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Fool Everlasting Cloud Disruptors Review: Is It Legit?

everlasting cloud disruptors 2020 review
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Everlasting Cloud Disruptors is one of the hottest new services from The Motley Fool, and it’s dedicated entirely to one of the decade’s hottest tech sectors. Our Motley Fool Everlasting Cloud Disruptors review will tell you if this research service lives up to its reputation.

everlasting cloud disruptors review

Motley Fool Everlasting Cloud Disruptors Review: Overview

Motley Fool’s latest edition to its Everlasting series of research services focuses on one of the hottest technology trends of recent memory: cloud stocks.

Everlasting Cloud Disruptors is a premium research service dedicated exclusively to the cloud sector. Members get stock recommendations, in-depth research & analysis, and much more in exchange for a yearly subscription cost.

You might think the cloud is old news since it’s become a constant feature of everyday life. From smartphones to desktops to streaming services, the cloud is everywhere.

However, this high-tech growth market still could have plenty of upside in its future, and the experts at Motley Fool are very bullish on the road ahead.

The service marks the first time in Fool’s 28-year history that CEO Tom Gardner created a service dedicated exclusively to a single tech trend. It’s a clear indication of just how optimistic the Fool team is about the future for this cutting-edge industry.

Everlasting Cloud Disruptors features some of Motley Fool’s most exhaustive research into the cloud sector yet, and members get a treasure trove of research, resources, and monthly stock picks when they sign up.

We’ll put Everlasting Cloud Disruptors under the microscope to see if it’s the real deal. But first, let’s take a closer look at the publisher behind the service, The Motley Fool.

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tom and david gardner review

Motley Fool Review

The Motley Fool is a leading research publisher and one of the pioneers of modern research newsletters. Originally founded back in 1994, the company has since become a household name in investing circles.

Fool is perhaps best known for its long-standing research newsletters Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers, but Motley Fool’s services have expanded significantly since the successful launch of these two legacy services.

Today, Motley Fool offers a wide array of specialized research offerings focusing on different investing strategies, stock sectors, and goals.

Fool’s Everlasting series is primarily overseen by Motley Fool Co-Founder and CEO Tom Gardner. The Everlasting Stocks and Everlasting Portfolio services were originally launched to reflect one of Tom’s actual portfolios

Tom Gardner is widely regarded as one of the Fool’s resident stock-picking geniuses, and he’s proven his analytical prowess over the company’s two decade-plus track record.

Cloud Disruptors is the latest edition to the Everlasting family, and it draws on many of the same research and forecasting techniques that made its predecessors so successful.

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Is Motley Fool Legit?

Motley Fool is a highly respected firm with a reputation for high-quality research and excellent customer service.

CEO Tom Gardner even testified in front of Congress in 2000 to advocate for greater transparency on Wall Street.

Few publishers can match Motley Fool’s experience, expertise, and performance track record. Motley Fool is as legit as they come, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more qualified publisher. 

cloud disruptors review chart

Motley Fool’s No. 1 Technology for the 2020s

Over the past 20 years, the cloud industry has grown to become the foundation that supports today’s modern digital economy.  It’s a dominant technology that birthed many of the decade’s most remarkable tech innovations and trends. 

Motley Fool believes cloud technology will be a foundational element of the tech economy in the decade ahead, and cloud stocks could be the biggest beneficiary of continued tech-sector growth.

The Fool is so bullish on the cloud sector that the company named it the Number 1 technology for the new decade, and CEO Tom Gardner decided to launch Everlasting Cloud Disruptors to capitalize on the expected growth.

Gardner hand-picked some of the brightest analytics minds at Motley Fool to quarterback the new cloud-focused service, and they’ve been tirelessly researching cloud stocks to build the ultimate model portfolio.

The cloud sector has already proven that it can produce big winners, and the industry has produced some of the last decade’s best-performing stocks.

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everlasting cloud disruptors reviews chart

The Next Generation of Breakout Cloud Stocks

Several of the best stocks of recent memory have direct ties to the cloud computing sector. For example, the Netflix streaming service relies on cloud infrastructure to bring subscribers content.

The company started out with DVD rental machines, and the business was on shaky ground before cloud technology entered the picture. It was an absolute game-changer for the company and its shareholders:

cloud disruptors reviews nflx

Shopify is another company that leveraged cloud technology to take its business to the next level. The eCommerce stock has become one of The Motley Fool’s best-performing recommendations ever.

everlasting cloud disruptors review SHOP

These two examples clearly demonstrate the transformative impact cloud computing can have on a business. Shopify transformed eCommerce with an easy-to-use infrastructure for online retailers, and Netflix used the cloud to bring viewers a seemingly endless catalog of entertainment.

The common thread behind these and many other recent breakout stocks has been innovative applications of cloud technology.

cloud disruptors review graph

Moving forward, the cloud is expected to be an integral part of innovation for years to come. As you can see from the graph above,  there is still plenty of growth left in this emerging market.

The cloud market has only grown to about 3% of its projected long-term value, and the ultimate upside could be as much as 33x its current levels.

From the looks of it, there could  be many more winners to come out of the cloud sector in the years ahead, and Everlasting Cloud Disruptors aims to find them before they take off.

This service could serve as your expert guide to the next phase of the cloud sector’s growth cycle.

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motley fool tim beyers review

Fool’s Secret-Weapon: Tim Beyers Review

Motley Fool’s veteran analyst and resident cloud specialist Tim Beyers was a natural fit to lead Cloud Disruptors. He’s one of the company’s most skilled and experienced analysts.

Tim Beyers has been following the cloud sector for 15 years, since its early days when the technology was still in its infancy. Over that time, he’s developed keen instincts and insights into the sector.

He also put together an impressive performance track record over the years, and his success earned him the title of the “King of Cloud” around the Motley Fool offices.

Over the past 10 years, Tim has recommended 47 different cloud companies for Motley Fool members, and the average return from those stock recommendations has outperformed the market over the same time by a mind-blowing 129.3%* margin. [*Returns as of 11/4/21]

When Tom Gardner decided to launch Cloud Disruptors, choosing Beyers to lead the service was a no-brainer. He’s an extremely qualified analyst with a track record for market-beating returns.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for this Motley Fool service.

What’s Included with Everlasting Cloud Disruptors?

  • Unlimited access to the Cloud Disruptors 2020 model portfolio
  • Stock alerts and updates
  • Cloud Disruptors Strategy Hub
  • Monthly Cutting Through the Noise Recaps
  • Access to Fool’s Tim and Tim Talk Tech podcast series
  • Cash management strategy special reports
  • Fool’s Disruptive Forces Guide
  • Ironclad 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Cloud Disruptors 2020 Model Portfolio

Tim Beyers and the Motley Fool team have been working tirelessly to develop the ultimate model portfolio of cloud stocks, and they’re finally unveiling their stock picks with the Cloud Disruptors 2020 model portfolio.

The Cloud Disruptors team had two goals for the model portfolio. On the individual level, they were aiming for stock recommendations they believed had the potential to at least triple over the next five years.

At the portfolio level, the team targeted overall returns of 7X over the next decade as the cloud computing industry approaches maturity.

Many of the stocks included in the model portfolio are flying under the radar, so they could have tremendous upside when the mainstream spotlight finds them.

As of release, just 45% of Cloud Disruptor stocks are in the S&P 500, and only half appear in any of the three major cloud-focused ETFs. It’s not your typical index-hugging portfolio.

It took exhaustive independent research to assemble this portfolio of Cloud Disruptors‘ top-40 recommended stocks, so you’re getting when your money’s worth with these recommendations.

You get unrestricted access to the model portfolio as soon as you join Cloud Disruptors, and it includes a wide collection of high-potential cloud stocks to explore. You also get allocation guidance for each opportunity, so you know which stock selections to prioritize.

The model portfolio is the main draw of the service, and it’s where you’ll find every Cloud Disruptors recommendation.

Stock Alerts and Updates

The Cloud Disruptors team isn’t stopping with the model portfolio. They’re always keeping their eyes peeled for new opportunities to share with subscribers.

Cloud Disruptors will keep you in the loop for any future recommendations for your entire membership. If a new stock finds its way onto the team’s radar, you’ll be among the first to know about it.

This aspect of Cloud Disruptors rounds out the service and adds another wrinkle of value to your subscription. Not only do you get full model portfolio access and guidance, but you also receive alerts when new opportunities surface.

As a result, Cloud Disruptors subscribers get continual value from the service for the entire length of their subscription. It all starts with the model portfolio, but the service keeps delivering value with new alerts whenever the Fool finds another worthwhile cloud stock. 

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Cloud Disruptors Strategy Hub

The cloud industry is very nuanced and complicated, but Fool wants Cloud Disruptors subscribers to have a full understanding of the industry.

The Fool’s Cloud Disruptors Strategy Hub gives subscribers a crash course in cloud education. It includes extensive resources to help you better understand the sector so you make better, more informed decisions.

Here are some of the resources included in the Cloud Disruptors Strategy Hub.

“Cutting Through the Noise” Recaps

Every month, Tim Beyers puts together a recap of the month’s biggest cloud computing news and headlines for your review.

It’s an excellent opportunity to hear directly from the mastermind behind Cloud Disruptors, Tim Beyers, and get the most important cloud news in one easy-to-read report.

The Cutting Through the Noise recaps will help you keep tabs on the latest cloud sector trends and news. If you don’t know anything about the cloud, this monthly report is a great way to get acclimated to the sector.

Tim and Tim Talk Tech

Cloud Disruptors members get access to an exclusive Motley Fool podcast when they join. Tim and Tim Talk Tech gives listeners a front-row seat to sit-downs between two of Fool’s top tech experts.

These casual chats can provide valuable insights into the cloud computing industry. Better yet, the two experts speak in plain English, so you don’t need to be an expert to follow along.

Cloud is a tough market sector to follow due to its complexity, but Tim and Tim Talk Tech can help you make sense of the industry.

Cash Management Strategy Special Reports

Stock picks are just a small part of a proper investing strategy. Motley Fool also includes a wide collection of strategy reports to help you round out your skills.

The reports cover several important topics including volatility management,  cash management, and more.

These reports cover subject matter that will sharpen your trading skills and provide the foundational knowledge you need to take full advantage of Cloud Disruptors.

Fool’s Disruptive Forces Guide

Fool’s Disruptive Forces Guide is the perfect complement to the Cloud Disruptors model portfolio. It includes additional research and ratings on all the companies mentioned in the ultimate portfolio.

The guide rates all the stocks recommended in the model portfolio on a scale of Category 1 to Category 5 depending on the stock’s potential to become a disruptive stock market force.

Cloud Disruptors reserves its highest rating, Category 5, for stocks they believe have the best potential for long-term annualized investment returns.

Fool’s Disruptive Forces guide is like your road map to the model portfolio. It can help you determine the potential outlook for each stock pick so you can make an informed decision on each opportunity.

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cloud disruptors guarantee

Ironclad 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Motley Fool subscriptions have a reputation for excellent customer service, including membership-fee guarantees. Everlasting Cloud Disruptors is no different, but the terms are slightly different for premium services like this.

Under the terms of the guarantee, new subscribers can qualify for a credit if they’re unsatisfied with Cloud Disruptors for any reason during the first 30 days.

All you have to do is contact Motley Fool customer support within the first month of your service and request a credit for the membership fee you paid, and you’ll receive a matching credit to use on any other Motley Fool subscription.

Everlasting Cloud Disruptors Review: Pros and Cons

We’ve covered most of the main talking points in this Everlasting Cloud Disruptors review. Now, let’s review the pros and cons of signing up for this service.


  • Immediate access to 40 of the best Motley Fool stock picks for cloud
  • Lead analyst Tim Beyers has a reputation for market-beating performance
  • Includes an ironclad 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Disruptive Forces Guide provides detailed ratings for every model portfolio stock
  • Focuses on a high-tech industry that’s expected that could grow substantially in the years ahead
  • Includes updates on new stock recommendations for an entire year
  • Research team has extensive cloud sector expertise
  • Access to Motley Fool educational resources and other perks
  • Cutting Through the Noise Recaps include monthly check-ins with Tim Beyers
  • Exclusive access to Fool’s Tim and Tim Talk Tech podcasts
  • Portfolio has targeted 7X returns over the next decade
  • Recommended stocks have the potential to triple within five years


  • May be price prohibitive for some
  • No cash refunds due to the service’s enormous upfront value

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is it right for me

Is Everlasting Cloud Disruptors Right for Me?

Everlasting Cloud Disruptors has undeniable appeal, but it’s a better fit for some more than others. If you’re interested in any of these topics, you’re likely to get a lot of value out of this service:

Tech Investing

The tech sector has been the shining star of the stock market for the past two decades, but the sector is getting crowded and frothy. Finding quality opportunities is getting harder and harder. If you want to get a jump on the next era of tech stocks, Cloud Disruptors can help you cut through the hype and find high-quality opportunities.

Detailed Guidance

Motley Fool has you covered from beginning to end with various resources that will help you through every stage of the research process. Cloud Disruptors includes an upfront portfolio of 40 of Fool’s best cloud stocks, category ratings on each stock, a vast collection of educational resources, regular updates, and much more.

High-Growth Industries

If growth is your game, the cloud sector is hard to top. Some studies show the sector has reached just 3% of its ultimate $3.7 trillion potential.  The cloud industry is one of the few remaining growth markets with upside potential, and Cloud Disruptors is devoted exclusively to the sector.

Investor Education

Cloud Disruptors includes everything you need to get acclimated to the cloud market quickly and efficiently. You can get tons of valuable information from the Strategy Hub, including cash management reports, exclusive podcasts, and more. You can even get insights straight from Tom Beyers with his monthly Cutting Through the Noise Recaps.

More Everlasting Cloud Disruptors Reviews

We weren’t able to find any verified Cloud Disruptors reviews despite an exhaustive search. However, the service is relatively new so that’s not surprising.  It’s also a more specialized Fool service, so it’s not as widely used as the company’s entry-level offerings.

How Much is Everlasting Cloud Disruptors?

A one-year subscription to Motley Fool’s Everlasting Cloud Disruptors costs $1,999.

cloud disruptors cost

At that rate, your cost averages out to just under $167 per month.

While that might seem like a substantial investment at first glance, it’s understandable when you consider how much value you get with this service.

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Is Motley Fool’s Everlasting Cloud Disruptors Worth It?

Cloud Disruptors includes instant access to a massive model portfolio of Fool’s top-rated Cloud Stocks and a wealth of other valuable research and resources.

If you compare Cloud Disruptors to Fool’s basic newsletters, you might think the price is high, but the comparison isn’t appropriate.

Cloud Disruptors provides much more extensive guidance and research than the company’s standard offerings. In fact, a previous Fool service with a similar focus cost $5,000 per year.

Competing service can cost even more, and many don’t offer anywhere near the level of independent research and analysis you get with the Fool.

Less than half of Fool’s top-rated cloud stocks can be found in the S&P 500, and many aren’t even included in the stock market’s top-three cloud ETFs.

Furthermore, the model portfolio includes a whopping 40 cloud stocks for you to explore, and you get full access from the minute you join.

These companies represent some of the best untapped cloud opportunities from across the market, and they could have substantial upside when institutional investors start to catch wind of their potential.

Cloud Disruptors includes everything you need to capitalize on the cloud sector’s expected growth in the years ahead. The subscription cost is a small price to pay for such a tremendous stock market edge.

Motley Fool Everlasting Cloud Disruptors Review: Final Verdict

Motley Fool’s Everlasting Cloud Disruptors is the complete package for making the most out of the unfolding opportunities in the cloud sector.

The service offers a combination of a managed portfolio service, research newsletter, and investor education platform in one convenient package.

Best of all, it’s all backed by Motley Fool’s proven research, customer support, and expertise, and the subscription is covered with Fool’s ironclad satisfaction guarantee for 30 days.

Although Cloud Disruptors requires a substantial upfront investment to join, the service delivers comprehensive, one-stop-shopping value that more than justifies the cost.

The cloud sector could be at the epicenter of the stock market’s next major growth phase, and Motley Fool’s Everlasting Cloud Disruptors gives you the keys to the kingdom.

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