Millionacres Review 2021: Is This Motley Fool Service Legit?

Jenna Gleespen - May 21, 2021

millionacres review
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Millionacres is a real estate investment advice newsletter from Motley Fool. Access to some Millionacres articles is available on the website free of charge.

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However, there are also two subscription tiers that are available for a fee. The overall goal of the service is to provide investors with the best possible knowledge to help them become better at investing in real estate.

In this article we provide an in depth millionacres review so you can see if the service is right for you!

Millionacres Review

Millionacres Review: Overview

Millionacres is a service provided by the creators of Motley Fool which offers investors guidance and education on real estate investing.

Motley Fool is a leader when it comes to information, stock picks, and guidance for investors. The basic service is free, but there are two subscription services that are also available.

Both of the subscription services come with a fee and aim to provide further education on real estate investments of all kinds.

Millionacres Membership Options

Millionacres offers two subscription services designed for real estate investors. Mogul is the flagship service, intended to expand on the website’s already available knowledge about real estate investments.

It also uses research to provide details on strategies investors can use to make better investments in real estate.

The Mogul subscription offers recommendations for crowdfunding investments, Real Estate Investment Trusts, real estate equities, and planning that is is tax-efficient.

The Real Estate Winners subscription, the lower tier of the two subscriptions, helps investors build their portfolio through real estate.

The service gives specific advice and recommendations on REITs and real estate equities of all kinds. It also includes monthly recommendations for investments as well as a good amount of education for investors.

How Does Millionacres Work?

Both subscriptions for Millionacres include recommendations for current real estate investments. However, Mogul goes a few steps further by offering updates on recommendations, access to investor events, exclusive content, and more education about investing in real estate.

Millionacres Mogul

This membership includes unique and exclusive content, events, private interviews, and a scoring guide to help you make better investments.

You will receive exclusive information on property investment, recommendations for what to invest in, and updates on those recommendations.

This membership tier also provides investors with information on new ways investors can profit from real estate.

It covers advice for investing in properties and loans (via crowdfunding platforms). It also provides detailed guidance on how to invest in real estate via the stock market.

The Motley Fool recommends that investors have a minimum of $10,000 to invest if they are interested in the Mogul subscription.

Millionacres Real Estate Winners

The Real Estate Winners subscription gives monthly investment updates and tips on REITs and real estate equities.

Members will also get access to a quarterly listing of the top ten investments ranking. With the Real Estate Winners subscription, members will have access to the Motley Fool private research center as well.

If you choose to sign up for Real Estate Winners, you can learn how to benefit from:

  • Corporate structures with tax advantages
  • REIT liquidity
  • Steady long-term tenants income streams
  • High returns from dividends that are legally required to pay out

Motley Fool Millionacres

Help from Matt Frankel, Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Motley Fool contributor Matt Frankel helps to supply the knowledge available on both platforms. Matt Frankel is a certified financial planner who has worked for Motley Fool since 2012.

He is very knowledgeable in the world of real estate investment and his expertise can help any investor, no matter their experience, better understand investing in real estate properties, real estate stocks, trusts, and funds.

The knowledge about real estate investment that Matt Frankel has to share can be valuable to any investor, no matter what level of experience they have.

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Millionacres Review: Is Millionacres Legit?

Millionacres comes highly recommended by most subscribers. Many have faith in The Motley Fool and consider their content to be very helpful when it comes to education and guidance for investors.

Mogul subscribers have seen the most returns from the investments out of the to subscriptions, with one investment showing a projected annual return of 21.9%, and others around the same percentage or higher.

If you are looking for more information on becoming an investor in real estate, or are already a seasoned investor and simply want some guidance on how to see bigger returns, either subscription may be for you.

Millionacres Real Estate Winners Review

The Real Estate Winners subscription provides some good information when it comes to investment in real estate.

The newsletter includes access to the Motley Fool research center as well, which is a great resource for investors to learn more about which type of real estate investment to make.

Granted, some of the information can already be found online if you search hard enough. However, having detailed investment recommendations that are vetted by the investors at Motley Fool delivered straight to your inbox takes some of the research work out of investing.

The returns seen from Real Estate Winners tend to be less than with Mogul, yet they still seem to be fairly good for many investors.

Millionacres Mogul Review

This subscription is much more detailed and includes access to events, seminars, and recommends projects that typically see higher returns.

This subscription is their premium offering and is designed to fully help investors successfully invest in properties, real estate stocks, bonds, and funds of all types.

The subscription even teaches members how to profit from crowdfunding real estate investing, giving guidance on how to make money by investing in real estate loans.

The Mogul platform allows its members access to individual deals in real estate investment that are not available to the general public.

It also rates these deals with a Mogul Score to help investors determine if it is worthwhile to invest or not.

Motley Fool Mogul Review

Millionacres Review: Subscription Tiers


This subscription is the highest tier of Millionacres by Motley Fool.


  • 1 year of access

Your subscription covers an entire year of access and up-to-date real estate investment guidance.

  • 3 reports
  1. Stormproof- The 1 Real Estate Investment Best Suited to Help you Weather 2020
  2. The 10 Tax Facts Every Aspiring Real Estate Mogul Should Know.
  3. Exigent Circumstances: How to Play Real Estate During Global Disruptions.
  • A 30-day guarantee

If you are unhappy with the service, you can transfer your membership fee as a credit to any other Motley Fool service which the company provides.

Best For

Those who want to dive deep into the world of real estate investing and learn how to profit from real estate loans, crowdfunding platforms, and property.

Investors are provided with a good amount of thorough research on property investment, investment-related risk, REITs, and other forms of real estate investments.

This exclusive service is best for investors who want to see high returns on their ventures.

Real Estate Winners

This subscription is the less expensive option for the Motley Fool newsletter. Although there are some articles available free of charge on the website, this service offers added resources and investment alerts.


  • At least one new investment recommendation monthly.
  • Updates about earnings on recommendations.
  • Educational resources and helpful content that to help you become a better investor.
  • Top 10 Investment Alerts, delivered quarterly.

Best For

The less expensive subscription is great for investors who want to simply learn more about investing in REITs and want access to other resources on property and real estate investments.

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Is Millionacres Safe?

Any investment comes with plenty of risks. Motley Fool aims to use Millionacres to offset that risk a bit by offering helpful information.

The recommendations and tips provided intend to make members and readers more knowledgeable, and thereby better at investing in real estate.

Millionacres Review: Cancellation Policy

In order to cancel either of the subscriptions, you will need to contact the company directly.

The Motley Fool website does indicate that some subscription services can be managed via your online account, however, it does not mention Millionacres subscriptions specifically.

With the Mogul subscription, if members are not satisfied with the service, they can opt to transfer the subscription fee to any other Motley Fool service.

It should also be noted that if you do not cancel your membership before renewal, you will automatically be charged for a new subscription at the then-current price.

This means if either subscription goes up in price, you will be charged what it is going for at the time. If you do not keep track of when your subscription is set to renew, you could find a surprise on your bank statement.

According to Motley Fool, the renewal will charge to the same form of payment that was used at sign-up. This means if you do not wish to cancel your membership, make sure that your payment information is updated within your Motley Fool or Millionacres account.

How Much Does Millionacres Cost?

There are fees that come along with both of the investment help subscriptions.

Real Estate Winners

This subscription costs $249 annually, billed in one payment. The subscription will automatically renew at the current price.

This means if the subscription fees raise over the period of a year, you will need to pay the new price to continue your subscription.


This subscription is much more expensive, costing $4,999 annually with all fees included. There is, however, a special introductory offer available to new subscribers for only $2,500. It seems that the subscription will be renewed at a higher price, however.

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Review of Millionacres: Pros and Cons

The Motley Fool real estate investment newsletters both come with pros and cons.

Millionacres Pros

Quality real estate investment advice for investors

From the people at Motley Fool, a trusted source when it comes to helping investors invest more wisely.

Vetted recommendations for investors

Quality tips and recommendations on what to invest in next.

Access to the Motley Fool research center

The research center is a great resource for educating yourself about real estate investment.

Investment guidance

Information and recommendations on how to get higher returns.

Access to individual property investments with excellent returns

This is only available with the Mogul tier.

Information on real estate properties that are taking new investors

This is also only available with the Mogul membership.

Millionacres Cons


The fees for either subscription are high. Mogul will put you back $2,500 initially with a renewal price at the then-current rate. The less expensive option, Real Estate Winners runs $249.

Limited customer service

Customer service is only available via email, so if you have a question about a specific issue, you must email the Millionacres help team and wait up to 2 business days for a response.

Automatic Renewal at the then-current rate

That’s right, your subscription will automatically renew at a higher price should the subscription fee rise. You will need to contact the company directly in order to cancel your subscription before renewal.

Is Millionacres Right for Me?

If you are someone with an interest in investing in properties or real estate stock market securities, Millionacres may be worth your while. You will need to decide which subscription tier is best for you.

For those who want to see higher returns on their investment and are looking to become knowledgeable in property investment, the Mogul tier may be right for you.

If you have the extra $3,000 to spend on gaining new insights as an investor, then you can likely benefit from the service.

For others who may just want to dabble in real estate investing, need a little extra guidance, and want access to credible resources, then Real Estate Winners is probably the best option.

Millionacres Reviews by Subscribers

Subscribers have very good things to say about both subscription tiers Millionacres offers. The Motley Fool is known for its premium, factual investment help.

With its Millionacres subscription services, it stays true to just that. Investors that left a review seemed to be overall happy with the service provided for both subscription tiers.

Motley Fool Real Estate Winners Reviews


For the Mogul tier, subscribers have rated it a 4.3 on, from 9 people who have left a review.

Investors seem to be happy with the Real Estate Winners subscription as well. Many subscribers left a positive review for the service across multiple review websites.

Also, some report seeing better returns on what they invest in, whether that be a real estate fund, stock, or properties. One review on Reddit claims the opposite, with a complaint about the cost of the subscription.

Millionacres Review: Is Millionacres Worth It?

The Motley Fool offers a newsletter and investment guidance for those looking to invest in real estate. The information provided by both subscriptions can help reduce risk for investors.

Of course, the associated risk, like with any investment, depends entirely on the specifics, as do the returns.

If you are looking for access to quality information about investing in real estate or properties, this Motley Fool service may give you an advantage in the market.

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Jenna Gleespen is a copywriter specializing in finance and investment finance. Originally from the United States, she now calls London, England home.