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Wealth Megatrends Review: Is Stealth Attack on America Legit?

  • By Chris Dios
  • Jan 21, 2021
wealth megatrend feature
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We’ve heard about Sean Brodrick a lot lately, so we wanted to give his trading service a closer look. Check out our Wealth Megatrends review to see if the American Armageddon report and the Stealth Attack deal lives up to the hype.

Sean Brodrick Wealth Megatrends Overview

Wealth Megatrends is an investment research service and monthly newsletter from Sean Brodrick, who works under the Weiss Ratings umbrella. It guides readers to the hottest opportunities coming out of the market.

Sean Brodrick’s focuses his investment strategy around protecting and growing your wealth. He’s particularly attuned to large-scale macro trends and how they can impact investments.

The service can help you navigate the market with detailed research and analysis of the latest market-moving news. You’ll also get regular trade recommendations and tons of additional bonus research.

Right now, the deal is even sweeter with Sean Brodrick’s Stealth Attack. He’s throwing in a ton of bonus research and a generous discount to boot.

We’ll break down the deal piece-by-piece, but first, who is Sean Brodrick? Is this guru the real deal?

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Sean Brodrick Review

Sean Brodrick has been working in and around the investing space for years, building an impressive track record of success along the way.

Over that time, Sean Brodrick earned a reputation as an expert in geopolitical investment opportunities and market cycles.

Wealth Megatrends is Sean’s flagship service, but it’s not the only trading service he serves as an editor. Some of his other services include Gold & Silver Trader, and Supercycle Investor.

According to his online bio, Brodrick prefers a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ approach to investing. His most notable investments include small-cap value stocks, the natural resource sector, precious metals, and other areas.

Under Sean Brodrick’s guidance, Wealth Megatrends looks for under-the-radar trading opportunities in undiscovered stocks with enormous potential.

Identifying off-the-beaten-path opportunities has worked out well for Sean Brodrick in the past.

He forecasted the precious metals bull market, and he saw the value in industrial and energy metals way before Wall Street caught on. Many of his followers reaped plenty of rewards from his foresight.

Now, Brodrick is sounding a dire warning bell for his Wealth Megatrends subscribers. He sees a potential financial catastrophe on the horizon, and he’s on a mission to help his readers prepare for the coming storm.

wealth megatrends chart

Stealth Attack on America – American Armageddon Review:

America had a rough year in 2020, but Sean Brodrick says it was nothing compared to what’s ahead.

The country has seen its worst economic and political turmoil in decades, and one ambitious global player is eager to capitalize on the chaos.

Of course, Brodrick is talking about China. The burgeoning superpower has made unprecedented gains on the U.S. this year, and the CCP is waging a massive campaign to project its influence globally.

China may have been the first country to suffer under pandemic paralysis, but it was also the first to recover. Now, it’s rebounding in epic fashion as its GDP grows by leaps and bounds.

There’s no doubt China’s influence is growing, and, at this pace, they’ll have enough power consolidated to launch a significant campaign to undermine American influence.

China wants to become the global financial system’s undisputed leader, but they need to take down the U.S. dollar to make the dream a reality.

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The Currency War

Ever since the end of World War II, the U.S. dollar has been underpinning the global financial system. Gold contracts use dollars. Crude oil contracts also use the US dollar.

Without its status as the leading global currency, its value could plummet in a startling fashion. It could be a stock market tsunami that washes out a massive portion of America’s wealth.

The resultant economic shock could wipe out as much as 50% of every investment portfolio in America.

The future isn’t inevitable, but the threat is real. Sean Brodrick’s Stealth Attack on America campaign aims to raise awareness of this potentially grave threat to your financial well-being.

Fortunately, you can take steps to prepare for this nightmare scenario, and Stealth Attack packages all the best strategies into a few convenient reports.

Each special report provides detailed research that will give you an actionable blueprint for preparing for a potential catastrophe.

Brodrick and his research team explain everything in simple language, so even beginners can use the insights.

It’s an impressive collection of trading tactics at first glance, but let’s break it down in detail.

american armageddon review

What’s Included with Wealth Megatrends?

  • One Year Subscription to the Wealth Megatrends Newsletter
  • Bonus E-Zine: Wealth Wave
  • Model Portfolio Access
  • Email Updates
  • American Armageddon: Five special reports
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Premium Membership: Two bonus reports when you upgrade

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Wealth Megatrends Newsletter

The monthly Wealth Megatrends newsletter is the centerpiece of the Stealth Attack package.

Each month, you’ll get a new research report and trade recommendation from Sean Brodrick and his research team.

The reports also come crammed to the gills with analysis of the latest market-moving news and events.

The monthly newsletter serves as an excellent source for the latest stock market news, and it includes a thorough summary of all the latest happenings from Sean and his team.

In the time it takes to sit through just one commercial break watching cable finance news, you’ll get a complete breakdown of the most important happenings in one quick read.

It’s an excellent way to stay informed about the latest investing trends, and the trade recommendations provide an ideal blueprint for turning your newfound knowledge into actual returns.

Flash Alerts

Wealth Megatrends sends out a special alert anytime they update their position on one of their recommendations.

Anytime there’s a change to the market that calls for your attention, you’ll receive a Flash Alert in your inbox explaining everything you need to know.

You’ll also receive special VIP Invitations when Sean Brodrick sees a significant opportunity developing, so you have a chance to get in before the fray when something big is happening in the market.

“Wealth Wave”

Wealth Megatrends does a pretty good job at keeping you informed, but a month is a ridiculously long time in the stock market.

To keep you in the loop in between newsletters, Wealth Megatrends includes its bonus e-letter ‘Wealth Wave’ for free with the Stealth Attack offer.

This regular research report comes out every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and it includes the latest insights on the market from Sean Brodrick and his team.

Wealth Wave doesn’t limit its focus to stocks either. It covers trends in real estate, technology, gold, energy, and more.

Wealth Wave is a perfect companion to the Wealth Megatrends monthly newsletter. Reading the regular reports gives you a better understanding of how current events impact your investments and keep you informed all month long.

Flash Alerts Model Portfolio

Starting a portfolio from scratch can be intimidating, especially for beginners. Fortunately, the Wealth Megatrends ‘Flash Alerts’ model portfolio serves as an excellent example.

The model portfolio includes every active Wealth Megatrends recommendation, along with any ‘Flash Alerts’ for the positions.

It’s the perfect way to get a bird’s eye view of Sean Brodrick’s trading strategy in action. You can even go back and see picks from before you signed up, so you’ll have tons of stock picks to explore as soon as you join.

You can also use the model portfolio as a reliable gauge for the service’s stock-picking credibility. If you know a thing or two about stocks, you can quickly see that Sean Brodrick knows his stuff.

Some of the model portfolio stocks are already posting sharp gains, but many more have yet to hit their stride. You’re sure to find plenty of actionable opportunities when you get a chance to give the model portfolio a close look.

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Stealth Attack on America: Bonus Reports

We explained the Stealth Attack offer briefly before, but this research package deserves a more detailed dive.

This bonus research package includes a total of five special research reports:

armerican armageddon review special report

“American Armageddon”

This report gets its name from the overarching theme of this research package: the U.S. dollar will crash. It’s a nightmare scenario for investors, but it could happen at some point soon.

American Armageddon provides a step-by-step blueprint for riding out a momentous economic shock. It includes an actionable investing plan to side-step the disaster and reap big rewards in the process.

In this report, you’ll find out how to protect your cash savings, investment portfolio, real estate, and any other assets you own from the economic impact of a crash in the U.S. dollar.

If Brodrick is right, taking these steps now could help you avoid drastic losses that could exceed 50% in the worst-case scenario.

Regardless of whether Sean Brodrick is right about the impending dollar doom, these are sound investing strategies that can help you protect your portfolio from a major economic shock.

It’s a worthwhile read for any investors, even if you don’t necessarily buy into the doom and gloom narrative.

american heroes special report

“AMERICAN HEROES: Make Money by Fighting Back”

The first report explains the threat and how you can protect yourself. Conversely, the American Heroes report takes the problem on head-on.

American Heroes shows you how you can use your fiscal firepower to fight back against the foreign currency incursion.

It includes detailed analyses of five U.S. stocks that stand to skyrocket at China’s expense over the next decade.

The featured recommendations include opportunities in aerospace stocks, cybersecurity stocks, industrials, and more.

These stocks could help you prepare for the next phase of the market cycle, and acting fast will give you a significant head start over the rest of the market.

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best pandemic stocks special report

“7 Pandemic Stocks to Buy Now”

This report is pretty self-explanatory, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable. These seven stocks have been pandemic winners, but there’s still plenty of upside in these trades.

Vaccines are set for public release this year, but investors will feel the pandemic’s transformative economic effects for decades.

This so-called great ‘Global Reset’ will produce a new era of stock market winners who stand to overtake even the most prestigious blue-chip stocks.

Sean Brodrick outlines seven of these next-generation winners in this exclusive report. Each of these companies is in an excellent position to thrive in the post-pandemic economy, and you still have time to get in before they make their big move.

wild gold profits in 2021 special report

“How to Go for Wild Gold Profits in 2021”

That atmosphere for gold has never been better. Governments worldwide are pouring out trillions of dollars worth of stimulus spending, and no one’s sure how the influx of money will affect the currency market down the road.

Safe-haven assets like gold could be a huge beneficiary of this massive increase in spending. To help you seize the opportunity, Sean Brodrick lays out his best gold trading strategies for 2021 in this report.

Brodrick believes gold prices could break through $5,000 and he says the trading strategies outlined in this book could generate a 100%-plus gain by the time it’s all said and done.

Precious metals like gold could be an excellent way to insulate your portfolio against a potential currency shock, so this report is a worthwhile addition to the package.

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windfall of a lifetime special report

“The Windfall of a Lifetime”

The fifth and final report ties it together into one master strategy to make the best out of the worst. The Windfall of a Lifetime shows you how to build generational wealth in any market.

It includes detailed strategies for building a rock-solid portfolio in stocks, bonds, forex, gold, silver, commodities, and more.

Windfall of a Lifetime is the perfect way to cap off the Stealth Attack research package. Together, these five reports provide an excellent guide that can help any trader navigate uncertainty with confidence.

Money-Back Guarantee

Wealth Megatrends has a spectacular refund policy. Most trading services only offer a limited money-back guarantee with a 30 or 60-day limit.

However, Sean Brodrick’s guarantee blows the competition out of the water. Wealth Megatrends has an iron-clad refund policy that covers the entire length of your subscription term.

That means you have a full year to evaluate the service, and you can request a refund at any time if you’re unsatisfied.

Quite honestly, this writer has never seen such an air-tight policy. You get tons of valuable stock recommendations and analysis with Wealth Megatrends as soon as you sign up. Plus, the guarantee covers you for the entire year.

If you decide on the 364th day that you hate the service and want your money back, you will get it. That’s how seriously this team takes the refund policy.

This generous research policy should leave any remaining doubts. Wealth Megatrends must be very confident in its service to offer such a comprehensive guarantee.

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wealth megatrends money-back guarantee

How Much Does Wealth Megatrends Cost?

Typically, a one-year subscription to Sean Brodrick’s Wealth Megatrends costs $228. However, you qualify for a special discount with theStealth Attack package.

To raise awareness about the looming threat to the U.S. dollar, Brodrick is offering a one-year subscription for just $29. At that rate, you’re paying only 8 cents per day for your subscription.

When you have your entire nest egg at stake, $29 is a small price to pay to protect your wealth. That’s an absurdly low price even in comparison to a similar service.

Most companies charge at least $99 per year with a bare-bones package, and it doesn’t include nearly as much actionable research as this Wealth Megatrends deal.

Premium Membership Bonus Reports

For an additional $30, you can upgrade to the premium package. This deal includes three other bonus reports:

  • “Global War Investment Dossier”
  • “The World’s Best Privacy Havens
  • “Your Best Defense”

These reports cover additional geopolitical trends that you won’t get with the standard package, including a detailed brief on the ‘war cycle’ and much more.

It’s a worthy addition to the basic package and a steal at just $10 per additional report.

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Wealth Megatrends Pros and Cons

Wealth Megatrends has a pretty strong value case, but it’s not all good. Here’s the best and the worst points about this trading service:

Wealth Megatrends Pros

  • Contrarian strategies you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Detailed game plan for overcoming global uncertainty.
  • Extremely affordable at just $29 for a basic membership.
  • Stealth Attack’ deal includes five bonus research reports.
  • Industry-leading money-back guarantee covers you for the entire course of your subscription.
  • Enjoy instant model portfolio access when you sign up.
  • Keeps members informed with monthly newsletters, flash alerts, and ‘Wealth Wave.’
  • Provides a birds-eye take on global events and how they impact your portfolio.

Wealth Megatrends Cons

  • Approach favors value over higher-risk, higher-reward speculation trades.
  • Limited educational resources for absolute beginners.

Is Wealth Megatrends Right for Me?

Wealth Megatrends has a broad focus, so it’s generally suitable for everyone. However, some people may find that their strategies are more in line with their personal preferences than others.

If you fall into any of these categories, there’s a good chance you’ll get a lot of value out of this service:

American Values

The Stealth Attack research package includes numerous recommendations in companies that could help power an American Renaissance. Patriotic investors will enjoy knowing their investments could directly benefit their country.

Value Investors

Sean Brodrick has an eye for high-potential opportunities in undervalued stocks, which perfectly fits a value investing strategy.

Long-Term Players

If you’re in the market for the long-haul, this service is a great fit. Wealth Megatrends takes a long-minded view on the market that’s perfect for younger people who still have 20+ years until retirement.

Gold-Silver Bulls

Precious metals could become an increasingly important part of the investing landscape over the next few years, and Wealth Megatrends includes plenty of research that will help you seize the opportunity.

Geopolitical Strategies

Wealth Megatrends’ expert take on the latest geopolitical trends will give you some reassurance about the long-term direction of the global economy when things seem uncertain.


You’ll love this service if you’re the type of person who goes your way. Wealth Megatrends looks for under-the-radar opportunities while the rest of the herd chases the latest hype.

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Wealth Megatrends Reviews by Members

We like Wealth Megatrends, but don’t take our word for it. Many members rate their experience with Wealth Megatrends very highly. Here are some of the most notable examples we found while perusing the internet:

wealth megatrends testimonials

Here are a few more:

Wealth megatrends reviews by members

As you can see, many people have found success with this service, and there’s no reason you can’t too.

Is Wealth Megatrends Worth It?

After a detailed review, we can confidently say that Wealth Megatrends is one heck of a bargain.

The monthly newsletter alone is an excellent value at just $29 per year, but it’s an outright steal when you factor in the additional research you get with Stealth Attack.

Wealth Megatrends keeps you in tune with the latest market-moving news so you’ll always be prepared for what lays ahead, and the robust collection of professional-grade research provides the peace of mind of knowing you’re ready for anything.

Top it all off with one of the best money-back guarantees we’ve seen to date, and you have all the makings of an excellent deal. Wealth Megatrends has everything you would expect out of top-tier trading service.

Wealth Megatrends is an excellent option for just about anyone, but anyone on a budget will certainly appreciate getting so much for so little.

That’s it for our Wealth Megatrends review. Click here to sign up for Stealth Attack for as low as $29. 


Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.