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Media Bias in Biden Coverage Draws Widespread Condemnation, New Survey Reveals

Recent survey results have highlighted growing concerns about media bias and the quality of coverage surrounding the Biden White House.

Rasmussen Reports Survey

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The survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports indicates that a significant number of likely voters believe media bias is currently at an all-time low.

They are also dissatisfied with the media’s handling of President Joe Biden’s administration and the scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s scandals is widespread.

Media Bias: A New Low

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According to the Rasmussen survey, a striking 60% of likely voters perceive that media bias has worsened

This marks a 6% increase from the previous assessment.

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Few Believe Bias Has Gone Down

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Conversely, only 6% of respondents believe that bias in media coverage has improved. Nearly 30% indicated that it remains relatively unchanged since March, when a similar poll was conducted.

A Bipartisan Concern

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Interestingly, despite disagreement on almost every other topic, there is a unanimous acceptance of media bias across both sides of the political divide.

A significant majority of Democrats, Republicans, and independents share the view that media bias has deteriorated.

Stats Don’t Lie

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Among Democrats, 44% believe it has worsened, compared to 11% who think it has improved.

Among Republicans, a staggering 74% believe it has gotten worse, while only 2% perceive an improvement.

Independents echo similar sentiments, with 63% saying bias has increased and only 4% believing it has improved.

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Dissatisfaction with Biden Coverage

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The survey also revealed significant dissatisfaction with the media’s coverage of the Biden administration. A notable 65% of likely voters described the media’s coverage as fair to poor, while less than half (30%) found it good to excellent.

Hunter Biden’s Scandals: A Missed Mark

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When asked about the media’s coverage of Hunter Biden’s scandals, the results were clear. A substantial 51% of respondents felt that the media had not provided enough coverage, while 24% believed there was too much coverage, and 19% thought it was just the right amount.

Biden Supporters vs. Critics

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Interestingly, the survey found a stark contrast in perceptions based on support for President Joe Biden. Supporters of the president, who tend to share similar liberal views with the White House, viewed the media’s coverage more favorably.

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Pro Biden Votaries Find Coverage Good

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Among voters who “strongly approve” of Biden’s job performance, 61% rated the media’s coverage of his administration as good or excellent.

Conversely, among those who “strongly disapprove” of Biden’s performance, 77% gave the media a poor rating for their coverage of the Biden administration.

Impact of Media Bias on Public Perception

These survey results shed light on the ongoing debate surrounding media bias and its impact on public perception, especially in the context of political coverage and high-profile scandals.

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