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Luke Lango Innovation Investor Review (Stock Picks 2022)

Chris Dios - April 01, 2022

innovation investor review featured
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Top-ranked financial blogger Luke Lango has a new research product, and we’re here to give it a thorough examination. Stay tuned to our Innovation Investor review to find out if Luke Lango’s new research service is worth getting excited about or if you should look somewhere else.

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Innovation Investor Review: Overview

Innovation Investor is a unique new research service from Luke Lango and InvestorPlace Media that targets innovative companies at the earliest phases of their growth.

This strategy gives subscribers the chance to capture enormous long-term gains by buying into stocks while they’re still cheap and primed for growth.

It’s an excellent technique for long-term growth, but there are some barriers to entry.

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The Problem

Most of the time, these gains are sucked out of the company by private equity firms before they debut as public companies.

You need millions of dollars to play around in private equity and venture investing, so most folks limit themselves to exchange-listed stocks.

Unfortunately, by the time these high-octane startups hit the market, everyone else is often left with little more than scraps.

On the other hand, early-phase private equity investors sometimes walk away with quadruple-digit gains after they dump all their shares on the public market.

The Mission of Innovation Investor

The private equity conundrum inspired Luke Longo to develop Innovation Investor.

He looks for under-the-radar investment opportunities in public stocks with innovative company leadership and explosive growth potential.

It’s called Hyperscale Investing, and it’s a foundational component of the Innovation Investor research service.

To give you a better idea of this technique’s potential, here are some examples.

Early eBay investors saw more than 74X of their money, and NVIDIA investors earned 354X on their initial investment!

Of course, these kinds of gains aren’t guaranteed, but there is incredible potential.

This research service could quickly explode if Lango can wield this technique effectively.

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How Does Innovation Investor Work?

Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor research service uses a membership system.

Once you join, you’ll receive regular research issues and recommendations from Lango and his team.

You also get a treasure trove of bonus materials as soon as you sign up, a rock-solid satisfaction guarantee, and a host of other valuable benefits.

We’ll cover it all in detail below.

But first, who is Luke Lango and why should you listen to him?

Luke Lango Review

Luke Lango is most commonly known for his stellar stock-picking skills.

In fact, in 2020, Lango was named #1 stock picker according to TipRanks — a community of more than 15,000 financial experts.

However, Lango isn’t some kind of fly-by-night internet guru: he has a professional finance background, too.

Luke Lango’s Many Successful Ventures: Capital Management and More

He is a growth-focused equities investor and currently serves as the senior investment analyst at InvestorPlace.

He also has another service for seeking lucrative future technologies, which is aptly named the Exponential Growth Report.

Lango was also an investor and founding manager at L&F Capital Management LLC, a San Diego-based quantimental analysis firm.

Lango’s money management experience adds a lot of credibility to his resume and he has a unique investment philosophy that has served him well.

He’s an accomplished investment analyst, but he also has hands-on professional experience and an established record for success.

Luke Lango Net Worth

Luke Lango’s net worth is not publically available at this time.

While net worth can be a telling sign of success on some occasions, Lango’s track record speaks for itself.

He’s an accomplished trader that has a finger on the pulse of the market.

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Luke Lango track record review innovation investor
CHGG was one of Lango’s most notable picks. The stock soared 21X after he made the call.

Luke Lango Track Record Review

Lango has a knack for hitting home runs in the stock market, like Advanced Micro Devices.

Several of his recommendations have posted returns of 1,000%+.

You could easily mistake a list of his top picks as a roster for some kind of corporate all-star team.

Here are a few examples that saw peak gains as much as 1,000% or higher over the years:

  • Advanced Micro Devices
  • Shopify
  • NIO
  • Chegg

That’s only a small sampling of his winning picks, but you get the idea.

Lango is a top-rated guru for a reason — he has a knack for finding ground-floor opportunities.

He’s picked many winners over the past few years, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down now that he’s achieved some notoriety.

InvestorPlace Media Review

Luke Lango may be the mastermind behind Innovation Investor, but the publisher, InvestorPlace Media, made his dream a reality.

InvestorPlace Media is an industry-leading publisher of financial research.

The firm has several prominent research services under its brand, but Innovation Investor is one of its newest offerings.

InvestorPlace has been in business for more than 40 years, and it’s based in the U.S.

This is a legit publisher that has been around for decades.

Innovation Investor Review: What’s Included?

  • One year of Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor newsletter
  • Unlimited access to the Innovation Investor model portfolio
  • 365-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 7 Hyperscale Stocks to Buy Now
  • The Secret Startup Taking Driverless Cars Mainstream
  • 3 World-Changing AI Stocks to Buy NOW
  • My EV Sleeper Stock of the Decade
  • The VC Insider’s Millionaire Playbook

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Innovation Investor Newsletter Review

You will start receiving the Innovation Investor newsletter as soon as you sign up.

Each issue includes a new featured stock recommendation, investment analysis, market-moving news, and much more.

Oftentimes, these are companies you’ve never heard of, and that’s the idea.

Once a stock goes mainstream, you’ve probably already missed most of the gains.

Innovation Investor specifically targets under-the-radar stocks so subscribers get the first chance to discover the company.

In many instances, you could learn about these companies well before the rest of the retail market.

The reports also keep you informed with detailed information on new and disruptive technologies worth watching.

There’s a good chance you’ll find yourself looking forward to the Innovation Investor newsletter every month, and the high-quality growth recommendations and research could help you reap huge rewards.

luke lango hypergrowth investing

Innovation Investor Model Portfolio Review

Like most research services, Innovation Investor maintains a model portfolio so subscribers can follow along with the latest picks.

The model portfolio looks similar to the investing dashboard at your broker.

It includes a list of stocks, their price, current recommendation, lifetime gains/losses, and more.

Luke Lango publishes every single one of his recommendations in the model portfolio, so you can follow all the latest picks with a quick glance.

It’s the perfect place to get a bird’s-eye view of every Innovation Investor stock recommendation.

It’s not a particularly unique feature, but the dashboard is functional and user-friendly.

Luke Lango’s stock portfolio is an undeniably useful tool and it makes it much easier to follow the latest trade recommendations.

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365-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This is one area where Innovation Investor really shines.

This guarantee is gang-busters good — especially when it’s also backed by one of the top stock pickers.

With a full-year term length, this guarantee blows the competition away.

Most research services offer a 30-day guarantee if they offer one at all.

And there’s no fine print: this is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not happy with Innovation Investor for any reason, just contact the support team and ask for a full cash refund.

You can reach them via email, and there’s also a phone number if you prefer a human touch.

That’s a strong signal that InvestorPlace and Luke Lango stand by their product.

A company surviving with a refund policy like that must be doing a good job.

Knowing you’re covered for any reason should make it a lot easier to pull the trigger on this purchase.

Innovation Investor Bonus Report Reviews

An Innovation Investor membership also includes a slew of bonus research reports.

Let’s dive into them in detail.

hyperscale stocks report review innovation investor

7 Hyperscale Stocks to Buy Now

We mentioned hypergrowth investing earlier, but this report doubles down on this powerful trading technique.

This lineup of growth stocks includes some of Lango’s top picks from across the market.

Each of these startups has the potential for hyperscale growth in the future thanks to a combination of strong leadership and innovative technology.

These are under-the-radar startups that you will probably never hear mentioned in mainstream finance news, but an early position could balloon to enormous gains.

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driverless cars report review innovation investor

The Secret Startup Taking Driverless Cars Mainstream

This report takes a close look at a technology that could power the self-driving vehicle revolution.

Unlike other big-name self-driving stocks, this company is virtually unknown.

However, its obscurity is great news for ground-floor investment opportunities.

This stock also has a favorable market position.

The company supplies important components for autonomous vehicles.

But it doesn’t actually sell complete vehicles, which is a costly undertaking in a highly competitive market.

It’s what some people call a “picks and shovels play” in homage to the merchants who made a fortune supplying tools for the 19th-century American gold rushes.

Given the addressable market for the EV industry, this company could be massive by the time self-driving technology takes over U.S. roadways.

ai stocks report reviewed innovation investor

3 World-Changing AI Stocks to Buy NOW

Like autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence is another transformative technology that’s been a Wall Street obsession for years.

Despite the endless AI hype, the technology still has a ways to go before it reaches maturity.

In the meantime, there are still plenty of ground-floor opportunities available for patient investors.

This report features three up-and-coming AI stocks that could be excellent investment opportunities for anyone interested in the sector.

It includes a detailed investment analysis of each opportunity, sector analysis, and much more.

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My EV Sleeper Stock of the Decade

AI and self-driving tech still have some kinks that need to be worked out, but electric vehicle (EV) stocks are already rolling around American roads.

The technology works and Americans have proven they will use it if it becomes convenient enough.

However, this opportunity is hardly under the radar.

Fortunately, you still have at least one chance to get in cheap, according to Luke Lango.

He believes this super-small, overlooked company could be the most innovative EV maker on the planet.

The company could change everything we know about automobiles and disrupt an industry with a projected market cap worth billions.

If he’s right, it could be one of your last chances to cash in on the trend.

vc insiders report reviewed innovation investor

The VC Insider’s Millionaire Playbook

Young startups often solicit VC investments in exchange for equity, royalties, or other considerations.

When VC firms make such an investment, they reap huge rewards if the startup ends up making it big.

This is a world that Luke Lango is very familiar with.

He’s been running in finance circles for years, and he’s made a lot of connections over that time.

“This is your special ‘member’s only’ guide. Read it right away before you read anything else.”

– Luke Lango

Lango’s vast network of industry connections has helped him discover countless opportunities in obscure startups.

He’s also learned a few tricks over the years from his cohorts in the financial industry.

Just to be clear, this is perfectly legal.

All of his information and research are based on publicly available info.

This report provides a ton of background information on Lango and his associate so you can become more acquainted with them and their background.

It also includes detailed guides on advanced strategies from Lango and his network.

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Innovation Investor Track Record Review

Innovation Investor is a relatively new service, so we don’t have any figures on them just yet.

Lango’s track record is the service’s de facto resume, and the numbers are sparkling.

We outlined some of Lango’s most successful picks earlier, but that’s a microscopic sampling in comparison to his complete works.

Lango has been a prolific stock picker for years, and many of his winning picks are available online due to the public nature of his blog.

innovation investor track record review

Innovation Investor Review: Pros and Cons

Let’s review the best and worst points about Innovation Investor and Luke Lango:


  • Industry-leading 365-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Instant access to several stock picks and research as soon as you join
  • Intuitive and user-friendly model portfolio
  • Investment strategy designed to produce stratospheric long-term gains
  • Covers opportunities you won’t find through mainstream financial media
  • InvestorPlace Media is a reputable, U.S.-based publisher
  • Membership includes four bonus reports and an exclusive guide
  • New stock picks that can have huge upside potential – every month for a year
  • Get Longo’s analysis of the latest market moves in the newsletter
  • Affordably priced


  • Small-cap stocks and growth stocks can be volatile
  • No chat room or message boards

>> Join Innovation Investor for instant access to these benefits <<

Innovation Investor Reviews by Members

Again, this is a relatively new service, so we don’t have much to report here.

We didn’t find any obvious issues when we checked out the product, and we haven’t encountered any negative testimonials or reviews yet.

We should have a better idea of the public perception down the road, but for now, we’ll have to settle with our own take on the product.

Is Innovation Investor Right for Me?

Innovation Investor seems like a great product, but some people may get more out of it than others.

If you fall into one of these categories, it should definitely fit your style.


Innovation Investor‘s approach is perfect for those interested in speculative investments.

These stock picks are designed to potentially produce huge multiples over time, so even a small speculative position could translate to incredible gains down the road.

Growth Stocks

Growth vs value is a longstanding argument on Wall Street, but growth stocks have consistently outperformed value over the past few years.

Innovation Investor finds stocks that could continue this trend.

Young Adults

Small-cap stocks from startups take time to develop into large-cap behemoths.

Fortunately, if you’re still more than two decades away from retirement, you have plenty of time to ride the ups and downs until companies stabilize.

Luke Lango’s stock picks could be perfect for a younger person who has time to wait out the market while these innovative growth stocks grow.

Tech Fans

Tech companies have excellent margins and massive addressable markets.

They’ve become a foundational asset in American portfolios for more than 30 years, and experts believe the sector will drive global economic growth for decades to come.

If you want to discover how to get a bigger piece of the overall pie, Innovation Investor can help.

innovation investor cost review

How Much Does Innovation Investor Cost?

You can sign up for a one-year membership to Innovation Investor for only $49.

That comes out to slightly more than $4 per month — about the same price as a latte at your favorite coffee shop chain.

In return, you get everything mentioned in this review, including the bonus reports and the 365-day guarantee.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to Innovation Investor Plus for an extra $30.

The upgrade gets you an additional bonus report, The Unknown Disruptor Accelerating the Future of Batteries.

For the best value, you can pay just $99 for a two-year membership to Innovation Investor All-Access with the Future of Batteries bonus report.

You also get a $100 InvestorPlace store credit, and a quarterly conference webcast.

>> Join Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor for as low as $47 now <<

Is Innovation Investor Worth It?

At those prices, it’s hard to argue that it’s not.

Luke Lango is an accomplished pro, and $4 a month is a small price to pay to access his research.

Plus, you get a ton of additional stock picks and research in the bonus reports and the model portfolio.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll have several recommendations to explore right away.

However, the most attractive thing about this service is undoubtedly the massive growth potential of the stocks you’ll discover.

Rich people pay thousands of dollars for professionals to dig up this kind of data, but you’ll get the same information for a fraction of the cost.

Last but certainly not least, Innovation Investor covers your purchase with a ridiculous (in a good way) 365-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee that ensures you’ll get your money back if you’re not happy.

So, is Innovation Investor worth it?

We say yes.

Innovation Investor Review: Final Verdict

We haven’t been this excited about a new research service in quite some time.

Innovation Investor has a lot going for it.

It’s extremely affordable, it has a talented young guru in Mr. Lango, an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee, and a ton of bonus reports to boot.

However, the stock picks are the real star of the show.

You will be hard-pressed to find a service that covers niche growth stocks like this for less than four figures.

Innovation Investor seems like an excellent product, and with Lango’s stock-picking skills, we have no doubt that this research service will become a major player once it hits its stride.

>> That’s it for our Innovation Investor Review. Sign up now for as low as $49! <<


Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.