Finviz Elite Review: Is It the Best Stock Screener Around?

Chris Dios - November 15, 2020

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Finviz is one of the most popular stock screeners on the market, but the basic version only provides a small fraction of the screener’s full capabilities.

Finviz Elite is the platform’s premium version, and it includes a wide array of features that aren’t available in the free version.

If you’re serious about trading, Finviz Elite can help you take your game to the next level.

Our Finviz Elite review will cover everything you can do with this top-rate stock screener and tell you if it’s a good option for active traders and investors.

Finviz Elite Review: Overview

Finviz Elite is like the basic Finviz stock screener on steroids.

Elite users can access all of the Finviz basic features, plus real-time trading info, additional stock screener settings, and much more.

Using these features properly can drastically improve your trade execution, and it makes it much easier to identify up-and-coming stocks.

Active traders and serious investors everywhere love Finviz for its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use stock screener, but Finviz Elite provides a host of additional features that make the platform even better.

Let’s take a look at Finviz Elite’s full docket of premium features in detail.

finviz elite

Finviz Review: Advanced Screener Review

Finviz earned a stellar reputation over the past few years for giving the public free access to its basic stock screener, but it’s nothing the Finviz Elite advanced stock screener.

This basic version of finviz offers users the ability to sort stocks based on a wide array of screener presets, but it doesn’t allow users to fully customize their screen settings.

However, Finviz Elite users can completely customize their searches to fit their exact selection criteria.

Just like the basic stock screener, Finviz Elite allows you to search for stocks using various attributes, including technical indicators, eps growth, market cap, and more.

However, you’re not limited to the preset search settings, and they can customize each filter based on their preference.

For example, you can find stocks based on net profit margin using Finviz basic, but you can only set this filter in 5 or 10-unit increments.

That means you can only set your search according to the available options.

However, the advanced screener allows you to fully customize every setting, so you can set every filter exactly where you want it.

With Finviz Elite, you’re not limited to the basic version’s choppy presets, and you can type in whatever value you want the screener to seek out.

That means you can search for companies whatever numbers you want to target, such as eps growth above 13.5% in stocks with a market cap lower than 7.8 billion.

The ability to fully customize each setting maximizes your stock screening capabilities by helping you identify the best stock picks for your trading strategy.

finviz custom screens

Primary Benefits

The advanced stock screener can help you conduct more precise stock market searches, so you can find new trade opportunities more quickly and efficiently.

It can also help you identify stocks that have a high chance of breaking out soon using a combination of technical indicators and chart patterns.

The best gains in the stock market come from companies you will never hear about on CNBC or Fox Business, so you’re going to do some research to beat the market.

The Finviz Advanced stock screener makes researching stocks quicker and easier, and it can help you generate better returns by identifying high-potential stocks earlier in their growth cycle.

Once you master the Finviz Elite advanced screener, you’re fully equipped to take the market by storm.

Stock screening is an important part of your research routine, and the advanced Finviz screeners are vastly superior to the basic version.

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Finviz Elite Review: Real Time Data

Finviz Elite incorporated streaming data feeds throughout finviz, and it really brings the platform to life.

Better yet, data coverage into the extended hours trading session, so you can access up-to-the-minute trading data starting at 8:00 AM on days the market is open.

Elite includes live data on your homepage, heat maps, charts, quotes, and more.

Thanks to the real time data, Finviz Elite provides a seamless experience with streaming market data integrated into all of its trading resources.

Is Finviz Real Time?

Like many stock screeners, the free version of finviz doesn’t use real time feeds.

You have to upgrade to Finviz Elite to access live quotes.

finviz real time

Primary Benefits

Live data is an absolute game-changer for daytraders because it allows them to access accurate market data during the session.

With the free version, quotes are delayed 24 hours, making it much less useful for short term traders.

You can’t access up-to-date data on the stocks you’re researching with the free version either.

However, you can access live data throughout the Finviz Elite platform, so you can put the platform at the center of your daily trading routine.

You can go to the finviz page as early as an hour and a half before the trading session opens to get an immediate idea of which way the market is going.

Best of all, the live data funnels right into charts and other research resources so you can make trades with confidence.

Finviz Review: Advanced Charts Review

Charting is an extremely important aspect of proper technical analysis, but Finviz basic’s chart features are limited.

Finviz Elite offers additional charting capabilities that allow users to conduct deeper levels of advanced technical analysis.

You can also utilize additional features to help you conduct more accurate research in less time.

Finviz Elite’s advanced charts include the following features:

finviz elite advanced charts

Intraday Charts

Elite’s live data feed allows users to access intraday trading charts.

Intraday charts aren’t available in the free version because it only offers delayed quotes.

Day traders will certainly appreciate this feature because it allows them to monitor stocks throughout the session.

Overlays and Indicators

You can use impose technical indicators onto your charts so you can spot developing trends more easily.

These visual aids can help you identify trade opportunities you might have otherwise missed, and they give you better insights into prevailing trends.

Drawing Tools

You can draw on your charts to keep a record of your technical analysis findings.

Users can draw lines to highlight trends, support levels, resistance barriers, and more

Fullscreen Layouts

You can blow up every chart to fill your entire screen, which makes it easier to focus on the research at hand.

Performance Comparison Charts

Perhaps one of the most useful advanced charts features is the performance comparison option.

You can put together charts that include multiple stocks and immediately see how they perform in relation to one another.

Primary Benefits

These advanced charting features are extremely useful for technical-focused trading.

They’re also a big plus for day traders because the basic version doesn’t include intraday charts.

Charts can help you discover trends you wouldn’t see if you were just looking at raw data, so they’re an important part of your research.

Finviz Elite’s upgraded charting features are a significant addition to any trading arsenal.

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Finviz Review: Backtesting 

Testing new trading strategies is a harrowing process.

In most cases, you have to put money on the line to really see if your ideas are working.

But putting your hard-earned cash on a hunch isn’t the best strategy for profitable trading.

That’s where the Finiviz Elite backtest feature comes into play.

Finviz Elite has 16 years of historical market data, more than 100 technical tools, and S&P 500 comparison data that you can use to evaluate your strategies.

For example, maybe you notice a certain stock whose price increases whenever a MACD crossover occurs.

You can use Finiz Elite to backtest this theory with its built-in historical data and gauge its performance in relation to the S&P 500.

This immediately tells you whether the strategy is viable and whether it returns significantly more than the SPY benchmark average.

From there, you can take these settings to the stock screener and use it to help you identify new trade ideas.

Primary Benefits

Backtesting is one of the most powerful features included with Finviz Elite and, if you use it properly, this easy to use tool can help you find countless stock trading opportunities.

Best of all, you don’t have to risk any capital to test your theories.

Past performance isn’t necessarily a guarantee of future results, but backtesting adds a powerful new wrinkle to your trade strategy.

Incorporating backtests into your research can help you determine whether your hunch is legit so you can move forward with more confidence in your plan.

finviz elite correlations

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Finviz Elite: Correlations Review

Sometimes different stocks tend to consistently move in relation to one and other.

This phenomenon is called correlation, and identifying these trends can help you significantly improve your trading strategy.

As an example, let’s look at bank stocks versus gold ETFs.

During times of economic uncertainty, bank stocks tend to go down and gold tends to go up.

This type of relationship is called an inverse correlation because the asset prices tend to move in opposite directions.

Similar relationships exist when stock prices move in the same direction, and that’s an example of regular correlation.

Finviz Elite uses proprietary algorithms to help you identify these trends so you can use them to your advantage.

Primary Benefit

Identifying correlations can help you develop precise hedging strategies to insulate your portfolio against potential losses.

You can also use correlations to diversify risk by fine-tuning your portfolio allocations.

For example, if you have a heavy position in bank stocks, you can buy gold ETFs to hedge your positions against potential declines.

With a little planning, the Finviz correlation engine can help you fine-tune your positions and minimize potential losses.

Finviz Elite Review: Price Alerts & Notifications Review

Finviz premium users have the ability to set up alerts based on stock price movements, news, rating changes, and much more.

It can also tell you when new stocks fall within the range of your preferred screener settings.

Whenever an event triggers a finviz alert, you will receive an email notification right away so you can act immediately.

Alerts might seem like a relatively simple feature, but they’re one of the best features on finviz

They’re especially effective if used them in conjunction with the finviz stock screener and charts.

You might have to pay a hefty price in the form of losses if you’re slow-footed in the stock market, but finviz alerts ensure you’re ready to react quickly to any emerging trends.

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Primary Benefits

Finiviz Elite alerts help you stay on top of price moves without checking your positions every few minutes.

No one wants to be the person that constantly checks stock prices on their phone, but it’s hard to take your eye off your portfolio when you have a big trade on the line.

Setting up alerts will help you let go of the stress and anxiety that comes with watching every ticker movement.

You can rest easy knowing you’ll receive an alert if something important needs your attention, so you can relax and focus on the rest of your day.

You don’t need to miss out on life to be a successful trader. Let go of the day-to-day stress of trading with finviz notification.

finviz elite features

Finviz Elite: Miscellaneous Extras Review

Finviz also has some extra features associate with the paid version.

Real-Time Insider Transactions

From the main screen, you can gain important insights about stocks by monitoring insider trading transactions.

Insider transactions are worth keeping an eye on because no one knows more about the company than its board of directors and corporate officers.

If a company’s CEO is selling stock like crazy, there’s good reason to believe the company is trouble.

The same goes when you insider trading where company officers are buying stock hand over fist, except this is usually a favorable signal.

Monitoring these types of transactions in real-time can help you find new trade ideas and identify up-and-coming stocks.

Insider trading can be an important weapon in your trading arsenal if used in conjunction with other tools, so adding this component to your trading strategy can help you make better trades.

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Finviz Futures

Finviz future data is available on the free version, but you can tap into live streaming market data with Finviz Elite.

Simply click the futures tab to see the latest prices for the most popular types of future contracts.

The futures section includes the price of oil and other commodities, plus index contracts, and much more.

finviz alerts

Ad-Free Layout

Finviz uses ad revenues to support its free version, but the ads can be annoying if you use the platform regularly.

However, when you upgrade to Elite, the ads disappear.

Finviz respects its paying customers enough to not bombard them with ads.

Removing ads allows you to focus on your trading with no distractions.

Fundamental Charts

The basic version of finviz doesn’t have a lot of charting features, and you can only view price charts.

Elite includes access to charts of important fundamental data, such as EPS, shares, and sales growth.

These charts allow you to analyze the business’s true performance instead of just looking at stock price, which is based on market perception more than underlying fundamentals.

Fundamental charts show you the true health of the business so you can make better trading decisions.

Screener Exports

There are a lot of screeners on the market and some traders like using more than one.

Finviz Elite allows users to export their screener settings into a CSV file so they can take then outside of the platform.

You can also export your screen settings to share with your friends or online trading community.

The free version of finviz doesn’t have this feature, so pulling your settings out of the screener is much more tedious.

Additional Screener Presets

You can save up to 100 preset screens with Finviz Elite, and that’s more than almost anyone needs.

The free version doesn’t allow you to save any screen settings unless you register.

Once you register, you can save up to 50, but Finviz Elite doubles the limit to 100.

How Much Does Finviz Cost?

Finviz has three levels of access. Free, registered, and Finviz Elite.

It costs nothing to register and access some additional features, but you’ll have to upgrade to premium to tap into the platform’s true power.

A monthly subscription to finviz elite costs $39.50 per month, which is a pretty good value for professional-level trading software.

However, you can really save if you purchase a yearly subscription for $299.50.

At that price, you save $174.50 over the course of a year.

If you’re an active trader, this is an excellent value. It could easily pay for itself in a few weeks if you take full advantage of the software.

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Is Finviz Elite a Good Value?

Finviz Elite is an excellent value for the price. You got an arsenal of advanced features for less than $40 per month.

Competing stock screeners can cost much more. Some even have price tags that stretch into the thousands.

You can get Finviz Elite at a fraction of that price.

Finviz Elite is also much more useful than the free version.

The real time data feeds allow you to monitor the market and potential identify trades as they develop.

Free Finviz only has delayed quotes, so it’s practically useless to daytraders.

However, Finviz Elite can be a powerful tool for short-term traders if they make proper use of its features.

All and all, we think Finviz Elite is one of the best stock screeners on the market, and it’s an excellent value for the price.

Is Finviz Elite Worth It For Me?

There’s a good chance you will be happy with Finviz Elite if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • Active traders of all skill levels
  • Beginners traders interested in getting more involved in the market
  • Swing traders, daytraders, and long-term investors
  • Retail traders with a limited budget for trading software
  • Busy people who don’t have time to constantly monitor the markets during trading hours
  • Growth and value traders looking for under-the-radar opportunities
  • Technical, fundamental, and value investors of all skill levels

Finviz Review: The Final Verdict

That just about wraps up our Finviz Elite screener review and we’re definitely fans.

You can tap into a wealth of rich features with Finviz Elite, and it’s one of the most affordable screeners available.

It’s a perfect option for active traders and beginners looking to take their game to the next level.

You can check out finviz for yourself at

Once you check out the free version, you’ll have a better idea of how the Elite features will upgrade your user experience.

It won’t take long for you to fully understand how much value Finviz Elite delivers.

Properly using Finviz Elite’s professional-grade features can take your trading to the next level.

Stop missing out on the hottest growth stocks and up your trading game today with finviz elite.

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur based in the Greater NYC area. He studied accounting at Drexel University, and he first started investing back in 2018. Chris's trading style favors a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, and he primarily targets swing trades and longer-term investments.