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Motley Fool Options Review (Are These Picks Legit?)

  • By Chris Dios
  • Sep 25, 2022
montley fool options review
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Motley Fool Options is considered one of the top authorities on options trading and education. But does this service really deliver the goods? Follow along with our Motley Fool Options review to find out.  

About Motley Fool 

Motley Fool is a financial media powerhouse with a strong presence in the retail research space. The company offers premium services for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.

Founded by brothers Tom and David Gardner, the Fool has been in business for over two decades, and it has developed a strong following over the years.

reviews of motley fool

The firm is best known for its two landmark stock-picking services, Rule Breakers and Stock Advisor.

Other services Motley Fool offers are:

  • Everlasting Portfolio
  • Motley Fool Augmented Reality
  • Rule Your Retirement
  • Everlasting Stocks

If you’ve read any stock picking service by Motley Fool, you’re familiar with the high level of quality you can expect.

On the organizational level, Fool is one of the most reputable firms in the research industry. They’ve been doing it — and doing it right — for decades.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor, for instance, has beaten the market four-to-one for the last 20+ years. The firm is light years ahead of most competing services.

The Fool has a reputation for quality customer service and a reliable satisfaction guarantee. Plus, its research regularly beats the benchmark average. 

Motley Fool Options reviews

What Is Motley Fool Options?

Motley Fool Options is much more than a basic options alerts service: it uncovers advanced options trading strategies and makes them accessible to beginners and experts.

If you’ve never traded options before, Motley Fool Options’ investment insight will help you hit the ground running with a full training course for newcomers, but it’s not just for beginners. Options veterans can get a lot out of the service, too.

These courses utilize professional-grade techniques and strategies and have the potential to improve even the most veteran skill set. However, Motley Fool Options doesn’t stop there.

Once you’ve mastered the mechanics, Fool will serve as your options market Sherpa and guide you to the best opportunities as they develop. Recommendations cover buying and writing options.

The service also keeps you informed with regular alerts and updates. You’ll receive multiple picks and detailed research on the latest market moves.

Fool breaks down each potential trade individually and explains the potential risk-reward scenarios so you can trade options with confidence.

The Fool even includes alternative options strategies for each trade, allowing you to choose the best approach for your unique circumstances.

It’s all backed by Fool’s legendary research and customer service teams, too, so you know you’re covered if you have an issue.

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What’s Included with Motley Fool Options?

  • 12 months of alerts through the Motley Fool Options Newsletter
  • Trade guidance and alternative trades
  • Income strategies
  • Options education
  • Options U: discussion boards
  • Top-Rate support
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Options Alerts

Options alerts are the main attraction to the Motley Fool Options service.

Each month, Fool sends you new jam-packed options alerts with the latest trade recommendations, stock picks, supporting research, and more. The team gives in-depth trading guides to walk you through each step of the options trading process in detail.

So you don’t need to be a pro for the chance to make money off trading options. Recommended trades may include buying and selling basic calls.

It’s like an options trading roadmap that allows you to make even the most sophisticated trades with total confidence. Best of all, Motley Fool gives you an honest appraisal of each of its options trades.

These reports also include stock market news and information on advanced options trading strategies.

motley fool options education review

Trading Guidance and Alternative Options Strategies

When Motley Fool Options puts out stock picks, it provides several options strategies for each alert, so you can choose the style that fits you best. Every trade comes with a few alternative options strategies.

This caveat lines up with Fool’s grand policy against “cookie-cutter” trading. The Fool takes pride in providing research that works for its subscribers.

As a result, the service goes above and beyond to ensure that it includes information that’s useful for a wide variety of people.

Many folks who trade options say trade alternatives are one of the best features of the Motley Fool Options service — and having multiple options strategies to choose from is a game-changer.

The alerts incorporate a wide variety of options trading techniques, including buying and selling covered calls and puts, and more. Each report also includes detailed information on the underlying stock and options contracts, including the strike price.

One quote from C. Orsini says the following:

“What I value most about Motley Fool Options is the ‘alternative trade feature.’ Because the core recommendations do not always fit my needs, but I do quite well with the alternatives.”

Trading options effectively is difficult, but Motley Fool’s Alternate Trades ensure you’ll find an options strategy that fits your appetite.

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Income Strategies

You can use options to accomplish various financial goals, and one of the most common aims is to gain a steady income from your stock market portfolio.

Most times, income investing is done by older adults or retirees that need to make a livable wage from their savings. With bond yields nestled firmly below 2%, income investing isn’t an easy task in this particular economic climate.

However, options can alleviate the yield gap.

Many of the trade strategies featured in the Motley Fool Options service are designed specifically to generate income. Plus, the educational component includes professional-grade techniques that can help you take your income strategies to another level.

motley fool options education review

Options Educational Material

In terms of complexity, options trading is on another level from its more basic investing counterparts. Even folks experienced in trading stocks often have trouble making the leap to options.

Bull call spreads, selling puts, and calls (covered calls & synthetic covered calls); it all sounds like a foreign language if you’re not already familiar with trading options.

Fortunately, Motley Fool anticipated this issue and included a range of options trading courses to address both sides of the coin. With the options program, you get unlimited access to several Motley Fool training courses that will teach you options trading from the ground up.

This step-by-step system starts at the beginner level and works its way up to intermediate and advanced strategies.

Motley Fool Options Courses

As a bonus, you can access an extensive library of options trading educational materials when you join Fool Options.

Here are some of the key components of the courses:

  • Options nuts and bolts
  • Buying calls
  • Buying puts
  • Writing covered calls
  • Synthetic covered calls
  • Covered call strategy
  • Writing puts
  • Writing covered strangles
  • Writing diagonal Calls
  • And more!

Each lesson includes extensive instruction from experienced pros, and together they cover everything you need to know about options trading.

There are three main courses on offer: Essentials, Strategies, and Masters.

Options U: Essentials – As you may have guessed, this education module gives you an introduction to everything options. If you’re a novice, you should consider this required reading. Anyone more experienced could read it as a refresher.

Options U: Strategies – This course is the introduction to the Motley Fool’s options strategies. It provides 13 lessons that give folks the rundown of how to trade options effectively. We don’t recommend skipping it (even if you’re an expert), as it sets the foundation for the rest of the educational content.

Options U: Masters – Masters crystallizes all the components of your options education and delivers 14 lessons packed with The Fool’s top strategies. Experts who already leverage advanced options strategies are going to feel right at home. You’ll want to make sure you’re up to speed before digging in.

Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a total noob, Fool Options’ educational component is a valuable addition to the program. These lessons can strengthen your trading skills and help you take your game to the next level.

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Options U: Discussion Boards

Ask any member, and they’ll tell you Motley Fool’s user base has a strong sense of community.

You can communicate with other members through the Fool’s community message boards. Only registered members can use these boards, and the policy significantly improves the quality of the online conversation.

Talking about trading is one of the best ways to expand your knowledge of the subject. 

When you put yourself out there on the boards, you will quickly discover what you’re doing wrong.

And who knows?

You might even find someone willing to take you under their wing and teach you some serious options strategies.

Motley Fool Options Customer Support

Motley Fool’s all-star customer service team is yet another reason the firm has become so popular over the past two decades.

If you ever have an issue with your Motley Fool subscription, Fool’s team is standing by to support you. You can reach them via call or email, and they work quickly to address your questions and concerns.

Customer service has become a long-lost art in the aftermath of the pandemic, but Fool is still hanging strong.

everlasting portfolio guarantee

Motley Fool Refund Policy

No one likes buying blind, and Fool knows it. That’s why they offer a no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee on Options and other services.

You have 30 days from your purchase date to use the service freely.

If you decide it’s not for you during that time, you can get a full refund of your purchase price with a quick call to Fool customer support.

However, there’s one small catch. You can only receive your refund in the form of a “store” credit. You can use the credit to purchase other Motley Fool services of your choice.

It’s not exactly a straight-up refund, but the policy is understandable when you consider the amount of upfront value you get when you join.

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motley fool options trackrecord

Motley Fool Options Performance

Motley Fool has an excellent track record for market-beating stock picks, and the options trading program is no exception.

Thousands of everyday people have benefited from this service, and it has a remarkable track record for consistency and accuracy.

Since its inception, Fool boasts an 86% win rate for closed options trades. That’s absurdly good. Safe to assume, there could be many people out there who have a few extra dollars in their pocket thanks to the Fool’s stock-picking prowess.

With more than 25 years in the business, Fool is an undoubtedly reputable company, but its knack for picking winners is what really makes it a research rock star.

Motley Fool Options Pros and Cons

Good or bad, we’re covering it all in this Motley Fool Options review.

Here’s what we found.


  • Extensive options education
  • 86% win rate for closed options
  • Run by knowledgeable options traders
  • Alternative options strategies
  • $100 discount


  • Solely focuses on options
  • Limited refund options

motley fool options stock gumshoe 4.1 rating

Motley Fool Options Reviews from Members

Motley Fool Options has earned high praise from members.

In fact, it has a 4.1 rating out of 5 on the third-party review site Stock Gumshoe.

Here is what these Motley Fool Options subscribers have to say about the service:

motley fool options reviews

With a reported 86% win rate, it’s not surprising that this service is held in such high regard.

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motley fool options price review

How Much Does Motley Fool Options Cost?

Motley Fool Options costs $999 per year, which is in the same ballpark as similar services from its competitors.

However, we were able to dig up a modest discount for our readers.

If you join the Motley Fool options picking service now, you’ll enjoy a full, one-year membership for $899: a savings of $100 off the regular rate. It’s not the most affordable research service but, then again, this service is so much more.

Is Motley Fool Options Worth It?

The Motley Fool Options service is a comprehensive options training course combined with a year’s worth of expert research.

The options trading course alone could be worth the sticker price, but you also get a full year’s worth of Motley Fool trade guidance, including stock picks from across the Motley Fool family of services.

Best of all, the “alternate trades” feature gives you multiple strategies for approaching each trade and explains every option in meticulous detail.

This greatly expands your choices for potential trades and helps you better understand the options market as a whole. Finally, you’re covered with a world-class support team and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

All things considered, it’s an impressive selection of research and educational resources for the price.

Similar services can cost upwards of $2,000, and most are substantially lower quality than The Fool. If you take advantage of the $100 discount, you’ll get a great service at an even better price.

So, is Motley Fool Options worth it?

If you have an active trading style and you’re willing to put in the work to make money with options, then we say yes.

Motley Fool Options Review: Final Verdict

Fool’s options trading program looks like a solid home run. You get a ton of value for your dollar without sacrificing quality in the least bit.

With so many resources at your disposal, you might be hard-pressed to find a Motley Fool Options alternative that offers similar value.

The comprehensive course includes everything you need to hit the ground running in the options market.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one options trading and education experience, you can’t go wrong with Motley Fool Options.

>> That’s it for our Motley Fool Options review. Join now and save $100! <<


Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.