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The 11 Best Blockchain Stocks Under $1 To Buy Now

Blockchain Stocks Under $1

When Satoshi Nakamoto unleashed blockchain technology in 2010, nobody could have imagined how much of an impact it would have on global supply chains, the financial system, and more.

If you’re looking to take a risk and get in on some potential long-term gains, read on for some of the best blockchain penny stocks you could buy now.

In this article we will only be listing blockchain stocks under 1 dollar which you can start adding into your portfolio watchlist.

Best Blockchain Stocks Under $1 Stocks

Sphere 3D Corps (NASDAQ: ANY)

We kick off our list with Toronto-based crypto mining company Sphere 3D Corps. 

Founded in 2015, Sphere 3D Corps provides businesses with practical and reliable data services while also placing a strong emphasis on crypto mining.

The company’s products include HVE-STACK, a server appliance used by data centers. 

Its other products include HVE STAGE, HVE VELOCITY, HVE 3GDF, and HVE STAGE, covering a range of functions from virtual desktop infrastructure to replication and backup storage.


Sphere 3D Corps


In December, Sphere announced a 276% increase in its mining capacity after it energized around 2,665 new miners.

Furthermore, the company’s CEO, Patricia Trompeter, says 1,200 more miners are en-route to the company, which is excellent news for Sphere 3D and shareholders.

As of April 2023, ANY is roughly trading at $0.35 with a $25.26 million market cap.

DatChat, Inc (NASDAQ: DATS)

Known initially as Yassup Inc, DatChat Inc is a communication software company famous for its flagship messaging app DatChat Messenger.

DatChat provides its users the privacy and protection they need for online communication.

However, DatChat is not just a social media company. It is also into blockchain and cybersecurity. It has developed a blockchain-based platform for advertising and NFTs, Ven V.

The company also co-developed the social metaverse HayBat, which is a virtual land melding the real world and virtual reality into one.DatChat, IncIn January, Dat Chat launched the first world in HayBat called Geniuz City, with plans of integrating VenV into HayBat.

Also in January, DatChat announced a stock repurchase plan for $2 million of the company’s stock.

So far, it has purchased $480,025 shares as of March 29. 

This is good news for shareholders as share buybacks usually lead to an increase in share price.

As of April 2023, DATS is roughly trading at $0.53, a perfect opportunity for investors to buy in while prices are low.

Bitfarms Ltd (NASDAQ: BITF)

The Canadian-based company Bitfarms Ltd is a blockchain technology company known for mining cryptocurrency.

Bitfarms owns and manages server farms in the United States, Canada, and Asia. 

These server farms are used to validate blockchain transactions for which Bitfarm earns crypto in the form of transaction fees and rewards.


Bitfarms Ltd


In March 2023, Bitfarm reported mining 424 bitcoin, a notable increase from the 387 bitcoin mined in the previous month.

Moreover, the price of bitcoin is up 67% in Q1 2023, meaning that Bitfarm’s revenue is up since it is primarily based on bitcoin mining.

BITF is roughly trading at $0.95 as of April 2023; however, if bitcoin prices continue to soar in the coming months, shareholders could reap the benefits.

DMG Blockchain Solutions (OTCMKT: DMGGF)

DMG Blockchain Solutions is a vertically integrated cryptocurrency and blockchain company.

Based out of Canada, DMG generates revenue through its two divisions Crypto Infrastructure Operations and Data Analytics and Forensic Services.

The Crypro Infrastructure Operations division earns revenue from the rewards and transaction fees from mining cryptocurrency, mainly Bitcoin.

It also supplies industrial mining clients with crypto-mining hardware and provides hosting services.


DMG Blockchain Solutions


Furthermore, DMG also offers blockchain and cryptocurrency software solutions. It has released Mine Manager, an application for optimizing mining facilities. T

he company also owns Walletscore, Mining Pool, and Blockseer Breeze.

DMGGF is roughly trading at $0.22 as of April 2023, with a market cap of $34.46 million.

Valour Inc (OTCMKT: DEFTF)

Valour Inc is a capital market company that helps its clients invest in decentralized finance (DeFi).

Decentralized finance utilizes blockchain technology to provide secure financial instruments.

Valour invests in new ventures and technologies that expose its investors to decentralized finance.

It’s important to note that Valour is the only publicly traded company offering this service.


Valour Inc


Formerly known as Defi Technologies Inc, Valour Inc changed its name in June 2022. Its vision is to close the gap between traditional investing and decentralized finance.

In March, Valor announced a strategic partnership with Spirit Blockchain, a Canadian company investing in the Blockchain industry, increasing Valour’s exposure to the developing market.

As of April, the stock is roughly trading at $0.10 with a $23 million market cap.


MOGO Inc. is a Canadian digital fin-tech company that provides services in Canada, Europe, and internationally.

Its services include several digital platforms to help customers improve their financial health, like Mogo Trade and Mogo Protect.

Mogo Inc owns 34% of shareholdings in Canada’s oldest crypto asset trading platform Coinsquare. 


Mogo Inc


In October 2022, Coinsquare got approved by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), becoming Canada’s first IIROC-regulated crypto dealer.

This move will strengthen consumers’ confidence in the company and should position the company perfectly for future growth, which Mogo, a major shareholder, will benefit from.

MOGO has a market cap of $49.73M, with the stock trading at roughly $0.62 as of April 2023.

Minehub Technologies Inc (OTCMKT: MHUBF)

Founded by Vince Sorace, Joseph Nakhla, and Guy Halford-Thompson on February 19, 2018, Minehub Technologies Inc is a Canadian tech company that gives blockchain-based supply chain solutions for the metals and mining industry.

The company developed a blockchain tech platform that allows metal traders, mining companies, and other chain participants to digitize and automate their workflow in real time.

This gives room for efficiency while making the process transparent and traceable.

The platform provides real-time physical and financial supply chain tracking, enabling transactions while reducing risk.



Minehub Technologies Inc


The corporation’s solutions are planned to address some of the main issues the mining industry is currently dealing with, such as supply chain obscurity, traceability, and adherence.

Minehub aims to create a supply chain environment that is more transparent, efficient, and sustainable through the use of blockchain tech.

The stock’s market cap is set at $14.36M, with the trading price as of April 2023 at $0.18.

Ryvyl Inc (NASDAQ: RVYL)

Ryvyl Inc, previously known as GreenBox POS, is a financial technology company specializing in developing and selling blockchain-based payment solutions.

The company’s systems are designed to facilitate, record, and store tokenized assets, representing cash or data, on a blockchain ledger.

Some of the company’s products are the QuickCard Payment System, point-of-sale (POS) solutions, and Loopz Software Solution.

The QuickCard Payment System is a physical and virtual cash management system that allows software for deposits, cash, and e-wallet management. 



Ryvyl Inc



At the same time, the point-of-sale solutions consist of both software and hardware.

Loopz Software Solution is a migratory delivery service operations management system with computerized dispatch performance.

The company has some brands under it, including Coyni, QuickCard, and ChargeSavvy, and serves clients across various industries, including e-commerce, retail, and foreign exchange.

It has a market cap of $20.30M, with its share price as of April roughly trading at $0.39.

Soluna Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: SLNH)

Soluna Holdings Inc focuses on providing clean and reliable energy to power digital applications and blockchain computing systems.

Its subsidiary, Soluna Computing Inc (SCI), builds and develops data centers used to mine cryptocurrency.

These data centers are typically constructed to curb energy loss while supplying income to renewable energy producers.

SCI runs its crypto mining operation using the Washington crypto blockchain network.



Soluna Holdings Inc



The company also operates in Calvert City and Murray, both in Kentucky.

Calvert City’s operation is in charge of prop mining and hosting services, while Murray’s mining operation runs totally on prop mining,

The stock has a market cap of $5.47 million and is roughly trading at $0.28 as of April.

BiGG Digital Assets Inc (OTCMKT: BBKCF)

BiGG Digital Assets Inc owns, runs, and invests in digital currencies.

The Vancouver-based company operates two main divisions, Blockchain Technology Development, and Digital Currency Sales Brokerage.

The company developed QLUE, a cryptocurrency transaction investigation platform that assists crypto companies, banks, fintech, government officials, and law enforcement in visually tracking and monitoring crypto transactions to detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

BiGG also owns a risk-scoring system for cryptocurrencies, BitRank Verified.

The service is used to monitor transactions in real-time and score transactions and wallets accurately. This helps prevent transactions from fraudulent or prohibited accounts.


BiGG Digital Assets Inc


BitRank Verified is used by ATMs, crypto exchanges, and crypto custodians worldwide.

The crypto brokerage side of the company is performed by the blockchain platform known as Netcoins.

Netcoins allows Canadian and American consumers and investors to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as bat tokens (Basic Attention Token), the native token of the Brave Browser.

The software is user-friendly and provides several payment choices, such as credit cards and Interac e-transfers.

BBKCF is roughly trading at $0.23 as of April, with a market cap of $57.9 million.

Cryptyde Inc (NASDAQ: TYDE)

We round off our list with a blockchain company, Cryptyde, Inc.

Founded in 1966, the company is based out of Safety Harbor, Florida, and generates revenue from Web3 services, its packaging business, and Bitcoin mining.

Its Web3 business branch uses decentralized blockchain tech in industries that deal directly with consumers, like video games, art, and music.

Its packaging business division is made up of its subsidiary Ferguson Containers. Ferguson Containers makes and sells custom packaging for a wide range of products.


Cryptyde Inc


This packaging generates brand awareness for customers, promoting the brand’s image.

Cryptyde is also involved in bitcoin mining and offers customers bitcoin mining equipment and co-location services.

As of April, TYDE is roughly trading at $0.06 per share with a $6.25 million market cap.

Are Blockchain Stocks Under $1 a Good Investment?

Blockchain tech is one of the most disruptive inventions in human history.

It is currently revolutionizing the world, not just with cryptocurrencies but also with how we conduct transactions and manage data.

And by the looks of things, it has the potential to transform many industries, making cheap blockchain companies suitable investments for investors who believe in its transformative potential.

One advantage of investing in blockchain companies under $1 is that they are generally undervalued and have more room for growth than their higher-priced counterparts.

And beyond that, blockchain tech is still on the ground floor, meaning there’s a lot more room for the blockchain sector to grow.

As you can imagine, any major growth in the sector will likely send blockchain companies flying, especially the ones with low market caps.

Another advantage of blockchain tech is that it aligns with social responsibility values.

Blockchain’s decentralized nature allows for greater transparency and accountability, which can be used to combat corruption, promote fair business practices, and improve supply chain management.

Of course, as with any stock, it’s worth noting that investing in blockchain penny stocks can be risky, especially the ones that are currently trading for under $1. 

However, investing in cheap blockchain could be a smart move for long-term investors willing to take on a bit more risk in exchange for potential long-term gains.

All-in-all, blockchain tech is an exciting and innovative development that could transform the world. 

In that light, investing in blockchain stocks under $1 is a great way to gain exposure to this growing industry and take advantage of its long-term growth potential.


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