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85-Year-Old Idaho Woman Hailed as Hero for Shooting Home Intruder

An 85-year-old woman in Bingham County, Idaho, has been praised for her bravery and quick thinking after she shot and killed an intruder who broke into her home. 

Christine Jenneiahn’s actions have been widely recognized as a remarkable display of self-preservation.

Christine Jenneiahn was peacefully resting in her home when an unidentified intruder, who was later identified as Derek Ephriam Condon, forcefully entered her residence. 

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Condon, dressed in a military jacket and a black ski mask, startled Jenneiahn by waking her up with a gun and a flashlight, leading to a series of alarming incidents.

Condon proceeded to restrain Jenneiahn and request information about her belongings. 

Jenneiahn faced threats and physical attacks, yet she managed to stay calm and come up with a strategy to protect herself and her disabled son, who lived with her.

In a critical moment, Jenneiahn swiftly reached for her .357 Magnum revolver, concealed beneath her pillow. 

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Condon remained a threat, prompting her to confront him and use her weapon to defend herself bravely.

During the confrontation, Jenneiahn and Condon fired at each other, causing Jenneiahn to sustain injuries and resulting in Condon’s death. 

Following the incident, Jenneiahn was kept in handcuffs for around 10 hours until her son found her and offered help. 

Jenneiahn’s survival was a testament to her resilience and determination, even in the face of injuries.

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The Bingham County Sheriff’s Office commended Jenneiahn’s courageous actions, highlighting her readiness and resilience in the face of danger. 

Law enforcement officials praised her prompt thinking and decisive action.

After conducting a comprehensive investigation, the Bingham County Prosecutor’s Office determined that Jenneiahn’s use of deadly force was deemed justified under Idaho’s self-defense laws. 

The lack of criminal charges against Jenneiahn highlights the exceptional nature of the incident.

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The community supported Jenneiahn, commending her courage and strength. 

Her actions highlighted the need for individuals to prioritize personal safety and be prepared for unexpected dangers.

Jenneiahn’s story is a testament to the strength of individuals in the face of challenges, showcasing that acts of bravery and self-defense are not limited by age. 

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