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Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor Review: Is It Legit?

Innovation Investor Review
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Luke Lango is one of the leading tech investing experts on the planet, and his latest presentation is dropping jaws all over the internet. My Innovation Investor review will introduce you to Lango’s latest message and explain why it could be one of the biggest tech investment opportunities ever.

Innovation Investor Review: Overview

Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor is a research service & monthly newsletter published by InvestorPlace that features Lango’s latest research, analysis, and stock picks.

The research service targets innovative tech companies at the earliest phases of their growth, so each stock pick has enormous upside potential.

Lango’s approach offers members the best possible chance at massive growth. Some of his stock picks have come from industries such as blockchain, self-driving cars, and even quantum computing.

The picks tend to range from moderate to aggressive in terms of risk, and it primarily focuses on mid to large-cap stocks, which are widely considered to be a sweet spot in the risk-reward curve.

Innovation Investor is one of the most successful research services for tech stocks on the market, and its success is largely due to Lango’s keen eye for growth opportunities and stock-picking prowess.

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Luke Lango Review

Luke Lango Review

Luke Lango is a veteran investment analyst with a long track record of winning stock picks, and he has a legendary ability to hone in on game-changing growth stocks and super trends

Currently, Lango works as a senior investment analyst with InvestorPlace, one of America’s most respected investment research publishers.

In 2020, TipRanks, a community of more than 15,000 investing experts, ranked Luke “#1 Stock Picker”. This was a noteworthy accomplishment, but it’s just one small part of his lengthy stock market track record.

Luke Lango Reviews

He also has experience working with venture capitalists and developed a vast network of Silicon Valley contacts over the years.

Through his career, Lango has developed a deep understanding of the factors that move markets, and his knack for spotting trends has made him a legend in investing circles.

You’re in great hands with a guy like Luke Lango. He has an impressive analytical mind and a penchant for picking winners, so you know you’re in good hands if you decide to get started with Innovation Investor.

Is Luke Lango Legit?

Luke Lango is legit. His background in tech startups offers him a unique perspective in the industry compared to many of his peers.

As mentioned, he picked many breakout opportunities well before the market caught on, including AMD, Shopify, and Tesla, before the broader market caught on.

Luke has everything I look for in a guru, and he’s a smart analyst with a finger on the pulse of the market.

Innovation Investor Presents: ChatGPT IPO

Innovation Investor Presents: Elon Musk’s “Project Apollo”

Lango currently has his sights set on what he calls Elon Musk’s “Project Apollo”, which he believes has the fastest innovation rate of any internet company in history. It could surpass even the huge gains brought in by Google, Facebook, or even Amazon during their rise.

Big names in investing are already involved, and Luke’s found a lucrative investment trading at under $1 that could get you in on the action if you act fast. What is so appealing about “Project Apollo”, though?

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Elon Musk's Project Apollo

What is Project Apollo?

Most people thought Musk was crazy when he bought X (formerly Twitter) in 2022. Jaws dropped further when he laid off 80% of the staff.

However, Elon had a plan from the very beginning to turn the social media app into something greater. He’s been secretly turning it into a gold mine ever since that could make him and early investors incredibly wealthy.

Dubbed “Project Apollo” by Luke Lango, Musk’s grand vision is an “everything app” that would completely revolutionize the industry.

I’d be skeptical too, if such a platform didn’t already exist in China. Big-name Chinese internet company Tencent already developed such a tool for the Asian market called WeChat, and it’s already one billion users strong.

It functions as “Twitter meets PayPal” plus a whole lot more, all rolled up in a great interface. This very concept is what Musk wants to bring to the West.

Is a ChatGPT IPO Coming Soon?

Why is “The Everything App” a Game-Changer?

Imagine the impact Project Apollo could have on our daily lives. Through one app, it would be possible to read news, post videos, open a savings account, view stock recommendations, find a job, chat with friends, and just about anything else you can think of.

Elon’s tech combines the internet, blockchain, and artificial intelligence to make this all possible. That means the program can learn from you and anticipate your needs over time, saving us immeasurable amounts of time.

It sounds like a lot, but we could see the tech go live sooner than you think. The X app already has licenses to facilitate money transfers in 18 states, with national approval likely a short way off.

Upwards of one million users are already joining X each day because it’s already on its way to becoming an “everything app”. Whether you’re a fan of the technological advancements or not, there’s huge upside potential here.

What is the ChatGPT Loophole?

The Best Way to Play Project Apollo

X is still a private company right now, meaning you can’t invest directly through traditional means. Luke Lango didn’t let that stop him from finding a way to get involved.

Project Apollo is positioned to use a very specific type of blockchain technology designed to process payments nearly five times faster than Bitcoin. Elon’s actually been working with the venture for the last three years, honing the platform to meet his needs.

This investment currently trades for less than $1 and could ride X’s success all the way to the top as Project Apollo goes live, but only if you move quickly. Lango believes Musk will flip the switch on his new platform any time between now and June 30.

You can get instant access to this recommendation and much more if you sign up for Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor right now. Let’s look at everything you receive when you join.

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Luke Lango Innovation Investor Review

What Comes with the Project Apollo Deal?

The latest Innovation Investor deal includes a treasure trove of in-depth research, stock picks, and more. Next, I’ll breakdown all the features & perks in detail.

Innovation Investor Review

Annual Subscription to Innovation Investor

The monthly Innovation Investor newsletter is your direct line to Luke Lango’s latest trade ideas and analysis.

Each issue includes new research from Lango and his team, along with expert analysis of the latest market conditions, and other valuable insights.

Best of all, the newsletter keeps you supplied with a steady stream of promising stock picks, so you’ll always have new opportunities to explore.

You’ll likely find yourself eagerly awaiting each new issue every month. Lango’s insights will help you expand your stock market knowledge and sharpen your skills.

Innovation Investor Review

Model Portfolio

Like most research services, Innovation Investor maintains a model portfolio so subscribers can follow along with the latest picks.

The model portfolio includes a list of Luke Lango’s active stock picks, along with their price, current recommendation, current performance, and more.

This is the perfect place to get a bird’s-eye view of every stock recommendation, and, although it’s not a particularly unique feature, the dashboard is exceptionally functional and user-friendly.

All in all, the model portfolio is an undeniably useful tool, and it makes it much easier to follow the latest trade recommendations.

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Innovation Investor Review

Access to Luke Lango’s “Best Ideas” Library

This library contains every past issue of Innovation Investor and all the special reports Lango has published from his platform.

Although recommendations ebb and flow, it’s an excellent place to look for new ideas and educate yourself on investment philosophy.

It’s also the place to go for recent articles explaining all of Luke Lango’s stock recommendations in detail so you know what you’re getting into.

Innovation Investor Bonus Reports

Bonus Reports

The Luke Lango’s Project Apollo deal also includes an impressive collection of bonus research reports and other extras. Keep reading my Innovation Investor review to get familiar with them.

How to Profit from X: The Sub-$1 Play That Could 10X Your Money

This special report covers everything you need to know about Lango’s Project Apollo play.

You’ll get the name and ticker symbol for the investment slated to win big as Elon’s project goes live, along with a full analysis of why it could grow 10X in short order.

For most people, this is the only opportunity you’ll have to hear these details and invest at the ground floor.

How to Profit From Elon Musk’s New A.I. Venture

Project Apollo isn’t Elon’s only foray into A.I. The billionaire innovator founded xAI in March of last year to compete with the likes of ChatGPT.

Like X, xAI is still privately owned at this time. Fortunately, Lango has the details on a microchip manufacturer he believes will power Musk’s software.

This handy guide showcases the opportunity, including exactly how to take advantage.

How X Could Bankrupt These Three Companies

New tech rises up and replaces the old, as we’ve seen with companies like Borders and Blockbuster.

As X becomes the everything app Elon envisions it to be, Lango expects this trend to continue. If you can order food and make calls from X, why would you use another app?

Luke’s research has led him to three companies he feels are already in trouble. You’ll want to read this and make the appropriate adjustments to your portfolio right away.

The A.I. Moonshot

Experts anticipate A.I. creating some $15.7 trillion in new wealth, which is more than the stock market alone can hold. Some of that money’s spilling over into crypto and the tokens that power the blockchain.

This bonus report contains the name of one A.I. crypto trading for less than 50 cents that could skyrocket as A.I. continues to grow.

You’ll learn how to invest and why Lango believes this coin has what it takes to make a lot of money.

90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Innovation Investor

90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

New memberships are backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. 

This means you have around three months to test the waters. If you feel the service isn’t a good fit, you can opt for a refund on the subscription cost.

Considering that the industry standard for similar services is about a month, this is a huge step up from the norm.

It might also provide a long enough window to see some investment ideas through to their conclusion, which a month usually does not afford.

Overall, I’m impressed with this industry-leading refund policy. It shows the team stands by its work.

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Innovation Investor Pros and Cons

Innovation Investor has a lot to offer, but there are a few drawbacks to consider.


  • Great price with 75% discount
  • Excellent 90-day refund window
  • Focuses on high-upside growth stocks
  • New stock picks every month
  • 4 research reports featuring several promising opportunities
  • Legendary guru in Luke Lango
  • Respected publisher in InvestorPlace Media
  • Features in-depth analysis of “Project Apollo”


  • No community chat room or message boards
  • Doesn’t cover options or shorts

Is the Service Right for Me?

Innovation Investor is best suited for folks in search of ground floor opportunities in tech.

As the name indicates, Luke targets innovative companies, many of which come from the tech sector, so the service is a good fit if you favor a growth investment philosophy.

The service is also extremely affordable, so it’s an excellent entry-level option for anyone looking to get a leg up in the stock market at minimal cost.

Luke’s style is fresh and engaging, and he keeps things interesting from month to month. You’re sure to learn a lot just by reading his research & analysis every month.

Ultimately, Innovation Investor appeals to a wide audience, and it’d be a great fit for beginners, market veterans, tech fans, and growth enthusiasts, to name a few.

Luke’s Track Record

Over the years, Luke has shown a knack for hitting home runs in the stock market.

Let’s look at some of his past picks across his services.

Here’s Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), which produced the opportunity for a gain as high as 6,149% following his recommendation.

Luke Lango Reviews

Another one of his most notable picks is NIO, a China-based EV stock, which soared 3,353% after he made his call.

Luke Lango Reviews

Luke also recommended Chegg, a remote learning stock that gave his followers a chance at gains as large as 2,554% in just a few months.

Luke Lango Reviews

That’s only a small sampling of his winning picks, but you get the idea.

He’s a highly rated guru for a reason.

It’s important to remember, however, that past permanence is not an indicator of future results.

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Innovation Investor Reviews by Real Users

Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor has earned an overall rating of 3.7/5 on Stock Gumshoe.

This is out of 199 reviews, which is a solid sample size in the investment research space. Here’s a snapshot of its Stock Gumshoe rating:

innovation investor rating

There is one caveat, however. These Innovation Investor reviews come from a third-party review site, so I cannot verify whether these ratings come from genuine customers.

That said, it’s a good sign that the service appears to have earned a positive reception since its launch.

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Innovation Investor Review

How Much Does this Bundle Cost?

A one-year subscription to Innovation Investor typically costs $299, but the team is offering a massive discount along with the Project Apollo opportunity

For a limited time, you can join with a one-year membership for just $49. At that rate, you’re saving more than 75% on the full sticker price.

With the discount, your average cost comes out to about $4 per month.

In return, you get everything mentioned in this review, including the bonus reports and the 90-day guarantee.

Is Innovation Investor Worth It?

After a thorough Innovation Investor review, I can confidently say this is a great newsletter, and it’s an excellent value at its full price of $299.

But the 75% discount makes this service a downright bargain at just $49. The deal includes a full membership, plus several additional stock picks and other bonuses.

You’ll also get a full report on what could be the biggest winners to come out of Project Apollo, which could be the biggest growth opportunity in the modern era.

Best of all, your membership is covered with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can get your money back at any time during the first three months of your subscription if you’re unsatisfied.

Luke is one of the most talented young gurus in the game today, and I appreciate his research insights and relatable writing style.

If you’re looking for a growth-focused research service with a rock-star guru and one of the best money-back guarantees in the business, you can’t go wrong with Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor.

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