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Criticism Mounts as Biden Claims to Understand Economy from Scranton’s Perspective, Social Media Reacts

President Biden’s recent statement about viewing the economy through the lens of his hometown, Scranton, Pennsylvania, drew significant backlash on social media, with critics pointing out the failures of his policies.

In a post on his X account, Biden defended his approach, stating, “I don’t look at the economy through the eyes of Wall Street and Park Avenue. I look at it through the eyes of the people I grew up with in Scranton, Pennsylvania or Claymont, Delaware.”

While some Democrats have urged Biden to move away from discussing his “Bidenomics” strategy, the Biden administration remains steadfast in its belief in its alleged success.

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However, many X users expressed disagreement with this sentiment. Author Edward Dowd questioned Biden, saying, “And what did the fine folks in Scranton tell you? Are they more optimistic about the economy compared to Wall Street, or are they less so? Seriously, what does this statement actually mean?”

Podcast host Dr. Mark Young took a more critical stance, suggesting that Biden views the economy through a socialist perspective tainted by dementia. Jack Lombardi, a former Republican congressional candidate, stated that if Biden truly understands the economy from a Scranton viewpoint, then he should acknowledge its shortcomings.

Lombardi argued that everyday Americans, who are struggling under what he perceives as failed policies, would agree that the economy is lacking. He also mentioned Biden’s record-breaking number of executive orders as a contributing factor.

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Immigration lawyer Matthew Kolken humorously noted, “Especially when they pay you $50K per month in rent, amirite?” Actor Matthew Marsden took a direct jab at Biden’s long tenure in Congress, questioning the impact that his time in office has had on the country. Marsden labeled Biden as a corrupt old fool who has driven the nation into the ground.

Representative Mark Alford from Missouri chimed in, saying, “I can’t speak for Scranton or Claymont, but I can tell you what the folks in Sedalia, Missouri are saying. They’re not happy.”

Echoing this sentiment, Representative John Carter from Texas reminded Biden not to sugarcoat the reality of his policies, stating, “You can look at it however you want, but don’t put lipstick on a pig and call it a beauty queen. #Bidenomics is killing the middle class from Pennsylvania and Delaware all the way down to Texas.”

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According to a recent survey in October, 62% of Americans disapproved of Biden’s handling of the economy, while only 37% approved. Furthermore, a poll conducted by Marquette University revealed that former President Donald Trump held a 23- to 24-point lead over Biden regarding voters’ confidence in handling inflation, the economy, and the border.

Trump also enjoyed a 19-point advantage over Biden in terms of voters’ confidence in his ability to create jobs.

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