Wood Profits Review: Is It Just Another Get Rich Scam?

John Parker - October 26, 2020

Wood Profits Review Featured
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Woodworking is a gripping $6B industry and shows every promise to grow larger. It’s a lot more than just selling wooden furniture, and if you are seriously considering starting a woodworking business of your own, you probably already know that. And that’s something we will talk about in this Wood Profits review. 

What Can You Expect from your Woordworking Business?

Are you looking for a sure shot way to utilize your time and money by making the most out of your passion and a business opportunity? Then, this Wood Profits review might be just what you need! 

Wood Profits is a comprehensive guide to setting up and running a successful woodworking business by Jim Morgan. He is a woodworking enthusiast who has cracked the code to making money doing what he loves. The book helps you dive into the depth of woodworking.

All this, with or without prior experience. It talks about guaranteed ways to start making lucrative profits out of this home business. And by lucrative, we mean what Jim Morgan claims — a whopping 90-150 thousand dollars per year of profits!

In this Wood profits review, we will break down everything there is about the book. It can help you make impressive profits with an easy, low-investment, and fun start-up. Let’s get started.

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Wood Profits Review: Understanding The Business

Before you set out to start your own woodworking business, you need to be sure that you understand what you are signing up for.

Now, it’s no secret that you need to keep up with the industry trends. A wood business, for instance, generally involves carving out furniture and other household items from wood. Thanks to the beauty and authenticity that wood adds to objects, the demand for woodwork is magnanimous in the USA today. Woodworking needs precision.

You need a knack for measurements and dimensions, skill with using sharp equipment. Plus, a business mindset to make money. Some elements of designing are also often incorporated by woodworkers with an artistic niche.

There are several things that you need to take care of once you decide this is your calling. Before you even get to the practical part, you will need something called a business plan.

You will have to work out the possible channels of making money.

You need commercial contracts, affiliate marketing options for your website, online presence, and more. For instance, think about the kind of wood projects you will take up, inventory of products, the right price, or sales targets.

With so much to get done, it is natural to need a legit guide that’s not a bundle of scam and fluff. Here’s the good thing, this review will introduce you to the ultimate, step-by-step, detailed guide by Jim Morgan. It’s filled with hacks for woodworkers and people to make money. You can launch a profitable business from home that will be worth your time and money.

Understanding The Investments Involved In Woodworking

Look it up on the internet. Then, you’ll find a discouragingly substantial figure floating around. Most, without access to the secret of Wood Profits, don’t know the basic investment required to set-up a full-fledged woodworking business.

The initial investment you will be making primarily involves expenditures on the following:

  1. Wood and other raw materials.
  2. Woodworking tools and equipment.
  3. Computer, camera, and other media-based equipment.
  4. Website, business cards, and other tools.

Those looking out to start a part-time income-generating business might find this daunting. However, the list doesn’t consider the possibility that you might not be absolutely skilled in woodwork, which means this can have an additional hefty cost of employing a skilled worker.

You don’t want to fall into an affiliate scam, so you need to read an ebook that lists out the top programs for you that actually are working.

But that’s where Wood Profits online program comes in to save you from the uncertainty and hassles of figuring your way out on your own. They have done the hard part for you.

The truth, as told by Jim Morgan (the developer of Wood Profits and Home-Based Woodworking Business Owner), is that to set up a profitable woodworking business your basic requirement is less than a grand. This is the very first stage in which Wood Profits help you avoid the blunder.

Many people end up spending thousands of dollars to get started. And by the time you reach the second stage, the ‘dirty little secret’ as Wood Profit calls it, is out. You don’t need to be professional in woodworking either!

Now that we have covered the basics of this business, let’s review the deal that Wood Profits has to offer.

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Wood Profits Review: What’s Included?

Jim Morgan has made sure to have you all covered with the complete package of Wood Profits guide. This includes:

  1. A detailed guide that takes you through the basics of levitating your venture from scratch to a thriving woodworking business in the form of a paperback book.
  2. Access to a downloadable ebook and an MP3 format audio version that is available as a CD.
  3. One-on-one email coaching (limited positions only).

And just when you think it cannot get better, Jim Morgan drops in a free bonus into the current package. A Woodwork Profits exclusive book that brings together over 500 of the best selling wood project ideas and plans that Jim takes out right out of his closet.

The best part? All of this comes with a customer satisfaction money-back guarantee! So you know that it’s a win-win; you either succeed in developing a best-selling business plan for yourself or get your money back within 60 days of the purchase.

*Note that the free bonus is a limited period offer, and Jim Morgan possesses the right to exclude it from the package any time without intimation.

Wood Profits Review: What The Book Targets And Covers

To say that Jim has made sure that this book is expansive would be an understatement. He has tried to make Wood Profits a bible for woodworkers to gain a fulfilled and flourishing business experience.

Before we proceed, let me tell you that this book is for beginner to intermediate level. And although it covers valuable mantras to success that not even large wood retailers haven’t been able to hack, people with a lot of experience in the field may find some of the tips to be basic knowledge.

This guide will help you learn ways to fulfill your goals under three main brackets:

1. Quality Wood Products and A Safe Business Plan

No doubt the premise of Wood Profits lies in the art of generating part-time income through woodworking, but it believes that the fastest path to make money is delivering the best possible product out there. Besides ensuring that your products are a hit, the book also helps you build a working plan.

The free bonus book of ideas and techniques can get you started with a specific niche to work on, thereby helping you discover a hidden goldmine. Make sure to look out for these exclusives inside the book:

  • The Craft Secret to building wood products worth premium prices and Woodprofits.
  • Real-life case studies that can help you reflect on your plans, range, quality, and avoid mistakes in any of these.
  • Tips and legal advice on licensing, taxes, and more.

2. Sales, Profits, and Customer Loyalty

Through this program, Jim Morgan aims to help you to learn how to make money fast as a woodworker. It’s enough to eventually support you as a full-time income. A few of the gems that you can find inside the book include:

  • A secret website that gives you access to millions of leads that can shoot up your sales in no time.
  • Tips in the forms of phrases, hacks, and tricks that will compel the customer to buy your work and help you sell more through the word of mouth.
  • Ways and channels to get the best deals from suppliers.
  • Lists of most profitable niches and wood crafts.

3. Marketing and Advertisement

Onto the part that will gear the above step, Wood Profits is loaded with smart techniques to create the right hype for your business. This includes everything from possible affiliate marketing channels that you can utilize using your website to content on your website and comprehensive digital marketing models. Here’s a peek inside the book’s offering:

  • Affordable ways to promote your products online.
  • Ways to get breaks with tradeshows.
  • Building an online and website presence that stands out.
  • Tips to get organic testimonials from customers.

Wood Profits Review: Value For Money

Jim Morgan understands that your business is only profitable when you get more return on investment than you think you will and claims to not be a risk-taker.

Talking numbers, Jim claims that the business model presented in Wood Profits has the potential to help you make anywhere between $100,000- $300,000 a year. To think that running a side-gig from home that can get you sales worth this much is commendable, especially with the too good to be a true offer that Jim is making it available at.

In a limited period offer, Jim hands out Wood Profits exclusive package at the flat price of $37! Considering that the book of wood project ideas is valued alone for about $127, the review is that this deal is worth every single penny. Fortunately, Jim has a treasure of reviews and testimonials to back this up in agreement.

A huge chunk of a business’ success is attributed to its marketing. Thankfully, Wood Profits covers you with that as well. So make sure to get the most out of the one-on-one coaching with Jim Morgan. It will help to gain insights on creative ideas that you can integrate into your online, affiliate, and offline marketing activities.

And finally, let’s not forget the ‘love it or shove it’ money-back guarantee by Wood Profits. Jim clearly knows that it’s difficult to get hands in a deal that gives as much value for money as this one.

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What Makes Wood Profits Helpful And Legit?

Besides the money-back guarantee that proves Jim Morgan has every intention to see woodworkers flourish without wasting money, there are several factors that contribute to proving that Wood Profits is legit.

Jim confidently talks in numbers, for starters. This means the guide doesn’t work around theory and fluff. It involves real cases, real deals, current market price ranges. Perhaps all you need to know about woodworking in the form of a concrete industrial viewpoint.

The practical nature of the guide is reinstated time and again. There are direct tips to make customers buy your product, and visit your site. Then, take home an experience good enough to leave testimonials!

Moreover, the impressive reviews and testimonials that Wood Profits has garnered from its users explain its legitimacy in a language of its own. Whether Jim Morgan’s efforts to collate everything in his years of experience is very apparent in the reviews.


  1. A ready-made framework to form great personalized business plans.
  2. No large investment of time and money, nor workspace is required.
  3. Tried and tested wood projects for inspiration.
  4. Great reviews of happy customers that claim to have started earning well within as little as a week.

Wood Profits Review: Our Final Verdict

To sum up this Wood Profits review, this guide by Jim Morgan is indeed a one-stop solution to help you learn and create professional business plans, especially if it’s your first time trying hands at one.

According to most reviews and testimonials, the book lives up to the claims of being highly informative and useful enough to help generate a tidy income from home. Safe to say, this guide can save you a ridiculous amount of time and effort, and needless to say, money.

Wood Profits is a great bet, to say the least, and the right time to get it is today!

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