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Millionacres Mogul Review: Your First-Class Ticket to Huge Deals

Chris Dios - August 03, 2021

millionacres mogul review
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Motley Fool is out to demystify real estate investing with its Millionacres real estate investing service.

We’re putting this collection of Motley Fool services under the microscope in our Millionacres Mogul review. Keep reading to find out if it’s the real deal.

Millionacres Mogul Review: Overview

Motley Fool’s Millionacres series helps investors find up and coming real estate investment opportunities with a wealth of research resources and investing advice.

Millionacres Mogul focuses on high-level opportunities for sophisticated real estate investors. This service is more suitable for wealthier investors with larger investment portfolios.

Both services provide valuable real estate investing insights that can help you make a fortune in the real estate industry, but the best choice for you will depend on your individual circumstances.

Millionacres services utilize various types of content for keeping you informed, such as newsletters and trade notifications.

Memberships also include bonus access to a slew of Motley Fool investing resources. There’s a wide array of materials that can help you advance your real estate investing education. 

If you’re ready to jump into the real estate industry, Millionacres services can help you get acquainted with the sector quickly. Let’s explore these options more so you can decide if they’re right for you.

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Millionaires Mogul Review

Motley Fool Review: Is This Publisher Legit?

The Motley Fool has one of the best reputations in the retail investment research market. The firm has been picking winners for over 20 years, and it’s become a respected voice on Wall Street over the years.

Motley Fool launched in 1999 with brother Dave and Tom Gardner at the helm. After a few initial setbacks, they quickly earned a stellar reputation for their stock-picking prowess.

The company grew to prominence with the release of its landmark retail research services, Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers.

The success of these services led the company to focus its efforts on the retail investing market, and they’ve launched several more niche advisory services over the years.

Millionacres marks Motley Fool’s first set of services geared towards individual real estate investors. The two-tiered service family has since earned its own reputation as a leading real estate service.

You can count on Motley Fool to bring you timely and accurate research and investment recommendations.  

It’s a quality company, and Millionacres is a worthy addition to the Motley Fool family.

The Millionacres Team Review

The Millionacres team is stacked with veteran Motley Fool employees, but the captain of the ship is senior analyst and certified financial planner Matt Frankel.

Millionaires Mogul Review Matt Frankel

Frankel has been a Motley Fool contributor since 2012. In addition, he has substantial professional and personal experience with real estate investing.

Frank first ventured into the real estate sector with a house hack deal. In other words, he bought a duplex and rented one unit out while living in the other.

He quickly became hooked and began investing heavily in the sector through both physical properties and real estate equities. 

As the chief analyst on the Millionacres team, Matt Frankel is responsible for overseeing the Millionacres real estate portfolio.

Frankel is an experienced real estate investor with a CFP certification to boot. You can follow Millionacres research with confidence knowing there’s an experienced hand like Frankel at the helm.

Millionacres Mogul Review: Overview

Mogul is Millionacres’ flagship real estate investing program for sophisticated investors. Mogul covers high-level estate investments that are open to the public.

The way the Fool sees it, the real estate market’s two biggest entry barriers are money and connections, and they’re not wrong.

Real estate isn’t cheap, after all, and the best deals are usually reserved for well-connected bigwigs and banks. Even if you have the cash, you will probably have a hard time finding quality deals without some guidance.

Mogul addresses these issues by leading investors to lucrative opportunities that are open to the public market.

Millionaires Mogul review

These unique investments offer many of the same tax breaks as traditional real estate, but they’re more accessible to Main Street investors.

It’s also worth noting that Millionacres personally invests in every deal it recommends. The company has skin in the game, and it’s a clear indication they believe in what they’re recommending.

The service also covers more traditional investing plays, like real estate equities, but Mogul’s most notable recommendations are crowd-funded real estate deals. 

Accredited Investor Status: Do You Need It for Mogul?

Unfortunately, most crowdfunded deals are only open to accredited investors, so this service is more appropriate for higher net-worth investors.

However, accreditation is not required for every Mogul recommendation, so it could still be useful if you don’t have the certification.

Furthermore, the Fool states on their website that they “hope to expand our offerings to include additional investment opportunities for non-accredited investors.”

Even without an accredited investor certification, Mogul still has a lot to offer. But, if you don’t have it, you can’t get in on most of Mogul’s crowdfunded real estate recommendations.

If you’re joining for the sole purpose of jumping on crowdfunded deals, you should make sure you can qualify for certification before you join or you might be disappointed.

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Millionacres Mogul Review: What’s Included?

Here’s what comes with a Millionacres Mogul membership:

  • Regular investing recommendations
  • Quarterly printed updates from Mogul advisors
  • Exclusive Mogul scoring system
  • Access to crowdfunded real estate deals
  • Free tickets to digital and in-person events across the country
  • Live Q&As with Mogul advisors
  • Tax Expertise from The Real Estate CPA
  • Regular bonus reports

Millionacres Mogul Review: Real Estate Investing Recommendations

Millionacres Mogul offers members the opportunity to invest in premier properties that aren’t available on via the public markets.

Here’s an example of one of the real estate properties Millionacres recommended recently.

This is an actual Mogul alert from 2019, and the deal ultimately worked out very well for many investors.

Here’s the report:

Millionaires Mogul review report

This report examines a potential commercial real estate opportunity at a warehouse in Plano, Texas. According to the report, an investment could yield as high as 7.5%.

According to Millionacres, this deal sold out in just 20 minutes once the developers began openly soliciting offers, but Mogul members got in on the deal anyway.

You can also see that this deal called for a minimum investment of $25,000. It’s not exactly chump change, but you can get in for less on some occasions.

According to the Millionacres site, Mogul’s featured real estate investments typically have minimum investments starting at $10,000.

These deals also offer more tax benefits than traditional public real estate investments because they allow you to retain many of the tax benefits typically associated with direct ownership.

Mogul sends out reports like these 3 to 4 times per quarter, on average. In just a year’s time, you could substantially diversify your residential and commercial real estate holdings with reports like these

Few services can offer access to such high-quality crowdfunded deals. Mogul’s Crowdfunded deals are a gamechanger for anyone looking to get their foot in the door of the real estate market.

However, Mogul doesn’t limit itself to CRE deals exclusively. They also recommend REITs and other real estate securities when they see worthwhile opportunities.

If you can’t get accredited investor status, you can still take advantage of Mogul’s publicly traded recommendations, but you will most likely miss out on the crowdfunded deals until you receive your accreditation.

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Millionacres Mogul Review: Quarterly Investment Updates

Mogul’s guidance doesn’t end with their initial recommendations. The service keeps members informed with investment updates released every quarter.

These reports cover every active Mogul recommendation and keep members in the loop about the latest happenings impacting the holdings.

You should always know what’s going on with your portfolio. Unfortunately, many everyday people don’t have the time or expertise to track every little move.

Thankfully, the updates do most of the heavy lifting for you. Real estate doesn’t require as much constant attention as stocks, so quarterly updates are more than sufficient to keep you informed.

Mogul’s quarterly updates are an excellent addition to the service. Between the regular recommendations and updates, the service provides everything you need to be an informed player in the real estate market.

Millionacres Mogul Review: Mogul Scoring System

Millionacres utilizes a unique scoring system they use to rate certain recommendations. It’s a proprietary measure that evaluates each crowdfunded deal’s investment potential.Millionaires Mogul Review Mogul score

Scores range from 0 to 100 and are calculated based on five key factors: Platform, Deal, Sponsor, Return, and Macro.

Each category is assigned a maximum number of points, such as 10 points based on the strength of its platform.

Mogul aggregates all these categories to calculate the overall Mogul Score. The service also utilizes other metrics including Mogul Risk Rating and target IRR.

Millionacres says it usually won’t recommend opportunities with Mogul scores lower than 75, but investments that score 95-plus are also exceedingly rare.

According to Millionacres, opportunities that good are very difficult to come by.

The Mogul Score is an extremely useful component of the service, and it makes it easy for laymen to make educated decisions.

Millionacres Mogul Review: Event Invites

Millionacres Mogul members regularly receive free tickets to special events across the country. Mogul also hosts digital events featuring insights from leading real estate experts.

Millionaires Mogul review live events

Mogul’s lineup of in-person events cooled off over the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, the annual Millionacres summit will be held virtually, but they’ve put together an awesome lineup of innovators and thought leaders for the event.

You can learn a lot from the experts featured in these events, so these free invites are a valuable addition to the service.

Millionacres Mogul Review: Crowdfunded Real Estate Deals

The Fool uses a revolutionary crowdfunding system that allows people to invest in private placement real estate deals from all over the country.

Thanks to the 2012 JOBS Act, retail investors can even get in on private-placement real estate deals. These deals are exclusive, and you won’t find them on the public markets.

Mogul can introduce you to a whole new world of potentially lucrative crowdfunded deals. The service also covers REITs and other high-value real estate investing opportunities.

Most of Fool’s crowdfunded real estate investments use a platform called CrowdStreet. Unfortunately, you have to be an accredited investor to participate in most of these offerings.

Mogul’s Crowdfunded deals require minimum investments starting at $10,000, but some deals have larger minimums. It’s not chump change, but it’s a lot less than you would spend making a deal on your own.

Millionacres Mogul Review: Live Q&As with Mogul Advisors

Mogul members also get access to live Q&A sessions with Mogul’s team of real estate advisors.

These sessions give you an opportunity to run through your toughest questions with true real estate experts.

Mogul’s reports are very informative, but you will inevitably walk away with some questions.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on search engines and internet message boards to get answers when you’re a Mogul member.

In our experience, the Q&A sessions are casual and friendly.

Mogul’s advisors are enthusiastic about answering your questions, and their insights can have pronounced benefits for your real estate investing outcomes.

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Millionacres Mogul Review: Access to Tax Expertise

Real estate can complicate your tax situation significantly. Thankfully, Millionacres offers tax guidance from The Real Estate CPA to help you navigate the waters.

The guidance isn’t individualized, but it’s nonetheless extremely helpful for new real estate investors.

Mogul puts out regular articles from these experts in the member’s only section of its site and sometimes hosts live events with tax experts.

For example, a recent article on the Mogul site explains, “What Do the Proposed Tax Changes Mean for Real Estate Investors?”

Articles like this can save you a lot of time, aggravation, and money. Taxes are a complicated subject, and advice from tax professionals isn’t cheap.

Mogul’s tax guidance isn’t personalized and it’s no substitute for professional advice, but it’s still a valuable addition to the service.

Millionacres Mogul Review: Bonus Reports

Mogul members also enjoy access to Millionacres bonus reports. These briefs cover a range of interesting topics and provide valuable insights into the real estate market.

These reports often focus on developing opportunities in the real estate market, such as “REITs and Equities Best Buys: May 2021” and more.

Millionaires Mogul review bonus

Millionacres bonus reports serve as an excellent supplement to Mogul’s flagship research offerings. They add a lot of value to the membership and introduce you to a wide array of additional real estate opportunities.

Millionacres Mogul Review: Pros and Cons

Here are the highlights from our Millionacres Mogul review:


  • Access to private-placement real estate investment opportunities
  • Enjoy tax breaks and other perks from direct real estate ownership
  • Regular investment recommendations
  • Quarterly updates on all recommended investments
  • Access to Millionacres educational materials and resources
  • Concierge service and support
  • Potential to generate consistent monthly cash flows
  • Tax expertise from The Real Estate CPA
  • Regular bonus reports
  • Free tickets to digital and in-person events


  • Most crowdfunded deals require accredited investor status
  • May be price prohibitive for smaller-budget investors
  • No refunds

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Millionacres Mogul Reviews by Members

We found these Millionacres Mogul reviews online. Here’s what the members are saying:

Millionaires Mogul review reviews

Millionacres Mogul Review: Is Millionacres Mogul Legit?

These testimonials aren’t exactly exhaustive, but they demonstrate these subscribers’ satisfaction with the service. 

Furthermore, Millionacres’ publisher, Motley Fool, also has an excellent reputation in investing circles, so we’re confident that these Millionacres services are trustworthy and legitimate.

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Millionacres Mogul Review: How Much Does Millionacres Mogul Cost?

Millionacres Mogul is a top-tier service with a top-tier price tag. A one-year subscription goes for $2,999. That’s not cheap, but it’s substantially more affordable than many competing products.

That price averages out to about $250 per month. Fool estimates that Mogul subscribers receive about 3 to 4 recommendations per quarter, so you should get a total of 9 to 12 recommendations over the life of your subscription.

As of now, Fool isn’t offering any promotions with this deal. Given the specialized nature of the product, we don’t expect them to reduce the price anytime soon.

Millionacres Mogul Review: Is Millionacres Mogul Worth It?

Mogul has a lot to offer, but it’s not for everyone. The service is geared towards investors with large amounts of investable cash. If you’re interested in crowd-funded real estate, you have to be an accredited investor to partake.

This service isn’t intended for beginners. If this is your first time investing in real estate, you may want to start with a more basic service like Real Estate Winners. 

However, that’s not to say Mogul isn’t a worthwhile buy for the right type of investor. It’s an excellent option for more experienced investors who want to take the real estate portfolio to the next level.

Few services can offer Mogul’s ability to tap into lucrative private placement deals. Plus, Mogul releases new recommendations whenever they find them, and there’s no set limit on how many you’ll receive.

Instead of sticking to a fixed quota, they focus on uncovering the highest value opportunities possible. It’s a refreshingly different approach than the typical stock-picking research service offers.

Plus, you’ll receive complimentary invites to special events and other promotions. You’ll also enjoy concierge support from Fool’s top-notch customer support team.

Mogul offers a truly first-class experience for real estate investors. If you have enough funds to make effective use of the service, Mogul could be the final ingredient you need to put your real estate investment portfolio over the top.

Millionacres Mogul Review: Final Verdict

Millionacres offers excellent options for anyone looking to get into the real estate market.

For beginners, the Real Estate Winners service provides a painstakingly thorough introduction to the market. As a member, you’ll receive at least one new recommendation every month, plus access to a wealth of educational resources through the Millionacres resource library.

If you’re a little further along on the learning curve, Mogul is an unparalleled service for real estate investors who want to take their game to the next level. This service offers access to private placement deals that would’ve been unheard of just a few years ago.

The increasing popularity of crowdfunded real estate is leveling the playing field between everyday investors and the bigwig insiders who used to control the market, and Mogul is leading the charge for its subscribers.

A Mogul subscription requires a substantial upfront investment, but there’s no doubt that you get a lot of value for your dollar. If you can swing the costs, this service is an absolute gamechanger.  

Millionacres is a worthy addition to the Fool family, and they’re covering the real estate sector with the same kind of expertise you would expect from such a prominent research firm.

Both services offer substantial value for the cost of admission. Whether you’re considering Real Winners of Millionacres Mogul, you know you’re in good hands with Millionacres.

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris studied accounting at Drexel University and first started investing back in 2018. He currently resides just outside Billings, Montana. Chris specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.