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Tim Sykes’ Weekend Trader Review: Is It Legit?

TIm sykes’ weekend trader review
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Tim Sykes has found a way to use the weekend for monumental stock gains and he’s ready to share his secret. Is he really into something, or does he have nothing to stand on? Check out my Tim Sykes’ Weekend Trader review to find out.

Weekend Windfall Trade Review

What is Tim Sykes’ Weekend Trader?

Weekend Trader is a new service from penny stock trader Tim Sykes.

It’s quite a bit different from platforms I’ve seen in the past. Tim doesn’t provide recommendations from the stock market he’s tracking.

Instead, he’s built Weekend Trader as a teaching tool for folks whether they’re new to day trading or not. It’s for anyone wanting to up their game, considering the odds aren’t exactly stacked in our favor.

Still, the profit potential from trading has pulled me in time and again. That’s where Weekend Trader comes in. Sykes has built a tried and true system for boosting the win rate.

The most interesting part in my opinion is Sykes’ take on weekend trading. The concept initially eluded me since markets aren’t open on Saturday or Sunday.

Tim actually uses that downtime to his advantage and has a track record of incredible weekend gains.

We’ll get into the details of the service and Tim’s strategy in just a bit. First, let’s take a closer look at the guru.

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Tim Sykes

Who is Tim Sykes?

Timothy Sykes started from humble beginnings in Connecticut but had his eye on the stock market from an early age. He convinced his parents to let him invest his $12,415 in bar mitzvah gift money, and a penny stock trader was born.

By senior year of college, Sykes became a self-made millionaire from that modest sum. He hasn’t stopped trading since.

Now, 20 years later, Tim has shifted his focus slightly. He’s out actively sharing his knowledge and insights with the world to give folks like you and me a shot at success.

Sykes has ownership over a number of services such as Investimonials.com and StocksToTrade to teach what he knows. His latest ambition, the Trading Challenge, is full of educational resources based on everything he’s learned.

Is Tim Sykes Legit?

Tim is indeed a legit stock trader with over 20 years of experience.

His rise to millionaire status while in college is well-documented. He’s already done what so many of us hope to use the stock market to do.

Sykes is well sought after for his successes and unique approach to teaching. There’s a good chance you’ve seen him on popular outlets such as CNN, Forbes, Fox Business, or CNBC.

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What is Tim Sykes Weekend Windfalls Strategy?

Tim Sykes is known for his short trading game, but he’s tired of being under the thumb of the big hedge bigs or billionaires controlling the stock market.

Not too long ago, he discovered a trading strategy that gives us little guys a fair chance at profits. It’s conveniently called Weekend Windfalls thanks to growth happening over the weekend.

I know what you’re thinking – the stock market is closed on the weekend! That’s all part of Tim’s unique plan.

What’s the method behind his madness?

How Does It Work?

The Weekend Windfalls concept is actually quite simple. Tim Sykes has discovered a loophole most folks don’t know about and is exploiting it in a big way.

It boils down to this: Big-name stocks like Tesla, Apple, and Google are always under the careful eye of mainstream media. They’re so high profile that the media’s all over even the smallest story, which almost immediately affects the share price.

That’s not the case for stocks not closely watched by mainstream media. Lesser-known companies can fly under the radar for a few days before news big or small catches up with the share price.

This is where Tim Sykes strikes.

He hunts for this exact scenario on a Friday before the stock market closes. The guru makes a trade and lets the news work its magic over the weekend.

You can’t see what’s happening to that position on Saturday and Sunday, but you know circulating news is building momentum.

The buzz from Friday’s news takes effect Monday morning, which could result in a much higher share price. Weekend profits, baby.

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Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Weekend Windfalls totally works. Tim Sykes used Parametric Sound Corp. to test out his theory after news broke about a deal with mega franchiser McDonald’s.

Monday morning, he walked away $9,518 richer.

Sykes didn’t do a whole lot more than buy Friday afternoon and sell Monday morning. The key ingredient is knowing which stocks to trade.

This is just one of many successful trades Sykes and his students have made since implementing the trading strategy. His biggest win? $69,962 in a single weekend.

My favorite part? I don’t have to watch my trade like a hawk all the time wondering when’s the right time to sell. There’s no way to watch what the trade’s doing even if I wanted to!

The whole weekend’s mine to do whatever I want with, and I pick up where I left off Monday morning. It’s almost upsetting, considering how much time I’ve obsessed over trades in the past.

Tim’s ready to share his Weekend Windfalls strategy with the masses as part of a new special deal. Let’s check out what’s inside.

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what's included with weekend windfall trade deal?

What’s Included with Tim’s Weekend Windfalls Deal?

Here’s what you get when you join now.

Weekend windfall video training series

The Weekend Windfall Video Training Series

This video training series contains everything you need to capitalize on Tim’s Weekend Windfalls trading strategy. It’s literally the exact same method he’s used to bank thousands of dollars over a single weekend.

You’re definitely getting what you pay for here. There’s a total of ten videos chock full of content to get the absolute most out of weekend trading.

It takes more than a few minutes to get through, but it’s worth it. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have an innate knowledge of how this system works.

Tim Sykes explains his technique for identifying the most promising low-priced stocks to trade. If you know Tim at all, he loves to hang out in the penny stock range.

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You’ll also learn what types of news stories are most likely to trigger the big weekend moves that bring about the best profits.

And, perhaps most important of all, Sykes reveals how he knows when to exit a trade and collect those massive gains.

No worries if you’re not already heavy into trading or penny stocks. Tim’s got you covered in his videos.

You don’t need a huge stack of cash to use this strategy, either. Even a few bucks is enough to get started.

Tim's Trader Checklist

Tim’s Trader Checklist

Tim’s Trader Checklist is a nearly 12-hour guide designed to teach you how to locate and make trades. It covers a bunch of material Sykes had honed over eight years of hard work.

The star feature of the checklist is the Sykes Sliding Scale. It’s effectively a grading system for trades Tim always uses before making a move.

In addition, you’ll get to witness Tim use technical analysis to determine when a pattern looks good and what to avoid. It’s not luck that he’s had so many wins over the last 20 years.

That’s just scraping the surface of what’s inside. You’ll want to watch the checklist again and again to pull out all the nuggets and use them before you trade.

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Tim Sykes' Complete Penny Stock Course

Tim Sykes’ Complete Penny Stock Course

As you can surely guess, Tim Sykes’ Complete Penny Stock Course teaches the ins and outs of trading penny stocks.

The content here is especially important in a market sector where folks usually lose money. We all know what the profits here can look like with the right penny stocks.

You’ll hear directly from Tim Sykes his proven strategies for penny stock trading and the best ways to generate consistent gains. When you’re ready, he shows off some advanced techniques as well.

Tim also tempers your expectations about the penny stock market and how to take the safest positions.

The course concludes with some great real-world examples to bring all these concepts home.

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Tim Sykes' full refund guarantee on weekend windfall trader

The Weekly Windfall Trade Guarantee

Tim Sykes doesn’t want anything standing in the way of you trying out his new service. That’s why he’s added in a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Feel free to use the first 30 days of your membership to test everything out. Read the information, watch the videos, and decide if Windfall Trader is right for you.

If you don’t like what you see, call Tim’s Salt Lake City-based headquarters for a full refund of your purchase price. Take with you everything you’ve learned up until that point.

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Pros and Cons of Tim Sykes’ Weekend Trader

Here are the most notable pros and cons of Weekend Trader.


  • Guru with more than 20 years experience as a day trader
  • Immediate access to the Weekend Windfalls Video series
  • Tim’s Trader Checklist
  • Complete Penny Stock Course
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Heavily discounted price


  • No community chat or forum
  • No long-term strategies

Weekend windfall trade deal price

How Much is Weekend Trader?

To kick off the Weekend Trader service, Tim’s making his entire Windfall Training video set available for just $7. That’s all the knowledge you’ll ever need to implement this trading strategy for the price of a cup of coffee.

You’ll need to sacrifice two cups of coffee if you want to get your hands on the Trader Checklist as well. The checklist and video series bundle come in right at $14.

Finally, adding the penny stock course to the list brings your grand total to just $21. I can’t believe how much content Sykes is including for such a low price.

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tim sykes' weekend windfall deal review: is it worth it?

Tim Sykes’ Weekend Trader Review: Is It Worth It?

After a thorough Weekend Trader review, I can honestly say this is an excellent service.

The amount of information in the Weekend Windfalls video trading series alone is off the charts. Tim’s made thousands in a weekend using this strategy multiple times, and he spares no detail here.

Sykes isn’t trying to string you along with weekly or monthly stock picks. He’s literally teaching you how to do it all yourself.

My mind is still blown that it’s available for $7 right now. Sykes must really just want to get the word out there.

Folks willing to spend just a few dollars more get the Trader Checklist and Penny Stock Course, offering additional ways you could make serious bucks from trades.

Don’t forget about the 30-day money-back guarantee. There’s virtually no risk in trying the service out when it’s a breeze to get your membership fee back.

If you’ve been wanting to get into day trading but don’t know where to start, Tim’s Weekend Trader is undoubtedly worth a look. Sign up before he takes this offer off the table for good.

>> That’s it for my review. Get started with Tim’s Weekend Trader for just $7 TODAY! <<


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