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Does Rooms To Go Check Credit? Here’s What You Need to Know

Rooms To Go, a well-established retail furniture brand, made its name in America by offering comprehensive furniture solutions for every area of your home. 

From elegant living room sets to sophisticated bedroom furniture, their product range is vast. Besides the diverse variety of options, Rooms To Go is also well-regarded for its customer-friendly services. One feature that Rooms To Go prides itself on is its stringent yet fair set of financing options. So, does Rooms To Go check credit?

Understanding the need to make furniture purchases worry-free and economical, Rooms To Go partnered with Synchrony Bank to offer convenient and tailor-made financing solutions. These solutions take into consideration individual customers’ requirements and buying capabilities.

Does Rooms To Go Check Credit?

Rooms To Go conducts a hard credit check when a customer applies for their financing options. This is a standard practice across the industry and aids businesses in understanding a consumer’s creditworthiness before they lend them financing.

With a credit check, the possible impact on customers may make them cautious. This is because Rooms To Go’s hard check enlightens the credit bureaus whenever an inquiry is conducted. 

This could cause a slight reduction in a customer’s credit score. However, it can also bring a learned discipline into a customers’ credit management routine. Customers could perceive this as an opportunity to showcase their financial health and improve their credit discipline.

Additionally, for consumers finding it uncomfortable to pass the credit check, Rooms To Go offers an alternative option, the Rooms To Go credit card.

does rooms to go check credit? All you need to know

The Rooms To Go Credit Card

One of the many financing solutions offered by Rooms To Go is its credit card. The card is designed to help customers make purchases at their own pace.

The application process is simple, and a visit to their website will guide you through it with easy instructions.

Rooms To Go Credit Card comes with attractive promotional offers that allow cardholders to make purchases and pay over extended periods at a minimal interest rate. Utilizing these promotional offers strategically could save consumers a significant amount of money.

However, the card comes with its own caveats. Just like any other credit card, misuse or late payment of the Rooms To Go card could attract penalties. Such penalties, when accumulated, could add significant costs to your furniture purchase. 

Additionally, compared to some other store cards in the market, the annual percentage rate (APR) of the Rooms To Go card is relatively high.

Alternative Financing Options at Rooms To Go

If your credit score is not high enough to qualify for Rooms To Go’s primary financing options, they offer myriad alternative financing methods. Rooms To Go also extends lease-to-own and rent-to-own options. 

The unique selling point of these alternatives is that they pose no demand for credit history. These options are appropriate for customers with a low credit score or no credit score.

To make the most of these alternatives, one should understand the terms and conditions of the agreement before signing. It is also encouraged to make monthly payments on time to avoid penalties that could make the total price of the furniture commanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rooms To To check credit for bad credit?

Rooms To Go does perform a credit check on every financing application. This includes customers with bad credit as well. Having a bad credit score could limit your options with regards to the financing available to you at Rooms To Go, but it does not automatically disqualify you from purchasing on credit.

What is the minimum credit score required for Rooms To Go financing?

Rooms To Go does not announce any specific minimum credit score for its financing options. The approval for their credit options is based on multiple factors comprising credit score.

Rooms To Go Credit Card

How can I make a payment on my Rooms To Go credit card?

Rooms To Go provides easy options to make payments for their credit card. Payments can be made online through the Rooms To Go or Synchrony Bank website, checks can be mailed to the payment address, and payments can also be made through the mobile app.

How can I apply for a Rooms To Go credit card?

Applications for a Rooms To Go credit card can be made directly on their website by filling out an online application form or by visiting any Rooms To Go outlet near you.

Is the Rooms To Go credit card worth it?

The Rooms To Go credit card could prove to be extremely helpful if used wisely. Regular customers of Rooms To Go or those wanting to make large purchases on credit due to budgeting needs find this card to be worth their while, especially with regular promotional offers.


Bringing it all together, the message is clear that Rooms To Go does conduct a credit check for offering finance. But, they provide a wide range of financing options that cater to varied credit scores and financial situations. 

Customers should review each option in detail and align them with their needs before choosing the best fit.

Rooms To Go’s financing options, coupled with their wide variety of furniture choices, provide customers convenience and affordability. As customers, it is essential to understand the financial agreement before any commitment.

Customers looking to find out more information about Rooms To Go and its finance options are encouraged to visit their official website or any of their outlets within their city. There’s an ocean of information waiting to guide you on your furniture shopping journey.