Knox Financial Review: Is This Tech Focused Property Manager Legit?

Jenna Gleespen - March 31, 2021

knox financial
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With a new take on moving real estate from sitting to earning, Knox pushes ownership to transform a home into a money-making opportunity while growing its value. Knox manages many aspects of ownership including helping with moves, finding rental tenants, negotiating leases, and locating insurance. In this Knox Financial review, you’ll find out how Knox’s “frictionless ownership” method streamlines investing using rental properties.

 Knox financial review

Knox Financial Review: Overview

Knox aspires to protect and build your most important money-making asset: your home. If you are interested in renting out your home or other properties, they can help you increase your passive income with minimal labor on your part. The platform seeks to optimize your rental earnings. It includes everything from finances to taxes, marketing to renting, and collection to maintenance.

In part, owners succeed in earning higher rental incomes because their real estate management minimizes waste and helps to increase the value of their home. Knox’s team of real estate experts, talented technology developers, great insurance brokers, and experienced mortgage authorities improve your real estate’s performance and avoid many costly mistakes.

Enrolling in their Frictionless Ownership program gives you the chance to generate increasing gains as they free up your time, decrease the price of property management, and work to increase your rental value. Through a simple quarterly distribution program, participants unlock an easy way to yield more and borrow more without the extra effort.


In strategy, Knox focuses on helping you grow the value of your property while helping to minimize expenses. They aim to beat the market and make each home easier to rent, advertise, insure, maintain, and more.

Rather than simply increasing the value to simply sell a home, Knox assesses your rental, establishes the rent rate, finds and vets new tenants, insures and maintains the homes, and helps increase the potential rental value.

With this sole aim of achieving the highest returns while you skip the work of ownership, Knox supports those who want to move, lease, and retire sooner. Their platform untangles the complexity of investing in rental properties that may reduce your interest, block your access to investing in real estate, and increasing your income potential.

A quick look at their platform shows the potential benefits of letting Knox reduce the stress, effort, and expense of turning a rental property into a high-performing asset.

Every owner likes to see better performance, more value, and lower costs. Landlords who currently rent, maintain, and manage properties themselves also can enjoy a new sense of freedom by connecting with Knox. They take care of hiring repair workers, settle rental issues, and provide tax information.

Knox Financial Review: How Does Knox Work?

How does Knox financial work?

With a simple consultation, Knox assesses your home or other property for its potential as a rental property.

Next, by joining their “Frictionless Ownership” property program, you allow Knox to take over the effort and time needed to turn your property into a strong income-producing asset. They send you a quarterly statement outlining all expenses and profits.

Any profits are paid out quarterly as well. Unlike a traditional management business, Knox does more than take calls and collect rent for a hefty fee. They also don’t add steep premium rates to your bill. Instead, they charge a set percent of any rental income generated.

With an extensive list of services, Knox also replaces other expenses like leasing realtors that most owners use to earn income from their homes. Instead of taking as much as a first months’ rent just to get a rental tenant to sign each year, they charge you only a set percent.

Ultimately, Knox works by creating more income through the property you already own.

How Do Knox Clients Make Money?

Knox Financial

With Knox, clients can make money easily. Knox turns your property into a passive source of income. Additionally, Knox can help your home increase in value through its strategic services, proprietary algorithms, and supportive platform.

Often property owners who want to use property management companies run into problems. Every maintenance company, repair contractor, and leasing agency charges a rate for their service. This traditional approach complicates the property-based income process and hurts net returns.

Rental commissions and marked-up maintenance fees sap money and turn passive income into active headaches. Knox solves this problem using their technology and taking on your responsibilities as a landlord.

When you join, you will receive payouts every quarter. They share in the profits only when you make money as they collect a set percentage off of any rental income. That’s it. Nothing more.

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Knox Financial Review: What’s Included with Knox?

The Knox platform, service, and management extend beyond what most agencies, specialists, and even insurance companies usually offer. Reducing the need to hire a company for each service, they perform a comprehensive suite of essential functions.

Getting financing

With experts in financing, Knox can help source home loans for existing properties as well as new homes that you may want to add to your portfolio. Moreover, they can manage your mortgage payments to further ease the experience.

Securing insurance

Knox will help owners choose the best insurance to protect themselves. Additionally, Knox offers rental insurance for your tenants with help from the experienced insurance professionals on their team.

Marketing properties

Finding tenants requires great photography, attractive listings, and effective showings. They know how to convince and vet great new tenants.

Optimizing rent

Rental rates require precision for each unique property, local area, and market competition. Knox uses its highly-accurate algorithm to choose the optimal rate.

Finding tenants

When either renewing or signing new tenants, the service checks backgrounds to vet interested tenants on multiple factors so you can have peace of mind that your place wont be absolutely trashed.

Handling negotiations

In terms of disputes with rental home tenants, Knox works to quickly settle issues fairly and to your benefit whenever possible.

Managing maintenance

Through more automation and logistical expertise than most other real estate management companies, they make sure making repairs and hiring contractors are top-notch and do not require your time. Addtiioanlly, Knox never pads the price for their own benefit. What they pay is what you pay!

Simplifying accounting

Knox works to maximize your tax benefits and credits. They even send annual data and forms that you will need to file your income tax return.

Since Knox’s management includes taxes, mortgages, insurance, collection, and many other services, you won’t need to worry about paying for each expense separately.

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Is Knox Legit?

Each co-founder and executive of Knox brings incredible talent and vision. Guided by experienced, leading technologists in real estate and beyond, their leadership exudes expertise and competence to homeowners. Dave Friedman (CEO) and Spenser Tailor (COO) direct the company. They have an impressive combination of real estate and advanced platform experience.

Co-founder Dave Friedman has worked for many influential tech companies, learning along the way not only what it means to be a co-founder but also what it takes to grow a company from an idea to a titan.

Combined with co-founder Spenser Tailor they have developed technologies that improve and make people’s lives easier. And they took this background into account when they saw the chance to transform the overly complicated world of investing in rental properties.

Since the co-founders structured their business on a fixed percentage rate, homeowners interested in simple real estate investing take on less risk by comparison to using traditional property management companies.

This way of doing business shows Knox depends on your success and is focused on giving you stability, convenience, and benefits as you potentially earn increasing rental income.

Knox financial investment

Knox Management

Knox’s management team handles everything from paying bills, mortgages, insurance, and other recurring fees. They also market, rent, and improve your real estate.

Knox then helps you secure the best insurance policies for you to help to reduce your costs. They can help you find great financing so you can keep expanding the number of rental properties you own.

Taking care of each complex duty, their management team takes care of hundreds of interactions, calls, appointments, emergencies, research, applications, and payments required to create a profitable rental property.

Knox Cancellation Policy

For enrollment, Knox requires a minimum commitment of one year. You can end your participation in their platform with six months’ notice before the end of a lease. If you decide to sell during your enrollment period but do not end the service, the arrangement can continue with the new homeowners.

How Much Does Knox Cost?

Knox offers an impressive range of helpful functions that vow to save you money, time, and work. But, since the platform does so much for investors, you may wonder how much they’ll charge and what share of the money you can expect to make.

Ultimately, their mission is to save you as much money, time, and effort as possible, so Knox charges 10% of the rent collected which is about the same as a traditional property manager while delivering far more value.

Additional charges come from maintenance costs and normal homeownership fees such as mortgage, utilities, etc.

This arrangement motivates Knox to give you the greatest possible cash flow year after year as they make more when you make more. With a fixed percentage, you also never pay unless the property is rented.

You can see how much you stand to earn when you get a consultation, have your property assessed, and receive their quote. For more details, you can read their agreement for on-going service.

Knox Financial Review: Knox Pros and Cons

Using separate companies for each of the many services needed for lucrative real estate investments presents challenges. They charge various fees with only their own profit in mind.

Knox benefits landlords, ambitious buyers, and the retired with extensive services that solve many of these problems. Like any service, a few drawbacks are part of the platform.


The pros of using Knox Financial include:

  • Make your life easier by removing tenant headaches
  • Takes over 99% of your responsibility as a landlord so your rental income is truly passive
  • Access financing easily
  • Find better insurance coverage
  • Handle real estate marketing
  • Compete in rental home markets
  • Find trustworthy tenants
  • Manage property repairs
  • Make accounting simpler
  • Share increasing profits
  • Claim a $500 referral credit


There are some cons associated with using Knox Financial as well. They are:

  • A one-year commitment requirement
  • Payouts are Quarterly which may not work for some property owners

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Is Knox Financial Right for Me?

If you are interested in building wealth while avoiding the tedious aspects of real estate investing, Knox may be for you. Knox’s team works well for those who want to move into new homes, expand their property, take a break as a landlord, or even retire with more stable earnings.

How To Get Started?

The best way to see if you’ll benefit from Knox is by getting a property assessment. After you apply and get everything setup, not much is needed to start making money with Knox. They take care of the major responsibilities of owning these investments.

Knox Financial Average Returns

Returns for property investors vary considerably with the value, potential, and rental home rate of new and previous homes, but Knox gives a more detailed idea of what income you could be earning. Their free property calculator gives you a custom analysis of your rental situation. You’ll discover your property’s worth and can then estimate a possible return.

Knox Financial Reviews by Investors

Reviews of Knox are mostly positive. They show the platform, service, and employees are focused on helping property investors increase their profits. There are no complaints about Knox’s service or team on important, authoritative sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

knox review
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Final Review: Is Knox Financial Worth It?

Knox Financial could help seasoned and new owners who want to move or expand. By using a fixed percentage to calculate the cost to clients, there is an incentive for the company to generate passive income for you. They take on your duties and share in your success.

For anyone who wants to increase net profits from real estate rental income in one of the serviced markets, it appears that Knox may be a beneficial service to use.

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Jenna Gleespen is a copywriter specializing in finance and investment finance. Originally from the United States, she now calls London, England home.