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Oxford Income Letter Review: Is Marc Lichtenfeld Legit?

  • By Chris Dios
  • Apr 20, 2024
Oxford Income Letter Review

Marc Lichtenfeld, a notable and respected personality in the financial sector, foresees a potential economic downturn. 

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In light of this, a pivotal question emerges: does his newest offering equip you with the insights to not just navigate but prosper in such a scenario?

This comprehensive Oxford Income Letter review aims to answer this. 

We’ll delve into Lichtenfeld’s strategies, evaluating their potential to strengthen your financial position and possibly stimulate wealth growth through your trading strategy. 

Our goal is to provide a clear understanding of how these strategies could act as a beacon, guiding you through the potential economic storm and steering you toward possible financial success.

Let’s dive into learning more about the Oxford Income Letter.

Oxford Income Letter Review: What Is It?

Oxford Income Letter is an investment newsletter that pays particular attention to income-producing opportunities.

It’s published by the widely popular research company The Oxford Club.

Marc Lichtenfeld launched the newsletter over nine years ago. So the service has hung around for much longer than many of its contemporaries.

Some features of the Oxford Income Letter include stock picks, bonus reports, regular alerts, and model portfolios.

There are plenty of standout perks with the service, but the two biggest draws are its distinct focus on dividend payers and multiple model portfolios.

Many similar services only offer one trading portfolio. But this newsletter caters to four different investment philosophies.

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Marc Lichtenfeld Review

Marc Lichtenfeld Review?

Marc Lichtenfeld is a great analyst with a keen eye for dividend stocks. He’s the chief income strategist for The Oxford Club.

He kicked off his career in finance at Carlin Equities. Later, he worked at Avalon Research Group as a senior analyst.

Marc eventually moved to the research space to share the same tips he learned with folks on Main Street.

Many know him for his proprietary 10-11-12 system. It stands for 11% yields and 12% average annual total returns in 10 years.

This is the same system used to scout out investment ideas for Oxford Letter.

While he might be best known for sharing his insights at Oxford Club, he also has made appearances on CNBC, Fox Business, and Yahoo Finance.

 Is He Legit?

Marc Lichtenfeld is legit and has an extensive career in the stock market research space.

The Oxford Club’s Chief Income Strategist is a seasoned analyst, making appearances on Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg Radio.

His writings have also made it into Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Marketwatch, and Forbes.

Oxford Income Letter Review

Both of Marc’s books displayed above were bestsellers on Amazon and won Book of the Year awards.

If that wasn’t enough, his daily column Wealthy Retirement has over 200,000 readers.

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The Ultimate Passive Income Play

In-Depth Look at Dividend Investing Strategies

Dividend investing is much more than simply collecting a paycheck at regular intervals. The strategies below reveal the additional beneficial effects dividend stocks can have on your portfolio.

Limiting the Impact of Volatility

Most companies that pay out regular dividends are well-established with a solid foundation and good cash flows. They’ve been through thick and thin, know how to combat low economic tides, and generally come out the other side stronger for it.

When push comes to shove, these dividend stocks handle turbulence well. The end result is typically a slow but steady share price increase over time that often looks as nice as the dividends it pays.

As niche stocks, small-caps, and the like stutter and sometimes fall, you can almost count on dividend stocks to remain strong. At the very least, they tend to bounce back quickly. The rewards may not be as high, but the peace of mind can more than make up for it.

Reinvesting Dividend Returns to Compound Gains

Many dividend stocks allow investors to automatically reinvest dividends and therefore score additional shares of stock. You’re effectively compounding your investment without having to take additional capital from your pocket.

It’s quite possible to use this strategy to accelerate your portfolio growth and the gains that come with it. As you own more shares, you’re in theory adding to your dividend income pool as well.

The longer you stick with this approach, the exponentially larger your returns can become. While your earnings still rely on the company’s overall performance, this is one of the best ways to set yourself up for retirement.

The Science Behind Dividend Yields

The amount a company pays back to shareholders speaks volumes about its past and present financial health. At a glance, you can gauge how it handles cash flow and how it handles its reserves.

Always take the time to look beyond an organization’s current yield to its past performance as well. Although uncommon, companies may try last-ditch efforts to bring in investors with an unsustainable dividend amount.

Keep in mind that high yields may look great on paper, leading many to invest without first uncovering the message it gives. Those potential payouts could just as easily be high because the stock’s underperforming.

That history of consistent payouts or those with growth over time are your best bets for success. They’re likely the best-managed and most committed to giving back to shareholders.

Dividends and Diversification

Any well-rounded income portfolio should have a healthy mix of high-yield stocks and dividend growth stocks. The former keeps the income wheel turning, while the latter sets up future income potential.

Similarly, diversifying your dividend stocks across multiple sectors helps create a barrier against downturns and changes in customer spending. Due to the cyclical nature of the market, one of your investment areas should always be on top.

Even when thinking beyond income stocks in your portfolio, dividends play an important role. They can often help mitigate the risks of other investment strategies and provide a stable foundation to stand on.

Having a Long-Term Perspective

If you want to make the most of your dividend portfolio, you’ll want to plan on investing for the long term. Once you find your strong dividend payers, it’s usually best to stick with them indefinitely.

There’s always an urge to jump ship when a stock takes a negative turn. If you’ve done your research, the company should bounce back and resume its steady growth in due time.

Even a lower yield can make a huge impact on your bottom line if you stick with it. More often than not, having that extra payout is far more beneficial in the long run.

Oxford Income Letter Review: Stock Picks and Their Performance

While doing the research for our Oxford Income Letter review article, we found out that in 2019, Lichtenfeld turned his attention to Paypal, a dominant player in the digital payments industry. His faith in the company’s potential was so profound that he invested a whopping $5 million in its stock. 

Although the stock’s performance was initially stagnant, it witnessed a significant surge during the COVID-19 pandemic, similar to many other tech stocks. 

This surge is a testament to Lichtenfeld’s ability to identify stocks with latent potential that can deliver returns in the long run.

In the pharmaceutical sector, Lichtenfeld’s radar picked up Collegium Pharmaceutical in 2018. The company had developed a safer painkiller, which Lichtenfeld believed could drive the stock up by 1000%. 

Despite experiencing a downturn after his prediction, the stock has since recovered, underlining the importance of patience and long-term investment strategies in the volatile pharmaceutical sector.

As of May 18, 2023, Collegium Pharmaceutical’s stock price stands at $22.53, with a market cap of $789.8 million.

Intellia Therapeutics was another remarkable pick from Lichtenfeld in 2017. He was excited about the company’s potential to eradicate thousands of incurable diseases, predicting a staggering 303,316% increase in the company’s revenue over time. 

While investors had to wait nearly four years to see significant returns, the stock has performed exceptionally well, reinforcing Lichtenfeld’s knack for spotting long-term winners.

In 2017, Lichtenfeld also recommended AbbVie, another pharmaceutical company. He was optimistic about the company’s “genius molecular discovery” related to Alzheimer’s and predicted substantial growth for the company. 

The stock has since doubled, and after a brief dip, it has recently experienced another surge. As of May 18, 2023, AbbVie’s stock price stands at $143.50, with a market cap of $252.91 billion. 

This pick underscores Lichtenfeld’s expertise in the pharmaceutical sector and his ability to identify stocks with promising futures.

Lichtenfeld’s investment strategy is not about quick wins; it’s about patience and long-term growth that will provide future income.

His track record shows that he has a keen eye for identifying stocks with the potential for significant growth over time. 

His recommendations, such as Paypal, Collegium Pharmaceutical, Intellia Therapeutics, and AbbVie, have all proven to be successful, demonstrating his expertise and insight as an investment strategist.

His approach to investing—focusing on long-term growth and patience—has proven to be successful time and time again. 

This strategy is particularly evident in his investment in Collegium Pharmaceutical, which despite initial downturns, has shown recovery and growth, reinforcing the importance of patience and long-term vision in investment strategies.

Based on the above statistics alone, investors looking to build a profitable portfolio could certainly learn a lot from Lichtenfeld’s investment strategy. 

His ability to identify promising stocks across various sectors, coupled with his emphasis on long-term growth and patience, is a recipe for success. 

His successful predictions and investments in these companies are a testament to his trading expertise and strategic foresight.

Check out more about the best investment newsletter.

Marc Lichtenfeld’s #1 Oil and Gas Income Play for 2024

Marc is no stranger to finding sources of income. He says the next big break is coming in the form of an energy bull market.

Most of the world will casually let this opportunity slip by, but Lichtenfeld warns otherwise. There’s a lot of money to be made here, and getting your hands on it is surprisingly easy with the right stocks.

Once you get your foot in the door, this kind of investment keeps paying for itself over time. What exactly has Marc Lichtenfeld detected about the future of energy?

Oil and Gas Investments vs the S&P 500

Marc’s The Bull Case for Energy Stocks

Both the United States and China are gobbling up all the oil they can. China’s waking up from a long COVID-related slumber and is ready to get back to work.

Already the world’s largest oil importer, China expects to increase past numbers by upwards of 20%. We could be seeing record levels of barrels flying off shelves in the coming weeks.

The United States also has a massive thirst for oil right now. We’ve eaten up most of our current reserve, and the current administration is looking outside our borders for additional supply.

The kicker is that global supply is on the decline. Lower production will likely lead to even higher prices.

This could have negative ramifications for our economy. However, Marc Lichtenfeld believes we’re looking at an incredible investment opportunity. He even thinks this oil bull market will stick around for at least six years.

Collecting Monthly Income with Oil and Gas Royalties

An upcoming oil and gas bull market may bring about some winners in the stock markets. Lichtenfeld feels you’d be missing out by going this route.

Marc’s found what he feels is a far superior AND safer way to earn some dough from the approaching boom. Even last year, this hidden gem returned 149% when everything else was down.

Anyone can use this investment, and there’s no accreditation or special account needed to get involved. You don’t even need much money – getting in can cost as little as $25.

The ultimate oil and gas income opportunity comes in the form of royalties. Through this method, you get all the perks of owning an oil or gas field without the headaches of hiring workers, buying machinery, and the like.

You pay once upfront to get your piece of the pie and then sit back and let the streams of income flow. Sure, it’s not a completely safe bet. That said, you don’t have to take on all the risks these big oil companies do.

As Marc indicates, one such royalty stream blew Exxon-Mobil away over the same time interval. Even better, you can get a royalty check from your stocks every single month.

Mark’s Top Oil and Gas Stock

Marc’s golden boy stock is one of these royalty streams from the most productive oil reserve on the planet.

Unlike other basins that are much further along in their lifespans, the Permian basin is just kicking production into high gear. It’s already outproducing all the other major basins in the US combined.

Only 37% of its wells are tapped, and over 20% of the world’s rigs are at work within its borders. That’s more than entire countries like Saudi Arabia.

This royalty stream doesn’t deal with tons of capital, heavy machinery, or any sort of storage. It’s simply a way to collect a passive income on the oil and gas being pulled out of the basin.

There’s no debt, over $11 million in cash, and it regularly pays 95% of its income back to shareholders. Revenue growth is up 717%, and the company earned $42 million in 2022.

Buying in will only set you back $25, so long as you know the name of the stock. To do that, you’ll need to get your hands on this portfolio package.

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Oxford Income Letter Review

Oxford Income Letter Review: What’s Included With The Service?

The latest Oxford Income Letter deal is packed to the brim with standout features. Drawing from our experience, we’ve broken each down for you below in our Oxford Income Letter review.

Oxford Income Letter Review

Oxford Income Letter Newsletter

A new issue of Oxford Income Letter drops once a month and offers members a brand-new investment idea.

It can be either a stock or bond, with a bigger emphasis on stocks.

Members can follow along with analysis and supporting research for the monthly portfolio pick.

Marc and the team’s analysis is thorough, but they do a great job making their trading insights easy to grasp.

Also, while many of the recommendations lean on the long term, there are some short to mid-term plays.

Lichtenfeld also offers recommendations to his readers on whether to keep the stock in a taxable or retirement account, taking into account its predicted growth and the anticipated duration of the position. 

This guidance is key in enhancing the potential returns of the investment, given the distinct tax implications. It highlights Lichtenfeld’s all-encompassing approach to investment strategy.

Oxford Income Letter Review

Model Portfolios

The model portfolios track the team’s open positions.

Depending on the traits of the trade, it will fall into one of these four trading categories:

  • The Compound Income Portfolio
  • The Instant Income Portfolio
  • The High Yield Portfolio
  • Fixed Income Portfolio

I’m going to give the Oxford Income Letter service major credit here.

Most alternatives only offer one model portfolio, but Income Letter members get access to four.

You also get access to several “buy now” stocks as soon as you join.

These immediate recommendations provide an opportunity for quick action in the stock market. These services ensure members are always at the forefront of potential investment opportunities.

Weekly Portfolio Updates

Each week, the team sends out an update on changes to the portfolios and information on the markets in general.

They carefully explain why the market behaves a certain way and whether it’s time to buy or sell your stocks

You’ll always be in the loop thanks to the regular updates. Any time something big is brewing, you’ll be the first to know.

Many services offer portfolio updates, but Oxford’s updates seem to be of higher quality, with more insightful research and analysis.

The Oxford Income Letter updates not only provide a snapshot of the current market conditions but also offer a forward-looking perspective, helping you anticipate potential shifts in the market. 

This proactive approach can be instrumental in helping you adjust your investment strategies in a timely manner.

Oxford Income Blasts

The stock market moves quickly, and sometimes a monthly newsletter or weekly update isn’t fast enough to receive information.

To compensate, Oxford Club sends out income blasts with urgent trading information that members should act upon immediately.

You’ll never miss a beat in the market thanks to Oxford Income Blasts. This market daily newsletter is an excellent companion piece to the monthly investment portfolio write-ups.

The blend of daily and monthly communications provides a balanced perspective. This keeps you educated about the markets without overwhelming you with information.

Access To Pillar One Advisers

Your membership also gives access to what Marc calls his Pillar One Advisors. These investors experts have knowledge of specific areas of the market and finances you get to take advantage of.

If you have an interest in collectibles or real estate, chances are you can find someone who can help you understand the niche better. 

Help can also come in the form of insurance or tax law so you don’t waste or misappropriate funds.

The Pillar One Advisors serve as a valuable resource, providing expert advice tailored to your specific interests and needs. 

Their expertise can help you avoid common pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities, ensuring your financial decisions are both informed and strategic.

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Oxford Income Letter: Bonus Reports

Oxford Income Letter: Bonus Features

As part of the latest deal, new members will also receive bonus reports and other excellent add-ons. Read on for the full scoop…

The #1 Oil and Gas Royalty

Featured Report: The #1 Oil and Gas Royalty for 2024

This featured report contains the low-down on Marc’s favorite royalty play. It taps into the potential of the most productive oil basin in the United States.

Inside these pages, you’ll learn the name of this opportunity and the step-by-step process to start making some income. All you need is a regular brokerage account to start collecting those portfolio checks. 

According to Marc, royalty streams can far outperform oil and gas stocks. Here you can profit from the sector’s growth while enjoying a passive cash flow.

The World’s Leading Oil and Gas Partnership

The World’s Leading Oil and Gas Partnership

The World’s Leading Oil and Gas Partnership offers a rare opportunity that could be just as profitable as royalties. However, you’re not investing in regular stock.

Instead, you have the chance to become a partner in a pipeline company with over 50,000 miles of track. The big names in oil and natural gas already use these lines to transport their goods.

As their products pass through these pipelines, they pay a toll that the company and its partners reap the profits from. Right now, the dividend for partnering with this logistics company sits at 7.45%.

What’s more, that dividend has gone up every year since 1998. It currently costs less than $30 per share to get involved.

The Ultimate Gold Royalty Stream: Earn Huge Income From the New Gold Bull Market

The Ultimate Gold Royalty Stream: Earn Huge Income From the New Gold Bull Market

Banks are quietly collecting all the gold they can. The same event in 1967 led to the biggest gold bull market in history. It looks like history is about to repeat itself.

Marc has found a way to capitalize on the coming boom, and it’s again through royalty streams. He believes royalties have the potential to grow five times more than picking up gold alone.

His secret method did just that between 2005 and 2010, and he sees the same gains on the horizon. This report reveals Marc’s answer for profiting from gold and collecting income as well from your portfolio.

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Retire Rich With Five Small Cap Dividend Stocks

Free Hard Copy of Marc’s Best-Selling Book: Retire Rich With Five Small Cap Dividend Stocks

To deck out his service, Marc’s including a free hard copy of his bestselling book Retire Rich With Five Small Cap Dividend Stocks.

This book showcases years of research on companies known to consistently grow dividends. Marc indicates which trends to look for in a good dividend stock and red flags to run from.

In Marc’s case, the results are steady double-digit returns, and oftentimes his favorite way to multiply money quickly.

To date, the book has sold more than 110,000 copies and has been translated into languages like Polish, Japanese, and Thai.

Dividend Riches: Marc's Income Investing Video Series

Dividend Riches: Marc’s Income Investing Video Series

Dividend Riches is a six-part video series revealing strategies that members could use for the opportunity to bring in more future income.

With each video, you have the flexibility to watch and rewatch as you see fit to get the most out of each one.

Segments focus on dividend stocks and the power of these passive income streams.

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Oxford Income Letter Review

Money-Back Guarantee for a 12 Months

When you sign up for the Oxford Income Letter, you’re privy to a 12-month 100% money-back guarantee. You can check out the newsletter, publications, and bonus materials for an entire year.

If you’re unhappy for any reason during that time, give Marc’s team a ring and they’ll issue you a prompt 100% refund of your purchase. You’ll even get to keep all the materials you’ve received so far as a gift for trying the services out.

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Oxford Income Letter Review: Pros and Cons

The Oxford Income Letter has a lot going for it, but it isn’t perfect. Here in our Oxford Income Letter review, you can take a look at all the pros and cons before making a decision. 


  • Contains a mix of stock picks and high-yield dividend stocks
  • Four unique portfolios with low-risk income potential
  • Weekly updates and income blasts
  • Includes three bonus reports on promising opportunities
  • Free hardcover copy of Get Rich with Dividends
  • Get Mark’s #1 oil and gas income stock when you join
  • Six educational videos on dividend stocks
  • Access to Pillar One Adviors
  • Impressive 365-day money-back guarantee


  • No community forum
  • 80% discount only applies to first year of service

Oxford Income Letter Reviews

Marc Lichtenfeld’s Oxford Income Letter has earned a 4.6/5 rating on Stock Gumshoe. This is out of nearly 3,900 reviews.

Both the high rating and sheer number of reviews are impressive accomplishments for the newsletter.

Most newsletters I’ve seen don’t come close to this level of notoriety.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the rating: oxford income letter ratings by real members

Something to keep in mind, however, is that this is a third-party rating site. So I can’t verify the veracity of the votes (good are bad).

Still, it could be seen as a positive sign that so many seem to give the service high marks.

Reviews By Members

Marc Lichtenfeld shared these member testimonials as part of his recent presentation for his #1 oil and gas income stock.

Oxford Income Letter Reviews by members

Oxford Income Letter member testimonials

These members had great experiences with Oxford Income Letter. Keep in mind, these reviews came directly from the service, so take them with a grain of salt.

However, they still give you an idea of what kind of results others have experienced with this service. All and all, it seems like this research service is the real deal.

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Oxford Income Letter Review: Is the Service Right for Me?

Based on our Oxford Income Letter review, it is best suited for folks in the market for dividend-paying stocks with a long-term outlook.

Marc looks to find quality investments that could steadily appreciate over time — all while providing the potential to produce regular income.

His sustainable dividend yields strategy could also be a solid fit for someone nearing or in retirement.

Bond recommendations are on the table, as well, so anyone looking for a little more variety is accounted for.

That said, the core focus is stocks.

Lastly, the service offers a great blend of insights and opportunities to communicate with its lead. This could be very helpful for fresh faces on the stock market looking to build a dividend portfolio.

Oxford Income Letter Review

Oxford Income Letter Review: What Is The Price?

An annual subscription to Oxford Income Letter usually costs $249.

But members can sign up under the latest deal for just $49 for the entire year.

This shakes out to an 80% discount — not too shabby.

For a little less than 50 bucks, members receive a monthly trade idea, four model portfolios, and access to the mailbag.

Basically, the newsletter provides a premium experience at a fraction of the cost.

Something to keep in mind is that the $49 is an introductory offer. When the subscription renews, it will cost $79.

I’d prefer the full discount to carry over, but it’s a fair compromise for quality research.

Oxford Income Letter Review

Oxford Income Letter Review: Is It Worth It?

Oxford Income Letter is an excellent newsletter with a great price.

Considering you’re getting nearly $1,800 worth of material, frequent updates, and a monthly newsletter for $49, it’s a solid value.

Better yet, Marc’s Oil and Gas Royalties bundle includes loads of bonus research and a drastic 80% discount.

You can save $200 on a one-year subscription and get tons of additional bonuses with this limited-time deal.

The bundle provides everything you need to build up a portfolio of steady income investments. So it’s an especially good fit for anyone struggling to adapt to worsening market conditions.

You get a ton of bang for your buck with this top-tier income investing research service thanks to the steep discount and treasure trove of bonus reports.

Last but not least, your subscription is covered with an airtight double-headed satisfaction guarantee.

After a thorough Oxford Income Letter review, we’re impressed with what we saw.

If you’re interested in the opportunity to generate regular income from the stock market, this service should be at the top of your list.

>> That’s it my review! Sign up and save today <<


Chris Dios is a financial journalist & entrepreneur from Central New Jersey. A number cruncher by trade, Chris studied business & accounting at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, before settling into a career covering the market. As an analyst, Chris’s primary areas of expertise include business fundamentals, technical analysis, and macroeconomics. He also has deep insights into geopolitics and international markets as a result of a longstanding obsession with history and global news. Chris takes a cautiously aggressive approach to investing, but he’s not easily swayed by hype. He prefers businesses with proven business models, wide economic moats, and strong growth prospects, however, he’s not afraid to take a chance when the odds are right. When he’s not watching the market, Chris spends most of his time raising grass-fed, open-pasture cattle on his small family ranch in Montana, and playing fetch with his cattle dogs, Ranger & Indiana.