantee covers you for the entire course of your subscription.
  • Enjoy instant model portfolio access when you sign up.
  • Keeps members informed with monthly newsletters, flash alerts, and ‘Wealth Wave.’
  • Provides a birds-eye take on global events and how they impact your portfolio.

Wealth Megatrends Cons

  • Approach favors value over higher-risk, higher-reward speculation trades.
  • Limited educational resources for absolute beginners.

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How Much is Wealth Megatrends: The Bigger Lie?

Wealth Megatrends: The Bigger Lie offers two subscription options, each containing all the material and bonus offers outlined in this article.

Just $39 for the entire year nets you digital copies of all the reports sent immediately to your inbox.

Once per month, you’ll receive a new digital issue of Wealth Megatrends with the latest market info.

For an extra $20, you can also opt to receive physical copies of Wealth Megatrends sent to your home or office for just $59, 

Individually, these valuable resources could set you back as much as $445, so this bundle delivers a lot of bang for your buck. 

weiss inflation bundle

Is The Bigger Lie Worth It?

For just $39 or $59 for an entire year’s membership, The Bigger Lie shapes up to be quite the deal.

With each report worth $79, pulling something valuable out of just one document makes the entire package worth the investment.

Considering the threat looming over the economic landscape, there’s a good chance the information within will not only protect your savings but also help it grow.

In such tumultuous times, Sean Brodrick’s years of experience and research as an analyst have proven themselves time and again.

The Wealth Megatrends inflation bundle has everything you need to protect and grow your portfolio in the face of inflation and other economic difficulties.

If you’re concerned about the market, this bundle will provide the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for anything.

I highly recommend you give Wealth Megatrends a shot. With an insane risk-free money-back guarantee, there’s no reason not to pick up this bundle today, especially at the ridiculously low price of only $39. 

That’s it for our Wealth Megatrends review. Click here to sign up for Stealth Attack for as low as $29. 


Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.