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Whitney Tilson The Last Pill Review: Buy or Sell?

Whitney Tilson The Last Pill Review FT Image
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A new medical breakthrough could deliver huge windfalls for early movers. My Whitney Tilson The Last Pill review will tell you everything you need to know about this red-hot SynBio research bundle.

Who is Whitney Tilson?

Whitney Tilson is the founder and CEO of Empire Financial Research and plays an active role in editing a number of its publications. His predictive skills in calling moves before they happen have earned him the nickname “The Prophet”.

He’s a smart guy, graduating manga cum laude from Harvard College before becoming an entrepreneur and consultant. The guru made his way back to Harvard a few years later, graduating in the 5% of his class with an MBA from its business school.

Empire Financial Research is just the latest company Tilson has started. He founded and ran Kase Learning and Kase Capital Management for two decades where he taught and showcased his investment prowess.

He’s written four investment books and has created content for Forbes, The Motley Fool, Kiplinger’s, and other big names. One of the two 60 Minutes segments Tilson was a part of for the housing crisis earned him an Emmy.

Today uses his years of experience to help regular folks find the best opportunities currently on the market.

fast money the prophet returns featuring whitney tilson

Is Whitney Tilson the Real Deal?

Tilson has the bite to match his bark. For instance, he grabbed shares of Apple at $0.35 and Amazon when it was just $2.41.

He also saw the potential for Netflix when it sold for $10 and even earned six times his investment in AOL stock during the dotcom boom.

The hedge fund firm he started from his bedroom at $1 million under management grew to $200 million over 12 years.

These are just a few of his big wins over the last 20+ years.

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whitney tilson quotewhitney tilson the last pill presentation screenshot

What is Whitney Tilson The Last Pill?

We have a prescription problem in the United States. The average American takes four different pills to combat a seemingly never-ending number of conditions.

The side effects alone from those pills can be devastating. That’s not to mention the cost involved.

Well, there’s good news on the horizon. A breakthrough new technology is coming to end America’s reliance on medications. It’s so good that it could have huge impacts in other areas as well.

All the while, it’s opening the door to never-before-seen investment opportunities.

Read on to learn more about this tech and how you can profit.

elon musk bill gates peter thiel synbio quotes

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine is as it sounds – a laser-focused diagnosis and treatment plan specific to one person. It goes way beyond assessments and generic approaches that may or may not address root issues.

How’s that even possible? The answer lies in genetic sequencing.

It’s mind-blowing how far our understanding of genetics has come since we first breached the subject. What once took 13 years and billions of dollars to map out a single DNA sequence now just takes five hours and costs about a Benjamin Franklin.

Sequencing someone’s DNA reveals which genes could cause disease before signs of it ever appear. There’s potential here to shut down medical problems and boost our longevity in a big way.

That’s great news in itself, for sure. With any new technology also comes opportunities to profit.

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jason vassy quote on new technology that will revolutionize medicine

The Last Pill

Doctors today throw generic medications at issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol to keep them in check. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Precision medicine seeks to put an end to all that. Targeting a person’s genome unlocks the underlying cause of these problems and shows the experts the most effective ways to treat them.

You could wind up with just one pill that treats all your issues because it’s tailored specifically to you. Forget about all those pinch points we mentioned earlier with generic medications.

Can you imagine the impact this could have on our society? Even cancer and heart disease would have nowhere to hide from genetic sequencing.

Tilson believes we’re staring at the future of medicine. He’s just as thrilled about all the investment possibilities coming along with it.

1,700% growth since 2010 for Whitney Tilson's #1 SynBio stock pikc

Whitney Tilson’s SynBio Stock Picks

The next big leap in genetic sequencing involves a process called synthetic biology (SynBio). At its core, it’s the ability to modify the organisms of different cells and reprogram them.

SynBio may scare you or speak life into you; I’m not sure. What I do know is that SynBio is ready to take off thanks to new breakthroughs in the field.

It’s in no way limited to just the medical world. The same tech can replicate spider silk for lightweight, durable clothing or become a new source of biofuel. There’s no limit to what it can do.

The unlimited potential could make SynBio the best investing opportunity we’ve seen in a long time.

It should come as no surprise that a handful of companies stand at the forefront of what’s brewing here. Tilson’s got all their numbers, but he won’t give this information out to just anyone.

He’s put all his favorite SynBio stocks into a collection of reports and made them available only to members of Empire Stock Investor.

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what's included in the last pill bundle

What’s Included in The Last Pill Deal?

Here’s what you get when you sign up for The Last Pill:

empire stock investor logo

One-Year Subscription to Empire Stock Investor

A membership comes with 12 issues of the Empire Stock Investor monthly newsletter. Each one comes with the latest stock recommendations from across the entire market spectrum.

Tilson and his partner Enrique Abeyta use their 50+ years of experience to vet the very best possibilities for you. Expect anything from an up-and-comer to a stock making a resurgence in its field.

Subscribers also get unlimited access to special reports, the model portfolio, and updates and alerts whenever there’s a market shift.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Tilson sends out an email the morning of every investing day, providing insights on what he’s seeing take place in the investing world.

You’ll also receive another daily email blast called Empire Financial Daily where the editors discuss a wide variety of financial topics.

All these tools work hand in hand to provide you with the knowledge to make intelligent investments and tips on where to plug in your money for a shot at the biggest returns.

SynBio Bonus Reports

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SynBio Bonus Reports

You also get these SynBio special reports when you sign up for The Last Pill deal:

The DNA Titan: The next trillion-dollar company

The DNA Titan: The next trillion-dollar company

I sometimes catch myself wondering what I would have done if I had the chance to invest in Apple or Microsoft back in the day. Tilson says we’ve got another chance to head to the top with a company on its way to passing a trillion-dollar valuation.

This company is amazing at what it does. It has over 9,000 patents, with a chunk of those serving this new technology Tilson’s been raving about. Not only does it excel in research, it doubles as a provider for all the equipment as well.

Talk about a good business model. You can get the inside scoop in your copy of this special report.

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The DNA conglomerates: How to cash in on the companies buying up the DNA space.

The DNA conglomerates: How to cash in on the companies buying up the DNA space.

Tilson’s super excited about a pair of companies with incredibly profitable business models forecasting continuous growth as the DNA market continues to grow. One’s already proven to be recession-proof.

Their success depends on the acquisition of smaller companies, which each one has done an excellent job of.

The first is a name-brand global provider of scientific instruments and software. The other has a lean manufacturing model that’s helped revenue and profits climb higher year after year.

You’ll get the names, tickers, and all the details you need on these two companies to win big inside this bonus report.

The Biotech Basket: The best way to position yourself for success in the Biotech industry.

The Biotech Basket: The best way to position yourself for success in the Biotech industry.

The biotech sector’s been a snooze fest for over a year. Market uncertainty due to interest rates and regulatory issues hasn’t been any help.

According to Tilson, biotech’s about to make a comeback in a huge way. The niche is following a similar pattern to what we saw in 2015 which led to 40% gains over the next two years.

Right now’s the time to jump back in, but not just anywhere. The Biotech Basket reveals the best ETF to grab for getting the most out of the upcoming upswing.

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The Amazon of Biotech: The $1 company leading the Synthetic Biology revolution.

The Amazon of Biotech: The $1 company leading the Synthetic Biology revolution.

Looking for another biotech stock to invest in? The company touted as “the Amazon of biotech” has 50 active engineering projects and already 188 patents on the table.

At least one of those has the tech to program and modify cells. This isn’t copycat tech, either – it’s leading the charge in organism manipulation.

Unlike some of the other picks in this deal, this one will only set you back about $1 per share. The low entry point could create a huge runway for Amazon-level upside potential in the coming years.

The ebook includes an in-depth analysis of this promising stock and much more. It’s a great addition to the package. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Banner

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Tilson makes three promises with his Last Pill deal. You’ll get expert-level insights, regular market updates, and a support team to back you up along the way.

If you don’t feel the service delivers on any of these (or any other reason), feel free to reach out any time during the first 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

Try everything out and see if this pill’s easy to swallow. Even if you request a refund, you still get to keep all the bonus materials you’ve already received.

How Much is Whitney Tilson’s The Last Pill Deal?

You’ve actually got three different pricing options to choose from when signing up. As you’ll see in just a moment, one of them is light years better than the others.

The Basic offer nets you a 12-month digital subscription to Empire Stock Investor plus The DNA Titan: The next trillion-dollar company special report for just 49 bucks.

Going for the Premium offer adds one of the other bonus reports to your deal for a grand total of $99. Not a bad deal by itself, but makes no sense next to the current best offer.

If you act right now, you can get 12 months of the newsletter and all four bonuses for just $99 as well with the Very Best Offer. This tier normally costs $299, so you’re looking at a 66% discount.

That means you can get everything in this package for just over $8 per month.

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Empire Stock Investor price

Is It Worth It?

After a thorough Whitney Tilson The Last Pill review, I can cofidently say this package lives up to the hype. At $99 right now, you’re saving a considerable amount on an already good deal.

A membership comes with a full year of Empire Stock Investor and all its perks. There’s a ton of great research right there.

Its crowning feature though is all the research Whitney’s done on SynBio stock picks placed carefully into four special reports.

Let’s not forget how many other times Tilson’s been one of the first to stumble into opportunities that have led to huge success. All signs point to SynBio being another big winner on his list.

The profit potential here is astronomical. We could be dealing with trillion-dollar companies once they reach their prime. That’s a long way up on a road paved in green if he’s right.

Best of all, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying out the deal for a month. Worst case, you make a phone call and get your subscription fee back.

I think the Last Pill deal looks like a great value. Don’t hesitate to give it a try if you want to capitalize on the SynBio oppotunity.

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Noah is an American copywriter on a mission to help clarify the nuances of the financial world. When he's not working, you’ll likely find him running or traveling.