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Colorado Judges Threatened Following Trump Ballot Ruling 

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Authorities in Colorado are taking action amid concerns of potential threats against state Supreme Court justices following a recent ruling barring former President Donald Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot. 

Denver Police Initiated Enquiry 

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Denver police have initiated an investigation into these threats, with an increased police presence around the homes of the justices involved in the decision. This comes as political strategists speculate about potential backlash from Trump supporters, while online forums have seen the emergence of violent rhetoric aimed at the justices. 

Court Decision Spurs Investigation 

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The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision on December 19, in a 4-3 ruling, determined that Trump should be disqualified from the state’s presidential primary ballot. The basis for this decision was a little-known clause within the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment, which deals with insurrection. 

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Response to Apparent Threat 

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Two nights after the court’s ruling, Denver police responded to an incident at the home of one of the justices following a call for service that authorities later labeled as a possible “hoax report.” Investigations into this incident are ongoing, adding to concerns about threats directed at the justices. 

Potential for Political Backlash 

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Republican strategists have raised concerns that the Colorado ballot ruling, likely to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, could further polarize political conservatives. Some fear it may reinforce the narrative that Trump is a victim of a partisan legal process. 

Online Threats Emerge 

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Media outlets have reported on the appearance of violent rhetoric on right-wing online forums from Trump supporters directed at the four Colorado justices who ruled against the former president. These posts have included calls for the public exposure of the justices’ personal information and disturbing messages. 

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Investigation Underway 

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The Denver Police Department is actively investigating incidents related to these threats against Colorado Supreme Court justices. They are working in collaboration with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to thoroughly probe any reports of harassment or threats. 

FBI Involvement 

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The FBI has also become involved in the matter, acknowledging the situation and stating that they are working with local law enforcement. They have made it clear that they will vigorously investigate any threats or acts of violence associated with extremist views, regardless of the motivation behind them. 

Details Remain Confidential 

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Both the police and the FBI have refrained from providing specific details about the nature or scope of the threats being investigated. Similarly, the Colorado state judicial branch has chosen not to comment on the issue at this time. 

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Historic Decision 

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Trump’s disqualification from the White House ballot is historic, as he became the first candidate in U.S. history to be deemed ineligible under a provision of the 14th Amendment that prohibits officials who engage in “insurrection or rebellion” against the U.S. government from holding elected office. 

Rationale for Decision 

21 February 2016: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to several thousand supporters at a rally in Atlanta, Georgia. — Photo by actionsports

The Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling was based on Trump’s alleged role in inciting the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol by a mob of his supporters. This attack aimed to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential race. 

Delayed Implementation 

Denver, USA – May 25, 2016: The main entrance of the Colorado Supreme Court building. A man is coming down the stairs. — Photo by mixmotive

While the court’s decision pertains specifically to Colorado’s March 5 Republican primary, the justices have opted to delay its effect until at least January 4, 2024, to allow for the possibility of an appeal. 

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