Benzinga Pro Review: Is This Research Tool Worth It?

Noah Zelvis - March 29, 2021

Benzinga Pro Review featured
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Keeping a close eye on market news will give you an advantage in the world of trading. With a seemingly infinite amount of stock information floating around, it’s impossible to process it all without some help. This Benzinga Pro review will give you the rundown of all this service has to offer.

There are at least a few strong news feed services out here, but they are not all created equally. Luckily, Stock Dork is there to help you make sense of what’s out there.

Benzinga Pro Review: Overview

Headline news chart

Benzinga Pro is a subscription-based news feed that allows day traders to engage in what is happening at a moment’s notice in the financial world. It is a browser-based service and is easily accessible from any device that connects to the internet. There’s also a downloadable app that makes the software easy to use on mobile devices.

Benzinga Pro stands out because it’s a real-time news feed that is incredibly intuitive and extremely customizable. You get to set up what you want to see and hear about, and the service will locate all that information for you. It’s the news you want to hear; set up how you want to hear it.

The platform has several tools at its disposal to make tracking top new stories (or just the ones you are most interested in) a walk in the park. In addition, you can hear up to the second update with the built-in squawk box feature.

Jason Raznick Review

Jason Raznick

Jason Raznick is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he started down the financial path. He founded two successful internet companies before developing Benzinga in 2010.

Jason Raznick founded Benzinga as a data-technology startup out of Detroit, Michigan. He rolled out Benzinga Pro as a real-time news source just a few years later.

Raznick has been quoted in various news publications such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and CNBC because of his success. He was also named to two prominent lists, the Crain’s Detroit Business 40 Under 40 and the DBusiness 30 in Their 30s.

While also focusing his attention on Benzinga, Raznick is still based in Detroit, where he is passionate about rebuilding the city as a hub of finance and technology.

Benzinga Review: More About the Company

Why to check out Benzinga

Reznick founded the company Benzinga in 2010 as a continuation of his success in the financial market. Today it’s a leading news feed site where day traders can access an abundance of information. Discover the latest in financial news, analyst ratings, block trades, sentiment indicators, options alerts, and much more.

Benzinga’s primary site is completely free to use and is a great source for keeping up to speed with all that’s happening in the market. Conversely, Benzinga Pro is more like a professional-grade market terminal for serious traders.

Benzinga Pro Free Trial Review

Benzinga Pro has a 14-day free trial that lets you unlock all that the news service has to offer. You will need to create an account by providing both an email address and a phone number. At this time, no credit card information is needed to start the free trial. It’s a risk-free way to try the service before you take the plunge.

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What’s Included with Benzinga Pro?

Benzinga Pro provides a plethora of features made available upon sign-up. This includes full access to their news feed and multiple ways to search for stocks and information. The service also provides trading ideas, audio news service, and exclusive comments from around the industry. Best of all, you’ll receive real-time news updates to stay ahead of the game.

There’s almost an overwhelming amount of data in the browser-based software. Still, Benzinga Pro also has several built-in customizable tools that make finding what you’re looking for quite easy. Here are a few of the best tools currently available:



You’ll find all the latest market-moving events and other alerts on the Benzinga Pro calendar. The calendar gives you a bird’s eye view of the road ahead in the market.

You can easily filter and search within the calendar to find what you’re looking for quickly. It’s an intuitive tool and it will save you tons of time.



The built-in watchlist gives you an at-a-glance location to monitor the stocks you’re most interested in. You can create as many different watchlists as you want, and they provide up-to-date stock news and displays a summary of how stocks are doing.


Benzinga Pro’s movers tool provides real-time updates of the biggest gainers and losers in the stock market. This is a great space to see stocks that may be worth investing in at a glance. As always, you can use filters to customize information on the screen. You can access even more detailed information on the stock by clicking the ticker.


The signals tool is the place to see unusual stock market news as it is unfolding. This tool catches news alerts like price spikes and block trades and sends you lets you know when these events are happening. As with other software tools, signals is completely customizable so that you can get the most out of it.



Benzinga Pro also comes equipped with a screener tool that lets you pair down their massive database to get a list of specific stocks. The screener contains a wide variety of criteria that can be filtered to locate exactly what you are looking for at any given moment. Once you have your list, you can freeze it in Benzinga or export your list to a CSV file to look at at any time.

Squawk Box

Squawk Box

One of Benzinga Pro’s best features, the squawk box, is a super-fast audio news service designed to bring you all of the most important stock market news in one place. Benzinga’s coverage includes everything from conference calls to Wall Street analysis and even market rumors that have a significant impact. This audio feature allows busy day traders to listen to the latest news alerts no matter what they may be doing.

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Benzinga Pro Refund Policy Review

Benzinga states that all subscription purchases are final, with not even partial refunds offered after 7 days of purchase. They even go so far as to say that all accounts are set up to auto-renew upon purchase. Should you change your mind about the service within the first 7 days, not all hope is lost. You can call or send an email explaining why you’re not satisfied, and they will refund your subscription fee.

How Much Does Benzinga Pro Cost?

Benzinga Pro has three tiers of pricing for users. Their basic plan runs $99 for a monthly rate, but you’ll save $20 a month if you purchase an annual subscription at $948. The essential plan comes in at $177 per month if paying monthly and features additional features like real-time quotes and newsdesk chat. Save $60 a month on the essential plan by purchasing an annual subscription for $1404. There’s also an enterprise-level plan that requires a call to Benzinga to purchase.

Pro Pricing

Benzinga Pro Trading Track Record Review

First and foremost, Benzinga Pro is a news feed designed to keep you at the forefront of the trading market. Based on the criteria you enter, the platform will update you with alerts via desktop, email, or a sound notification.

Sure, you’ll have access to every report, rumor, and story that pops up in real-time. You’ll receive those audio clips right after they are spoken, much more quickly than a report can be typed up about what was said. You’ll see and hear the latest stock news and see which stocks are jumping or plummeting as it happens.

Benzinga Pro is excellent at all that. There’s more information than you can ever hope to imagine all in one place. Ultimately though, it’s up to you to take all the information and decide what to do with it.

This platform was not created to tell you which stocks to buy, only to tell you literally everything that is happening. Be sure to place filters on searches and watches on stocks that you’re interested in. This is what will lead you to make educated decisions on whether to buy or sell.

Benzinga Pro Review: Pros and Cons

Benzinga Pro really makes a solid case for being a good investment with all it has to offer. There are a few points of caution, however. Here’s a look at the best and worst points of this service:

Benzinga Pro: Pros

  • Very well designed platform
  • Fastest real-time news feed
  • Quite inexpensive compared to similar services
  • Very customizable news feed
  • Works on any device and operating system
  • Allows access to a team of analysts
  • Beneficial audio alerts
  • Desktop notifications

Benzinga Pro: Cons

  • Takes some customizing to configure the settings the way you want them
  • Primarily focused in the U.S.
  • Big difference in price between Basic and Essential plans
  • Lacks powerful chart analysis that some competitors have
  • No in-depth analyst ratings

Is Benzinga Pro Right for Me?


Benzinga Pro is a great supplemental service for any day trader. They are passionate about providing an extremely fast news service to give you the edge you need on the market.

Traders with a smaller portfolio will probably only need the Basic service to cover all their news feed needs. While the platform doesn’t specifically call out penny stocks, even the Basic service offers a huge range of customizability.

If you’re a trader who needs to stay on the very top of the news feed, the Essentials plan is the way to go. This is your best bet at finding out the latest alerts and happenings before anyone else. Even this plan is quite a bit less expensive than what the competitors have but is still a powerful research platform.

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Benzinga Pro Reviews by Members

Benzinga Pro gets excellent reviews from its members. Here are just a few of the great reviews it’s been receiving as seen on Trustpilot:

“Best trader news service – An invaluable service for any kind of trader with a fantastic team working hard behind the scenes to get the news that matters out to us traders ASAP.”

Steve, on Trustpilot

“I would not want to trade without Benzinga Pro. The SQWAUK, the instant news availability, the level of detail you can access quickly, and continuous updating of features are all excellent.”

Emily, on Trustpilot

“In one word…Wow! News catalysts are important but when combined with signals and filters this is an unbeatable combination.”

Joey Lowe, on Trustpilot

Final Review: Is Benzinga Pro Worth It?

Yes, Benzinga Pro is definitely worth it if you are an investor or day trader. The price difference alone between Benzinga and Bloomberg alone makes it worth a second look. It’s easy to assume that such a difference between price points means Benzinga lacks features or content, but this is clearly not the case.

It’s apparent that Benzinga is in the financial news space for the long term and is constantly working on updating its platform with more tools and content. Proof of this is in the recently added screener feature, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more such tools on the way.

It’s simply amazing how customizable everything about the platform is. It does take a bit of time to get everything the way you like it. Once you do, you’ll have a powerful, efficient tool at your fingertips.

The audio squawk box and chat will keep you up to the minute with breaking news. These lightning-fast tools will allow you to act fast and improve your profits.

We all need help organizing information and staying on top of happenings in the market. Don’t think twice about exploring what Benzinga Pro has to offer.

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