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Big Time Generates over $100M in Revenue since Preseason

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Austin, United States, March 28th, 2024, Chainwire

Innovative game developer Big Time Studios announces that its highly anticipated free-to-play multiplayer action/MMO RPG Big Time, has generated $100M in revenue. According to the team, players transacted a total volume of over $230M, without selling a single token.

“Success in Web3 gaming hinges on creating compelling experiences with a player-focused economy at its core,” said Ari Meilich, CEO of Big Time Studios

Big Time combines the intense combat and dynamic gameplay of action RPGs like Diablo with the vast, explorative realms of MMOs like World of Warcraft. Players are time travelers, plucked from the dying embers of the cosmos to join the ultimate crusade for mankind’s survival. The fabric of reality is tearing apart, and the epochs of history are colliding. Players fight to preserve the human legacy, in all its beauty and folly.  

Players engage in hard-fought battles through procedurally generated dungeons, accomplish objectives, and collect essential resources for crafting valuable virtual goods represented by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). No crypto tokens are sold, and this unique approach blends gaming excitement with the innovative world of digital collectibles: all collected in-game rather than given away or available for purchase outside the game. The only purchasable items are Time Crystals, the game’s non-crypto premium currency used for in-game activities like crafting, upgrading gear, recharging items, or accessing premium content.  

“Our fair launch strategy, with no tokens for the team or investors, underscores our dedication to a player-first gaming universe, where rewards are awarded solely through gameplay,” said Meilich.  

Big Time Studios levels the playing field by prioritizing the player community through this novel approach. Tokens are collected through in-game activities, preventing non-players from purchasing their way to success. This commitment to fairness and inclusivity sets Big Time apart in the Web3 and traditional gaming industries.

Big Time’s successful Preseason launch continues to shatter doubts about the viability of Web3 games, setting new standards for what is achievable. The game’s entertainment value and economic incentives have captivated highly active players, dispelling skepticism and showcasing the immense potential of Web3 gaming.

“We are a game company, first and foremost,” Meilich stated. “Our biggest priority is delivering an amazing game with immersive gameplay. Players want entertainment value and a game that is Twitch-worthy. This approach has differentiated us, and in light of its recent successes, signals we’re taking Web3 gaming in the right direction,” said Meilich, emphasizing Big Time Studios’ dedication to delivering high-quality game experiences. 

Looking ahead, new features and updates will further enhance the immersive gaming experience and ensure that Big Time continues to lead the Web3 gaming industry. 

For early access and to dive into the adventure that awaits in Big Time, users can simply join the Big Time Discord community and ask for an access code.

About Big Time Studios

Founded in 2020, Big Time Studios has become a leader in Web3 gaming with its main title, “Big Time,” a multiplayer action RPG that combines fast-action combat and adventures through time and space. Unlike typical Web3 games, it empowers players by distributing tokens directly in the game, avoiding sales to investors or team allocations. The game’s preseason launch in October led to a $37 million revenue in Q4, with projections of $80 million for Q1, highlighting its success and the company’s significant impact on digital gaming. Big Time Studios continues to lead in innovation within the Web3 gaming sector.


Michael Migliero
Big Time Studios