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Capitalist Exploits Review 2022 (Is It Legit?)

Noah Zelvis - June 29, 2022

Capitalist exploits review
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Chris MacIntosh’s Capitalist Exploits has earned mountains of praise online for its stellar stock picks. But are its newsletters and investment research really worth the hype? We’re putting the service to the test in our Capitalist Exploits review for the full answer.

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What Is Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits (CapEx) is an investment newsletter publisher renowned for its expert market analysis. CapEx’s investing research services provide stock recommendations, trade alerts, educational resources, a monthly portfolio, and much more.

The most popular investment services that Capitalist Exploits offers include:

There are also two free services: Hedgies Uncut and Our World This Week.

What sets CapEx apart from many competitors is its focus on asymmetric opportunities in sectors across the globe that target the chance at a minimum 300% return.

The team’s investing strategy zeros in on sectors because they have the potential to be much more stable and predictable than individual companies. Also, by investing in several companies at once, you spread your risk and could minimize the chance of losing your entire investment. 

Its stock picks leverage a clever approach that’s quite the departure from many research services that focus on a few key players for a shot at returns.

Something to note about Capitalist Exploits’ services is that the team does not hold back in its commentary (political or otherwise). Many reviews online praise analysts for their unfiltered straight talk, however.

We’re going to break down everything you need to know about an Insider Weekly and CapEx Insider membership, so keep reading for the complete breakdown.

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chis macintosh capitalist exploits newsletter

Capitalist Exploits Team

The Capitalist Exploits team is helmed by a small-knit group of successful ex-hedge fund managers and professional money managers. 

The team’s core members include:

  • Chris Macintosh – Previously worked at Invesco Asset Management, Lehman Brothers, JPMChase, & Robert Flemings and has overseen the deployment of over $30m into Venture Capital opportunities.
  • Brad McFadden – Extensive experience managing high-net-worth funds at Henry Ansbacher and is particularly known for his work within a proprietary trading book for Rand Merchant Bank.

Their research quality is top-notch, and they bring a lot to the table, including some serious investment networks.

In the world of investing, it’s all about who you know. And the team at Capitalist Exploits has built up valuable connections during their financial careers.

They’ve used these connections to get access to exclusive insights from experts with their own investing niche. Even better, their network isn’t just limited to the US — the team has the scoop on foreign markets as well.

newsletter strategy for capex

Capitalist Exploits Investment Strategy

Capitalist Exploits stock picks target sectors that appear to be on the “cusp of a bull market.” Really though, it’s easier to understand the team’s approach by outlining what stocks CapEx does not recommend.

Capital Exploits typically steers clear from:

  • Pot stocks (too many duds)
  • Startups (too volatile)
  • Growth stocks (too risky)
  • Stocks listed on the S&P (potential gains are considered low by the team)

The reasoning for this is that the team wants you to get the most out of your dollar, so they avoid speculative investments or stocks that are positioned to see small growth.

Some of the sectors that CapEx considers are:

  • Mining & rare earth (copper, gold, etc. because they steadily appreciate compared to fiat currency)
  • Shipping (a long-ignored industry that could profit from an increase in demand)
  • Energy (hydrogen is potentially poised to be a big player in electric vehicles)
  • Agriculture (could see sustainable growth)

Once you get into the team’s research material, it becomes crystal clear why they prefer these sectors over some of the more conventional stock picks you might find online. And the variety here could be a great basis to build a diversified portfolio around.

Now that you know more about CapEx, let’s take a look at the mind behind the service.

Chris Macintosh Reviews

Who Is Chris MacIntosh?

Chris MacIntosh is a great stock picker who delivers quality investment analysis. Chris is best known for his expertise in asymmetric trading.

His stock recommendations draw from a deep well of knowledge he cultivated during his time overseeing seeing the deployment of $30 million of Venture Capital opportunities.

In 2011, Chris MacIntosh founded Capitalist Exploits to give folks a fighting chance in the financial markets. Insider Weekly and Insider can cue you into stocks with explosive growth potential.

Originally from South Africa, Chris made his way to New Zealand, London, and New York, working in investment banking with high-net-worth clients. Roughly 15 years ago, Chris decided to start trading his capital in markets most folks know little about worldwide.

Even though he founded the widely successful Capitalist Exploits, Chris comes across as a humble investing guru and is always willing to share stories of his past investments and failures. 

Chris started Capitalist Exploits to provide investment insights that will lead members away from the trading mistakes he made in his rookie days. He works alongside co-editor Brad McFadden to help others find investment opportunities in global markets.

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reviews of insider weekly

Capitalist Exploits Insider Weekly Review

Insider Weekly is a great newsletter that’s packed with valuable investment analysis. Within the investment newsletter, you can find the most recent research on the global financial markets.

Each issue explores various sectors in exhaustive detail. In fact, many of them range between 25 and 45 pages in length. And every newsletter contains approximately five trade ideas per issue.

The writing is tight, and MacIntosh and the team keep the momentum going with a steady stream of humor and commentary. So despite the page length, we never felt bogged down in the details.

Capitalist Exploits subscribers can also access past issues, which were a blast to read through. It’s like a time machine that lets you test out the team’s investing foresight.

Deep Value Stock Tips

Chris and his team research deep-value stocks that are trading well below the conservative assessment of their net worth.

They report on these low-risk trades to members for long-term investment opportunities that have the potential for huge returns.

Global Macro Commentary

The team studies how large-scale global events regarding national economies and international relations could affect investments.

Investment ideas based on the prediction of these events are passed on to members via commentary.

Bonus Content

Other perks that come with the newsletter are videos as well as bits and pieces of content that take subscribers through the Capitalist Exploits investment process.

This includes information on how the firm picks stocks, screens stocks, and their thought process behind investing.

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capex insider reviews

Capitalist Exploits Insider Review

Capitalist Exploits Insider is an amazing research that takes Insider Weekly and piles on a ton of features to devour.

If you want to dig into every bit of stock market insight that the team has to offer, Insider is your go-to. It does come with a much higher price tag, but it’s a premium service through and through. 

Also, Chris and the Capitalist Exploits team invest their own money into every idea they recommend on Insider. In other words, they literally put their money where their mouth is, which sends a strong signal about the team’s confidence in the ideas that they share.

Trade Alerts

The Capitalist Exploits Insider trading service periodically sends out email and text alerts on stocks that have piqued an analyst’s interest.

These trade alerts also share the best ways to execute those trades and include entry and exit positions.

Community Forum

This forum allows CapEx Insider members from around the world to communicate via a private chat room. Capitalist Exploits’ community is a great place to chat with members, swap insights, and network with like-minded individuals.

Asymmetric trades can be difficult to scout for on your own, which makes having a knowledgeable community all the more important. You are free to discuss trades and help each other out with investment strategies and navigating the financial markets.

It’s a private forum with members-only access, so you’ll need to sign up to tap into these insights.

Live Q&A Sessions

Ask all your investing questions to professional money managers, who answer them live in a monthly webinar setting.

Questions can be either about Capitalist Exploits Insider or investments outside your subscription.

Educational Resources

The Capitalist Exploits Insider does not want to leave you guessing on how to trade. The firm teaches people how to identify and execute asymmetric risk/reward investments through long-term wealth-building investment strategies.

Additionally, this service provides everything from how-to guides and reports, with over 300 videos available in the insights database.

Access to a Guru

You can reach out directly to Chris and other staff members if you need help.

This is a nice change of pace, as a lot of investment research services send you on your way to figure it out alone after collecting payment. 

Capitalist Exploits Portfolio

Insider members have direct access to the Capitalist Exploits portfolio.

The portfolio includes stocks from a range of sectors (about 12 at any given time). The goal is to buy them “for pennies on the dollar, with the aim of selling each for min. 300% returns.”

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Capitalist Exploits Performance

The Capitalist Exploits newsletter has a solid track record of recommending winning investments that have provided the opportunity for huge returns.

Its three biggest winners (publicly disclosed) are:

  • Ceres Power (CWR) 242%
  • Powercell Sweden (PCELL) 261%
  • Gran Columbia (GCM) 313%

It’s picks like these that have earned the team such a strong reputation in the investing space. While these may not be typical, they could be a good indication that the team has the skills to pinpoint profitable opportunities.

Is Capitalist Exploits Legit?

Capitalist Exploits is a legit research service and its investment newsletters are packed with valuable insights. The team has real hands-on experience as professional investors, and their expertise really shines through in their stock market analysis.

This firm reports that it has 20,000+ members, and it has earned excellent reviews online (more on that later). This is, hands down, one of the best-rated investment services that we’ve reviewed.

We appreciate the team’s no-nonsense approach and laser focus on sectors over stocks. Plus, their asymmetric trading strategy and risk-reward balance is a breath of fresh air in an industry where many gurus seem to dole out stock recommendations guided by wild hunches.

Capitalist Exploits Pros and Cons

Capitalist Exploits offers a lot of value, but there are some areas where we think the service could improve.

Here’s a list of the pros and cons that we found in our Capitalist Exploits review.


  • Asymmetric opportunities that focus on sectors over stocks
  • Led by ex-hedge-fund and money managers with a solid track record
  • Highly rated investment service
  • Gives an extensive investment education
  • Targets opportunities for 300% returns


  • Capitalist Exploits Insider is on the pricey side
  • Political commentary could turn some away

Capitalist Exploits Reviews

The Capitalist Exploits service has earned excellent reviews online and has comfortably locked in a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot.

Out of 275 reviews, a whopping 94% of reviewers rate the service with an “Excellent” score.

capitalist exploit trustpilot reviews

It’s rare for services (in any industry) to reach a near-perfect score on an unbiased 3rd-party review site, but CapEx is a different breed of newsletter.

Let’s take a look at some testimonials about Capitalist Exploits. The first on our list is a review for Insider Weekly with a 5/5 rating.

testimonial of capitalist exploits

Here’s a very positive review specifically about CapEx Insider:

trustpilot 5 star rating of Capex

There’s no shortage of praise for either Insider Weekly or Insider, and most Trustpilot reviewers seem to be very satisfied with the quality of analysis that is on offer.

Given MacIntosh’s calculated asymmetric investment strategy, it’s no surprise that his service has earned such a positive reception.

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How Much Does Capitalist Exploits Cost?

Capitalist Exploits’Insider Weekly has a $1 one-month trial that costs $35 per month after the trial period ends. 

On the other hand, CapEx Insider normally retails for $1,999 a year, but you can access a $500 discount by using any of the links on this page. This knocks the price tag down to $1,499.

Given everything on offer, both of these are exceptional deals. You can access Insider Weekly’s insights for pocket change, while the more expensive Insider offers a massive $500 discount.

capex pricing

Capitalist Exploits Refund Policy

Capitalist Exploits Insider has a 30-day money-back guarantee that lets you test drive the service for an entire month to see if it’s right for you. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can get a no-questions-asked refund.

Currently, the Insider Weekly newsletter does not have a money-back guarantee. Considering that you can sign up for just 1 dollar, we think this is more than fair.

Is Capitalist Exploits Worth It?

Capitalist Exploits’ Insider Weekly and Insider are excellent services and are well worth the price. If you’re on the fence, you can sign up for the newsletter for just one buck for the first month.

We appreciate the focus on asymmetric trade opportunities and sectors, as it capitalizes on the overall growth of an industry rather than betting on key players.

Chris MacIntosh and his team clearly know their way around the markets, and there’s no shortage of stellar reviews testifying to this.

Insider Weekly, in particular, has made its mark in the financial world as a sophisticated investment newsletter with exceptional value.

Anyone in the market for a solid stock picking service should keep Capitalist Exploits on their radar, especially considering the $1 entry fee for the newsletter and the $500 discount for Insider.

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