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Knox Financial Review 2024: Is Frictionless Ownership Legit?

knox financial
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Knox Financial’s fresh take on real estate investment and property management is creating quite a buzz among property owners. But does its Frictionless Ownership live up to the hype? Read our Knox Financial review to find out.

 Knox financial review

What Is Knox Financial?

Knox Financial is a Boston-based property management company that provides a unique blend of banking, financing, tenant vetting, insurance, and leasing services under one umbrella.

So if you’re looking to make passive income on your income property but don’t want to manage the busy work or heavy lifting, Knox Financial has you covered.

Knox helps optimize your rental earnings by analyzing the market through data models that help price your property and get the most out of your investment.

Aside from the technical aspect, Knox has a team of real estate veterans helming the service who know the ins and outs of property management — not to mention a massive network of trusted service providers.

We’ll get into the details a little further, but Knox Financial’s business model is the driving force behind why the company goes above and beyond to ensure your property is treated with the care it deserves.

David Friedman and Spencer Taylor
Knox Founders: David Friedman on the right and Spencer Taylor on the left.

Who Owns Knox Financial?

David Friedman and Spencer Taylor co-founded Knox Financial in March 2019.

Before starting the company, Friedman tried to find a manager for his property, but the process was too complicated, so he gave up and sold his home.

Fast forward a year, and the property he sold appreciated by $100,000.

After missing out on this investment opportunity, Friedman teamed up with Taylor to give other would-be income property owners the chance that Friedman never had. 

They built Knox Financial from the ground up to help others keep and mange properties through the service’s Frictionless Ownership Platform.

What Is Frictionless Ownership?

Frictionless Ownership is Knox Financial’s catch-all phrase for its management process that provides a smooth and streamlined solution for property owners.

The service sets out to maximize your income property’s performance while minimizing the amount of effort you need to commit.

That being said, if you want an active role in managing your property, you’re more than welcome to be a part of the decision-making process.

Is Knox Financial Legit?

Knox Financial is a reputable company that provides exceptional property management services for passive income.

Each member of the Knox team brings a wealth of insights and experience to the service.

How does Knox financial work?

How Does Knox Work?

With a simple consultation, Knox assesses your home or other property for its potential as a rental property.

Next, by joining the Frictionless Ownership program, you can hand over the reins and let Knox take over the effort and time needed to turn your property into a strong income-producing asset.

The company sends you a quarterly statement outlining all expenses and profits, and profits are paid out quarterly through a deposit in your bank account.

Unlike a traditional management business, Knox does more than take calls and collect rent for a hefty fee.

It’s usually a bit of a cliche, but you really are better off asking what Knox Financial can’t do because it handles so much of the process.

How Knox Financial Saves You Money

Knox doesn’t add steep premium rates to your bill, unlike many other property managers.

Instead, the company charges a set percent of any rental income generated.

With an extensive list of services, Knox also replaces other expenses, like leasing realtors.

Either its team handles these processes or Knox leverages its network of experts.

Ultimately, the company’s goal is to help you generate more passive income through the property you already own without added extra expenses.

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Knox Financial

What’s Included with Knox?

  • Financing
  • Insurance
  • Marketing Properties
  • Optimizing rent
  • Finding tenants
  • Negotiating with tenants
  • Managing maintenance
  • Accounting


With experts in financing, Knox can help source home loans for existing properties as well as new homes that you may want to add to your portfolio.

Even better, the company can also manage your mortgage payments to ease your workload as a property owner.


Knox will help owners choose the best insurance to protect their property.

Additionally, Knox offers rental insurance for your tenants with help from the experienced insurance professionals on their team.

Marketing Properties

Finding tenants requires great photography, attractive listings, and effective showings.

Knox Financial even hires professional real estate photographers so you know your property is shown in the best light.

Optimizing Rent

Knox analyzes the market and uses data models to determine the rental rates for properties based on location and market competition.

This ensures you are getting the most value out of your rental property.

Finding and Billing Tenants

The service carefully vets tenants to improve your chances of finding quality renters.

When either renewing or signing new tenants, the service checks backgrounds to vet them based on multiple factors so you can have peace of mind that your property stays safe.

When a renter moves in, Knox handles rent collection.

Negotiating with Tenants

Knox works to quickly settle disputes with tenants fairly and to your benefit whenever possible.

This is a really big draw for investors who aren’t equipped to deal with the sometimes unavoidable conflicts that result from renting out an investment property.

Managing Maintenance

Through more automation and logistical expertise than most other real estate management companies, Knox ensures that repairs and contractors are top-notch.

Additionally, Knox doesn’t pad the price and keep the change.

So what the company pays is what you pay!


Knox works to maximize your tax benefits and credits and even sends annual data and forms that you will need to file your income tax return.

Also, because Knox manages your taxes, mortgages, insurance, and collection under one umbrella, you won’t need to hassle with paying multiple parties separately.

Property Wealth Calculator

The Property Wealth Calculator is a free tool on the Knox Financial site that you can use without signing up for the service.

If you want to know an estimate of your home’s real value, you can take the calculator for a spin.

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Pros and Cons of Knox Financial

We found a lot to like with Knox Financial, but there are some places we think the service can improve on. 


  • Manages tenant communication and vetting
  • Only charges 10% of the rent collected
  • Great for building wealth passively
  • Knox oversees most major property management responsibilities
  • Real estate investing made easy


  • A one-year commitment required
  • Payouts are quarterly which may not work for some property owners

Knox Financial Reviews 

There are plenty of reviews praising the Knox Financial Frictionless Platform.

Take a look at some of these Google Business reviews.

4 star google reviews of Knox Financial Knox Financial Google review with a 5 star rating

The service is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but it does have an A- rating — not too shabby.

How Much Does Knox Cost?

Knox charges 10% of the rent collected, which is about the same as traditional property managers while delivering far more value.

Additional charges come from maintenance costs and normal homeownership fees, such as mortgage, utilities, etc.

This arrangement motivates Knox to give you the greatest possible cash flow year after year, as the company makes more when you make more.

Only Pay Knox When Your Property Is Rented

With a fixed percentage, you also never pay unless the property is rented.

This is a nice change of pace, as some property managers charge extra fees that leave you on the hook even if your rental isn’t making money.

Knox Cancellation Policy

For enrollment, Knox requires a minimum commitment of one year.

You can end your participation in the platform with six months’ notice before the end of a lease.

If you decide to sell during your enrollment period but do not end the service, the arrangement can continue with the new homeowners.

Knox financial investment

Is Knox Financial Worth It?

Knox Financial is an excellent option for property owners who want all the benefits of renting out their real estate without any of the drawbacks.

And this is especially true for anyone looking to expand their property portfolio and need a scalable management solution.

One of the biggest benefits is the vetting of tenants as well as dispute resolution — two of the most difficult jobs of a landlord.

The 10% cut is a competitive rate and ensures that Knox Financial will take every step to maximize profits.

Simply put, your success is their success.

So if you want to team up with a close-knit group of property management experts, you should take a close look at Knox Financial.

>> Ready to start making money on your property with Knox Financial? Click here to get started now! <<



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