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Growth Investor Review: Biden’s Chokepoint

Growth Investor Review
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Louis Navellier’s newsletter has made a name for itself in uncovering tremendous breakout stocks. But is the team really up to the task? Check out this Growth Investor review from a real member to find out.

Growth Investor Review: Overview

Growth Investor is an investment newsletter led by Louis Navellier and published by InvestorPlace Media. Members gain exclusive access to trade ideas, bonus reports, and more.

This stock-picking service has two model portfolios: High Growth Investments and Elite Dividend Payers.

Trade ideas mostly follow a conservative approach, with mid to large-cap recommendations. However, picks can also fall in the moderately aggressive and aggressive range.

The Growth Investor team analyzes several industries, including oil & gas, tech, agriculture, etc. So there could be quite bit of diversity in the picks.

There’s a lot more to the service that I’ll explore in my review, so stick around.

Let’s switch gears and take a look at the service’s lead.

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Louis Navellier Review

Louis Navellier Review

Louis Navellier is a great investment analyst, and I’m impressed with the quality of his stock market research.

Pinpointing breakthrough stocks is tricky business, so it could be a boon to have someone with his experience in your corner.

He’s a Wall Street veteran and reportedly one of the richest people in America. He has even rubbed elbows with former President Ronald Reagan.

Growth Investing

In fact, Louis says that he’s a one percenter. He doesn’t share exactly what his net worth is, so we can only guess at this point.

If his name sounds familiar, you might know him from his pricier newsletter, Platinum Growth Club. Some other popular services he leads are Breakthrough Stocks and Accelerated Profits.

He is also the founder of Navellier & Associates Inc. and the chief investment officer. The firm manages over $5 billion in mutual funds and institutional accounts.

Louis’ track record is more established than most gurus, and he probably knows more about the market than many money managers. The New York Times even once called him “an icon among growth stock investors.”

He also has two popular tools: The Portfolio and Dividend Grader.

Louis Navellier: Investment Strategy

Louis Navellier focuses primarily on growth stocks when making investment moves. He embraces a very flexible strategy, not limiting himself to a particular sector or market cap.

No matter where he’s currently looking, Navellier loves using cold hard data, analytics, and metrics before making any investment. Here are some of the key elements of his strategy:

Multiple Levels of Analysis: You’ll likely find Navellier deep into quantitative models and algorithms when deciphering the best stocks to invest in. His calculations look to revenue and earnings growth, cash flow, price ratios, and a slew of other financial metrics.

Computer analysis is only half the battle. Navellier also adds in fundamental analysis for a fuller spectrum of data. Here, he’s checking out a company’s leadership team, product/service potential, foundational strength, and other factors that weigh into a stock’s long-term potential.

Company Momentum: Navellier is a big patterns guy, and pays close attention to a company’s momentum. He wants to be sure it has strong and consistent earnings growth, which he believes is a top indicator for continuous gains down the road.

Sector Foresight: You’ll likely never see Navellier stay in a sector past its prime. He’s always searching for big breakthroughs or disruptions coming out of a new space before they’re hot.

On the flip side, Louis rarely gets bogged down holding stocks from a certain industry once the excitement is gone.

Eyes on Growth: Navellier’s favors growth stocks far more than any others, as shown in many of his newsletters. As a result, he’s constantly looking for stocks with an above-average earnings outlook and revenue growth.


investor place publishing

What Is InvestorPlace Media?

InvestorPlace Media is a great publisher that backs a wide range of investment newsletters. It was founded more than 40 years ago, so it’s been in the business longer than many competitors.

InvestorPlace is one of America’s largest and oldest independent financial research publishers.

Unlike other less-reputable competitors, the firm doesn’t take kickbacks from the companies they cover.

It’s a very transparent business model where the product speaks for itself.

investorplace media services

Also, InvestorPlace’s analysts have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and more.

If this publisher is credible enough for these scrupulous media outlets, then you can bet your bottom dollar that this is a legitimate operation.

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Louis Navellier Review: Choke Point Presentation

Louis Navellier enlightens us in this video presentation by issuing a dire warning to anyone owning a checking account in U.S. dollars. 

His message is loud and clear “Caution against Biden’s resurrection of Obama’s Choke Point operation”—a plan he says “will allow Biden and the Democrats to control you using your capital

Quite literally choking the American people where it hurts most, our finances.

Biden’s “Operation Choke Point” intends to test an entirely new financial system that will replace the U.S. physical dollar with a 100% digital currency.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom, as Navellier has a potential solution to this problem, and he’s sharing it with the public.

Navellier says that the strategic solution was developed after investing millions of dollars in research and by leveraging his elite network of one-percenters.

These reports offer the secret to fighting back Biden’s oppression and even growing wealthy in the coming chaos,” – Louis Navellier.

But what’s operation “Choke Point”?

Growth Investing

“Biden’s Operation Choke Point”

It all started in 2021 when Biden signed executive order 14067, which officially gave the green light to the development of a U.S. dollar Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

The executive order was followed by the Regulated Liability Network U.S. Pilot— America’s first-ever framework on what crypto regulation in the U.S. should look like.

When Biden gave his speech he publicly declared millions of Americans his enemy. He is sharpening his knife together with over 120 banks and the Democrats to backstab you and your loved ones ” 

Those were the words of Navellier as he described Biden’s frightening speech revealing his plan for a new financial system.

Navellier warns, “My research shows that Biden and the Democrats might abandon the U.S. dollar entirely in favor of a global central bank digital currency,” addaing the CBDC is “controlled by the global elite and the government giving them full control over your money.”

Full control over our money!? That’s correct.

In fact, evidence that this is already happening is right in front of us.

Take the map below for example. It shows how there are already 97 countries working on the development of Central Bank Digital Currencies.

China has already launched its own CBDC, and it has extensively tested transactions for more than 100 billion yuan worth of transactions through its network.

China is also demonstrating how CBDCs could create nightmare scenarios for citizens. At least four Chinese banks have already used the CBDC to block account holders from accessing their funds.

But, do CBDCs pose a significant threat to Americans? Navellier says yes.

Growth Investing

The Threat of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currencies—a form of digital money that operates on a blockchain.

Unlike open-source cryptocurrencies, these digital assets are issued and controlled by central banks. In the case of the U.S., the lead organization for a CBDC would be the Federal Reserve.

CBDCs give governments much more control over money and day-to-day business because every transaction is recorded on the blockchain and accessible by government entities. 

With a CBDC, governments would have the power to track every single transaction you make, control how you spend your money, and even freeze your funds for whatever reason they decide. 

Navellier’s says, “CBDCs are a poison pill that will allow the government to control you without a warrant or an arrest.

Growth Investor Review

Protecting Your Savings and Your Wealth

After extensive research, Navellier believes he has unearthed legal loopholes that could be the key to beating the CBDC.

He is convinced that these loopholes offer Americans a way to opt out of the central bank’s digital currency trap.

He explains his findings in a series of special reports that he’s offering to the public as part of his “Choke Point” bundle. 

Each of these reports will equip you with new tools for protecting and growing your wealth in the face of oppressive government regulation and authoritarian oversight. 

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Growth Investor Review

Growth Investor Review: What Comes with the Service?

This service offers a suite of exceptional stock market research analysis and tools.

Keep reading our Growth Investor Review for a full explanation of everything that’s included with this deal.

Growth Investor Review

Annual Growth Investor Newsletter Subscription

Louis Navellier delivers stock picks to subscribers on the last Friday of every month. There’s no set number of recommendations, but there are usually around two in every report.

I’m a big fan of this structure. I’d rather get a list of well-researched opportunities than haphazardly picked stocks trying to reach an arbitrary quota.

Plus, the team sometimes provides more than two a month, which is a nice surprise.

The Growth Investor newsletter is easy to read, and it’s well organized.

New issues can be found on the Issues & Alerts tab. Here’s what the newsletter looks like:

Growth Investor Review

Right out of the gate, something I really like is that the Growth Investor team includes a table of contents that clearly marks buy and sell alerts. This makes skimming the recs a breeze, and it’s a big time saver.

Each issue contains stock picks, market commentary, sell alerts, and more. The sell alerts are not a monthly occurrence.

The newsletter will also keep members up to date with any rating changes.

Model Portfolios

As mentioned, Growth Investor provides two model portfolios: High Growth Investments and Elite Dividend Payers.

Every trade idea is entered into one of these portfolios.

The model portfolios detail:

  • Stock symbol
  • Company name
  • Industry
  • Growth/Dividend grade
  • Buy date, buy price, and return
  • Recent price and recommended price

This is a snapshot of the High Growth Investment Portfolio:

Growth Investor Review

Each model portfolio is also broken into three categories that include conservative, moderately aggressive, and aggressive.

You can click on the ticker for more info and see the initial alert and buy rec.

The team keeps you updated on all the model portfolio moves with special briefs.

Additionally, you’ll receive alerts with the latest stock market news.

The alerts also notify you when you should buy or sell out of a recommendation.

Growth Investor Review

These updates can be fairly frequent, which is a nice change of pace in the research space. I appreciate how much time the team takes to keep members in the loop.

This is a handy feature that lets you go about your day without missing a beat in the market.

Louis Navellier’s Research Library

When you sign up for Growth Investor, you also get access to a research archive containing all the service’s previous special reports and research resources.

The archive contains the team’s in-depth research on a wide variety of tech trends, including 5G, cybersecurity, and much more.

Even the older reports in the archives still contain valuable insights that can help you make better sense of the market. They also have the potential to lead you to promising trade ideas to boot.

A subscription includes unlimited access to the archives as a membership perk, so the research can be explored at your leisure.

In terms of the sheer volume of research, the archives could be the most valuable part of this deal, and it gives you a ton of bang for your buck.

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Growth Investor Review: New Member Bonuses

The latest Growth Investor package provides additional trade ideas and market research.

We covered all the extra features you get in our Growth Investor review.

Growth Investing

Secure Your Savings From The CBDC: Beat Biden’s Plan To Steal Your Wealth

The featured report in the Navellier’s “Choke Point” package explains everything you need to know about the coming CBDC crisis.

It includes extensive details about the Federal Reserve’s plans for its digital currency, how they could affect you and your family, and what you can do to prepare yourself.

This report also provides Navellier’s blueprint for coming out of the crisis on top, so you’ll have everything you need to survive and thrive through the CBDC era.

This is a must-read report for anyone with long-term investment goals. By the time you’re done reading it, you’ll have a clear path ahead for navigating these uncertain times. See

Growth Investing

Off The Radar Income

The Off The Radar Income report outlines a strategy that has helped Navellier’s “one-percenter” friends shelter their portfolios from terrible market conditions.

In fact, Navellier noted that this off-the-radar investment delivered more than 200% returns in 2022 alone.

If that wasn’t enough, this secret strategy is completely TAX-FREE.

You’ll find everything you need to put Navellier’s “off-the-radar income” opportunity to work in your portfolio in this valuable bonus report.

Growth Investing


Oil Stocks Set To Rocket Up: How To Profit From Insane ESG Policies

The next report in the Choke Point bundle includes extensive research on Navellier’s top-five picks for the best oil stocks.

However, you won’t find the usual big-name fossil fuel brands, like BP and Chevron, in this report.

Instead, you’ll find five smaller companies with explosive growth potential that are currently flying under the radar.

Navellier believes these promising plays could produce windfalls as high as 20X. 

Growth Investing

The Inflation Solution: How To Make More Money As Inflation Screams Higher

In this report, Navellier reveals a sector that has proven to be the most promising hedge against long-term inflation that he’s seen in his 40+ year career. 

One whose returns could have turned a couple of thousands into millions.

And the time to buy might be now as his proprietary algorithms are flashing buy signals for this asset.

Growth Investing

Protect Yourself From The Coming Wave Of Online Thieves

Cybercrime is on the rise across the U.S. and the globe, so maintaining a vigilant security stance online is more important than ever before.

Free Subscription to Market 360 Daily E-Letter

Lous Navellier’s Market 360 is a daily e-letter that’s delivered to investors that opt for his service—absolutely free.

In the daily letter, Navellier pinpoints the next big winners in any sector. These picks are chosen by using his quantitative investing approach and proprietary stock-picking system.

Growth Investor Review

One-Year Money-Back Guarantee

Growth investor membership has its perks, and Navellier is so sure that his strategies will work that he backs up the program with an unbeatable one-year money-back guarantee.

This robust guarantee offers you a full 12 months to “test drive” the service. If you don’t like it for any reason, you can qualify for a full refund. 

The best part is, you get to keep every report, financial strategy, and stock recommendation from the time that you were a member. 

With a guarantee like this, it’s easy to see that Navellier stands by his product. 

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Louis Navellier Review: Is He Legit?

Louis Navellier is legit.

He has an impressive track record. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Successfully predicted the #1 performing S&P 500 stock for eight consecutive years between 2012 and 2019.
  • Hulbert Financial Digest ranked his research #1 in the 20-year category.
  • Among the first on Wall Street to pick big winners like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Nvidia.
  • Navellier & Associates manages more than $5 billion in mutual fund and institutional assets.

All in all, Louis is a solid stock market researcher, and I think his insights bring a lot to the table for Growth Investor subscribers.

Growth Investor Review: Pros and Cons 

I found plenty to like during my review of Growth Investor, but it could improve in some areas.


  • New high-growth stock recommendations every month
  • Three bonus reports featuring a total of 7 additional stock picks
  • Affordably priced with several membership options
  • Full model portfolio featuring current recommendations
  • Access to the complete research archives


  • No community forums or chats
  • Doesn’t cover options, futures, or shorts

How Much Does It Cost?

Growth Investor typically costs $299 for a yearly subscription. But the team is sweetening the deal by offering an introductory rate of $49.

This stacks up to an 83% discount.

Even better, there’s no trade-off for opting for the discount. The package includes everything mentioned in this review.

Is the Service Right for Me?

Growth Investor is best suited for people looking for research on growth investments and dividend payers.

The team has a broad focus, so they often find promising stocks from all corners of the market. 

As such, the service could be a good fit for someone searching for a wide variety of recommendations.

For example, some newsletters heavily lean into energy, tech, mining, etc. However, Louis and the Growth Investor team don’t limit their recommendations to any particular sector or category.

Growth Investor Review: Is It Worth It?

A thorough Growth Investor review showed us why this service is an excellent investment newsletter packed with insightful analysis.

For just $49, you can access an impressive collection of research and regular stock ideas for a full 12 months.

Something I also appreciate about this service is that it has existed for nearly two decades. I’ve seen many research newsletters pop up overnight and then disappear without a trace.

It’s nice to know that the service has managed to maintain its momentum — even through financial crashes.

I’m also extremely impressed with Growth Investor’s comprehensive one-year money-back guarantee. It’s a strong signal that Navellier stands by his work and his members.

If you’re in the market for a balanced approach to growth investing, I recommend giving the Growth Investor a close look.

That’s it for my review. Sign up and SAVE 83%


John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.