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Jim Morgan Wood Profits Review

Wood Profits Review
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Woodworking is a gripping six billion dollar industry and shows every promise to grow larger. It’s a lot more than just selling wooden furniture, and if you are seriously considering starting a woodworking business of your own, you probably already know that. And that’s something we will talk about in this Wood Profits review. 

Wood Profits Review: Overview

Wood Profits started as a small local business out of a 10×12 foot space back in 1995. Founder Jim Morgan was able to turn that small space into a profitable business in just the first year. Today, Wood Profits has evolved into a successful business model where Jim states he makes no less than $100,000 per year.

Now with 25 years of experience, Jim has used his knowledge of business and woodworking to create a guide to help like-minded woodworking entrepreneurs find success in the space. All that information is placed into a succinct program that any potential woodworker can sink their teeth into.

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What is Wood Profits?

Wood Profits is focused specifically on individuals who want to find success and make money in the world of woodworking. Whether full-time or part-time, the guide outlines how to turn a profit from a hobby that you love.

The program is entirely online and includes an eBook and audio guide. While the book states you don’t need to be a professional woodworker, there is an expectation that you have the tools and at least some know-how.

The literature explains how the sky is the limit when making money from woodworking. Jim is bold enough to teach how to turn a $1,000 investment in your own business to $90,000 to $150,000 per year.

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Wood Profits Review: What’s Included?

Jim Morgan has made sure to have you all covered with the complete package of Wood Profits.

Wood Profits eBook and Audio Guide

The Wood Profits book is a detailed guide that takes you through the basics of levitating your venture from scratch to a thriving woodworking business in the form of a paperback book.

The book contains 53 pages of information and experiences from the mouth of Jim Morgan himself. Upon purchase, it comes instantly downloadable, so you can start listening right away.

In addition, you can snag an mp3 audio transcription and a CD should you want to listen to it while in the car.

  1. A Safe Business Plan

Wood Profits is undoubtedly based on the art of generating part-time income through woodworking, but it believes that the fastest way to make money is delivering the best possible product out there. Besides ensuring that your products are a hit, the book also helps you build a working plan.

Wood Profits contains a detailed guide that demonstrates how to make money in the woodworking market. It also goes into detail about how you can find success with a minimal amount of money and the available space you have.

Furthermore, you’ll find real-life case studies that can help you reflect on your plans, range, quality, and avoid mistakes in any of these. You’ll also receive tips and legal advice on licensing, taxes, and more.

  1. Sales, Profits, and Customer Loyalty

Through this program, Jim Morgan aims to help you learn how to make money fast as a woodworker. It’s enough to eventually support you as a full-time income.

The eBook offers tips in the form of phrases, hacks, and tricks that will compel the customer to buy your work and help you sell more through word of mouth. It also taps into craft secrets that will help find premium niches to work in.

You’ll also get access to the ways and channels that allow the best deals from suppliers.

  1. Marketing and Advertisement

You’ll need a good marketing strategy to be able to get your name out into the world. Wood Profits is loaded with smart techniques to create the right hype for your business.

This includes everything from possible affiliate marketing channels to content that you can utilize on your website. The book also shows affordable ways to promote your products online, building an online and website presence that stands out, and tips to get organic testimonials from customers.

500+ Wood Crafts and Furniture Plans

500+ Wood Crafts and Furniture Plans is a free bonus book included with the Wood Profits eBook. This book, straight from Jim Morgan himself, contains a list of his top 500 personal crafts and small furniture plans.

The guide showcases great builds so that you have tons of options in your back pocket and never run out of items to sell. Being smaller crafts and furniture, they can be built from any size workshop with little investment.

At a $125 value by itself, this book of plans will help take your business to the next level.

One-on-one Email Coaching

Another free benefit of purchasing the book, Jim Morgan states he will make himself available to anyone through one-on-one email coaching. This coaching is unlimited, and Jim will offer guidance from day one all the way until you see success.

Wood Profits Review: Is the Program Legit?

Besides the money-back guarantee that proves Jim Morgan has every intention to see woodworkers flourish without wasting money, there are several factors that contribute to establishing that Wood Profits is legit.

The business has been around for 25 years now. This speaks volumes for what Jim has been able to do over the years. He confidently talks in numbers, which means the guide doesn’t work around theory and fluff. It involves real cases, authentic deals, and current market price ranges.

The practical nature of the guide is reinstated time and again. There are direct tips to make customers buy your product and visit your site. Those customers will then take home an experience good enough to leave testimonials!

The impressive reviews and testimonials that Wood Profits has garnered from its users explain its legitimacy in a language of its own.

Money Back Guarantee 

The Wood Profits website does not shy away from the 100% “Love it or shove it” money-back guarantee.

If you pick up a copy of the book and don’t like it for any reason, Wood Profits will refund every penny of your money within the first 60 days. There are no questions asked, and this means you have no risk in picking up a copy of the book and seeing if it works for you.

How Much Does Wood Profits Cost?

The Wood Profits book with included 500+ Wood Crafts and Furniture Plans is listed at a retail price of $97 but is marked down for an unknown amount of time to $37.

It’s unclear if and when the price will return to $97, but the site claims it could happen at any time.

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Wood Profits Review: Pros and Cons

Wood Profits has some great tools to help get your woodworking business moving. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this service.


  • Ready-made framework to form great personalized business plans
  • No large investment of time, money, or space is required
  • Contains marketing strategies
  • Tried and tested wood projects for inspiration
  • Free book of woodworking plans
  • One-on-one coaching


  • Requires some investment into your own business
  • Somewhat outdated website

Is Wood Profits Right for Me?

Wood Profits makes it clear that you don’t need to be an expert woodworker to benefit from this book. It doesn’t even matter what woodworking projects you create – this guide will help take your hobby or business to the next level.

Woodworking doesn’t even need to be your full-time plan. Building things you enjoy can easily become a part-time or retirement income. This money can be used for vacations, tucked away for savings, or set aside for emergency expenses.

Even if you’re already doing well in your business, Wood Profits can help you find ways to optimize profits and move your sales volume up a notch.

Wood Profits Reviews by Customers

I have found Jim’s book to be delightfully well written. The real life, experienced based business advice he shares is worth much more than the purchase of the book.

-James, on Facebook

Thanks to Jim’s blueprint, we turned our life around. We started from nothing to making $3600 a month selling jewelry boxes and wooden toys!

-Mark, on Facebook

If you’re thinking of making some side income and woodworking is your hobby, then grab this book right now.

-Paul, on Facebook

Wood Profits Review: Is It Worth It?

Even for those who are starting on the ground floor, Wood Profits paints the picture of how you can take what little you have and make it into a profitable business. Best of all, there’s a minimal amount of money to put into your own business to make it successful.

There’s literally nothing to lose by spending the $37 to try out this book. You’ll either read it and it will change your life, or you won’t like it and can send it back within 60 days for a full refund.

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