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Connecticut athlete files lawsuit against her home state opposing the inclusion of male inclusion in female sports

Now 20 years old, Chelsea Mitchell, a standout athlete ranked among the fastest in Connecticut’s high school sports history, has experienced 20 defeats in her sporting career due to Connecticut’s policy allowing males to compete against females.

Mitchell strongly disagrees with this policy and is ready to contest it legally.

Speaking about the lawsuit, Mitchell told the New York Post, “At the end of the day, this is just about fairness. This is about biology.”

Connecticut says athletes can compete based on ‘gender identification’

However, her clear perspective on the issue of transgender inclusion in sports is not mirrored by the defendants in her lawsuit: the Connecticut Association of Schools and the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference.

These entities argue that an athlete’s competition eligibility should align with their identified gender.

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Other athletes join Mitchell in her legal battle

In her legal battle, Mitchell is not standing alone. Other female track athletes from Connecticut, Selina Soule (20), Ashley Nicoletti (19), and Alanna Smith (19), have joined the lawsuit.

If their collective effort is successful, it could lead to a significant policy change in Connecticut, with athletes required to compete based on their biological sex rather than gender identity.

Mitchell stated, “I wanted to give voice to my story and help other girls out there so they wouldn’t have to experience this.”

Male athletes had a huge advantage – Mitchell

Credit: DepositPhotos

Mitchell’s athletic journey in track sports was off to an auspicious start in her early years.

However, she faced an unforeseen challenge to her ambition of winning a state championship when she had to compete against a male runner. This competition undermined her otherwise promising prospects of clinching the state-wide title.

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Mitchell said, “It was obvious to everyone there that they had a huge advantage. Everyone could see it.”

The issue of confronting athletes with an inherent biological advantage did not disappear. Instead, it intensified.

The subsequent year they witnessed the participation of two transgender runners in the Connecticut girls’ track sports.

Over the rest of Mitchell’s high school athletic career, these two athletes, who were biologically male, ended up dominating the sport.

Opportunities are being taken away from female athletes

Mitchell told the New York Post, “Just two athletes took many opportunities away from biological females. Even though there were only two of them, they took 15 state championships away from other girls — and there were 85 girls that were directly impacted by them being in the races.”

The quest for fairness in female sports has been a lengthy and strenuous journey for Mitchell. Her initial legal action against the state’s policies began in her junior year with an anonymous Title IX complaint.

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Mitchell faces an uphill legal battle

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Mitchell likely faces an uphill battle in her legal quest, as a three-judge panel of the same court ruled against her in December.

However, her legal team remains cautiously optimistic that the full court will rule to protect and preserve fairness in women’s sports.

“We’re hopeful that the court will declare that this Connecticut policy violates Title IX,” said Mitchell’s lawyer Matt Sharp of Alliance Defending Freedom. “We’re asking for the court to recognize the damage done to Chelsea and the other athletes and to restore their record and the credit that they rightfully worked hard to earn.”