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Brett Owens Contrarian Income Report Review (2022)

Chris Dios - May 03, 2022

contrarian income report review
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Dividends can be a game-changer for income portfolios, but finding a reliable research service isn’t easy. Contrarian Income Report is one of the few services conducting real research into building a monthly income stream, but does it live up to its reputation? Read our Contrarian Income Report review to find out.

Contrarian income report brett owens

What Is Contrarian Income Report?

Contrarian Income Report is a dividend-focused research service specializing in monthly income plays. It’s published by Contrarian Outlook and led by chief investment strategist Brett Owens.

The service aims to show members how to build a steady income stream with its exclusive 7% Monthly Payer Portfolio.

If executed properly, you can build up enough dividend income to cover your expenses without having to draw down your nest egg during retirement.

In addition to the model portfolio, you also get Owens’ monthly Contrarian Income Report newsletter, a boatload of bonus research, and more.

Is Contrarian Income Report Legit?

Contrarian Income Report is a legit stock research service with a unique twist.

Where most research services make bombastic claims and offer flimsy recommendations, Contrarian Income Report has a more thoughtful approach.

Its dividend stock selection is carefully curated to provide the opportunity for a steady stream of income month to month.

What Is a Contrarian Stock?

A contrarian stock is an investment that goes against conventional wisdom.

Contrarian investors scour the stock market for new angles to find undervalued stocks that are overlooked by the masses.

If you’re interested in learning more about this high-yield income investing strategy, you’re in luck. We’re going to put Contrarian Income Report’s insights to the test to see if it can pinpoint under-the-radar stocks.

But first, who is Brett Owens, and what’s his background?

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brett owens chief investment strategist contrarian income report

Who Is Brett Owens?

Brett Owens is a former Silicon Valley startup founder, self-professed dividend investor, and chief investment strategist for Contrarian Income Report.

He also holds a degree in operations research and industrial engineering. 

Owens started investing in the dividend market nearly two decades ago, and he was quickly drawn to stocks with dividend yields as high as 8%. Some of his picks even produced double-digit gains in addition to their dividend payouts.

These days, he’s leading Contrarian Income Report and sharing his insights with everyday folks.

Since launching the service, his subscribers have had the chance to enjoy dividends that are four times higher than the S&P 500 average.

Owens’ primary goal with Contrarian Income Report is to help subscribers fund their retirements without drawing down their savings. Dividends are an ideal instrument for this strategy, and monthly dividends fit the bill even better.

Brett Owens Net Worth

Brett Owens’ net worth is not publicly available.

At just 26, Owens co-founded two SaaS (Software as a Service) companies that serve 26,000+ users.

Factor in this and Owens’ other income streams, like dividend investing, and he could be doing pretty well for himself. 

Is Brett Owens Legit?

Brett Owens has had tremendous success with monthly dividends, and he’s well qualified to lead this service.

You can follow his research with confidence.

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contrarian outlook reviews

Contrarian Outlook Review

Contrarian Outlook is an esteemed research firm and the publisher of Contrarian Income Report.

The company prides itself on bringing subscribers high-quality, independent research with no double-talk or hidden agendas.

“At Contrarian Outlook, we still believe there are plenty of profit opportunities out there, no matter which way the herd runs next. Our mission is to show you where and how to make the most of them with objective, independent, unbiased investing ideas.”

– ContrarianOutlook.com, About Us page

Contrarian Outlook operates several research services with various themes.

Out of that collection, Contrarian Income Report primarily focuses on high-yielding dividends and other income opportunities.

Other elite newsletters include:

  • Hidden Yields
  • Dividend Swing Trader
  • CEF Insider 

You can count on each Contrarian Outlook subscription to deliver objective research and unbiased investing ideas.

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performance of contrarian outlook portfolio

Monthly Dividend Superstars

In his latest presentation, Brett Owens draws attention to the cash-generating power of monthly dividends with his exclusive monthly payer portfolio.

This portfolio features stocks with yields of 7%+ with upside.

The model portfolio’s investment strategy focuses on helping people generate steady income on their retirement savings. It also uses monthly dividends that provide regular distributions and increased spending flexibility.

There are many nuances to consider in this sector, and you can quickly run into trouble if you attempt to navigate this angle without proper guidance. That’s where Contrarian Income Report comes in.

Brett Owens has built a model portfolio containing many of his top monthly dividend stocks, and he’s sharing it with his subscribers.

It’s called Monthly Dividend Superstars, and it’s the featured report in the latest Contrarian Income Report deal, along with several additional bonus reports on the subject.

We’re going to cover the entire collection of special reports in our Contrarian Income Report review and explain the benefits of each resource.

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contrarian income report review 

Contrarian Income Report Features

  • One-year membership to Contrarian Income Report
  • Unlimited model portfolio review
  • Flash Alerts
  • Second-Level Insights
  • Weekly Market Analysis
  • Quarterly Webinars
  • Monthly Dividend Superstars: Yields Up to 7.7% With Double-Digit Upside
  • Best of Both Worlds: 5 Fixed-Income Funds Set to Soar
  • 2 Preferred Dividends That Can Triple Your Payouts Immediately
  • The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks to Sell Now
  • Second-Level Investing: Your Guide to the Contrarian Money Machine
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

>> Access these benefits and more when you join Contrarian Income Report <<

Contrarian Income Report Newsletter Review

Contrarian Income Report is Brett Owens’ monthly research newsletter, and it includes his latest research into monthly dividend stocks, preferred shares, and other hidden yields opportunities.

Each issue includes a wealth of research and analysis into incredible high-yield dividend plays, new recommendations, and more. Contrarian Income Report keeps you informed about developing dividend opportunities for an entire year.

Every issue is a very informative read that provides a wealth of valuable information and up-to-date insights into the latest market-moving news.

You get a new issue of the Contrarian Income Report on the first Friday of each month directly in your inbox. They typically include at least one new recommendation, updates on model portfolio positions, and analysis of developing trends.

Contrarian Income Report is an excellent resource for keeping you informed on the market, and it will continue providing value long after you’ve finished reading through all the included special reports.

Model Portfolio

You also get unlimited access to Brett Owens’ Monthly Payer Portfolio when you join, featuring 7%+ yields with potential upside, and it includes every one of his active recommendations.

The portfolio is an excellent resource: it gives you a bird’s-eye view of all Contrarian Income Report’s positions in one convenient place and provides detailed insights into each stock.

You can access this valuable resource for a whole year when you sign up for this deal.

In addition, the model portfolio makes it easy to stay on top of Contrarian Income Report’s latest picks so you can get the most out of the service.

contrarian investing newsletter info

Flash Alerts

Brett Owens sends a flash alert to his followers whenever recent news could impact the Contrarian Income Report model portfolio.

You’ll receive an email detailing the news and explaining its implications for the affected positions, along with a game plan for responding to the new circumstances.

Owens follows the market 24/7, and he always keeps subscribers updated.

In addition, the flash alerts provide peace of mind for busy adults who don’t have time to watch the 24-hour news cycle like a hawk.

Second-Level Insights

Contrarian Income Report provides deep insights into each one of their recommendations. Brett Owens carefully explains the reasoning behind each pick so subscribers can learn from his thought process.

While it might seem trivial on the surface, this is one of the service’s most valuable benefits.

You’ll never improve your investing skills by following along with stock picks. Instead, you need to understand the thought process behind each recommendation if you want to sharpen your skills.

On this front, Brett Owens delivers, and although it’s important to note that his insights don’t constitute investment advice, it serves as a valuable resource for expanding your market education.

>> Join now to sharpen your skills with Brett Owens’ Second-Level Insights <<

Weekly Market Analysis

The market moves fast, and Brett Owens knows it’s hard to keep people up to speed with just one monthly report.

That’s why Owens also covers shorter-term moves in the market with weekly reports on the latest market-moving trends.

The weekly briefs also include some of his other second-level ideas and details on stocks he’s been watching. Owens’ report arrives in your inbox every week like clockwork, and it comes with tons of additional information that you can’t always find in the monthly report.

The weekly report is another feature that helps you stay informed on the market.

While flash alerts cover specific news affecting certain portfolio positions, the weekly analysis offers a broader view of the latest market conditions.

Quarterly Webinars

Brett Owens holds a live members-only webinar broadcast for his subscribers about every three months.

Owens uses these webinars to discuss model portfolio positions, developing market trends, and more. He also answers pressing questions from members and discusses the latest Contrarian Income Report news.

The webinars are very personal and friendly. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the stale presentations most gurus are offering. 

So don’t be surprised if you end up looking forward to these sessions every few months.

Contrarian Income Report: Special Reports

The latest Contrarian Income Report presentation also includes several special reports on a wide variety of dividend-related investing topics.

Here’s a complete breakdown of each bonus.

contrarian investments

Monthly Dividend Superstars

Monthly Dividend Superstars is the featured special report for Brett Owens’ latest presentation. It includes a wealth of information on Owens’ top-3 high-yielding dividend plays. The report contains details on each top-3 stock, including buy-up-to prices, supporting research on each opportunity, and more.

Brett Owens provides some information on each of the three plays in his presentation. The picks are closed-end funds. The funds only very rarely issue additional shares, and they won’t accept any more capital. However, people can still trade shares through public exchanges.

The first opportunity pays a 7.7% yield and operates in one of the highest-demand sectors on the market right now.

The second fund comes from one of the top investment managers on the planet, and it pays a 7.4% yield.

Finally, the last company has a rock-solid position and trades at a discount to its net asset value. It’s paying a yield of about 6.3%.

You get a detailed analysis of each opportunity in the 7% Monthly Dividend Superstars report.

>> Get instant access to the Monthly Dividend Superstars when you join now <<

contrarian income report review bonuses

Best of Both Worlds

Fixed income opportunities can be a powerful addition to any yield-seeking portfolio strategy, and Brett Owens lays out five of his top picks in this report.

These funds pay distribution yields of at least 6%, and they could provide notable benefits to your income stream.

Owens also believes these funds have the potential to soar past the broader market in the future.

The report also includes detailed research on each featured fixed-income fund, including management profiles, preferred investing strategies, and more. Fixed-income assets offer many benefits, and the opportunities outlined in the report could be particularly fruitful.

contrarian income report review bonuses

2 Preferred Dividends

Preferred stocks also offer notable income benefits.

They trade similarly to ordinary common shares, but they typically provide more lucrative dividends in place of the shareholder voting rights. Another benefit of preferred stocks is their dividend policies.

Most common shares don’t offer any kind of dividend guarantee, and the company can end its dividend at any time. Conversely, preferred stocks often include stipulations that protect their payouts.

In this report, Owens introduces readers to two of his top-rated preferred stock funds. These funds hold numerous preferred stocks to make it easier for folks to build diversified positions in this under-the-radar asset class.

Owens also provides extensive background information on each of the two funds, including background on their management teams, dividend payout histories, and more.

Adding preferred stocks to the mix is a clear demonstration that Brett Owens knows his stuff. You could easily overlook these assets if you weren’t aware of their benefits, but Owens has made them essential in his investment strategy.

contrarian outlook review bonuses

The Dirty Dozen

As we said before, the dividend space is tricky. All payouts are not created equally, and your dividend yield isn’t worth anything if a company suddenly decides to cut its dividend after a bad quarter.

Fortunately, many people have fallen into the “dividend trap.” They see a stock with an excellent dividend rate only to see the company reduce or eliminate its dividend, and they’re left holding the bag while share prices tumble.

To help you avoid running into similar circumstances, Owens is including a report detailing a dozen popular dividend stocks and funds that could be on course for disaster.

These stocks are very popular among dividend investors, but there could be big trouble ahead for them.

This report could save you from massive losses if you own these companies. But, even if you don’t own them, this info could still prevent you from making a costly mistake down the road. The Dirty Dozen is an excellent addition to the Contrarian Income Report package.

If you’ve already started making moves in the dividend market, you should read this report to ensure you’re not holding any of these potential losers.

>> Get the full list of Dirty Dozen stocks when you join Contrarian Income Report <<

Second-Level Investing

The stock market can have a mob mentality at times. Unfortunately, many people tend to follow prevailing sentiments, even when mounting evidence points to the contrary.

Contrarian investing calls for second-guessing the group-think hype in favor of a more critical approach to the market, and both Contrarian Outlook and Contrarian Income Report get their names from this strategy.

A contrarian mindset is a valuable tool for evaluating stock market opportunities, and many agree it could substantially improve investing outcomes.

Instead of buying the hot stocks, contrarian investors prefer “diamonds in the dirt” or stocks that aren’t getting the support from the market they deserve.

These stocks typically offer significant value at a bargain price, and they could set you up for substantial gains when they earn mainstream demand.

In this report, Brett Owens explains contrarian investing fundamentals so you can put them to use for yourself. The report includes a step-by-step blueprint for utilizing this practical philosophy, and it outlines every step of the process in meticulous detail.

You’ll learn how contrarian experts go about finding these hidden-value stocks so you can apply the same concepts to your market research.

It’s an excellent resource for anyone who’s interested in trading, and it’s near the top of our ‘must-read’ list for this particular deal.

contrarian income report refund
A screenshot of Contrarian Income Report’s actual refund policy from the latest presentation.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Contrarian Income Report has an excellent refund policy. Your purchase is covered with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee that should dispel any remaining doubts.

You have nearly two full months to review Contrarian Income Report after you sign up. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, you’re eligible to receive a refund at any point during that time.

All you have to do is contact the customer support team to let them know you’re not satisfied, and you will receive a full refund on your purchase with no questions asked.

You can’t get much better than a 100% cash-back guarantee, so the refund policy is as good as it gets. Plus, it gives you more time to evaluate your purchase than many other services, which typically only allow refunds for 30 days.

Even then, many only offer credit on other products, not cash. We give Contrarian Income Report’s refund policy excellent marks.

It’s transparent, honest, comprehensive, and longer than what we typically encounter.

>> Join now and take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee! <<

Customer Support

Contrarian Outlook’s customer support is top-notch and available to answer any inquiries through email or over the phone. Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

You can reach support at:

  • Contrarian Income Report phone number – 516-620-4294
  • Email address – help@contrarianoutlook.com

Many services are moving over to the email-only approach, so we give the Contrarian Income Report service high marks for giving you the option to speak to a representative.

Contrarian Income Report Pros and Cons

Brett Owen’s service offers a lot of benefits, but it has its drawbacks too.

Here’s what we think about the service:


  • Specialized research into high-yield income plays
  • Monthly and weekly reports keep you informed
  • Flash alerts notify you whenever something needs your attention
  • Five excellent bonus reports
  • Unlimited access to Brett’s 7% Monthly Payer Portfolio
  • Diverse research on stocks, fixed income, preferred shares, and much more
  • Access to Contrarian Income Report portfolio
  • Affordably priced
  • Excellent refund policy with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Reputable independent publisher
  • Quarterly webinars with guru Brett Owens


  • No forums, chats, or other social components
  • Doesn’t cover options or futures

stock gumshoe contrarian income report 4.1 rating reviews

Contrarian Income Report Reviews

Contrarian Income Report has earned a solid reputation from subscribers.

In fact, if you take a look at Stock Gumshoe reviews, Contrarian Income report is rated very highly.

reviews contrarian income report

Plenty of folks have praised the performance of this Contrarian Outlook portfolio and newsletter service.

Is Contrarian Income Report Right for Me?

Contrarian Income Report could be an excellent option for many people, but anyone interested in these topics is particularly well suited for the service:

Income Investing

Income investing doesn’t follow many tenants associated with typical growth-focused trading.

If you want to learn more about this type of strategy, you need a specialized research service specifically built for that purpose.

Contrarian Income Report fits the bill like few others.

Retirement Planning

Most retirees live off their nest egg, but selling holdings can rapidly deplete retirement portfolios.

On the other hand, an effective dividend strategy could provide sustainable monthly income, so Contrarian Income Report is an excellent fit for any retirement plan.

Independent Research

The name says it all.

Contrarian Income Report doesn’t adhere to the typical Wall Street narrative.

Instead, they take pride in taking an independent, unbiased view of the market, and it’s a refreshing change of pace from the repetitive research prevalent across mainstream finance media.

Value and Service

Contrarian Income Report offers a ton of value at a modest price.

You get a massive stockpile of exclusive research as soon as you sign up, and you will continue to get fresh insights for an entire year after you join.

If you’re not satisfied, you’re covered for up to 60 days with a money-back guarantee.

It’s hard to beat a deal like that.

>> Sound like a fit? Join Contrarian Income Report now! <<

Contrarian Income Report Pricing

How Much Does Contrarian Income Report Cost?

Contrarian Income Report typically goes for $99 per year at full price. That’s a solid deal in its own right, considering what you get in return.

However, you can get an even better bargain right now.

For a limited time, Brett Owens is offering memberships for just $39, and that includes everything we’ve covered above.

The discount saves you more than 60% off the usual retail price, and your subscription cost breaks down to less than $4 per month. This makes the cost of Contrarian Income Report very affordable.

>> Sign up for Contrarian Income Report now for just $39 <<

Is Contrarian Income Report Worth It?

Contrarian Income Report is a great newsletter service that’s offered at an excellent price. For just $39, you get first-hand access to exclusive investing techniques and reports that could set you up for success.

Owens’ high-yielding dividend strategies are a game changer for any income investing portfolio. It’s hard to find quality dividend stocks, but the 7% Monthly Payer Portfolio showcases several high-quality picks so you can hit the ground running with your income investing education.

Owens takes the time to explain his thought process behind every trade so you can get the most out of the service.

In addition, you’ll learn techniques that could become second nature over time, so you’ll build life-long knowledge that will benefit you well after your subscription runs out.

You’ll also have a continuous line on the latest market-moving news with Owens’ monthly and weekly reports, so you can make sense of whatever the market throws at you next.

You get all that, and we haven’t even mentioned the bonus reports. All in all, you get a total of five valuable research reports that provide a wealth of upfront value, and you get instant access to the complete collection as soon as you join.

Plus, the research process is 100% transparent. You can see every recommendation in the model portfolio and follow along with each pick’s progress.

Owens always keeps you informed on the latest news with his flash alerts. And he explains every trade in detail under his “second-level insights” policy.

Cap it all off with a 100% money-back guarantee, and you’re looking at one excellent bargain.

>> That’s if for our Contrarian Income Report review, Click here to join now for just $39 <<



Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.