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Hunter Biden Probe Puts GOP Under Pressure to “Put Up or Shut Up”

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee, led by Republican James Comer, has indicated that investigations into Hunter Biden and his business dealings are just “beginning.” The committee is investigating whether Biden’s business dealings abroad implicate the president himself.

Comer is convinced investigation will yield fruit

Despite previous investigations showing no involvement by President Biden, Comer remains convinced that his committee’s inquiries into the family’s dealings will be fruitful.

“We know that when the president was vice president in the Obama administration, he made several trips to China. He brought his son and some of these associates with him. They met in different places with some of these people that the president claimed he never met with. So we know the president hasn’t been truthful about his involvement when he was vice president” he said.

The Treasury Department recently granted the committee access to financial transaction reports relating to companies affiliated with the Biden family or their associates, which GOP lawmakers had been pushing for. 

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However, White House allies have dismissed the committee’s efforts as a political stunt aimed at weakening Biden ahead of his re-election bid.

The Biden White House has assembled a team of nearly two dozen lawyers and communications and legislative aides to manage House GOP investigations and other inquiries. Nonetheless, Biden’s allies are confident that Republican efforts will be in vain.

Could the probe backfire on Republicans?

Furthermore, an NBC News poll in January suggested that just over half of Americans believe Republicans will spend “too much time investigating President Joe Biden and not enough time on other priorities.”

Some Democrats feel the Republican’s time and effort are better spent elsewhere. Democrat Ro Khanna said, “I’m far more concerned about what’s gonna happen with the economy and manufacturing and inflation than this. I don’t think a voter in Pennsylvania is waking up and thinking about Hunter Biden subpoenas. I think they’re thinking about the price of eggs and whether manufacturing jobs are coming back.”

Geraldo Rivera, co-host of “The Five” on Fox News, tweeted earlier this month, questioning where the investigation was going, “Hunter Biden has been investigated for almost five years,” he said. “Put up or shut up.”

Scrutiny has ramped up recently 

As the investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial activities continues, it appears that the coming weeks could be a turning point for the two separate inquiries. The scrutiny of the president’s son by Congress has intensified, while federal prosecutors have been conducting their own investigation into his tax affairs and business dealings overseas for over four years.

This critical moment marks a challenging and potentially transformative period for the 52-year-old Biden, who has been the subject of legal and personal attacks by his father’s political adversaries. The current state of these investigations highlights the delicate balance between legal accountability and political motivations in high-profile cases like this.


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