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Growth Investor Review: Is Louis Navellier the Real Deal?

John Parker - October 06, 2021

Louis Navellier's Growth Investor Review
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Louis Navellier is turning heads with his new Growth Investor offer. However, we’re curious whether this up-and-coming research service really delivers the goods. Stay tuned for our Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor review.
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Growth Investor Review Overview 

Growth Investor is a relatively new research service that finds the stock market’s hottest growth opportunities.

Louis Navellier quarterbacks the service.

You might know him from his pricier service Platinum Growth Club.

He’s an established finance veteran with a lengthy track record of success — more on that later.

Louis and the Growth Investor Team launched this service to give everyday folks the chance to find the next big breakthrough stocks before they blow up.

You’ll get instant access to the monthly Growth Investor newsletter, as well as a robust collection of educational resources and research materials as soon as you sign up.

If you sign up with the “Technochasm” package, then you can get an even better deal.

Furthermore, Louis Navellier is throwing in five additional bonus research reports with this offer.

It’s important to remember that this service does not offer investment advice, rather it’s an investment research vehicle to help you locate breakout stocks in industries with emerging growth. 

Generally, Growth Investor’s recommendations can help busy people learn how to get the most out of their portfolio without spending endless hours digging through financial statements and analyzing market data.

It’s an ideal compromise for anyone looking for an upper hand on the market without springing for the cost of a full-service advisor.

But who is Louis Navellier, and does he have a knack for identifying opportunities to make accelerated profits on the stock market?

Keep reading to find out.

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           louis navellier review

Louis Navellier Review 

Louis Navellier is a Wall Street veteran and one of the richest people in America.

He’s also Navellier & Associates Inc.’s founder and chief investment officer.

The son of a bricklayer, Navellier eventually attained the highly coveted status of becoming a “one-percenter” during his 35-year investing career.

Navellier also manages funds through his firm, Navellier & Associates, which includes more than 50 analysts managing about $2 billion in mutual funds and institutional accounts.

Louis Navellier even wrote a book about his experiences, The Little Book That Makes You Rich.

Shortly after its publication, MarketWatch called the book “a real contribution to investment literature.”

Louis Navellier has a more established track record than most gurus and knows more than even some of the top money managers.

In fact, The New York Times referred to Louis as “an icon among growth stock investors”.

He’s also the author of four newsletters centered on growth investing:

  • Emerging Growth
  • Quantum Growth 
  • Blue Chip Growth
  • Global Growth

In other words, he’s a well-qualified researcher whose insights have proven reliable over the years.

louis nevallier review
Louis Navellier has been involved with the market from a young age, and, because he has decades of experience, he has a unique perspective on developing trends.

Growth Investor Strategy Review 

According to the service’s website, Growth Investor recommends mid-cap and large-cap growth stocks using a conservative investment strategy.

Louis Navellier’s recommendations come complete with volatility rankings and buy-below prices.

Obviously, these two metrics greatly simplify the research process.

The buy-below ratings show you the ideal entry point in simple terms, and in like manner, the volatility rating tells you what to expect in terms of market gyrations.

Low-risk growth is the holy grail of the investment game, and Navellier’s system has proven to be pretty successful in the past. 

InvestorPlace Media Review 

Founded more than 40 years ago, InvestorPlace is one of America’s largest and oldest independent financial research firms.

Unlike other less-reputable competitors, the firm doesn’t take kickbacks from the companies they cover.

Its only mission is to “publish ideas with the aim of enriching and educating investors.” 

The firm makes money by providing high-quality stock market research to subscribers like you, in the hope that, if their research shows you how to make money, you’ll most likely stick around.

It’s a very transparent business model where the product speaks for itself.

InvestorPlace Media publishes several research newsletters that utilize various investment strategies to make their picks, including Investment Opportunities and Fry’s Investment Report.

Navellier’s Growth Investor targets blue-chip growth stocks and other large-cap plays.

Above all, the service caters to conservative growth and favors buy-and-hold stocks with steady long-term sales growth.

InvestorPlace’s analysts have made appearances in The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Bloomberg, and more.

If they are credible enough for these scrupulous media outlets, then you can bet your bottom dollar that this is a legitimate operation.

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Technochasm Review 

Navellier’s latest presentation covers a potentially devastating trend that’s developing in the U.S. economy.

He calls it the “Technochasm,” or, in other words, the growing divide between America’s ultra-rich oligarchs and the rest of us.

Navellier has been fortunate enough to land on the right side of the Technochasm, but most of America has missed the boat.

Navellier is on a personal mission to help his followers bridge the divide too.

growth investor graph

The key to getting over the hump and making accelerated profits is as simple as financial education.

You can learn how to cash in on the country’s unprecedented growth streak, too. 

However, to do so, you have to use the same tricks the “top 1%” used to build and maintain their wealth.

In addition, Navellier throws in five additional research reports with the Technochasm offer to raise awareness about his message.

We’ll explain all the features in detail, so keep reading to find out if Growth Investor is the real deal.

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What Comes with Growth Investor? 

  • 12 Issues of Growth Investor monthly newsletter 
  • Full Access to Louis Navellier’s Research Library 
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

Technochasm Special Reports

  • The Kings of Scalability: 3 Must-Own Stocks to BUY NOW
  • The Network Effect: The Most Powerful Wealth-Creation Force in History
  • Portfolio Destroyers: 10 Ticking Time Bombs to Sell Now
  • The #1 Stock for the Driverless Car Revolution
  • The AI Revolution

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growth investor review

Growth Investor Monthly Newsletter Review 

The monthly newsletter is the main course in this research package.

Each month, you’ll receive a new growth stock recommendation from Louis Navellier along with market analysis, buy-below prices, and volatility ratings. 

Every recommendation goes into the model portfolio, where you can get a bird’s eye view of every active Growth Investor recommendation. 

The service picks stocks from various sectors that have the potential for long-term growth! 

How the Team Finds High-Growth Stocks

Louis Navellier and his research team pour through tons of market data each month to find stocks that have the potential to post excellent long-term returns.

They closely monitor market moves around critical times, like earnings season, and they utilize investment metrics like earnings growth and investor returns to evaluate each stock.

This is why, Growth Investor monthly newsletter can help make your life much easier by aggregating the month’s most consequential research and analysis in one convenient place.

GROWTH investor review chart

Louis Navellier’s Research Library

As soon as you sign up to Growth Investor, you’ll also get bonus access to Louis Navellier’s full research library.

This vast treasure trove includes valuable insights from top-tier researchers and analysis, as well as a complete catalog of Louis Navellier’s research reports, which you can access with a basic subscription.

The archive adds tons of value to the cost of your subscription, and you can surely pick up a few helpful insights while browsing them.

Money-Back Guarantee 

Growth Investor comes complete with a generous 90-day, money-back guarantee which goes well beyond what most competitors offer. 

Generally, you’ll have a hard time finding guarantees beyond 30 days in the research industry, so Growth Investor scores high marks here.

Furthermore, the Growth Investor refund policy is also conspicuously devoid of any fine print or stipulations.

“MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: There’s simply no better deal in the investment research world — and if you disagree with me for any reason, simply let us know in the next 90 days, and you’ll receive a full refund.” 

– Growth Investor Team 

Many competitors have confusing policies loaded with fine print, but, as you can see, Growth Investor’s approach is refreshingly straightforward.

>> Take advantage of the guarantee and try Growth Investor for 90 days <<

Technochasm Special Reports 

The Technochasm package includes five additional research reports.

Each report covers a different area relating to the technology revolution that Louis Navellier sees on the horizon.

louis navellier growth investor review

The Kings of Scalability: 3 Must-Own Stocks to BUY NOW 

Everyone talks about the Big Tech stocks that have powered the market for the past ten years, but these big winners are yesterday’s news, especially for growth investing.

Instead, if you want to tap into the hottest stage of the growth cycle, these up-and-coming growth stocks could be a much better bet.

You have probably never heard of these three companies, but they have the potential to be the next big breakthrough stocks on the market.

The Network Effect: The Most Powerful Wealth-Creation Force in History 

“The Network Effect” is a growth hack that some of the most influential companies on Earth have used to build their empires.

As a result, Navellier has his eyes on three companies that could be next in line, and he reveals their ticker symbols in this special report, as well.

louis navellier ebook review

Portfolio Destroyers: 10 Ticking Time Bombs to Sell Now 

Although making money is great, owning losing stocks can quickly erase your portfolio gains.

The economy is changing rapidly; meanwhile, the casualties are piling up.

Just Google “retail bankruptcies 2020”, and you’ll see what we mean.

These ten stocks could be the biggest losers of the next ten years, so check out this report ASAP if you decide to sign up.

After all, there’s no point waiting around just to lose more money.

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The #1 Stock for the Driverless Car Revolution 

Driverless cars have the potential to be one of the most disruptive technologies of our lifetime.

Whoever can master them first will be swimming in money.

However, the space is ultra-competitive, and various companies want the crown.

Regardless, one under-the-radar company could be much closer to perfecting the technology than its big-name competitors.

You’ll find the full scoop on the opportunity in this report, including the company’s ticker and detailed trade analysis, so check it out after you sign up.

growth investor special report

The AI Revolution 

Artificial Technology is one of only a handful of technologies that could have more economic potential than autonomous driving.

As a matter of fact, AI could run the world in a few decades.

Early investors in this field will have a drastic leg up on the competition.

Discover one of the top AI stocks you’ve never heard of in this special report from Louis Navellier.

Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor Pricing 

Growth Investor’s basic subscription package is very affordable at only $49 per year, including all the features and bonuses we covered in this review.

However, you can get even more if you’re willing to kick in a little more cash for the Pro membership.

What’s more, there’s also a VIP membership that offers additional goodies.

Pro Membership 

For an extra 30 bucks, you can upgrade to the pro package for $79 per year.

The Pro Membership includes everything you get with the basic deal, with a bonus stock market research report or two.

Though the selection of reports varies, you can see an up-to-date list here.

However, the pro deal is probably the worst value of the three packages.

For just $20 more, you can go for the VIP deal, and, undeniably, you’ll get a lot more for your dollar.

VIP Membership (Best Option)

This is the highest-priced option of all the Growth Investor subscriptions.

If you upgrade to VIP, you’ll pay $99 for your annual subscription and get even more bonus extras.

You get the “Moonshot” stocks report from Pro, in addition to three add-ons: 

  • Louis Navellier’s Crisis Master Plan 
  • 10 Small-Cap Plays Set to Double 
  • All-Access VIP Podcast 

Altogether, that’s 15 additional stock picks, Louis’ master plan for long-term wealth, and podcast access for an additional $50 over the entry-level deal. 

All and all, we think the VIP Membership is the best value, but the basic package is still an excellent deal at just $49 per year.

>> Sign up for Growth Investor now for just $49 per year <<

Louis Navellier Track Record 

Louis Navellier has an impressive track record of spotting smart investment ideas by following the latest stock market news.

Here are some highlights:

  • Successfully predicted the #1 performing S&P 500 stock for eight consecutive years between 2012 and 2019
  • Hulbert Financial Digest ranked Navellier’s research #1 in the 20-year category
  • Among the first on Wall Street to pick big winners like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Nvidia
  • Wrote a top-ranked personal finance book, The Little Book That Makes You Rich
  • Navellier & Associates manages around $2 billion in mutual fund and institutional assets

investorplace NVDA

Louis Navellier Growth Investor Review: Pros and Cons 

Despite the features, it’s not all great for Growth Investor.

Following, we outline the best and the worst about this research service.

Growth Investor Pros

  • Recommendations often provide an excellent balance of high-growth and low-risk (most future-proof companies)
  • Favors a conservative investment strategy with capital preservation as a priority
  • Targets undervalued growth stocks with strong potential for long-term returns
  • Much cheaper than pricier options like Platinum Growth Club ($12K/year)
  • The buy-and-hold approach is perfect for novice and passive investing
  • Remarkably robust refund policy
  • Includes a wealth of additional research and bonus stock picks 
  • Provides detailed analysis of high-growth technology stocks with potentially disruptive impact 
  • A time-tested approach that has proven successful 
  • Very affordable at just $49 per month, and accessible for most 
  • Buy below pricing and volatility ratings make it easy to time entry and exit points for recommended stocks 
  • Subscription renews annually at the same rate; no bait-and-switch markup 

Growth Investor Cons

  • Forgoes speculative plays in favor of a more conservative buy-and-hold strategy 
  • Growth stocks may not be right for everyone
  • All stock picks are behind a paywall which means not everyone can participate

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Is Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor Right for Me? 

This research service has broad appeal because of its balanced approach, but it’s probably a particularly excellent fit if any of these categories pique your interest: 

  • Busy people looking for a quick way to get an edge in the market 
  • Growth stocks and tech trades 
  • Buy-and-hold stocks and swing trades 
  • High growth stocks with limited downside risk
  • Conservative investing strategies and fundamental-focused trading styles 
  • Small-budget trading and affordable research 

Final Verdict: Is Growth Investor Worth It? 

To summarize, after a thorough run-through of everything Growth Investor offers, we think this service is of tremendous value.

For just $49, you can access an impressive collection of research and regular trade recommendations for a full 12 months.

With such a low price point, even beginning investors can get in on the action.

Also, the service’s trading research is exceptionally balanced.

Growth Investor is a great place to start if you’re new to trading and don’t know what you need.

In particular, their picks do an excellent job at balancing risk and reward to maximize market gains.

It’s also extremely reassuring to know you’re covered for a full 90 days under the refund policy, compared to what most trading research services offer.

Louis Navellier, as shown above, has an impressive track record of success.

Regardless, if you do find yourself unsatisfied, at least you know you can get your money back.

We give Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor extremely high scores based on all the points mentioned in the article above.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for solid research that won’t break the bank as well as growth stocks that could provide tremendous upside you can’t go wrong with Growth Investor!

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John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.