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DeSantis finally announces 2024 presidential bid amid technical problems on Twitter

On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ inaugural venture into the 2024 presidential election race was met with several technical mishaps during an online discussion hosted by Twitter owner Elon Musk.

Twitter users faced numerous audio problems

During the live broadcast on Twitter, which was scheduled to be DeSantis’ campaign’s formal launch, numerous users faced audio issues, preventing them from joining or causing them to be disconnected.

Such a disorganized commencement raised eyebrows, given that DeSantis’ campaign was rooted in his professed executive competency.

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‘We must end the culture of losing’ – DeSantis

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In a statement after the technical issues were mostly sorted, DeSantis declared, “We must end the culture of losing that has infected the Republican Party in recent years,” leading to the trending of the hashtag #DeSaster on Twitter.

DeSantis, 44, steps into the Republican race against former President Donald Trump, his past ally, setting the stage for an epic political clash.

DeSantis portrayed himself as an effective leader who championed resistance against the federal government’s COVID-19 strategies and implemented conservative policies in his home state.

DeSantis at the forefront of pushback against ‘woke ideology’

He justified his push in Florida to ban the teaching of topics such as gender identity and systemic racism as a necessary step to protect young children and counteract progressive ideology.

Armed with an escalating national recognition and presumably substantial financial backing, DeSantis emerged as a significant adversary for Trump’s Republican nomination.

“Government is not about entertainment, not about building a brand,” DeSantis stated, a perceived jab at Trump. ‘

Interestingly, he refrained from referring to Trump by name throughout the event.

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Trump mocks DeSantis after technical mishaps

In response, Trump, 76, openly ridiculed DeSantis on his social media platform, Truth Social, over his shaky campaign launch. “My Red Button is bigger, better, stronger, and is working (TRUTH!),” Trump quipped, “Yours does not.”

Musk admitted to “technical issues because of the sheer scale” of the event but emphasized the importance of direct communication from presidential candidates to the public.

Over 600,000 people tuned into the live announcement

Twitter reported an audience of over 600,000 listeners at the peak of the event, which fell to less than 300,000 by the end.

DeSantis’ campaign spokesman, Bryan Griffin, attributed this overwhelming response to public enthusiasm for DeSantis, jokingly saying it had “literally busted up the internet.”

He also shared that the campaign generated $1 million within an hour.

Trump is currently leading the polls over DeSantis

Despite his popularity, polls currently depict Trump maintaining more than a double lead over DeSantis, who has long been viewed as a potential Republican leader.

Having declared his candidacy in November, Trump holds the advantage of an early start, especially in crucial primary states.

Biden ‘takes cues from the woke mob’ – DeSantis

DeSantis, however, will likely base his campaign argument on being the only Republican who can overcome President Biden. “Our president, while he lacks vigor, flounders in the face of our nation’s challenges, and he takes cues from the woke mob,” DeSantis pointed out.

DeSantis’ foreign policy stumbles, particularly his initial hesitance to support Ukraine against Russia, will be scrutinized by mainstream Republicans, gauging his recovery abilities.

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DeSantis’s notable achievements in Florida

DeSantis and his team planned his entrance into the race after securing various policy victories from the Florida Legislature, including abortion restrictions, more accessible access to concealed weapons, expanded school voucher programs, and reduced diversity program funding at public universities.

His ongoing conflict with Walt Disney regarding laws banning teaching gender identity concepts in public schools has attracted attention. Disney has filed a federal lawsuit accusing DeSantis of manipulating state governance to retaliate against their business.

Other declared Republican candidates include Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and U.S. Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina.

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