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Benzinga Pro Review: Is This Research Tool Worth It?

Noah Zelvis - September 17, 2021

Benzinga Pro Review featured
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Do you want to stay up-to-date on the latest financial news without constantly switching back and forth between your trusted sites? Our Benzinga Pro review walks you through the ins and outs of this news feed platform so you can decide whether it has the research tools you need to upgrade your trading strategy.benzinga pro review chart

Benzinga Pro Review: Overview

Benzinga Pro is a browser-based platform that organizes pressing news stories from across the market into a useful market news feed that traders can easily follow.

You can access Benzinga Pro from any internet-connected device thanks to its browser-based format.

Benzinga also offers a downloadable app that’s optimized for mobile devices.

The Benzinga Pro news platform is designed from top to bottom with traders in mind and has more insights than its basic live news feed.

Its real-time market news feed is fast, accurate, and totally customizable.

More on the News Platform

You can set your news feed according to your preference, and Benzinga will automatically deliver the news according to your settings.

As a result, you can zero in on the most relevant news without having to wade through endless oceans of distracting noise first.

Benzinga Pro’s news feed delivers this pertinent information directly to your doorstep so you can react decisively when the market throws you a curveball.

Financial News Feed and Market Intelligence: A Winning Combination

Benzinga Pro has a lot more to offer than a customizable news feed.

This is a complete, professional-grade market intelligence platform with an arsenal of valuable features.

We’re going to cover all the features in our top-to-bottom Benzinga Pro review, so stay tuned.

But first, what is the deal with Benzinga’s founder, Jason Raznick? 

Is he a trustworthy guy or another stock market scammer?

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jason raznick review

Jason Raznick Review

Jason Raznick is Benzinga’s original founder.

Raznick launched Benzinga in 2010 as a data technology startup out of Detroit, Michigan.

A few years later, he introduced Benzinga Pro as one of the company’s first premium services.

Benzinga has become one of Raznick’s most notable successes.

Over the years, Benzinga’s success has made Raznick a notable player in the financial media industry.

More on Benzinga Pro’s Founder: Raznick

He’s been featured in publications like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, and CNBC.

Raznick was even named on Crain’s “Detroit Business 40 Under 40” and DBusiness “30 in Their 30s” lists.

A Michigan native, Raznick is passionate about restoring Detroit’s status as a hub of American industrial and technological innovation.

Raznick is an impressive entrepreneur, and his loyalty to his home state is a testament to his strong character.

Benzinga is a respected voice in the financial industry, and Raznick seems like a stand-up guy.

Why to check out Benzinga

Benzinga Review: More About the Company

Benzinga has a personal finance website devoted to trading and investing.

The site posts regular market updates and keeps readers informed of the latest trading news.

It also hosts a litany of other research tools.

Best of all, it’s all available for free.

It’s no wonder that many professional traders and investors frequent this site to keep up on important news like: 

  • SEC filings
  • Block trades
  • Market-moving news and market-moving exclusives
  • Stock prices
  • Earnings announcements and press releases
  • And more

Benzinga’s website is an excellent resource to build trading strategies and find opportunities to add to your own portfolio.

Thousands of traders go to Benzinga.com every day, but the free site can’t compare to the Benzinga Pro platform.

Benzinga Pro is a professional-grade trading tool with boatloads of proprietary features.

It’s a much more suitable option for day traders and other active traders

If you’re unsure about Benzinga, you should check out the basic version of the news feed on the website.

You’ll quickly see that Benzinga’s news team knows the market.

Benzinga is a legitimate company with extensive stock market expertise.

The firm’s knowledge and experience helped make Benzinga.com and Benzinga Pro major successes.

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What’s Included with Benzinga Pro?

You get access to a ton of features when you sign up for Benzinga Pro.

Here are the primary Benzinga Pro features:

  • Trading news feeds, including news articles
  • Nasdaq basic stock quotes
  • Benzinga calendar to track past and future events
  • Watchlist with custom real-time alerts
  • Pre-market and momentum movers
  • Benzinga signals
  • Benzinga Pro stock screener
  • Squawk box audio alerts
  • News deck chat room

That’s an impressive collection of powerful features, but let’s take a closer look to give you a better idea of Benzinga Pro’s capabilities.

Benzinga Pro’s Trading News Feeds Review

Access to Benzinga Pro’s real-time newsfeed is included with every membership.

The standard news feed keeps you informed with real-time news from trusted stock market news sources.

You can customize the news feeds to filter down to the information you want.

Also, you can filter financial news by source, category, watchlist, and more.

The Benzinga Pro news feed is a great resource for finding new trading ideas.

It’s especially useful for identifying fast-moving day trading opportunities across the market.

As a premium financial news platform, Benzinga Pro put a lot of effort into its news feeds.

They’re highly customizable, easy to navigate, and jam-packed with valuable news from respected industry sources.

Benzinga Pro’s real-time news feeds can significantly improve your stock trading outcomes by keeping you informed with the freshest market intelligence available.

Delivering real-time news and market intelligence is Benzinga Pro’s bread and butter, so it’s no surprise that the platform scores big points in this category.

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Benzinga Pro’s Nasdaq Basic Quotes Review

Benzinga Pro gives you access to stock price data from Nasdaq as a benefit of your subscription.

This useful feature allows you to search through detailed financial data on exchange-listed stocks.

Your level of access to the Nasdaq data varies depending on your membership level.

The Basic package only includes delayed quotes, but Essential members get the most up-to-date financial data with real-time Nasdaq quotes.

You can pull up security snapshots for every major stock thanks to the integrated Nasdaq trading data.

These detailed quotes provide instant company details, such as the stock price, market cap, analyst upgrades, downgrades in analyst ratings, and more.

Benzinga Pro’s built-in market news streams are great, but they work even better in conjunction with Nasdaq quotes.

Combined, these two features give you everything you need to quickly take in and react to the latest financial news.

benzinga pro news feed


Benzinga Pro’s Corporate Calendar Review

Benzinga Pro’s built-in calendar suite tracks the most important market-moving events so you are always prepared for what’s around the corner.

It also includes an integrated economic calendar, which provides insight into monthly jobs reports and other macroeconomic news that can be used to improve trading outcomes.

Here are just some of the news items you can track with the calendar:

  • IPOs
  • Earnings
  • Analyst ratings
  • Conference calls
  • Dividends
  • Retail sales

Most traders don’t have any problems finding this kind of information on their own, but Benzinga’s built-in calendar makes keeping up with the day’s events much more streamlined and convenient.

The calendar adds another notch in Benzinga Pro’s belt and gives the platform an even stronger case as a one-stop shop for market research.

benzinga pro realtime quotes

Benzinga Pro’s Watchlist Review

Watch lists are a common feature for trading platforms.

Even the most basic, no-cost platforms typically offer users this capability.

However, Benzinga Pro’s watchlists have enhanced functionality compared to the run-of-the-mill options.

Benzinga Pro’s watchlists allow users to combine their stock selections with advanced notifications and alerts.

Users can set up these triggers based on stock price movements, real-time news alerts, and more.

The watchlists make it easy to track your portfolio from within the Benzinga Pro platform, so you can move quickly when you need to react to new information.

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Benzinga Pro’s Momentum Movers

Benzinga Pro also tracks fast-moving stocks under its Momentum Movers watch list.

This handy report shows you exactly which stocks are making big moves.

The momentum movers lineup is particularly valuable for day trading applications.

You can quickly see which stocks are active during the trading session and premarket.

This isn’t anything like the top-movers lists you see on free websites.

It’s a complete directory of all of the day’s active stocks, and users can search and filter the stocks to find movers that capture their interest.

Available filters include time period, sector, market cap, and much more.

This feature is exceptionally useful and could quickly become an integral part of your day trading strategy.

Benzinga Pro’s Benzinga Signals

Market news alerts are just a small part of the Benzinga Pro platform.

Membership also includes access to a host of powerful trading tools, including Benzinga signals.

Signal alerts give you the power to track notable events from across the market.

It includes metrics that measure large price and volume changes in stocks.

You can use this tool to track price spikes, block trades, stock splits, sentiment indicators, and more.

Short-term and swing traders should find this tool particularly useful.

benzinga signals review

Benzinga Pro’s Stock Screener

Benzinga Pro also comes equipped with a screener tool that lets you pair down its massive database to get a list of specific stocks.

The screener allows you to filter company statistics using a wide array of adjustable criteria.

It allows you to find the stocks that fit into your trading strategy quickly and efficiently.

Benzinga Pro’s screener is not as capable as a specialized, stand-alone stock screener, but it has decent functionality and it’s a convenient addition to the platform.

benzinga pro squawk box review

Benzinga Pro’s Squawk Box

Benzinga Pro’s Squawk Box is an audio alerts service that brings you the most important stock market news in a brief, digestible report.

You’ll need an Essential membership to access the Squawk Box, but it’s a feature you’ll probably find yourself using regularly.

The Squawk Box report will keep you informed about stock splits, news releases, earnings reports, and a wide variety of breaking market news.

Benzinga does an excellent job of striking a balance between detail and digestibility.

The report is always informative, but it manages to deliver the information quickly and efficiently.

Many day traders and other busy adults appreciate being able to listen to the news while they go about their morning routine, so Squawk Box has become a big hit.

The Squawk Box gives you the information you need without taking up an unnecessary amount of your time.

It’s one of Benzinga Pro’s most unique features, and it’s a big hit among the platform’s user base.

Benzinga Pro’s News Desk Chat Feature

As an additional perk, Essential members can access a live chat room where they can communicate directly with Benzinga Pro’s news team.

The chat feature gives you a direct line to the news desk, and the Benzinga team is more than happy to engage with subscribers.

They can help you wrap your head around the news, and you can pick their brains about the fine points of the day’s stories.

Having the ability to discuss the news with qualified professionals is an absolute game-changer.

If you’ve ever read a news story and walked away scratching your head, you’ll appreciate having a support team like this at your disposal.

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Benzinga Pro’s Refund Policy Review

Benzinga gives traders instant benefits that could lead them to big gains in the market if they’re wielded correctly.

As a result, the company has a tight refund policy.

However, it’s not 100% restrictive.

The company offers a 14-day free trial for new purchases, so you have an opportunity to vet the service before you commit to a purchase.

Unfortunately, you’re on your own after that.

It’s not the most extensive refund policy, but it’s understandable given the nature of the business.

The 14-day trial gives you plenty of time to figure out if you like the product or not.

It’s not exactly a guarantee, but it serves its purpose and makes sense from an objective perspective.

How Much Does Benzinga Pro Cost?

Benzinga pro pricing includes multiple tiers that come with varying benefits and features.

The entry-level subscription is called the Basic Plan, and it includes access to basic features at a rate of $99 per month.

However, you’ll have to upgrade to the Essential Package to access the platform’s full feature set.

Essential costs $177 per month, and it includes access to premium features like the News Desk Chat, Audio Squawk Box, and real-time Nasdaq quotes.

Those are the monthly costs, but you can get a slightly better deal if you opt for an annual subscription rate.

There is also a more extensive program designed to teach options trading.

This product is in its own category, so we won’t go into it too much here.

However, it’s available if you want to go all the way.

benzinga pro review prices

Benzinga Pro Free Trial Review

Benzinga Pro offers a 14-day free trial for new subscribers.

Best of all, you don’t even need a credit card to start the trial.

You can quickly sign up for the free trial with nothing more than your name, email address, and phone number.

It’s a refreshingly straightforward process compared to many other “free” trials that make you input billing and contact information.

The 14-day trial lets you take the platform for a test run before you make a purchase.

It’s 100% free and there’s no credit card required, so what’s not to like?

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Benzinga Pro Review: Pros and Cons

Benzinga Pro has a ton of powerful research tools and benefits, but it doesn’t have everything.

Here’s the rundown of the pros and cons of this platform.

Benzinga Pro’s Pros

  • Powerful, customizable real-time news feed, which is ideal for a day trader
  • Squawk Box audio alerts
  • Can create multiple workspaces on the platform as well as multiple monitors
  • Fully customizable calendar gives you curated info based on your preferences and can be easily narrowed down to focus on only stocks
  • Benzinga pro’s interface is clean, making it an easy-to-use platform for beginners 
  • Signals for block trades, stock splits, SEC filings, opening gap, analyst ratings, and more
  • Pro is a noticeable upgrade to the basic plan
  • Read and manage multiple charts
  • Nasdaq Basic delayed and real-time quotes
  • Built-in stock screener and trading calendar
  • Customizable watchlist with alerts
  • Chat directly with the news desk
  • Extensive momentum movers report with search and filters
  • 14-Day free trial with no credit card
  • Sentiment indicators and other advanced metrics
  • Excellent reviews from customers

Benzinga Pro’s Cons

  • No refunds on subscriptions
  • Additional costs for options data
  • Doesn’t cover FOREX or crypto

Is Benzinga Pro Right for Me?

Benzinga Pro is a great option for just about anyone who wants to trade stocks.

It’s especially useful if you want an easy-to-use, self-directed news platform with the latest market information available on your computer or mobile device.

Keep reading to find out which traders can benefit the most from using this platform.

Day Traders

Benzinga Pro has a ton of features that can facilitate your day-trading endeavors.

The news service keeps you informed about the latest market moves.

The momentum movers and squawk box audio reports help you find suitable trader targets faster so you can capture more gains.

It’s a perfect fit for any hard-working day trader.

Penny Stock Traders

If you trade penny stocks, you know how hard it can be to find timely news for the tiny companies you’re following.

Benzinga Pro’s news service tracks even the tiniest stocks so you’ll have the most accurate information possible when you make a trade.

Active Traders

Frequent traders have a lot of challenges to tackle, and Benzinga Pro has built-in solutions that will help them get through their trade routine quickly and efficiently.

The news feed gets you the right information when you need it, so you don’t have to dig through countless websites trying to find the truth.

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Benzinga Pro Reviews by Members

Benzinga Pro gets excellent reviews from its members.

Here are some of the customer reviews we found on Trustpilot.

“Best trader news service – An invaluable service for any kind of trader with a fantastic team working hard behind the scenes to get the news that matters out to us traders ASAP.” – Steve, on Trustpilot

“I would not want to trade without Benzinga Pro. The SQWAUK, the instant news availability, the level of detail you can access quickly, and continuous updating of features are all excellent.” – Emily, on Trustpilot

“In one word…Wow! News catalysts are important but when combined with signals and filters this is an unbeatable combination.” – Joey Lowe, on Trustpilot

benzinga pro reviews by customers

As you can see, many users are satisfied with their Benzinga Pro subscriptions.

The service has a lot of value to offer, and it can make your trading life a lot easier.

Final Review: Is Benzinga Pro Worth It?

Yes, Benzinga Pro is definitely worth the price of admission, especially for day traders and active investors.

If you’re a self-directed investor or day trader, you need powerful trading tools to help you keep up with well-funded Wall Street adversaries, and Benzinga Pro is an affordable option that checks many of the most important options.

Plus, Benzinga’s pro platform is significantly cheaper than Bloomberg Terminal and other competing products, and it doesn’t sacrifice functionality to achieve the lower rate.

Benzinga Pro’s powerful financial news feed is a significant upgrade over the cheap, barebones trading tools many new traders are using, and the platform also offers a ton of other features that can significantly benefit your trading outcomes.

With built-in stock quotes, watchlists, signal trackers, a breaking news feed, and much more, Benzinga Pro has a full trading arsenal that’s worthy of any self-respecting investor.

Also, it’s affordable, powerful, and comes with a 14-day free trial.

What’s not to like? 

Give it a try today and see how much it can help your trading routine.

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