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20 Things You Won’t Believe Baby Boomers Still Do!

Buckle up, folks! Today we’re taking a light-hearted trip down memory lane. You’ll be amazed to see the things that Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are still doing. There’s a sense of nostalgia attached to these habits, whether it’s pop culture, technology, or simple lifestyle choices. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the 20 things you won’t believe Baby Boomers are still doing.

1. Listening to Vinyl Records

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Yes, that’s right! Baby Boomers are still spinning those classic black disks. There’s something about the sound quality and the tactile experience of a vinyl record that they find unmatched by any digital format. The crackle of the needle dropping, the tangible album art – it’s an audio-visual experience they just can’t give up!

2. Reading Physical Newspapers

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With their morning coffee, many Boomers still enjoy holding a newspaper in their hands. They love the crisp sound of the paper turning and the inky smell. It’s not just about getting the news; it’s about the ritual that goes along with it.

3. Watching Broadcast TV

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There’s a special place in Boomers’ hearts for classic broadcast TV. While many of us can’t imagine life without Netflix or Hulu, they still rely on the good ol’ antenna or cable service for their entertainment. The comfort of scheduled programming and familiar TV shows is something they cherish.

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4. Writing Checks

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While the world has moved on to online banking, Boomers still prefer writing checks. They like the tangibility and formality of putting pen to paper. Plus, it’s a way for them to keep track of their finances in a way that feels more real than just clicking a button online.

5. Using Landline Phones

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Believe it or not, landline phones haven’t gone extinct! Many Boomers still have one at home. There’s a level of reliability and comfort in knowing that the connection is steady, and no battery will die on you in the middle of an important conversation.

6. Enjoying Drive-In Movies

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Drive-in movies provide a sense of nostalgia for Boomers. The huge screen under the starlit sky, popcorn from the concession stand, and the radio tuned to the movie’s channel – it’s a wholesome experience they enjoy reliving.

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7. Developing Film Photos

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While we’re all snapping away on our smartphones, Boomers still enjoy the old-school method of photography. There’s an anticipation that comes with developing film that instant digital photos just can’t replicate.

8. Using a Road Map

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Sure, we have GPS now, but Boomers are comfortable reading a road map. Unfolding a map and charting out the route is an adventure in itself for them, an art form that the younger generation might never understand.

9. Collecting Postage Stamps

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Remember when receiving mail was an event? Boomers do, and many of them have maintained their collection of stamps. It’s a small window into history and different cultures, making it a fascinating hobby.

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10. Watching VHS Tapes

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Some Boomers still have a VCR and a collection of VHS tapes. These relics offer a touch of nostalgia, and watching a movie on VHS feels like stepping back in time.

11. Dancing to Disco Music

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Disco is not dead, at least not for the Baby Boomers. They can’t resist grooving to the beats of Bee Gees or Donna Summer. It’s a reminder of a time when the dance floor was lit and the music was funky!

12. Writing in Cursive

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is a skill that Boomers have mastered. It’s elegant, it’s distinctive, and it adds a personal touch to their letters, something that an email can’t emulate.

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13. Reading Encyclopedias

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Long before Google, encyclopedias were the go-to source for knowledge. Boomers still appreciate the detail and depth that an encyclopedia offers, which is often missing in a quick online search.

14. Using Fax Machines

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In an era of emails and instant messaging, you’ll be surprised to find that fax machines are still being used. Boomers trust this technology and find it more official and safe for important documents.

15. Listening to AM/FM Radios

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There’s something unique about listening to radio for Boomers. Whether it’s the joy of a surprise song, the anticipation for a radio show, or the comforting voice of the radio jockey, it’s an experience they love.

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16. Keeping a Rolodex

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Before digital contacts and social media, a Rolodex was the ultimate organization tool. For Boomers, it’s more than just a contact list; it’s a collection of relationships and memories.

17. Reading Comic Strips in Newspapers

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There’s a certain charm to reading comic strips in newspapers, and many Boomers still indulge in this pastime. It’s a quick chuckle, a break from the seriousness of the news, and a slice of simple, innocent humor.

18. Using a Typewriter

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Typewriters are still used by some Boomers! It might seem outdated, but they appreciate the rhythm of typing and the immediate physical result on the paper.

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19. Wearing Analog Watches

In an era of smartwatches, Baby Boomers stand by their analog watches. There’s a timeless elegance and simplicity to them that digital versions can’t replicate.

20. Sending Postcards

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Sending postcards isn’t just for vacations. It’s a personal, intimate way of sharing thoughts or moments with loved ones, and many Boomers still practice this tradition.

Final Thoughts:

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This list is a heart-warming reminder that some things never go out of style, and that the charm of yesteryears is still alive and well among the Baby Boomers. As the world continues to race into the digital age, they show us the value in slowing down and savoring the analog moments. So, the next time you see a Baby Boomer, you might want to thank them for keeping these traditions alive. After all, who knows? You might just find yourself reaching for a vinyl record or writing a check sometime soon!

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