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NATO Warns of Possible ‘All-Out War’ with Russia: Citizens Advised to Be Ready 

Rob Bauer, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, has issued a stark warning to civilians in Western countries, advising them to brace for a possible “all-out war” with Russia. 

Citizens Need to Be Ready 

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While highlighting NATO’s readiness for such a scenario, Bauer stressed the need for citizens in Western nations to be prepared for significant changes in their lives as tensions escalate. 

Acknowledging the Possibility of Conflict 

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Bauer emphasizes that the assumption of perpetual peace is no longer tenable, and NATO forces are actively preparing for a potential conflict with Russia. 

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Civilian Involvement 

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He underscored the broader discussion, highlighting the importance of the industrial base and civilian involvement in preparations for possible hostilities. 

Sweden’s Proactive Approach 

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Bauer commended Sweden for taking proactive steps by urging its population to prepare for war in early January. 

Critical Starting Point 

Credit: The Moscow Times

He viewed this as a critical starting point, acknowledging that uncertainty looms and that not everything can be anticipated or guaranteed in the coming decades. 

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NATO’s Largest Exercise Since the Cold War

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Bauer’s warning coincides with the commencement of NATO’s largest exercise since the Cold War, where Alliance forces are conducting training exercises to repose a hypothetical invasion by Russian troops. 

German Agency’s Report on Hybrid Russian Threat 

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Reports from the German agency Bild suggest that the Bundeswehr, Germany’s armed forces, is preparing for a potential hybrid Russian attack on NATO’s eastern flank.  
Concerns are that a military conflict could erupt as early as February of this year. 

Transformation and Preparedness 

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Admiral Rob Bauer, the head of NATO’s Military Committee, emphasized the need for the Alliance to transform. 

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Ear of Unpredictability 

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He called on Western nations to prepare for an era of unpredictability, where the outbreak of war is a conceivable scenario. 

Challenges in Military Aid to Ukraine 

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Bauer’s comments come amid delays and restrictions in military aid to Ukraine from the United States and the European Union, raising concerns about the evolving geopolitical landscape. 

Large-Scale NATO Training Exercise 

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NATO is gearing up for a substantial training exercise scheduled for February, featuring the participation of approximately 90,000 troops.  
The exercise’s scenario revolves around a simulated Russian attack on NATO territory. 

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Maintaining a Positive Outlook 

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Despite mounting tensions, Admiral Rob Bauer encourages the international community not to succumb to pessimism.  
While the specter of an armed confrontation between Russia and NATO looms, the timeline for such a scenario remains uncertain. 

German Experts’ Assessment 

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German experts believe that the likelihood of an armed confrontation between Russia and NATO is considerable, with a potential timeframe of five to eight years.  
This assessment underscores the urgency of preparedness and vigilance in Western nations. 

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