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Motley Fool Next-Gen Supercycle Review (Best 5G Stock Picks for 2022?)

rule breakers Next-gen supercycle review
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The Motley Fool’s Rule Breakers series has a new service devoted entirely to the massive opportunities expected to arise from the mass adoption of 5G across the US. Our Rule Breakers: Next-Gen Supercycle review will tell you if this Fool service is the real deal.

What Is Motley Fool Rule Breakers: Next-Gen Supercycle?

Next-Gen Supercycle is a portfolio tracking and alerts service that combines what The Motley Fool analysts believe are the best 5G opportunities across all of Motley Fool’s services.

The 5G sector is expected to be a major growth engine for the stock market in the years ahead, and The Motley Fool is so bullish on 5G that they developed Next-Gen Supercycle to focus exclusively on the sector.

Next-Gen Supercycle features a model portfolio that includes the best 5G stocks from all corners of the Motley Fool universe and a wide array of other research and educational resources.

With experts expecting 60X sales growth for the 5G market by the end of 2023, Next-Gen Supercycle could guide members to the next big winners to come out of the market.

The 5G sector has been the subject of hype for years, but the biggest growth phase could still be ahead of the sector. Becoming a member of Next-Gen Supercycle could help you make the most out of this epic unfolding opportunity. 

We’re putting this Rule Breakers service under the microscope in our Next-Gen Supercycle review, so stay tuned. First, we’ll look closely at the publisher, The Motley Fool.

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tom and david gardner review

About Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is one of the leading publishers in the retail research industry and the company behind Rule Breakers: Next-Gen Supercycle.

Founded back in 1994 by Tom and David Gardner, the company has grown to become a powerhouse research firm and a leading voice on Wall Street.

Some of its research services include:

The company first rose to mainstream notoriety with the launch of its Rule Breakers and Stock Advisor services. Rule Breakers eventually expanded to include a family of services focusing on various investment trends.

Fool’s Rule Breakers services are devoted to capitalizing on groundbreaking trends across the market, and the Rule Breakers family has produced many of Fool’s most successful offerings.

The Fool’s research has a reputation for being top-notch, and the company has a strong commitment to independent and impartial coverage.

The Motley Fool is a widely respected publisher that’s been in the research business for over two decades. One of The Fool’s co-founders even testified to Congress to call for greater transparency on Wall Street.

If you want an established and respected publisher, you can’t go wrong with the Motley Fool. The Fool has been a leading research publisher for years, and the firm’s reputation is only exceeded by the quality of its research.

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Jason Moser Review

Motley Fool tapped one of their most talented analysts to lead the Next-Gen Supercycle, Jason Moser.

Moser has produced outstanding results for Fool services during his time at the company, and he was a natural choice to spearhead the Next-Gen Supercycle service.

Before taking on the lead role with Next-Gen Supercycle, Moser was the lead analyst for a similar Rule Breakers service that focused on opportunities in the augmented reality, or AR, space.

Track Record

In just over a year’s time with Rule Breakers AR, Moser’s recommended portfolio produced an average return of 89%. During that same period, the S&P 500 delivered an average return of just 45%.

The Rule Breaker AR portfolio’s performance is a direct indication of Jason’s skill and expertise as one of Fool’s top technology experts.

Now, Moser brings that same skill set to the 5G sector in Rule Breakers Next-Gen Supercycle.

According to the latest presentation from The Motley Fool, Moser and his team are building a diversified portfolio of stocks that they believe could potentially achieve 6X to 7X growth over the next decade.

Jason Moser is one of the Fool’s top technology analysts, and you can expect big things from Next-Gen Supercycle with him leading the service.

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next-gen supercycle review

The 5G Supercycle

The mass adoption of 5G could produce some of the greatest investment opportunities of the next decade. Experts predict this industry could eventually grow into a $17 trillion powerhouse by the time it reaches maturity.

Many experts agree that 5G has enormous potential, but many investors are looking in the wrong places for growth.

America’s telecom giants are expected to play major roles in 5G’s eventual nationwide rollout, but these companies are so massive that their upside could be paltry in comparison to the small startups that are spearheading real innovation in the industry.

motley fool next-gen supercycle reviews

Furthermore, the 5G network itself is just the beginning. 5G is expected to deliver lightning-fast speeds that could catapult several futuristic trends from far-off ideas to modern realities.

The technology could have tremendous benefits for industries like artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, internet-of-things (IoT), and much more.

Bloomberg said 5G’s ultimate impact could be nothing short of revolutionary:

As you can see, expectations are incredibly high for the 5G revolution, so it’s no surprise The Fool is taking the bull by the horns with a service devoted exclusively to capturing growth in this sector.

Next, our Next-Gen Supercycle review will take a close look at everything that’s included with this Rule Breakers service.

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What’s Included with Next-Gen Supercycle?

  • Unlimited access to the Rule Breakers: Next-Gen Supercycle 5G portfolio
  • Exclusive reports on each featured stock
  • Targeted exposure 5G stock recommendations
  • Motley Fool Backstage – exclusive access to the Backstage portfolio, Backstage Pass Livestream, early access to new tools, and a variety of other analysis and guidance
  • Quarterly portfolio rankings
  • Market updates and commentary
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Rule Breakers: Next-Gen Supercycle 5G Model Portfolio

The Rule Breakers Next-Gen Supercycle model portfolio is the foundation of this service, and it includes The Motley Fool’s top  5G stocks from across all the Motley Fool subscriptions.

Next-Gen Supercycle’s model portfolio is jam-packed with The Fool’s highest-conviction 5G stock recommendations. The team reviewed more than 900 companies as part of their research, and they narrowed the list down to their 29 most promising stock ideas.

Each of these stocks could see tremendous upside during 5G’s most explosive growth phase, and you can access them all in this cream-of-the-crop model portfolio.

motley fool next-gen supercycle 5g graph

The model portfolio includes The Fool’s best “core” pure-play 5G stocks from across the market, including The Fool’s No.1 play for the estimated $275 billion American infrastructure build out, and organizes them into one game-changing portfolio.

Next-Gen Supercycle‘s model portfolio is a one-stop shop for the best 5G stocks to take advantage of this emerging megatrend.

The Fool will also keep members informed on any updates affecting the portfolio with alerts and updates when something needs attention.

The model portfolio is the main entree of Next-Gen Supercycle, and it hosts an impressive collection of high-potential 5G stocks. It features an easy-to-use interface and extensive research on each stock.

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Exclusive Reports

The Next-Gen Supercycle team covers each stock in the model portfolio with an in-depth report on each featured recommendation.

Each report includes extensive research and analysis of the Fool’s highest-conviction 5G stocks, so members get the full story on every opportunity. 

True to Fool’s reputation, the reports are well-written, informative, and easy to read. Members have all the information they need to make an educated decision on each stock.

Targeted Exposure Stock Recommendations

Next-Gen Supercycle’s coverage doesn’t end with the portfolio. If you join, you’ll get continuing coverage of the Fool’s latest 5G stock recommendations for an entire year.

The recommendations usually feature targeted 5G opportunities in companies across the tech spectrum.

5G could have transformative effects on the economy, and these companies could see huge growth as the 5G market approaches maturity.

If the Next-Gen Supercycle team finds any additional 5G stocks in the next year, you’ll be notified of their findings.

The team is always watching the market, and who knows what new opportunities they’ll discover over the course of the next year.

next-gen supercycle 5g growth

Quarterly Portfolio Rankings

Every stock in the model portfolio is ranked based on the Fool’s conviction in its long-term potential. The rankings make it easy to focus on the best opportunities in the portfolio.

However, conditions are always changing in the stock market, and the Fool knows that fact better than most.

That’s why the Next-Gen Supercycle team reviews the portfolio every quarter and issues updated rankings based on the latest trends.

Members receive a fresh set of updated portfolio rankings every quarter, so the rankings always closely reflect the team’s most up-to-date analysis.

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Position Guidance

The Fool rounds out Next-Gen Supercycle portfolio-tracking guidance with thorough position guidance for each stock.

With so many opportunities to choose from, choosing which stocks to prioritize can be difficult. But, The Fool’s portfolio guidance makes it easy to plan a  portfolio.

Next-Gen Supercycle’s position guidance is another feature that distinguishes the service from the typical bargain-basement newsletters that are so prevalent in the research market.

Many services just dump a pile of stock picks and research on you and leave you to figure it out, but Next-Gen Supercycle provides much more detailed guidance to give members a better chance of long-term success.

Position guidance is one of this service’s most notable benefits. The Fool team’s in-depth research and guidance make it easy to strategically and effectively allocate portfolio positions.

Market Updates and Commentary

The market is vast and complex, but being aware of the latest trends and market-moving news can have significant benefits for a  portfolio.

But, tracking the market can be a full-time job, especially if you have a large, diverse portfolio. Fortunately, you’ll have The Fool’s insights and expertise at your disposal for as long as you’re a Next-Gen Supercycle member.

The Motley Fool’s team of veteran analysts regularly puts out new research analyzing the latest stock market moves, unfolding trends, the global economy, and much more. 

The Fool’s coverage makes it easy to stay on top of the market without spending endless hours reviewing news, corporate disclosures, and other dense reading material.

next-gen supercycle refund policy
A screenshot of the Next-Gen Supercycle satisfaction guarantee from the service’s most recent presentation.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The Fool stays true to its reputation for excellent customer service by offering an ironclad satisfaction guarantee on every Next-Gen Supercycle membership.

New members have up to 30 days to “test drive”  the service, and if they’re not satisfied at any point, they can get a full refund for their subscription fee by Day 30.

Due to the huge upfront value, Next-Gen Supercycle provides, The Fool cannot extend a cash-back guarantee on this offer. Instead, they will refund your purchase cost with a matching credit to use toward any other Fool services.

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Next-Gen Supercycle Pros and Cons

Next-Gen Supercycle has a lot to offer, but nobody’s perfect. Here are this Rule Breakers service’s most notable pros and cons.


  • Immediate access to Fool’s highest-conviction 5G stocks
  • New targeted-exposure stock recommendations for an entire year
  • Extensive research on every recommended stock
  • Top-to-bottom portfolio rankings updated every quarter
  • Unlimited access to Fool’s market analysis and commentary
  • Gives you access to exclusive Fool educational resources and community forums
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Detailed portfolio guidance and strategy
  • Led by one of Fool’s top technology analysts


  • May be price prohibitive for some
  • No cash refunds

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Is Motley Fool Next-Gen Supercycle Legit?

Motley Fool Next-Gen Supercycle is a legit researched service that’s packed to the brim with exceptional features.

Motley Fool’s Jason Moser makes a compelling case for his 5G stock picks and backs them with thorough insights. If you’re interested in investing in 5G, there are few better places to look for than Next-Gen Supercycle.

Is Next-Gen Supercycle Right For Me?

Next-Gen Supercycle is an excellent service with a lot to offer. If you’re interested in these topics, it could be a fantastic fit:

5G Technology

If you’re bullish on the 5G market’s projected $17 trillion potential, this service could be exactly what you need to take advantage of the expected growth. Next-Gen Supercycle is built to lead members to the top, under-the-radar 5G stocks with significant upside potential.

Experienced Leadership

The Motley Fool is one of the most experienced publishers in the research industry, and some of the company’s most talented analysts work on the Next-Gen Supercycle team. You can rest assured you’re getting high-quality research from the industry’s best analysts with this Rule Breakers service. 

Detailed Portfolio Guidance

Most investing newsletters just give you stock picks and research, but Next-Gen Supercycle offers much more extensive guidance. You’ll have more than enough information you need to effectively manage your positions with The Fool’s position guidance, quarterly rankings, and much more. 

Growth Investing

The 5G industry is expected to drive massive growth in the global economy over the next ten years. Mass adoption of this technology could drive a new era of high-octane growth in the stock market, and Next-Gen Supercycle can help investors navigate this emerging growth market.

Motley Fool Next-Gen Supercycle Reviews

Next-Gen Supercycle is relatively new, and it’s a very specialized research service. As a result, verified Next-Gen Supercycle reviews are hard to come by online.

Since we can’t find any reviews that have been verified as authentic, we don’t have any other Next-Gen Supercycle reviews to share with you here.

However, we can say that this service more than lives up to The Motley Fool’s lofty standards. The Fool is a highly respected company, and Next-Gen Supercycle is a worthy addition to the Rule Breakers family.

We’ll be sure to update this section down the road if any verified customer reviews come to light, but, the service certainly reflects Fool’s commitment to outstanding customer satisfaction.

How Much Does Motley Fool Next-Gen Supercycle Cost?

Motley Fool Rule Breakers: Next-Gen Supercycle is a premium portfolio-tracking service that offers in-depth portfolio guidance, and as such, it carries higher costs than Fool’s entry-level newsletter offerings.

next-gen supercycle pricing review

A one-year membership to Rule Breakers Next-Gen Supercycle currently goes for $1,999. At that rate, the average monthly cost comes out to about $167.

>> Join Motley Fool Next-Gen Supercycle now and get on top of the 5G boom <<

Is Motley Fool Next-Gen Supercycle Worth It?

Next-Gen Supercycle’s upfront cost might seem substantial at first, but it’s a good value when you consider how much you get with the service.

You’ll receive a significantly higher level of expertise and guidance with Next-Gen Supercycle than you will with any of the countless bargain-basement monthly investment newsletters on the market.

Few services offer anywhere near the kind of detailed guidance you get with this Fool service. Even when you find something comparable, it can cost more than double what you’ll pay for a Next-Gen Supercycle membership.

This service brings you top 5G stocks with detailed research so you can make well-informed decisions at the individual level. Plus, you also get detailed big-picture portfolio guidance so you can organize the picks into an effective long-term growth strategy.

You also get first-hand access to new Fool 5G stock recommendations for as long as you’re a member, and Fool’s in-depth research and analysis will help you navigate the market like a seasoned pro.

You’re not going to get top-of-the-line research and guidance with a basic $29 per month newsletter. In the research world, you get what you pay for, and this Fool service is worth every penny.

Even at its full sticker price, Next-Gen Supercycle offers the service and support you need to ensure you make the most out of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities unfolding in the 5G sector.

Rule Breakers Next-Gen Supercycle Review: Final Verdict

After an exhaustive Next-Gen Supercycle review, we like what we see. It looks like Fool has another winner on its hands with this cutting-edge portfolio service.

You get access to a full portfolio of Fool’s top-rated 5G stocks as soon as you join, and the team keeps you informed of their latest findings and stock recommendations for your entire membership term.

Better yet, Fool’s in-depth portfolio guidance will show you exactly how you can use their research to assemble an incredibly strong portfolio strategy.

With so much opportunity on the 5G market’s horizon, this service could be an absolute game-changer for anyone looking to take advantage of the sector’s expected growth. It could lead you to some of the most promising opportunities of the next decade.

Rule Breakers Next-Gen Supercycle isn’t cheap, but you get a ton of value for your dollar. If you want nothing short of the best 5G research around, you should give this Motley Fool service serious consideration.

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