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China’s Admiral Yang’s Calls for Vigilance and Preparedness Amidst U.S – China Relations

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Evolving Dynamics

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Retired Chinese navy rear admiral Yang Yi shares his perspectives on the evolving dynamics between the United States and China. Admiral Yang’s mantra of “hope for the best but prepare for the worst” sets the stage for a strategic examination of China-U.S. relations.

Admiral Yang’s Key Message

Admiral Yang underscores the intrinsic link between national strength and global influence, asserting, “When you are powerful and strong, the U.S. will not dare to anger you, and you can better protect your national interests.” This insight serves as a cornerstone for China’s strategic considerations.

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The Speaker – Admiral Yang Yi

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As the former head of a distinguished research institute at the PLA National Defense University, Admiral Yang brings unparalleled expertise and a nuanced perspective to the evolving dynamics between the United States and China. His strategic insights offer a valuable lens into the mindset shaping China’s geopolitical course.

Importance of National Strength

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Admiral Yang delves into the geopolitical realities, emphasizing that a robust and powerful nation is less susceptible to provocations. He believes that this will allow China to safeguard its national interests on the global stage more effectively.

Recent Developments

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Recent breakthroughs include the notable video call between General Charles Brown Jr. and PLA General Liu Zhenli on December 21. This was a significant event as the first senior-level military dialogue since July 2022.

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Suspension of Talks

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This dialogue comes on the heels of Beijing’s suspension of military-to-military talks, a response to Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit in 2022. The interconnectedness of politics and military dynamics comes to the forefront.

Importance of Exchanges

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Admiral Yang underscores the crucial role of exchanges between nations with differing political systems. Such engagements are vital in fostering mutual understanding and establishing common ground in an ever-changing geopolitical landscape.

Clear Message to Washington

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To navigate these complexities, Admiral Yang urges Beijing to communicate a clear message to Washington—a commitment to avoiding confrontation while resolutely standing against actions contrary to China’s core interests.

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General Brown’s Statement

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General Brown stresses the necessity for substantive dialogue, responsible competition management, and maintaining open lines of communication. These elements are crucial for fostering greater mutual understanding and preventing miscalculations.

Lack of Interaction

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The need for more interaction between theater-level leaders becomes a focal point. This void highlights the urgency of direct engagement at the highest levels to mitigate potential misunderstandings between the U.S. and China.

General Liu’s Call for Talks

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General Liu emphasizes the imperative for talks grounded in equality and respect. According to him, such dialogues are critical for stabilizing and enhancing bilateral ties between the U.S. and China.

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South China Sea Issue

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The South China Sea issue reenters the discourse, with General Liu asserting the need for the U.S. to respect China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights—a recurring point of contention between the two nations.

Spratly Islands Tensions

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Admiral Yang attributes tensions in the Spratly Islands to U.S. instigation. He accuses the U.S. of strategically using the Philippines as a geopolitical “pawn” to provoke China, contributing to regional instability.

Evolving Dynamics of Sino-U.S Relations

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Admiral Yang’s multifaceted insights prompt contemplation on the evolving dynamics in Sino-U.S. relations. His call for strategic preparedness resonates, underscoring China’s imperative to approach uncertainties with unwavering vigilance and strategic strength.

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