Capitalist Exploits Review: Is Insider Weekly Really Worth the Hype?

Noah Zelvis - June 02, 2021

Capitalist exploits review
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The investing world is full of tips, tricks, and insights on how to make big money. With so many places across the internet touting the next big trade, the information you’re gathering should come from a reputable source. 

Luckily, The Stock Dork is here to review these investment services and let you know which are hot and which are not. This Capitalist Exploits review will tell you everything you need to know about this service.

Capitalist Exploits Review

Capitalist Exploits Review: Overview

Capitalist Exploits represents a group of dedicated investors who focus on investment ideas that target significant gains in the markets. The company labels itself as “an investing service built for this moment in history”. They aim to stand out among the competition by following the global scene to find the best investments.

The service’s focus is simple: to locate asymmetric risk/reward opportunities wherever in the world they may be. Additionally, there are no limitation on any jurisdiction, asset, or investment vehicle, the company looks to subject-matter experts like Chris MacIntosh to find the best trading opportunities.

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What Is Capitalist Exploits?

The Capitalist Exploits investment platform consists of three tiers of services, each providing members with a different level of access to investing information.

The investment service stays away from anything with the potential for unlimited downside risk, paying close attention to opportunities with asymmetric growth potential.

Although they use somewhat confusingly similar nomenclature, Insider Weekly, The Insider, and the Resource Insider are three altogether different programs that the company offers.

Capitalist Exploits Review

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Chris MacIntosh Review

Chris Macintosh

Chris MacIntosh is the founder and guru of Capitalist Exploits. Originally from South Africa, Chris worked his way to New Zealand, London, and New York, working in investment banking with high net worth clients.

Roughly 15 years ago, Chris decided to start trading his capital in markets most investors know little about worldwide.

Chris comes across as a humble investing guru and is always willing to share stories of his past investments and failures. He started Capital Exploits with the hope to provide investment insights that will lead members away from the type of trading mistakes he made.

Capitalist Exploits Insider Weekly Review:

Capital Exploits offers a 30 day trial with their investment newsletter, Insider Weekly, for just a dollar. New members who sign up for this subscription service will receive four newsletter per month, chock full of trading ideas that investors can sink their teeth into.

Also, signing up for the 30-day trial gives members access to additional resources Chris and his team have put together. This includes stock tips, global macro commentaries, and videos.

Once the $1 trial is over, members will automatically start paying $35 a month for the newsletter and additional services unless they choose to cancel.

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Capitalist Exploits Review: What’s Included?

Capitalist Exploits is host to a popular newsletter but has added high-tier content with their Insider and Resource Insider platforms.

Insider Weekly

Insider Weekly is the popular Capitalist Exploits newsletter subscription-based service delivered via email every week. Within the newsletter, an investor can find the latest research on the financial markets the company is interested in.

Created by a team of trading experts, the investment newsletter is designed for investors searching for the latest investment opportunities and is full of the latest asymmetric trading ideas.

Additionally, the newsletter contains approximately five trade ideas that investors can consider. These picks are being closely watched by the team and are worth considering for investment.

Over 20,000 investors, professional money managers, and hedge fund managers read the Capitalist Exploits newsletter. It typically sits somewhere between 25 and 45 pages in length.

Deep Value Stock Tips

Chris and his team research deep-value stocks that are trading well below their conservative assessment of their net worth. They report on these low-risk trades to members for long-term investment opportunities hoping that these trades could lead to huge returns.

Global Macro Commentary

Capitalist Investors also spends time studying how large-scale glocal events regarding national economies and international relations will affect investments. Investment ideas based on the prediction of these events are passed on to members via commentary.

Bonus Content

Another perk that comes with the newsletter is videos, and bits and pieces of content that take subscribers through the Capitalist Exploits investment process. This includes information on how the company picks stocks, screens stocks, and the thought process behind investing.

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The Insider

Capitalist Exploits Insider

The Capitalist Exploits Insider service takes the weekly newsletter and piles on a ton more features for investors to devour. That being said, the subscription-based platform is quite a bit more expensive.

It’s worth noting that Chris and the Capitalist Exploits team invest their own money into every idea they recommend on the Insider. In other words, they are quite literally putting their money where their mouth is which is a pretty strong signal in my book.

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To date, over 1000 members have signed on to use the services.

Trade Alerts

The Insider periodically sends out email and text alerts on trades they are most interested in. These trade alerts also share the best ways to execute those trades.

Investor Forum

This forum allows investors to communicate via a private chat room. Here, investors can discuss trades and help each other with investment strategies.

Live Question and Answer Sessions

Ask all your investing questions to professional money managers, who will answer them live monthly in a webinar setting. Questions can be either about the Insider or investments outside your subscription.

Educational Resources

The Capitalist Exploits Insider does not want to leave you guessing on how to trade. The company teaches investors how to identify and execute asymmetric risk/reward investments through their long-term wealth-building investment strategies.

Additionally, this service provides everything from how-to guides and reports to over 300 videos available in the insights database.

Access to a Guru

Investors are able to reach out directly to Chris and other staff members if they need help.

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The Resource Insider

The Resource Insider

A new feature to Capitalist Exploits, the Resource Insider is a newsletter with specific attention on investments in mining and natural resources. Created by mining and finance professionals, the Resource Insider uses this expertise to locate and invest in the best opportunities.

The Resource Insider is created explicitly for accredited investors with at least a million dollars of declared net worth who are looking for high potential opportunities. This platform offers only private placement investment deals.

Like their Insider platform, the Resource Insider connects traders directly with like-minded traders and provides access to the gurus that made Capitalist Exploits the investment service it is today.

Currently, the Resource Insider program is at capacity but as soon as there is more room, we will update this review!

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Capitalist Exploits Review: Is it a Scam?

It’s very safe to say that Capitalist Exploits is not a scam. Chris MacIntosh has been investing in various markets for years and is one of the best in the game. Each of the experts he’s called in to assist are no less qualified.

The experts on staff are passionate about what they do and work hard to do it right. Additionally, they go so far as to invest their own money in their investment ideas to show how committed they are to their picks.

Since the company has no access to your investment money, there are no security issues to be concerned about.

Money-Back Guarantee Review

If you subscribe to the Insider platform, Capitalist Exploits offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. There’s no explanation required. If the service isn’t for you, cancel within those first 30 days and you’ll get a full refund.

However, no money-back guarantee or refunds are available for purchases of the Insider Weekly or the Resource Insider.

How Much Does Capitalist Exploits Cost?

Capitalist Exploits has three potential platforms to invest in.

Access to the Insider Weekly newsletter runs $35 per month. This amount is paid monthly after the $1 trial month ends. Signing up for the trial month does set you up for automatic billing each month.

The Insider only has a yearly subscription of $1,999 but does come with the money-back guarantee mentioned above.

However, accredited investors looking to invest in the Resource Insider will need to pay a yearly subscription of $4,999 to unlock all its services.

Capitalist Exploits Trading Track Record Review

The Capitalist Exploits newsletter has time and again recommended winning investments that have seen a huge growth in capital. With new ideas coming in each week, the group is constantly researching new ideas to be able to keep up with the demand of the market.

Their track record is perhaps so high because each team member at Capitalist Investments chooses to invest in the opportunities they present to members. After all, no one wants to put their own money into a losing investment!

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Capitalist Exploits Review: Pros and Cons

Capitalist Exploits has many great things going for it, but a few things to be aware of. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of the service.

Capitalist Exploits Pros

  • Not limited to specific assets or markets
  • Insider subscriptions are top-tier
  • Newsletter packed with investment ideas
  • Service focuses on investment opportunities with a potential 5x to 10x return on investment
  • Access to a plethora of educational information in the Investor service
  • Monthly webinars for Insider subscribers
  • 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee

Capitalist Exploits Cons

  • Fees for the Insider must be paid a year in advance
  • Chris keeps investing strategies close to his chest

Is Capitalist Exploits Right for Me?

Capitalist Exploits insider weekly is a great way to get started with the company for beginning and experienced traders.

Insider weekly provides actionable trade ideas every single week so if you have a basic understanding of investing this service can provide value for you!

You can check out a few of the most recent stock picks from insider weekly right here.

The Insider platform is also geared towards traders of all experience levels and heavily relies on the newsletter in addition to all its other services. These services include a bunch of educational material that will help any trader understand how asymmetric investments work and how to use the service to build long-term wealth.

Joining Capitalist Exploits Insider gives you the same trades that massive hedge funds are making in real time plus over 60 “Buy Rated” investments with a target profit of 300%+

The $1,999 can be prohibitive for some traders, and above that, the team at Capitalist Exploits recommends having a minimum of $25,000 to allocate for trades. However, money managers and hedge fund managers use it, so you’ll be in good company.

The good news is there’s not much to lose by trying out the service since it comes with that 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Capitalist Exploits Reviews by Subscribers

capitalist Exploits subscribers reviews

Capitalist Exploits is proud of their reviews and posts them all over their website. They boast an excellent overall rating with close to five stars on the reputable review site TrustPilot. It’s clear that their goal is to keep members happy, and it shows. Most ratings on the site are five stars.

Here are a few of their recent reviews:

Trust me you will love the research and insight provided by Chris and his team… The approach employed here is unique as they hunt for deep value in unloved sectors that the modern world desperately needs. Patience is needed as these need time to play out. I’ve been a member for two years and my wealth is growing as these themes start to play out. I can’t thank Chris and his team enough for helping me achieve financial security.

 Gary, on Trustpilot

I’ve been a member for over three years now, and the experience is very good. This is for investors, not traders, and involves analyzing fundamental trends in markets, applied to suitable portfolios of stocks, leading to an investment portfolio with superior upside potential.

As it happens, fundamentals often do not immediately translate to stock valuation. So some stamina, strength of nerve and patience is required. No sweat no gain. However, for the investor who wants to stand on the right side of economical (and political) history unfolding, here’s the information and tools you need. The reward is asymmetric gains.

– Hans, on Trustpilot

Final Review: Is Capitalist Exploits Worth It?

Capitalist Exploits has made its mark in the financial world as a sophisticated investment service. Additionally, the information that Chris and the team provide has proven valuable for investors worldwide.

Also, the company promises and often delivers huge gains on its newsletter picks each week. Investors who want to take their trading to the next level can subscribe to the service and unlock many more opportunities to learn.

If you can afford the investment in at least one service, it looks as though Capitalist Exploits could pay you back in no time.

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