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The 9 Best Stocks Under $10 To Buy For December 2021!

Sarah Foley - November 11, 2021

Best Stocks Under $10

For those taking their first steps into the world of investing, affordable stocks are often the way to go. We’re giving our picks for the best stocks under $10 to help you economically enter the market.

Stocks priced at less than 10 dollars are a great way to build a starter portfolio, and even these cheap stocks can have massive potential.

While Apple and Netflix are industry behemoths now, these high-priced stocks were worth just a few dollars when they started.

Keep reading for our picks for the best under $10 stocks on the market.

What to Look for When Investing In Stocks Under $10

Stocks under $10 can have plenty of earning potential, but they can also be quite volatile — especially if they have low liquidity.

So it’s important to know what to look for when you’re doing your research for these types of stock trades.

Generally, you’ll want to stick to stocks traded on major exchanges, like NYSE and NASDAQ, as these stocks have much better liquidity.

Companies that trade in the $10 range typically have a mid or large market cap.

Before purchasing any affordable stock, you’ll want to look at their price history and consider their support and resistance levels.

When the stock hits its support level, that means it is likely to go up, so this could be a good indication that it may be time to buy.

More on Finding the Best Cheap Stocks for Less Than $10

Finally, you’ll want to spend time researching each company before making a purchase.

This includes their yearly earnings and revenue, as well as their growth and their current cash flow.

You should also consider whether or not they have a dividend yield.

While you can’t predict precisely where the market will go, familiarity with your investments is a good base for success.

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Best Tech & Communications Stocks Under $10

  • ASE Technology Holding Co. Ltd. (NYSE: ASX)
  • Telefonica SA (NYSE: TEF)

ASE Technology Holding Co. Ltd. (NYSE: ASX)

ASE Technology, short for Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, works exclusively in this lucrative industry.

With semiconductors in such high demand right now, companies like this one are proving to be very popular.

This particular venture not only manufactures semiconductors but tests the microchips of other businesses as well.

ASE makes use of its special testing and packaging equipment to perform what other companies don’t have the ability to do.

Headquartered in Taiwan, the semiconductor tester has facilities on three continents and employs over 100,000 people.

Recent Q3 earnings reports show a considerable boost to revenue alongside net income and earnings per share numbers well into the black.

Share prices have been on the rise for most of the year and now sit 50% higher than last year at this time.

As time marches on, ASE Technology will likely continue seeing the positive effects of semiconductors being such an essential commodity.

Telefonica SA (NYSE: TEF)

Telefonica is the most popular telecommunications operator in Spain, with headquarters in Madrid.

With nearly 100 years of experience in telecommunication operations, it’s now one of the largest mobile network providers in the world.

In addition to a mobile platform, the company also provides digital television, broadband, and fixed-line service.

Telefonica has a presence in 20 countries throughout Europe and Latin America and was the only telephone carrier available in Spain until 1997.

The company is currently working hard to streamline its business model by removing unnecessary assets.

It is working to add 5G to all its networks, having already done so in Spain, Brazil, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

The result is a 15% increase in stock price from last year at this time.

Telefonica also has a very high dividend yield at 9.69%.

Best Stocks Under $10: Entertainment

  • Entravision Communications Corp (NYSE: EVC)
  • Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ: ZNGA)

Entravision Communications Corp (NYSE: EVC)

Entravision Communications launched in 1996 to bring media content to the U.S. Latino population.

Initially only in California, the company quickly spread to several other states, Mexico, Latin America, and Spain.

The platform encompasses TV, radio, digital content, sports, and live performances from around the Spanish-speaking world.

In addition to original content, Entravision partners with many top networks to distribute the latest shows in Spanish.

Through these different markets, the media provider reaches over 4.5 million viewers each and every week.

The company anticipates this number growing even higher as it continues to expand its influence.

Entravision beat its revenue and earnings per share goals in the third quarter of this year and has consistently done so.

Investors are buying into the success as share prices have increased 260% since last year at this time.

Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ: ZNGA)

Zynga Inc. is the creator of many popular free-to-play mobile games on both Android and iOS platforms.

The company has been putting out games since 2007 and frequently appears on top mobile developer lists.

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It is known for scooping up developers to continue improving the quality of its games, including the recent acquisition of the team at Echtra Games.

As Zynga continues to think ahead, it is releasing its first cross-platform with Star Wars: Hunters.

This is the first time Zynga will release a game that can be played on consoles.

Although its stock has been trending downward since July, the company continues to see revenue growth.

In fact, it significantly beat both revenue and earnings per share goals for the third quarter.

With Zynga’s target price quite a bit higher, all signs point to this stock moving up in the near future.

Best Stocks Under $10: Health & Wellness

  • Bright Minds Biosciences (NASDAQ: DRUG)
  • Accuray Incorporated (NASDAQ: ARAY)

Bright Minds Biosciences (NASDAQ: DRUG)

Bright Minds Biosciences looks to the brain with its transformational treatments.

The biopharmaceutical company works to understand how nerve centers in the mind work to create solutions to neurological disorders and pain.

With a deeper understanding, Bright Minds hopes to be able to target specific issue points while avoiding unwanted side effects.

Such an innovative approach is an entirely new way of looking at treating the brain, and Bright Minds is at the forefront of this research.

At present, all of the company’s medications are either in phase I or pre-clinical trials.

Some of these drugs will specifically treat Alzheimer’s, depression, and the effects of PTSD.

While still a ways off from FDS approval, share prices are on the rise as investors like what they see.

It is a risk to buy stock for a company that still doesn’t have an approved product, but these stocks often see significant gains as medications pass through different approval stages.

Accuray Incorporated (NASDAQ: ARAY)

Accuray Incorporated is rooted in the health space as a manufacturer of medical devices.

Specifically, the company builds instruments for radiation therapy for treating tumors on several parts of the body.

Its product catalog covers both full-body machines, robot technology, and software to interpret the data.

Always looking forward, Accuray recently unveiled the VOLO™ Ultra, its latest offering in radiation therapy, in the near future.

This latest announcement has caused a massive jump in share price as Accuray continues to work toward production.

Additional advancements should only push this price up higher.

More of the Best Stocks Under $10 to Buy Now

  • Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT)
  • Kinross Gold (NYSE: KGC)
  • Aegon N.V. (NYSE: AEG)

Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT)

Wipro Limited is one of the largest organizations in India.

Dealing in information technology, the company has clients all over the globe.

As our world gets more and more digital, companies like Wipro continue to rise to the top.

It sees continued gains in revenue, net income, and earnings per share.

To put things in perspective, Wipro has a market cap of nearly $50 billion.

Wipro’s stock has seen a steady increase since the downturn in March of 2020, with over 80% growth in the last year.

At this rate, it may not be an under $10 stock for much longer.

Kinross Gold (NYSE: KGC)

Kinross Gold is a gold and other metals mining enterprise based out of Canada.

The company is the result of a 1993 merger of three different Canadian companies.

Its presence extends from the Americas to Russia and West Africa, with mines in each region.

Gold is often considered a good long-term investment, being a safe haven for growth in turbulent markets.

Kinross Gold offers an option to get in on the commodity at a lower price point.

The company continues to look to the future, increasing its gold production year after year.

It also has an $8.8 billion market cap and pays out a dividend of 1.39%.

These factors could make Kinross Gold a worthwhile investment for the foreseeable future.

Aegon N.V. (NYSE: AEG)

Rounding out our list is Aegon N.V., providing pensions, life insurance, and asset management.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company also has a significant presence in the U.K.

Through joint ventures, Aegon can also work in India, Japan, and China.

Its largest market is in the U.S. under the banner of Transamerica.

While continuing to expand its business, Aegon is also focusing on initiatives to strengthen its balance sheet and more frequency in financial reporting.

This plan seems to be pushing Aegon in the right direction, as the company has seen a nearly 50% share growth in the last year.

It also pays out a healthy 3.41% dividend yield.

Should You Buy Stocks Under $10?

Stocks under $10 can be a great entry point into the world of investing.

Tickers above the $5 range are no longer considered penny stocks and often come with less volatility.

They’ve proven themselves in at least some capacity and trade at significant volumes.

These stocks won’t make you rich right away but have the potential to reach incredible heights in the long run.

That being said, some stocks are stuck at share prices under $10 for a reason.

It’s important to do your due diligence before buying any stock, including those on this list.

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Where to Buy Stocks Under $10

The best stocks under $10 are likely going to be located on major exchanges such as the NYSE and NASDAQ.

Online trading platforms like Robinhood and Webull provide access to all the listings on these markets.

Robinhood in particular is toted as being very friendly to new traders with clear listings and a simple interface.

Webull offers a bit more complexity and lets users perform deeper dives in hopes of locating less overt opportunities.

In either case, these platforms stay away from more volatile markets like the OTC.

Best Stocks Under $10: Final Thoughts

Buying stocks under $10 isn’t for everyone.

However, there could be plenty of financial advantages for investors who are willing to do their homework and find the best stock under $10.

Because these low-priced stocks come with some added risk, investors should carefully consider market data and share prices before making a purchase.

Buying stocks with low prices can be a good way for new investors to test the waters without paying too much per share.

Some of the highest-performing companies on the stock market today started under $10, so you never know what might happen.

For more info on low-priced stocks, check out our best stocks under $1 and best stocks under $5 articles.


Sarah Foley is a freelance content writer based in Chicago. She covers finance as well as real estate, technology, pop culture, and more.