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Does Marshalls Have a Layaway Plan? Everything You Need to Know

Marshalls is renowned for offering quality merchandise at discounted prices, making it a favorite among budget-conscious shoppers. One common question frequently asked by Marshalls customers, does Marshalls have a layaway plan?

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore Marshalls’ layaway program, discussing its benefits, eligibility requirements, payment policies, and effective strategies for maximizing the benefits of this popular payment option.

Does Marshalls Have a Layaway Plan? Overview of Marshalls Layaway Program

Marshalls offers a robust layaway program that allows customers to select their favorite items and pay for them over time. Let’s delve into the key features of Marshalls’ layaway plan:

1. Minimum Down Payment

Marshalls typically requires a minimum down payment upon initiating a layaway. This down payment ensures that the items are reserved exclusively for the customer and encourages responsible payment practices.

2. Service Fee

When setting up a layaway, customers may be subject to a small service fee. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with managing the layaway program, ensuring the smooth processing and handling of payments, and paperwork.

3. Payment Duration

Marshalls assigns a specific timeframe within which customers must pay off their layaway balance. Regular payments within the agreed-upon duration are essential to maintain the validity of the layaway and ultimately take home the desired items.

Does Marshalls Have a Layaway Plan? All You Need To Know

Eligibility and Requirements

To participate in Marshalls’ layaway program, customers must meet certain eligibility criteria and adhere to specific requirements. Here’s what you need to know before opting for a layaway at Marshalls:

1. Participation Age

Typically, Marshalls requires participants to be at least 18 years old to set up a layaway. However, age restrictions may vary based on state and local laws. It’s important to check local regulations to ensure compliance.

2. Valid Identification

When setting up a layaway, customers are generally required to present a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. The provided ID helps verify the customer’s identity and age.

3. Eligible Merchandise

While Marshalls offers a wide range of products, not all items are eligible for the layaway program. Some high-demand or limited-edition items may be excluded. To ensure the selected merchandise is eligible, customers should check with store associates before initiating a layaway.

Benefits of Layaway Plans

Layaway plans provide shoppers with several advantages, making them an attractive option for those looking to budget their purchases. Here are the key benefits of using a layaway plan at Marshalls:

1. Budgeting Made Easy

With layaway plans, customers can secure their desired items without the immediate financial burden of paying the full amount upfront. This enables better budgeting, allowing shoppers to make affordable installment payments over a set period rather than accumulating credit card debt.

2. Protection Against Price Increases

Putting items on layaway at Marshalls locks in the current price, protecting customers from potential price hikes. This allows shoppers to take advantage of sale prices without the risk of the item going out of stock or facing increased prices before completing the payments.

3. Peace of Mind

By utilizing the layaway option, customers can be assured that their desired items are reserved until they make the final payment. This removes the possibility of merchandise selling out, providing peace of mind since the selected products are secured.

How to Set Up a Layaway at Marshalls

Setting up a layaway at Marshalls is a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps. By following these guidelines, customers can take advantage of this convenient payment option:

1. Choose Your Items

Start by browsing through Marshalls’ extensive selection of merchandise and choose the products you wish to put on layaway. Take note of the availability and eligibility of each item.

2. Visit the Store

Once you’ve selected your desired items, visit the Marshalls store where you intend to complete your layaway purchase. Upon arrival, locate the layaway department, or inquire with a store associate for assistance in initiating the process.

3. Provide the Required Information

When setting up a layaway, present your valid identification to the store associate. They will guide you through the necessary paperwork and collect the minimum down payment and any applicable service fee.

4. Review the Layaway Terms

After providing the necessary information, carefully review the layaway terms. Ensure that you understand the payment schedule, duration, and any associated fees or penalties before proceeding.

5. Make Regular Payments

Maintaining regular payments as outlined in the agreement is crucial for the successful completion of your layaway. Ensuring consistency in payments enables a smooth layaway experience, culminating in taking home your desired items.

Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule and Policies

To make the most of the Marshalls layaway program, it’s important to understand the payment schedule and follow the store’s policies. Here are some essential details to consider:

1. Payment Frequency

Marshalls typically requires customers to make regular payments within the agreed-upon duration. The payment frequency may vary depending on the layaway agreement. It is advisable to make payments on time and adhere to the recommended schedule.

2. Late Payment Consequences

Failure to make timely payments may result in negative consequences, such as late fees or cancellation of the layaway agreement. Marshalls may have specific policies regarding late payments, so familiarize yourself with these guidelines.

3. Partial Payments

Marshalls often allows customers to make partial payments on their layaway balance, even before the due date. This provides flexibility and enables shoppers to pay off their layaway more quickly if they choose to do so.

4. Refunds and Cancellations

In the event of needing to cancel a layaway or seek a refund, it is essential to familiarize yourself with Marshalls’ refund policy. Policies may vary, and understanding the process beforehand will help avoid any misunderstandings.

Tips for Maximizing Layaway Benefits

To make the most out of Marshalls’ layaway program, here are some effective tips and strategies:

1. Plan Your Purchases

Create a detailed shopping list before visiting Marshalls. This will help you prioritize your desired items and allocate your layaway budget accordingly.

2. Budget Wisely

Before initiating a layaway, carefully analyze your budget to ensure that you can comfortably make the required payments within the set duration. This will help prevent financial stress or difficulties fulfilling the layaway agreement.

3. Regularly Monitor Your Layaway

Stay updated on your layaway balance and payment schedule. Regularly check in-store or online to monitor any changes to payment due dates or possible promotions that can help you save even more.

4. Make Timely Payments

Consistency in making timely payments is crucial for a successful layaway. Ensure your payments align with the agreed-upon schedule, avoiding any additional fees or penalties.

5. Communicate with Store Associates

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about your layaway, reach out to Marshalls store associates for assistance. They are there to help address any concerns and provide guidance throughout the process.

Marshalls' layaway program

Frequently Asked Questions

Can layaway items be placed on hold for specific periods of time?

Marshalls’ layaway program does not allow items to be placed on hold for specific durations. The items selected for layaway must be purchased by following the agreed-upon payment schedule.

Can layaway items be exchanged or returned?

Marshalls’ exchange and return policy applies to layaway items. It’s essential to review the store’s policy for specific details regarding exchanges and returns.

Can multiple layaways be set up at the same time?

Marshalls generally allows customers to have multiple layaways. However, this may vary by store location, so it’s advisable to inquire with store associates to confirm their specific policy.

Can layaway payments be made online?

At present, Marshalls’ layaway payments can only be made in-store. Online layaway payment options may become available in the future, so it’s advisable to check with store associates for updates.

Are there any restrictions on the types of items that can be put on layaway?

While Marshalls offers a wide range of merchandise, certain items may be excluded from the layaway program. Limited-edition or high-demand items may not be eligible, so it’s important to verify with store associates beforehand.


Marshalls’ layaway program offers customers a flexible and convenient way to shop while remaining within their budget. 

By understanding the benefits, eligibility requirements, payment policies, and implementing effective strategies, shoppers can make the most of this popular payment option. 

Remember to adhere to the payment schedule and make regular payments to ensure a successful layaway experience at Marshalls. 

The layaway program allows you to secure the items you love and pay for them over time, enhancing your shopping experience with ease and convenience. Take advantage of this valuable payment option and enjoy stress-free shopping at Marshalls!