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TradingView Review

TradingView Review
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TradingView is a trading and charting platform that active traders can use to improve their trading strategies.

It takes a refined and modern look at trading using technical analysis, research, and other tools to help traders and investors alike make better decisions.

In our TradingView Premium review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about what the platform offers so you can decide for yourself if it is right for you.

TradingView Review

TradingView Review: Overview

The company prides itself on social networking, as its community includes over 30 million traders and investors who use the TradingView platform.

The company was co-founded in September 2011 by CEO Denis Globa, CSO/co-founder Stan Bokov and CTO Constantin Ivanov.

TradingView is a private and independent company. Its headquarters are located in Westerville, Ohio.

What Is TradingView?

TradingView is a social networking platform, charting platform, and stock screener that provides several charting tools, indicators, and other features to help optimize trade ideas for any trader — whether you are a professional or a beginner.

While using TradingView, you can access stock charting and analysis tools that give you real-time access to price charts for a wide range of financial markets.

You also get price charts for several other asset classes, including currency pairs, crypto, stocks, bonds, and futures.

Users can also check out multiple assets, including overseas market futures like the Euro/Dollar currency pair, Japanese Nikkei futures, and much more.

TradingView provides a wide range of educational tools that give you direct access to news feeds that accompany each asset.

You can also check out real-time market data and watch live streams featuring professional traders so you can garner new trading ideas.

Additionally, there are paper trading accounts to help you master Tradingview’s diverse selection of tools.

TradingViews’s social platform features a scripting language that lets users customize their indicators and charts at will. You can also learn about potential chart outcomes, market fluctuations, and more.

TradingView premium review: overview

Before you sign up for TradingView, you’ll see a good amount of market information on the homepage.

This includes a ticker for EUR/USD, ETH/USD, and BTC/USD currency pairs.

The homepage also provides an overview of the stock market, including S&P 500, Dow, and NASDAQ markets.

You can access the TradingView app via your Android or iOS, allowing beginners and technical analysis experts to practice forex, crypto, and stock trading on their phones at their convenience.

The only drawback with TradingView’s platform is that many large brokerages aren’t directly integrated with TradingView, meaning you’ll have to place your trades separately with your brokers of choice.

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TradingView Review: What’s Included?

TradingView includes a wide array of custom features that traders and investors will find highly useful. These features include:

  • Stock Screener
  • Charting
  • Trading Alerts
  • Pine Script
  • Direct Trading
  • Live Streaming & Social Media

Stock Screener

The stock screener lets you conduct stock searches by filtering trade ideas, educational ideas, scripts, or people.

It’s a handy search tool that active traders and investors can use to access the stocks that they’re most interested in.

The TradingView stock screener has more than 100 search fields, offering users unlimited access to real-time alerts in U.S. and overseas markets.

TadingView Review

You can search for any instrument available as well as its charts and add filters wherever necessary.

Traders can base their stocks on fundamentals, technical indicators, or both.

For the premium version of TradingView, users can take advantage of a stock screener that has auto-refresh so you’re always up to speed on the markets.

Additionally, you can export your data from the screener by setting your filters and columns.

The screener also lets users play with multiple timeframes and offers most-of-the-world coverage.

It even has seven flagged symbol colors for a bit of visual appeal. The screener also contains dynamic server-side alerts.

Meanwhile, there are crypto screeners and screeners for different forex types.


A key feature of TradingView is its comprehensive charts and chart data.

They don’t barrage you with constant updates and installations. Whether you need one chart or multiple, TradingView has you covered.

TradingView Review

You can open up to eight charts per tab when using the premium version of TradingView.

And, you can use up to five devices simultaneously while working on the charting tools.

The premium version allows access to an infinite number of saved chart layouts. Plus, you get 25 indicators per chart with the premium package.

Intervals are plentiful on the social service with custom time and second-based intervals, allowing you to set time-based intervals ranging from one minute to 12 months.

You can set any interval as long as you have a paid subscription. And, you can work with price range bars.

TradingView’s charting tools also include comparing symbols, dividend-adjusted charts, historical financial data, and bar replay.

You’ll also get extended trading hours while using the charting platform. 

Trading Alerts

With TradingView’s trading alerts, you can set alerts for virtually any condition.

Alerts can be set on price levels, custom conditions, drawing tools, and indicators.

TradingView Review

This is an extremely versatile feature that provides you with 10 or more alert conditions in each available category.

Whenever market moves meet your set criteria, you will receive instant notifications, either to your phone, email, webhooks, or screen popups.

You can get up to 400 active alerts on price, strategies, drawings, or indicators using the premium plan.

Additionally, you get infinite alert durations and second-based alerts.

Pine Script

The pine script tool is one of TradingView’s most customizable options.

With this tool, you can create your indicators from scratch to get a more detailed stock volume analysis.

With their indicator templates, you can group many studies or indicators into one package for convenience.

So, if you’re starting a new indicator, there’s always a workable format you can follow.

You can use custom codes for embedded charts. You can also utilize existing technical indicators and other types of trading concepts.

TradingView Premium review: drawings

Traders can also do backtesting on their trading strategies and use available scripts for trading purposes.

There are well over 100 previously built studies that you can choose from should you want to conduct an in-depth technical analysis.

Direct Trading

With the platform’s paper trading simulator, traders can exchange virtual money in simulated environments.

This tool gives traders an opportunity to hone their trade strategies without putting their real money out there.

You can paper trade any assets that TradingView provides, including crypto, stocks, and futures.

However, there is now Level 2 data provided while using the paper trading simulator. This data is crucial to success for day traders and opens the door to develop top-tier trading skills.

TradingView allows you to trade through selected brokers, do chart trading, and do depth of market (DOM) trading.

So it’s a good place to get trading ideas.

Live Streaming & Social Media

As one of the world’s most active social networking platforms, TradingView connects traders to millions of other traders, spanning more than 100 countries.

You can watch and/or record video ideas. You can also read and publish any trading ideas on charts.

You get signature and website fields exclusively with TradingView’s premium package as well as the ability to publish indicators by invite only.

You can also publish protected scripts.

TradingView Premium Review: social

One of the social platform’s best and newest assets is its live streaming service. You can learn trade ideas from industry professionals, including day traders, by watching professionals give trade tips live.

Replays are archived so you can watch previous videos on-demand.

Ideas & Community

Have you ever wanted a second opinion on your trading strategies from those more seasoned in the field? 

TradingView’s “Ideas” feature provides a forum where users can exchange strategies and gain insights. 

You can post your preferred trading concepts to receive constructive feedback from a global community of investors,  or learn new strategies from other community members. .

But, that’s just the start. “Ideas” goes well beyond the boundaries of traditional technical analysis. 

The forums also host regular discussions on risk management, trading setups, and developing opportunities. . 

The platform also highlights notable authors and winning ideas, making it easy to discover and follow the most influential thought leaders. 

“Ideas”  takes TradingView to the next level. It combines a social media platform with one of the world’s most powerful research platforms to create a one-of-a-kind user experience. 


TradingView’s stock and crypto heatmaps provide a vivid visual representations of the top trading session’s winners & losers. . 

Typically, buying volume is denoted on the graphic in a spectrum of green to red, with green representing positive price action and red denoting negative price action. 

With just a quick glance, heatmaps provide an immediate visual summary of the trending market movements.

Many platforms offer heatmaps, but TradingView offers extensive customization options that outclass the competition. 

You can filter heat maps based on market capitalization, daily volume, dividend yield, and more. 

Plus, heat maps can also track the day’s most volatile stocks, gap movers, relative volume ratios, and other promising trends, so you can find more trade opportunities with more time to capitalize. 

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Is TradingView Legit?

TradingView is a legitimate and safe platform for its extensive user base. However, like with any social networking community, you should exercise your better judgment when using the platform.

You can take custom measures to protect all of your financial and personal information.

Be aware of scammers and be intelligent with how you approach conversations on the platform.

TradingView Review: Is It Reliable?

TradingView is a reliable resource because they provide information on their website about what you should do and avoid doing while using their platform. 

This guidance includes blindly asking for real-time signals with the hope for quick financial gain, buying signals/bots from members who don’t have a verified track record, and following opinions without a second thought.

Because their educational tools go so in-depth and the realization that people’s financial futures are at stake, TradingView does all it can to protect each trader who uses its resources.

Cancellation Policy

All billing for TradingView is recurring, meaning you will have to cancel your subscription to stop receiving bills.

You can cancel your TradingView subscription at any time when you go to the billing section that’s located on your Profile Settings page on your account.

When you cancel the service before the end of your current premium payment period, your subscription remains active until your next due date.

If you haven’t made a payment by the following due date, your subscription stops.

Refund Policy

No refunds are offered for initial payments or recurring monthly payments. You also aren’t offered refunds when you opt for a longer billing cycle. 

You can stop future payments, but you can’t recoup money from the trading service.

TradingView Review: Pricing

Along with the premium features, users can opt for the TradingView pro and pro+ plans.

Before you opt for any of these plans, you can create a free account and start with a 30-day free trial to access limited services.

As a user, you can link your TradingView account to your Google or Facebook account during your free trial.

The free version features single server-side alerts, one chart per layout, and three indicators for every chart.

You also can utilize powerful price scales, try out more than 50 drawing tools and get multiple symbols for each of your charts without cost. 

This is a good option for beginners in the trading world looking to gain more knowledge of the industry and perfect their trading techniques.

Here’s a look at each paid plan TradingView offers.

Pro Pricing

The plan costs $14.95 per month or $155 a year if you opt for the annual plan, saving you 16%.

Tradingview’s Pro plan allows traders and investors to try five indicators per chart and two charts in one window.

Additionally, it comes with volume profile indicators and 20 server-side alerts.

Meanwhile, Pro users can enjoy multiple enhanced watch lists and custom time intervals. Additionally, users can access bar replay on intraday bars. 

Users also don’t have to worry about advertising disrupting their interactions on the platform, as you can shut them off at any time while you’re networking or using charts.

Pro+ Pricing

Pricing for the plan costs $29.95 per month, or you can pay $299 yearly, saving you $60 for the year.

With the Pro+ plan, TradingView users access the same benefits as Pro users but with greater leeway.

Traders and investors get 10 indicators per chart, four charts per layout, and 100 server-side alerts. Users can also use two devices simultaneously.

The Pro+ features intraday exotic charts that are informative and visually appealing. The charts used are based on custom formulas as well.

Premium Pricing

As our TradingView review has shown you so far, the premium feature is undoubtedly the most extensive package that the platform has to offer.

You’ll pay $59.95 per month or $599 when you opt for the yearly plan, saving you $120 a year.

With 25 indicators per chart, the ability to use five devices simultaneously, and alerts that never expire, the premium package gives any trader or investor as much exposure as possible to valuable information that can help them with future initiatives.

You also get four times more data on charts (equalling 20,000 bars) compared to alternative plans.

And, as mentioned, users can publish invite-only indicators.

For a professional trader or someone looking to get into it at that level, the premium plan from TradingView provides the necessary educational tools to build their way up.

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TradingView Review: Pros and Cons

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using TradingView?


Extensive User Community — With over 30 million users, there are a plethora of potential learning opportunities as you’ll meet traders from across the world.

Research and Educational Tools — TradingView’s tools are thorough and engaging, while the selections they offer are varied.

Stock Screening — Among the most in-depth of its kind in the industry.

Comprehensive Chart Data — The amount of chart data provided will especially be useful to traders who need regular updates each minute.


Customer Service — The customer support TradingView provides is lacking. You can only contact their customer support team through platform messaging.

There is no help number to call, a drawback for people who aren’t comfortable sharing sensitive details through a texting medium.

They do make up for this somewhat with their chat support, located on the left side of the home page and their FAQs section.

Website Ease of Use — You can’t use TradingView offline, and some aspects of the website aren’t set up optimally.

How Good Is TradingView?

TradingView is a good learning platform, and its social community provides the opportunity to sharpen your investing skills and technical analysis.

It’s worth a try if you’re looking for extended trading hours and allows you to chart your favorite stocks with ease.

Is TradingView Good for Day Trading?

TradingView is a solid resource for day trading, providing endless education and research for day traders looking to fine-tune strategies.

TradingView Review: Which Broker Is Best for TradingView?

You can trade through a variety of brokers on TradingView including, but not limited to:

  • TradeStation
  • FOREXcom
  • Gemini
  • Alpaca
  • Tiger Brokers
  • Global Prime
  • iBroker
  • Saxo
  • Tradovate

Of all the brokers TradingView interacts with, OANDA has the highest rating.

You can integrate your brokerage using TradingView’s API, allowing brokers to connect their backend systems to their interface.

Brokers can be supported on their web platform, with users able to log in to their accounts, get their broker’s streaming data, and send direct orders to their brokerage.

TradingView even hosts its own broker awards each year to engage the best brokerages across the world.

TradingView Reviews by Traders

Rob Hansen,

“From the product to the Customer Support TradingView is superb. And that it’s cloud-based and works flawlessly is an industry coup. Well done, TradingView! Thank you.”

Pacs Fofe

“I think TV is an extremely intuitive platform to use, and the thing I like most about them is their support – whenever I have an issue, there is someone there to assist straight away. Also, from an educational standpoint, there is a very active community on TV that you can learn a lot from. Overall, it’s an offering that I’m very happy with – it’s fit for purpose and satisfies my requirements.”

TradingView Review: Final Thoughts

TradingView’s premium paid plan is worth your time for its resources, news, and real-time data.

However, this may be more of a platform for season traders as opposed to beginners — even though there’s a lot of materials to get newer traders started.

TradingView offers a lot of helpful tools with its premium plan. It is definitely worth a try.

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