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Angels and Entrepreneurs Review (Daymond John Angel Investing)

Angels and Entrepreneurs Review
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Daymond John and Angels and Entrepreneurs showcase a unique opportunity in their America’s Comeback Summit deal. But does it live up to the hype? I’m going to find out once and for all in my Angels and Entrepreneurs review, so keep reading to get the whole story.

Angels & Entrepreneurs Network Review

Angels & Entrepreneurs Network is best-suited for everyday folks looking to get involved in angel investing. Daymond John and team provide a wide range of private placement deals that can be tapped into for a fair price.


What Is Angels and Entrepreneurs Network?

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network is an investment program that provides an exclusive flow of private-sector deals and angel investing opportunities.

The big draw is that you don’t need to be an accredited investor to join.

I’ve checked out similar services, and few offer a real opportunity for everyday folks to join these types of deals. So I’m going to give A+E extra points right off the bat.

Even better, the America’s Comeback Summit deal gives you direct insights from Daymond John, an angel investing pro, and other big names. I’ll take a look at the roster shortly, but I can say that I’m impressed with the talent on board.

Members get to sit in on live sessions alongside a star-studded team of angel investors as they interview various entrepreneurs about their companies.

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network brings members a steady flow of new opportunities to consider every month, complete with in-depth research materials, analysis from experts like Mr. John, and much more.

You’ll also have a chance to hear their questions, see how they analyze a deal, and much more. Sometimes, you’ll even have an opportunity to participate in the session yourself.

america's comeback summit

Is Angels and Entrepreneurs Network Legit?

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network is a legit investment program that gives access to real private deal-flow opportunities.

Their star-studded roster of experts includes some of the most noteworthy experts featured on any service.

Aside from the well-respected and widely admired Daymond John, the service also features internet entrepreneur Neil Patel and a deep bench of other talented entrepreneurs and investors.

These notable names include billionaires and other high-net-worth individuals. They have a world of options, but they got on board with Angels. That says a lot.

Speaking of the roster, let’s take a look at the face of America’s Comeback Summit, Daymond John. What’s he bringing to the table?

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Daymond John Reviews

Who Is Daymond John, Angel Investor?

Daymond John is a seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor. His dark horse origin story has earned him widespread admiration and appeal among some of the most successful angel investors.

John has a lot of respect in investing circles, but his regular appearances on ABC’s Shark Tank have made him a household name. This is where he became known as “The People’s Shark.”

He is also arguably the most famous Shark Tank investor.

John earned his fortune in the fashion industry as the founder of FUBU, but he came from humble beginnings. He founded FUBU in 1992, sewing clothes in the living room of his mom’s house in Hollis, Queens.

John showed a talent for innovation early in his career. He was one of the first clothing entrepreneurs to promote his products in hip-hop videos, convincing many artists to don FUBU gear in their music videos.

Eventually, John secured a major distribution deal, and the rest is history. FUBU rose to national prominence, and John became a billionaire.

He later signed on with ABC’s Shark Tank, and he has been on a mission to “pay it forward” and help up-and-coming entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality ever since.

review angels and entrepreneurs network

Daymond John has been a part of countless deals, but one recent example demonstrates his economic foresight and investing expertise.

During the peak of the SPAC boom, John signed on as the chief executive officer of 10X Capital, a SPAC, to pursue a merger with an electric vehicle startup.

REE spac

10X Capital eventually matched with an Israeli EV auto-tech firm, REE, and took the firm public at a $3.1 billion valuation via a reverse merger with the SPAC.

John rang the opening bell on the Nasdaq to celebrate the newly formed company’s public debut:

daymond john nasdaq

The EV sector made enormous strides in 2020, and John capitalized on the opportunity by making an excellent deal for his shareholders.

This account is just one recent example of Daymond John’s successful investments. Still, it demonstrates his aptitude for foresight and timing, two of the most valuable skills for any angel investor.

daymond john investor reviews

Is Daymond John Legit?

Daymond John is legit. He is a highly respected entrepreneur with a long track record of charitable work and giving back to the community.

He’s a self-made billionaire and national celebrity who’s participated in a long line of successful deals. President Obama even appointed him as his “Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship.”

Best of all, John has skin in the game. He’s agreed to chip in as much as $100,000 for each deal featured in Angels and Entrepreneurs Network and donate all his profits to charity.

Now that you know more about Daymond John, let’s switch gears and review the founder of A+E Network.

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unnamedneil patel angels and entrepreneurs review

Neil Patel Review: Angels and Entrepreneurs’ Founder

Neil Patel founded Angels and Entrepreneurs. He launched the company back in June 2019, drawing from his extensive experience as an angel investor and marketing genius. It’s fair to say that few people in the business have worn as many hats as Neil.

Let’s give a quick rundown of some of his many credentials:

  • Patel is a serial angel investor, backing startups across the globe
  • He’s helped Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Airbnb expand their marketing
  • He’s an affiliate marketing business pro
  • Co-founded Ubersuggest (a wildly popular Search Engine Optimization tool used to rank websites)
  • Patel is also a New York Times bestselling author

His marketing background and ability to spot under-the-radar businesses make him an invaluable asset to the A+E network. Patel has a keen eye for potential and knows from experience if a company has the tools to reach and expand its market.

In short, Neil Patel is definitely someone you want in your corner when you’re on the lookout for angel investing opportunities with potential.

angels and entrepreneurs network reviews

Daymond John, America’s Comeback Summit Review

Economic disruptions resulting from the 2020 coronavirus outbreak put the US economy in a pronounced slump and left millions out of work.

The stock market crashed, and businesses across the country failed at unprecedented rates. It was a tragedy for entrepreneurs and hard-working Americans across the country.

covid crash

However, after more than two years, the pandemic is finally fading. Masks are coming off, businesses are reopening, and John believes America is gearing up for an epic comeback.

America’s entrepreneurs are reawakening with renewed vigor, and startup companies that put their expansion plans on hold for the pandemic are beginning to resume their pursuits.

It all adds up to a wealth of tremendous opportunities for astute angel investors, and thanks to recent legislation, these potentially lucrative deals are open to the general public.

Angel Investment Opportunities

John and his top advisors are joining forces with some of the most successful angel investors in the US to pursue private-sector deals that will help propel the American economy to new heights.

Best of all, you can participate. America’s Comeback Summit gives you first-hand access to this elite investing team’s deal flow, insights, expertise, and more.

Members also receive in-depth research materials and background information for each opportunity, so you can get the complete picture up front.

A&E keeps you supplied with a steady stream of deals to consider, allowing you to pick and choose which opportunities are right for you.

This approach makes Angels and Entrepreneurs Network a suitable choice for any sized budget, and it allows members to pick deals that fit their goals and overall strategy.

Angels and Entrepreneurs Review

Angels and Entrepreneurs Experts

In addition to Daymond John, members will also have first-hand access to these seasoned angel investors:

  • David Weisburd: Co-head of Venture Investing, 10X Capital, and long-time angel investor. Invented PayPal in 10th grade.
  • Buck Jordan: Founder and CEO of Wavemaker Labs. Co-founded Miso Robotics. Oversees a firm that has invested in 450 startup companies.
  • Neil Patel: Founded a company named in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 100 Most Brilliant Companies, listed in The White House’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs Under Age 30 & United Nations’ Top 100 Entrepreneurs Under Age 35, digital marketing mastermind.

Any company would be thrilled to have this kind of entrepreneurial talent in its boardroom, and Angels and Entrepreneurs Network puts them all in your corner.

With this expert guidance at your disposal, your chance of success dramatically increases. These guys are proven winners, and their insights are invaluable for everyday folks.

angels and entrepreneurs network reviews

Angels and Entrepreneurs Review: How Does It Work?

The service offers a slew of features to help you discover angel investment opportunities, many of which are accessible through your Angels and Entrepreneurs login.

We’ve covered the basics, but what exactly comes with an Angels and Entrepreneurs Network membership?

  • Two new Angels and Entrepreneurs deal opportunities every month
  • In-depth due diligence materials
  • Virtual boardroom and collaboration resources
  • Deep Dive videos
  • Expert SWOT Analysis for each deal
  • Angel Investor Action Plans
  • Founder Hot Seat sessions
  • Investor updates
  • Rewards system
  • Exclusive invites to the annual Angels and Entrepreneurs Retreat
  • Instant access to TWO 1,000x startup deals
  • Angels and Entrepreneurs customer service
  • Money-back guarantee

daymond john comeback summit

Angels and Entrepreneurs Deal Flow

A&E members get first-hand access to some of the most promising deals on the market, and they have the opportunity to invest in each company for a minimum investment of $50.

Members get two new deals every month, along with a detailed analysis of each company’s outlook. Then, they get the opportunity to sit in on live sessions between the founders and the A&E team.

Once you have a chance to review all the factors, you can decide whether you want to participate in a deal.

Each company is selected based on Angels’ 1,000x formula, which targets startups that could produce 1,000x returns over time.

1,000x formula

As you may have guessed, these deals can be risky. But having the option to open positions as small as $50 allows you to mitigate the risk.

Furthermore, long-term studies have shown that these deals could return 1,650X more than regular stocks. This is what makes angel investing so alluring. And finding the right start-up company could be a game-changer.

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network brings you the deals: it provides all the information you need to make an educated decision and shows you exactly how to get involved with the company.

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due diligence package

Due Diligence

A&E provides extensive due diligence packages for each highlighted deal. These materials allow members to gain a complete understanding of the potential risks and opportunities facing each company.

Every deal has a week-long discovery process. However, it all starts on day one when you receive your due diligence package. Daymond John and the rest of the Angels team also review the due diligence packages, and you’ll have the opportunity to hear their thoughts on the materials.

Each due diligence package includes information from the company, such as a concise summary of its business model — commonly called a pitch deck — plus financial statements and revenue projections.

Every company will also disclose details on any proprietary technology they own, patents, partnerships, and any deals they’re working on at any stage.

You’ll also get an independent report from A+E Network’s team of in-house analysts, featuring in-depth research into the company. So you can make an informed decision with a non-biased analysis of the company’s outlook.

virtual boardroom

Virtual Boardroom

Following the first day of due diligence, each prospective deal undergoes a discovery phase for the next several days.

At this point, you’ll have the opportunity to sit in on and participate in virtual boardroom sessions with the Angels team, the company’s founders, and other A+E Network members.

The virtual boardroom is the main theater for discussing the company among your fellow angel investors. In addition, sessions typically include live debates that provide deeper insights into each company.

If you need a more focused conversation, you can always step into one of the A+E Breakout Rooms. In these rooms, you can participate in smaller discussions with other people who share your view of the deal.

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network also provides free video conferencing software that makes collaboration seamless and straightforward.

>> Participate in virtual boardrooms with angel investing experts when you join now <<

Expert Insights from the A+E Network Team

A+E Network is always there for you. John, Patel, and the rest of the team share their insights and expertise every step of the way.

swot analysis

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis gives you a bird’s-eye view of the potential angel investment opportunity and challenges facing every featured deal on A+E Network.

You’ll get an expert take on the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) so you can fully grasp what’s at stake.

The SWOT analysis is an excellent tool for evaluating a deal. It takes all the data and info from the due diligence phase and organizes it into a clear and concise narrative. This allows you to see the company through the eyes of a true expert.

angel investor action plan

Angel Investor Action Plans

The Angel Investor Action Plan showcases A+E Network analysts’ independent research on each company, including a streamlined analysis of the deal in question.

This summary allows you to take in the bullet points for each deal without getting too deep in the weeds. Plus, Angel’s independent in-house researchers write every report, so you know you’re getting an objective view of each company.

You’ll receive an Angel Investor Action Plan with each potential deal, so you can quickly ascertain if it’s a good fit for you before you spend hours digging through the details.

>> Get detailed Angel investor Action Plans when you sign up now <<

deep dive video review

Deep Dive Videos

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of each deal is the Deep Dive Videos. The A+E Network experts participate in every video and share their take on each company. The expert A+E team will take you through every piece of information included in the due diligence package.

That includes every chart, contract, document, and projection in the initial research package. Couple this with the Angel Investor Master Classroom and Angel Investors Cheat Sheet (educational materials), and you’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running. 

The Deep Dive Videos allow members to hear insights from Daymond John, Neil Patel, and other expert angel investors.

You can significantly expand your investing knowledge and learn from some of the most experienced angels in the business by regularly watching these videos. Better yet, you’ll have expert guidance at your disposal for each deal.

founder hot seat

Founder Hot Seat Sessions

Once you receive your due diligence package, the clock starts ticking. Seven days later, the A+E experts will put the company’s founder in the hot seat for a live question and answer session.

If you’ve ever seen Daymond John on Shark Tank, you will have some familiarity with this stage of the process. The experts grill the founder on their companies and the details contained in their due diligence packages.

The Hot Seat Sessions are very telling. They give members a rare opportunity to look into a founder’s eyes while answering the experts’ most challenging questions.

Each founder’s answers reveal more about the company, and the face-to-face medium gives members a better perspective for evaluating the entrepreneurs behind each business.

>> Get direct access to startup founders with Angels and Entrepreneurs Network <<

investor updates

Investor Updates

Once the founder session is over, you’ll have the opportunity to decide whether you want to participate in the deal. If you decide that you want in, you can jump into the deal, and A+E Network will keep you in the loop regarding the company’s progress moving forward.

Unlike traditional shareholders, companies work closely with their angel investors to advance and grow their business. Often, founders will reach out and ask their angels to tap into their networks to help the company succeed.

For example, a company searching for a cybersecurity expert might ask their A+E Network investors if they know any interested candidates. Other times, they may ask for sales leads with qualified clients.

Your effort and participation could play a direct role in each startup’s success, making you and the rest of the angels an integral part of the firm’s team. Seeing a company that you helped build, grow and flourish is gratifying, and it gives this type of investing a very personal touch.

angel and entreprenuers rewards

Angels & Entrepreneurs Rewards System

Angels & Entrepreneurs Network members earn points for collaborating with the network, achieving milestones, and assisting startups. Points are redeemable for discounts, gift cards, and even cash. You can also redeem your points for unique experiences, like a one-on-one lunch with angel investor Neil Patel.

The points program provides incentives for members to participate with the network, and they are much more involved.

Collectively, Angels and Entrepreneurs members have connections everywhere, and that’s extremely valuable. The rewards system enhances this effect and helps keep members engaged.

>> Start earning rewards now with an Angels & Entrepreneurs Network membership <<

angels and entrepreneurs retreat

Angels and Entrepreneurs Retreat

Once a year, Angels and Entrepreneurs Network hosts an exclusive retreat for its members and team in sunny destinations like San Diego, Charleston, Grand Cayman Islands, and more. Each member also receives a guest pass, so you can bring someone along if you decide to make the trip.

A+E Network’s resident angels will also be in attendance, and you’ll have the chance to meet them.

The team will also bring in founders to pitch them on new deals, and you’ll have a front-row seat to the expert angel panel’s feedback.

You’ll receive an invite to the retreat every year, and you could pick up some very valuable knowledge from the angels while you’re there.

bonus startups

BONUS 1,000x Startup Deals

Members also get access to two bonus 1,000x startup deals as soon as they join.

1000x startup 1

Deal #1

This up-and-coming startup could become a massive player in the rapidly expanding telehealth industry. Some estimates project the market could grow to $636 billion in the years ahead.

The company provides doctors on-demand with virtual consultations that patients can access anywhere.

Medications can also be prescribed by the doctors and delivered to the patient’s home within a matter of hours.

This company could be massive, and angel investors could see huge returns. You’ll get a complete report on this company when you join Angels and Entrepreneurs Network.

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1,000x startup 2

Deal #2

Remote education also became a high-growth market during the pandemic, and this company could be in an excellent position to capture a share in this red-hot market.

Founded by graduates of Harvard, MIT, Duke, and Berkeley, this startup provides digital tutors and ten-minute micro lessons for students. The company’s courses help students improve their performance on tests like the SATs, ACTs, and more.

Remote education was prevalent in the pandemic, and it could be much more common in the future, with children returning to school. This company could capitalize on that trend.

You’ll get a complete due diligence packet and other background information on this startup as soon as you join.

contact angels and entrepreneurs customer service info

Angels and Entrepreneurs Customer Service

Angels and Entrepreneurs’ customer service is top-notch and readily available throughout the week. From Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, you can reach support by phone, email, or SMS messaging.

I really appreciate the service offering dedicated phone support to answer any questions members may have.

Phone numbers are quickly becoming quite the rarity in the investing research space, so personable gestures like this say a lot about the service’s dedication to supporting members.

money-back guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Every Angels and Entrepreneurs Network membership includes a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days.

A+E Network believes every startup they show you will have 1,000x potential over time. However, you can request a full refund of your membership cost if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

The guarantee gives you an entire two months to test drive the service. You’ll get a chance to look at four deals throughout that time, plus the two bonus deals you get when you join.

Two months is plenty of time to determine whether you’re satisfied with the A+E Network, so the guarantee should give you peace of mind.

>> Sign up now to take advantage of A&E’s air-tight money-back guarantee <<

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network Review: Pros and Cons 

I found a lot to like about Angels and Entrepreneurs Network. That said, there are some places I think the service could improve on.

Take a look at my pros and cons.


  • 2 new angel investing deals every month and 2 bonus deals after signup
  • Low minimum investment of $50
  • Deal guidance from Daymond John, Neil Patel, and other experienced angel investors
  • Extensive due diligence materials for each deal
  • Annual invites to the Angels and Entrepreneurs Network Retreat
  • Independent research in-house deal analysts
  • Get access to private deals before they IPO


  • Private market investments typically carry more risk than traditional stocks

angels and entrepreneurs pricing

How Much Does Angels and Entrepreneurs Network Cost?

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network’s entry-level Gold Tier costs just $39. Altogether, there are three tiers, and each upgrade stacks on a ton of value.

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network Review

The Gold tier includes access to all the core features and benefits discussed above, plus the two bonus startup deals and the 60-day guarantee.

For an additional cost, you can also upgrade to the Platinum Level. For $79, this package includes a two-year membership, books written by the angels, and other bonuses.

Finally, the top-tier Diamond Level includes a two-year membership, platinum bonuses, two additional bonus startup deals, and more for $129.

Each tier offers exceptional value. But I think you get more bang for your buck with either Platinum or Diamond. You get two full years, plus a bunch of other excellent add-ons.

>> Join now to get started for just $39 <<

Angels and Entrepreneurs Review: Is It Worth It?

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network is a great investment program, and I’m very impressed with everything on offer — especially for the price.

Deal flow services can sometimes cost thousands of dollars, but Angels members pay a fraction of that price at just $39.

As an A+E member, you’ll have access to two incredible private placement opportunities every month. Many of these deals would’ve been off-limits to the general public just a few years ago, but A+E gives you a front-row seat.

A treasure trove of due diligence materials accompanies each deal, featuring insights from the startup, the angels, and a team of expert analysts. Plus, you get a chance to hear the angels question every founder in exclusive hot seat sessions.

A+E’s networking features also make it easy to collaborate and expand your network with other angel investors, and you might make valuable connections while you’re a member.

Best of all, your purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. An A+E membership looks like an absolute steal with so much to offer at just $39.

If you’re interested in getting into private deals, you can’t go wrong with Angels and Entrepreneurs Network.

This service is a tremendous value for the price, and it could lead you to the next Amazon.

>> Click here to join Angels and Entrepreneurs Network for as little as $39 <<



Chris Dios is a financial journalist & entrepreneur from Central New Jersey. A number cruncher by trade, Chris studied business & accounting at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, before settling into a career covering the market. As an analyst, Chris’s primary areas of expertise include business fundamentals, technical analysis, and macroeconomics. He also has deep insights into geopolitics and international markets as a result of a longstanding obsession with history and global news. Chris takes a cautiously aggressive approach to investing, but he’s not easily swayed by hype. He prefers businesses with proven business models, wide economic moats, and strong growth prospects, however, he’s not afraid to take a chance when the odds are right. When he’s not watching the market, Chris spends most of his time raising grass-fed, open-pasture cattle on his small family ranch in Montana, and playing fetch with his cattle dogs, Ranger & Indiana.