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Commodity Supercycles Review: Is It Worth Your Time? 

John Parker - August 11, 2021

Commodity Supercycles Review Featured
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Bill Shaw has been a player in the investment research business for years, and now he’s turning people onto what he believes is a historic opportunity through his Commodity Supercycles investment research service.

Our Commodity Supercycles review will put this investment research service under the microscope and tell you if you should trade or fade this major opportunity.

commodity supercycles review

Commodity Supercycles Review: Overview

Commodity Supercycles is a specialized research service from Stansberry Research. It covers the latest emerging trends in commodities and other natural resource assets.

The service utilizes a once-monthly newsletter with new recommendations in almost every issue. Plus, you get a ton of additional bonus extras when you sign up.

Commodity Supercycles is primarily designed for everyday people, so it doesn’t utilize many of the complex financial instruments that can make commodity investing complicated, such as futures and options.

Instead, the service shows subscribers how they can get into the commodity markets through regular exchange-traded stocks. You can buy these securities like you would any other stock.

about commodity supercycles review

Strategy and Risk

According to its page on Stansberry Research’s website, Commodity Supercycles leans slightly to the conservative side of the risk spectrum, so it tends to avoid highly-speculative trades.

The Commodity Supercycles portfolio holds about 15 to 25 stocks on average, and each position has a typical holding period ranging from one to two years.

The service’s editor is Bill Shaw, a long-time Stansberry Research veteran with a broad range of investing experience; more on him later.

That sums up the basics for this research service, but we’re just getting started. First and foremost, who is Bill Shaw and is he worth following?

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commodity supercycles reviewed

Bill Shaw Review

The driving force behind Commodity Supercycles is its editor and research guru, Bill Shaw.

Shaw and his team are commodities experts. They have deep expertise in oil & gas, precious metals, agriculture equities, and other sectors.

Aside from his work with Commodity Supercycles, Bill Shaw also works as the lead editor on the Stansberry Gold & Silver Investor newsletter. There, he shows readers how to use gold and silver investments to diversify and strengthen their portfolios.

Bill Shaw isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty either. He’s a ‘boots on the ground’ type of guy that doesn’t shy away from field research. Here he is on one such expedition:

bill shaw in the field

Bill also has a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University with a major in Environmental Resource Management. After college, he spent more than a decade working in the land development management industry.

At one point, he was responsible for a land asset portfolio that was worth $100 million.

There are a lot of so-called experts in the financial research business, but Shaw is head-and-shoulders above them. He’s a qualified expert so, when he says he spots a major opportunity, it’s worth paying attention.

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commodity supercycles review tesla nickelCommodity Supercycles Review: Elon Musk’s BIG PROBLEM

The electric vehicle sector produced some of the biggest winners of recent memory, but Bill Shaw has discovered a vulnerability in the EV supply-chain that could create big problems for the industry and major opportunities for investors.

According to Shaw, each Tesla Model 3 requires 121 pounds of a rare resource with a limited global supply that’s drying up fast.

Until recently, EV companies could get this natural resource in abundance, but things are changing rapidly. The shortages could increase dramatically once the other major automakers roll out their electric vehicle lines en masse.

To prove his point, Shaw cites a Bloomberg report predicting the expected demand influx could drive this natural resource to a 14-fold increase by 2030.

commodity supercycles warehouse stocks

Who Benefits?

Shaw has discovered an under-the-radar $4 stock that could be in an ideal position to benefit from this increasingly hot market.

This firm is putting together a dominant market share in this ultra-competitive space, and it could soon become one of the hottest companies in the EV supply chain.

The resource is an essential element in the long-range batteries that make EVs viable alternatives to combustion engines. Without it, the electric vehicle revolution could be a non-starter.

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett-backed Berkshire Hathaway have all made investments in securing some part of this vital supply line.

This shortage could produce huge gains for companies in this space. A previous shortage of nickel drove certain nickel stocks to gains as high as 2,983% in less than six years.

Now, this tiny company could be positioned for similar success.

How to Capitalize

Commodity Supercycles editor Bill Shaw put together a detailed report explaining exactly how to take advantage of this emerging trend, and he’s including it for free in the latest Commodity Supercycles deal.

If you join Commodity Supercycles, you will get instant access to this report along with a host of other bonus extras.

We’re going to review the full deal below, so keep reading to get a detailed breakdown of this report and the rest of the Commodity Supercycle bonuses.

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commodity supercycles features

What’s Included with Commodity Supercycles?

  • 12 Months of the Commodity Supercycles newsletter
  • Unlimited access to the Commodity Supercycles model portfolio
  • Super-Charged Battery Royalties: How to 10x Your Money Investing in the Critical Resources Tesla Needs for Electric Vehicle Batteries
  • The #1 Gold Stock to Buy in 2021
  • The Secret Currency: A Secret Gold Strategy Used by the World’s Wealthiest Families to Make 500% Gains With Very Little Risk
  • 30-day, money-back guarantee

Commodity Supercycles Newsletter Review

You’ll receive a new issue of the Commodity Supercycles newsletter on the first Wednesday of each month, and each issue will include a new stock recommendation, the latest news, and more.

The newsletter is the primary vehicle for most of Commodity Supercycles‘ research and insights. It’s where you’ll go to get the latest analysis from Bill Shaw and his team.

In addition, Commodity Supercycles will send additional e-mail alerts whenever something needs your attention. For example, they’ll let you know whenever they change their recommendation on a stock.

The Commodity Supercycles newsletter is a great read. Its natural resources markets coverage is particularly enlightening, which is no surprise given Bill Shaw’s track record.

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Commodity Supercycles Model Portfolio Review

As part of your Commodity Supercycles subscription, you’ll also get access to Shaw’s model portfolio. The model portfolio lists all of Shaw’s active recommendations, along with price targets, predictions, and much more.

It’s a great resource because it allows you to look back on all of Shaw’s latest recommendations. You can see every active recommendation, including previous picks from before you subscribed.

The model portfolio typically includes a wide variety of stocks in the natural resources space, including oil and gas explorers, coal miners, precious metals producers, and more.

You can also find important information pertaining to each stock, including the company’s name, ticker, potential profit, and more. The model portfolio gives you a birds-eye view that makes it easy to find the information you need.

Commodity Supercycles Special Reports Review

If you sign up now, a 12-month subscription to Commodity Supercycles includes a bunch of bonus extras.

commodity supercycles featured report review

Featured Report: Super-Charged Battery Royalties Review

This special report focuses on the opportunity we discussed earlier in this Commodity Supercycles review.

The way Shaw sees it, mining companies aren’t the best vehicle for playing this opportunity. A different business model can be much more effective.

Royalty companies don’t mine the actual metal, so they don’t deal with any of the costs or other complications. Instead, they allow other companies to mine the land in exchange for a cut of the sales they earn through the mining.

This arrangement is very lean and profitable. It makes royalty companies well suited for people interested in investing in booms within the natural resource sector.

In this report, Bill Shaw reveals the $4 stock that could hold a dominant market share in a rare resource that could be vital to the EV industry.

The report includes detailed analysis on the company and explains exactly how people should approach the opportunity. It’s all written in plain English designed with everyday folks in mind.

Trust us when we tell you, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of this stock before. This is a great addition to the service, and we’re downright excited about the prospects for this company.

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The #1 Gold Stock to Buy in 2021 Review

This report outlines what could be the biggest gold opportunity this year, and it’s trading for dirt cheap.

Gold traders usually shop gold mining stocks, ETFs, coins, and other common gold holdings. However, Shaw says there’s a better way to play the expansion.

According to Shaw, purchasing companies that are situated to capitalize on increasing gold prices is the best way to capture upside in the market.

Shaw has identified a tiny stock that could be a top performer this year. If he’s right, it could be an excellent, recession-resistant addition to your holdings.

If you sign up for Commodity Supercycles now, you’ll get this report free with your membership. Given the recent news surrounding the U.S. dollar, it could be a very worthwhile read.

Shaw says this company has a low-risk, high-reward business model that could benefit tremendously if gold performs as expected.

commodity supercycles secret currency review

The Secret Currency Review 

In this report, Shaw reveals an under-the-radar investment. It’s favored by some of the world’s wealthiest families, including the Rothschilds and Morgans.

Shaw says it’s like regular gold and silver, but it has the potential for much higher gains. It could provide an excellent hedge against the next financial crisis.

This report explains the “secret” investment in detail. It tells you what it is, how much it’s worth, where to get it, and much more.

The Secret Currency could be your roadmap to one of the most promising investments covered in this package. This tried-and-true asset is an excellent holding that could hold a ton of benefits for most people’s portfolios.

It also shows you exactly how you can put it to work in your portfolio.

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commodity supercycles reviews guarantee

Commodity Supercycles Review: Money-Back Guarantee

There are tons of investment research services out there, so it’s no surprise that many folks are skeptical about these types of offers.

However, Commodity Supercycles is one of the few publications to offer a risk-free guarantee. New subscribers can take up to 30 days to see if Commodity Supercycles lives up to their expectations.

If you’re not satisfied, for any reason, simply contact the U.S.-based customer service team for a complete refund within the 30 days.

Best of all, you get to keep the bonus reports just for trying out the service. This guarantee is rock-solid, so you literally have nothing to lose by trying out the service.

Commodity Supercycles Review: Pros and Cons

Commodity Supercycles is a great service, but nobody’s perfect. Here’s the best and worst points we found.


  • Tons of information on natural resource investing
  • Experienced guru in Bill Shaw
  • Affordable price
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Includes several bonus reports on emerging trends
  • Featured special report contains potentially massive EV opportunity
  • Monthly newsletter with recommendations
  • Unlimited model portfolio access
  • Notifications when something needs your attention


  • No chat function
  • No options recommendations
  • No short selling

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Is Commodity Supercycles Right for Me?

Commodity Supercycles has a lot to offer, but it’s a particularly good choice for anyone who fits into one of these categories:

Silver and Gold Bugs

Shaw has a wealth of experience with natural resource investments like gold and silver. He frequently produces valuable research relating to these sectors, and he usually puts a spin on it that could return better gains than simply buying the asset directly. It’s a natural fit for anyone who’s bullish on precious metals.

Battery Bulls

If you’re looking for unique ways to get in on the electric vehicle boom, Commodity Supercycles is an excellent choice. Battery metals are as vital to the EV economy as automakers themselves, and they could explode when EVs reach mass adoption. The latest deal is especially good for this purpose because of its featured bonus report on the topic.


Commodity Supercycles provides an excellent introduction to the market for anyone that’s new to the energy and natural resources industries. The service’s page on the Stansberry Research website notes that the service is “great for beginning investors.” [source]

Alternative Assets

An overly-concentrated portfolio can make your holdings vulnerable to sector-specific sell-offs and crashes, so it’s never a bad idea to keep a diverse set of assets. If you’re concentrated in the stock market, Commodity Supercycles can introduce you to some natural resource companies that can diversify your portfolio.

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how much does commodity supercycles cost

How Much Does Commodity Supercycles Cost?

If you’re sold on Commodity Supercycles, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get started for as little as $49 for a one-year subscription.

The standard subscription includes 12 monthly issues of Commodity Supercycles, along with the aforementioned bonus reports and model portfolio.

In comparison to other investment research services, it’s a very fair price. Other products can cost as much as $200 per month, so to access this kind of high-level research for $49 per year is a major bargain. 

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 Is Commodity Supercycles Worth It?

Commodity Supercycles has a lot to offer for as little as $49 per month. It’s a very informative service that will teach you a lot about a broad range of industries and markets.

Plus, it includes a wealth of bonus reports that provide insights into several high-potential opportunities, including the EV boom and much more.

Shaw and Stansberry Research both have great reputations and tons of research experience. You can greatly expand your investing knowledge by following their work.

Plus, the whole package is covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you are sure to walk away satisfied.

The subscription cost is a small price to pay for such valuable research. You could greatly improve your trading outcomes with Commodity Supercycles research in your arsenal.

Commodity Supercycles Review: The Verdict

Shaw makes a convincing case for gold… And if you have an understanding of economics, you can easily see why he is so bullish.

Commodity Supercycles can provide the guidance you need to come out on top of the next bull run. It’s relatively affordable in comparison to other products. Plus, you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied. 

Other publications focus on growth stocks and other equity investments, but those markets are historically overvalued right now.

Commodity Supercycles is focused on precious metals and other commodity investments that could easily outperform the market over the coming years, especially given the current outlook for the U.S. economy.

For $49 a year, a Commodity Supercycles could easily pay for itself with one successful trade. Shaw is a certified pro and, with the risk-free guarantee, there’s no reason not to give the service a try.

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John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.