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‘Difficult To Identify the Cause’ of Border Disaster According to Biden Admin

President Biden’s border chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, admits he is unable to identify the reasons behind the recent surge of migrants crossing the US border. 

Biden’s border chief says has no answer to migration problem

When asked, “Can you explain why you’ve seen this big surge (of migrants) in the last couple of weeks?”, Mayorkas responded, “It’s very difficult to identify the cause.” This comes just a few days before the Title 42 border barrier is lifted.

Mayorkas’s failure to address the migrant crisis has resulted in the deaths of at least 1,000 migrants and placed significant civic and economic burdens on American citizens and local governments. 

We are working with a ‘broken immigration system’ – Mayorkas

In response to questions about his pro-migration policies, Mayorkas often claims, “Fundamentally, we are working within a broken immigration system.”

However, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) countered this argument on May 6, stating, “Just saying that the system is broken is an easy way to not do what we need to do at the border and working with other people, other countries like Mexico, Guatemala, and other folks that want to work with us.” 

“I agree; I support immigration reform. But just to say, ‘the system is broken’ is an easy way out to not doing what we need to do at the border, and that is provide law and order at the border and still respect the dignity of the immigrants that have legitimate, I emphasize, legitimate claims.”

Mayorkas, a pro-migration advocate, claims his border management approach is about achieving equity, which he believes is a founding principle of the US. 

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Numerous loopholes allow migrants to enter The US

He has created numerous loopholes for economic migrants to enter the country, putting less emphasis on congressional laws and more on his pro-migration priorities.

Amid the influx of roughly 2 million global economic migrants in 2022, Mayorkas insists the border is secure and refuses to accept criticism of his policies. 

He argues, “We cannot have the rights and the needs of individuals who are seeing humanitarian relief in the United States be exploited for political purposes.”

However, this stance is linked to providing cheap labor for business investors. 

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Immigration system hasn’t been updated for 40 years

In an interview with ElPasoMatters.org, Mayorkas said, “Our immigration system as a whole is broken. It hasn’t been updated or reformed in more than 40 years”.

“We look to our partner to the north, which has a much more nimble immigration system that can be retooled to the needs at the moment. For example, Canada is in need of 1 million workers, and they have agreed that in 2023, they will admit 1.4 million immigrants to fill that labor need that Canadians themselves cannot.”

Native-born Americans have been pushed out of their careers

The federal government has long pursued an unpopular policy of Extraction Migration, which has successfully suppressed American wages, increased rent, and housing prices, and pushed many native-born Americans out of their careers. 

It has also contributed to the rising death rate among impoverished Americans and diminished the political influence of native-born citizens.

Majority of Americans believe Biden is allowing a border invasion

According to an August 2022 poll commissioned by National Public Radio (NPR), 54% of Americans believe that President Biden is allowing a southern border invasion. 

This majority includes 76% of Republicans, 46% of independents, and even 40% of Democrats. The unpopular migration policies, particularly labor migration, have caused growing concern among swing voters.

The policy of Extraction Migration extracts valuable human resources from needy countries, diminishes beneficial trade, and uses imported workers, renters, and consumers to fuel Wall Street and the economy. 

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Does the Biden admin have a solution to the border crisis?

This policy not only affects the financial well-being of American citizens but also reduces the political clout of native-born Americans, as the population replacement allows elites to distance themselves from the needs and interests of ordinary citizens.

Migration—and especially labor migration—is unpopular among swing voters, as evidenced by the NPR poll results. 

As the migrant crisis continues, it remains to be seen how the Biden administration will address the concerns of American citizens and work towards a more sustainable and equitable immigration policy. 

In the meantime, the debate over the “broken” immigration system continues, with both sides of the political spectrum seeking solutions to the ongoing challenges at the border.

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