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Ross Givens’ Insider Effect Review: Worth It?

insider effect review
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It often feels like the odds of being a successful trader are stacked pretty firmly against us. Trading expert Ross Givens seeks to change all that with a rather unusual strategy with the ability to deliver near-perfect results. Join me as I investigate his claim in this Ross Givens’ Insider Effect review.

insider effect

What is Insider Effect?

Insider Effect is a service geared toward helping traders grab big gains. It’s produced by the team at Traders Agency and led by Ross Givens.

Ross uses the platform to track the moves of company insiders, such as CEOs and other executives, as they invest personal money into company stock. After all, who knows a business better than they do?

Any time insider buying takes place, Givens researches the company’s current position and sees if it makes sense to follow suit. These stock picks could lead to huge gains over time.

He shares his findings through instant trade alerts and weekly portfolio updates. The service also has a trade tracker and several educational materials to help you along the way.

I’ll cover each of these features in more detail in just a bit. First, let’s take a closer look at our guru.

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ross givens

Who is Ross Givens?

Ross Givens started trading at the age of 12 when he purchased 100 shares of Microsoft stock. He caught the bug and went on to pursue a degree in finance.

After graduating, Ross spent time as a broker, financial advisor, and professional money manager. He eventually went on to serve as vice president of a major investment bank.

No matter his role, trading has always been close to Ross’s heart. He follows the money and has invested a lot of his own time in finding patterns that lead to big gains.

Needless to say, he’s done quite well for himself. Those successes have earned him spots on Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNBC, and other financial outlets.

Now, Givens puts his skills and experience toward helping the masses see the same results he has.

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Traders Agency logo

What is Traders Agency?

Traders Agency is home to a number of unique trading services, including Insider Effect. Each one strives to educate folks on the nuances of trading while providing vetted opportunities to invest in.

Due to the range of its offerings, traders of all types will likely find something lining up with their style. Givens runs the show on all current platforms while providing insightful free blog posts on the site.

The secret to buying low and selling high

The Secret to Buying Low and Selling High

Givens’ secret strategy involves a completely legal loophole to rack up a nearly perfect trading record. The best part is that it doesn’t matter what state the market is in.

It turns out that Ross has access to insider buying data showing what company executives are doing. If a CEO is buying his own stock, he must feel pretty confident about his company’s direction.

That information alone can translate to some great gains for anyone willing to follow suit.

Of course, it’s never quite that simple. Fortunately, Ross steps in with his unique insights to separate good stock picks from the duds.

His previous recommendations speak to how great following the insiders can be. You could have seen gains like 1,036% on Resolute Energy and 1,436% on Clayton Williams.

Givens currently has his eye on three lucrative stocks that have seen heavy insider buying of late. They’re set to see the same level of huge returns, but you’ll need to become an Insider Effect member to hear what they are.

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New Insider Effect Webinar

New Insider Effect Webinar

Joining Insider Effect also gives access to Givens’ webinars. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than watching an expert trader share his experience and perform the kind of trades that make big money.

It’s set up to feel like a one-on-one session, which I really appreciate. You can’t ask questions, but Givens does a good job of anticipating what listeners want to hear.

Ross is always thorough in his explanations, but he keeps it simple enough for folks to follow along. Chances are, you’ll end the session feeling more confident about your trading strategy.

Many of his tips pertain to capitalizing on insider buying, but Givens doesn’t stop there. He swaps out webinars frequently so you’re privy to a wide range of topics.

You don’t need to watch these webinars to be successful with Insider Effect, but it certainly helps. I’ve found they help my overall knowledge of trading and the stock market.

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Insider Effect Bundle

What Comes with Insider Effect?

Here’s everything you get when you join Insider Effect:

Instant Trade Alerts

Givens is always on the hunt for new insider trading opportunities. Whenever he finds one, he’ll send out a detailed email with all the information you need to partake in the trade.

In the email, you’ll receive a company summary alongside its overall business outlook. Ross also showcases any potential news stories brewing on the horizon and precisely what insiders are buying.

If that wasn’t enough, he adds in an options trade for each stock with potential gains of 1,000% or more.

You can expect somewhere between two and four of these emails every month, although they don’t always come on a set day or time. Be sure to check your inbox regularly.

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Weekly Position Monitoring

Givens fires off an email summary of all the positions currently listed in the Insider Effect portfolio.

He explains any real-time changes made to the current lineup and his reasoning for making them. You’ll hear about new buys, sells, and stop adjustments that may be pertinent to your own trading investments.

I don’t have time to stalk the model portfolio all the time, so it’s incredibly convenient to have all the updates covered in one quick email. More research services need to incorporate something like this.

Model Portfolio

Members have a unique login and password to the encrypted Insider Effect site, where Givens stashes his coveted model portfolio.

It contains the complete list of every open position, when Ross recommended it, and his buy price. You’ll also see total gains to date listed for each one.

He adds a few securities to the list each month, but this portfolio may offer some immediate opportunities to jump in and make some cash off trades.

I love how transparent Givens is with his picks. He doesn’t hide or try to cover up his few losses, but the number of wins here really stands out.

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Trader Concierge Service

I’ve always been impressed with Ross’s dedication to customer service, and he doesn’t disappoint here either.

Subscribers have access to their own private member mailbag and a dedicated U.S.-based customer service team for support. You can reach out during business hours for help with any questions you have about your membership.

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something about hearing an American voice at the end of the line that speaks to a higher-quality service.

The Insider Effect Training Guide

BONUS The Insider Effect “Getting Started” Training Guide

This bonus guide teaches everything you need to know about stock and options trading. Instead of a manual that’s a slog to read through, Ross breaks all the information down into six clear and concise videos.

He starts at the very beginning, describing what stocks and options are to actually making trades. If you’ve never traded before, these videos should instill some serious confidence as you step up to the plate.

That said, Givens drops some nuggets that are good for veterans as well. I wouldn’t pass them up just because they’re slanted toward beginners.

BONUS The Best Traders You’ve Never Heard Of: How to Pocket $100,000 Following Insiders

In this special report, Ross unveils his three favorite insider buying stocks to own right now. He’s already done the research and explains the reasons why he’s so excited about each one.

You’ll get your digital copy the moment you join, making this the ideal launch point for bringing in gains of up to $100,000 over the next 12 months. They’re set to bring in triple or quadruple-digit returns all on their own.

Even a single win here could cover the cost of your membership or start you on the path to achieving those retirement dreams.

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Ross Givens' $100,000 Guarantee

Ross Givens’ $100,000 Guarantee

Givens believes so much in his Insider Effect strategy that he’s willing to guarantee a shot at $100,000 in profits for all new subscribers.

The premise is simple – the Traders Agency team tracks every penny earned or lost based on a $5,000 investment in each recommended stock.

If Ross misses the mark, he’s offering you a second year of his service at no cost. All you have to do is send an email prior to your renewal if the numbers don’t add up.

This is such a great guarantee because it’s not based on your actions. You can trade as much or as little as you want from Ross’s picks at any price point and still be eligible if he doesn’t deliver.

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Pros and Cons of Insider Effect

Here are my top pros and cons after reviewing the service:


  • Givens has decades of trading experience
  • Frequent webinars full of information and tips
  • Multiple trade alerts per month
  • Model portfolio with weekly updates
  • Top-tier concierge service
  • Two free bonuses
  • Ross’s $100,000 guarantee


  • Focuses primarily on trading
  • No community chat or forum

Is Ross Givens’ Insider Effect Legit?

Insider Effect is indeed a legit platform. Ross Givens brings his years of experience into the mix, and he’s made quite a name for himself among the financial elite.

The service has already opened the door to big gains based on insider buying with companies like Lending Tree and Resolute Energy. If it’s worked before, I see no reason why it can’t work again.

Actual customers on the Inside Effect website back up these claims. You’ll have to take them with a grain of salt, but they’re not shy about communicating triple and quadruple-digit wins.

Comments on third-party site Trustpilot tend to agree. Traders Agency currently has a 4.5 out of 5 rating with over 200 reviews. It’s rated an A- on the Better Business Bureau site.

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How Much is Insider Effect?

You’d normally pay $3,995 for a one-year subscription to Inside Effect. As part of this special deal, it’s possible to get all these same features for just $1,997. That’s a 50% savings!

Don’t let that price point scare you. In the end, you’re only looking at $40 per week for access to the best insider buying stocks out there. Based on past data, a single win could pay for your membership fee and then some.

Insider Effect Review

Is Insider Effect Worth It?

After a thorough review, I really like what I see with Insider Effect.

It’s a relatively simple approach to trading using insiders that few of us would ever have access to any other way. The profit potential is definitely something worth writing home about.

Ross Givens does a great job of making the service accessible to everyone through handy training videos and instant trade alerts. I’m stoked that he shares precisely when to get into and out of trades for maximum benefit, which is something I often struggle with.

You’re also set to invest the moment you join, thanks to the bonus report with three excellent opportunities.

Beyond all that, membership is half price through this special offer. The $100,000 guarantee all but ensures you’re getting your money’s worth.

Insider Effect feels like a no-brainer if you want to improve your trading game. Be sure to sign up before this deal fades away.

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