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What Is Nomi Prins’ $4 “Liquid Energy” Stock

liquid energy nomi prins
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Nomi Prins and Distortion Report are back with a new opportunity in the energy sector. But could this technology really spark an energy revolution, or is the team telling tall tales? I’m putting the Nomi Prins “Liquid Energy Distortion” presentation under the microscope to find out.

What Is Nomi Prins’ $4 “Liquid Energy” Stock?

Nomi Prins’ “Liquid Energy” stock is a small $4 company that the Distortion Report team believes could be on the cusp of a $130 trillion energy revolution.

While its shares trade at a modest price right now, they anticipate that they might reach a much higher price down the road.

She isn’t the only one who’s eyeing this energy disruptor. The team says that many billionaires are also in the know.

Some notable investors looking into this tech include:

  • Bill Gates
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Richard Branson
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Jack Ma

The X factor that puts this small tech company ahead of alternatives is its innovative battery design (more on this later).

Nomi believes it could even disrupt global energy storage across the board.

breakthrough quote

She goes as far as to call it “Tesla’s worst nightmare.”

Even more interesting, she says that the energy revolution has nothing to do with electric cars.

I’ll dig into the details a little later, but I’ll say right now that Nomi is talking about an entirely new way to store energy — without lithium-ion batteries.

In fact, this budding technology addresses many of the key issues facing lithium-ion battery tech today.

Also, this is a real technology with practical (and possibly lucrative) applications. The team is not pedaling a futuristic solution lifted from a Sci-Fi novel.

The “Liquid Energy” stock symbol can be found in the latest research package of Distortion Report.

We’ll take a look at the mind behind the service and the latest package a little further down. But first, let’s do a deep dive into the presentation

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The Current State of the Energy Market

Energy storage has made some serious strides over the decades. Still, some of the battery industry’s most fundamental problems remain unsolved.

This is especially true in the arena of energy storage.

Many associate lithium-ion technology with green energy. However, when you put it under the magnifying glass, this battery technology has some glaring issues.

Much of this is due to the inherent properties of lithium-ion batteries.

Here are just some of the problems:

  • Made from a cocktail of caustic and toxic chemicals
  • Extracting lithium and exotic metals, such as cobalt and nickel, results in a heavy environmental toll
  • Lithium batteries are expensive
  • Highly flammable

In short, lithium-ion batteries aren’t the best tool for environmentally friendly energy storage.

It’s simply the best we’ve got.

And that is a critical distinction.

The good news is that the Distortion Report team believes that a breakthrough in energy storage could be around the corner.

This is what Nomi and the team refer to as “Liquid Energy.” And they say it has all the necessary ingredients to reshape battery technology and renewable energy.

energy revolution

The $4 Company Behind “Liquid Energy” Technology

Nomi Prins is tight-lipped about the $4 stock’s symbol and the company behind “Liquid Energy” technology. However, she does explain in detail why her team is bullish on this under-the-radar opportunity.

She says that it provides a new type of battery system with characteristics that give it the edge over conventional lithium-ion batteries.

We’ll start with the feature that I found the most fascinating when reviewing the presentation, the way the battery transfers and stores energy.

This technology uses an “open” system.

Conventional battery technology leverages a “closed” system.

This means the electrolyte fluid that carries a charge is sealed within.

Even if you could safely open a closed battery, you probably wouldn’t want to risk it, anyway. The chemical cocktail inside is highly flammable and poisonous.

On the other hand, Nomi’s liquid battery uses an open system. This means that the fluid can be swapped out.

As such, it can be instantly charged because you can just exchange uncharged electrolyte fluid with fully charged fluid.

While the idea of taking out your cell phone, draining the battery, and then pouring in freshly charged liquid sounds impractical, there’s a very relevant application.

But that’s for a little later in my review.

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Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable Electrolyte Fluid

The liquid battery’s fluid is non-toxic, and Nomi Prins demonstrates this by taking a swig of the electrolyte fluid live on camera.

She doesn’t look too thrilled with the taste. And she says as much.


Fortunately, the liquid battery is not being billed as a revolution in beverages.

While this is clearly done for comedic effect, Nomi demonstrates a crucial point… This fluid is non-toxic to humans and the environment.

On the other hand, the electrolyte fluid found in lithium-ion batteries can be hazardous to humans and the environment.

Not all, but some lithium batteries are even considered hazardous waste.

We haven’t even gotten to the fire hazards of lithium-based batteries.

Something as small as disposing batteries in a waste bin can lead to a fire, depending on the condition of the cells.

You may have also heard of the many instances where a Tesla has spontaneously caught fire.

tesla fire battery

While Tesla has taken exhaustive measures to reduce these risks, the issue stems from the underlying technology.

And to be fair, this is not exclusive to Tesla batteries. In their current state, lithium-ion batteries are fire hazards. Full stop.

On the other hand, Nomi’s liquid battery carries the threat level of a garden-variety potato clock.

It does not rely on the same cocktail of exotic battery materials to hold a charge.

Nomi even goes as far as saying that its liquid “is so safe you could use it to extinguish a burning Tesla.”

The Cost of Nomi’s Liquid Battery Is a Drop in the Bucket

Another factor that puts Nomi’s liquid battery a cut above a Tesla lithium-ion battery is its remarkably low cost.

The lithium in Tesla batteries costs somewhere in the ballpark of $150 a pound.

Inversely, the liquid in Nomi’s battery costs 5 cents a pound.

cheap liquid energy price

This is an enormous disparity and one of the main reasons big names like Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomberg, and Jeff Bezos are backing this technology.

“And that’s why these 5 billionaires are betting on this liquid.

It’s simple economics.

When you factor everything in, this liquid can store energy up to 94% cheaper than a Tesla lithium-ion battery.”

The cost-effectiveness of this liquid battery could make it easier to implement at scale if the tech takes off.

It could also make electricity cheaper across the board.

Now that you know the main beats from Nomi’s presentation, let’s look at how this technology might be applied.

Liquid Battery in Action

As mentioned, the real energy revolution has nothing to do with electric vehicles.

So why does Nomi Prins refer to this breakthrough technology as Tesla’s worst nightmare?

Because the company’s owner, Elon Musk, is eyeing an entirely different industry. And the liquid battery has all the necessary ingredients to capture it before Tesla gets a foothold.

“You see, Musk plans to roll out on a newer product that sells for 10 times the price of an average Tesla vehicle.

It’s a drastic move that will change Tesla’s entire business model.”

The industry that Nomi is referring to is energy storage — more specifically, grid energy storage.

Most folks don’t know this, but Tesla is looking to make its mark by providing products and services for utility-scale energy storage.

Tesla sells a product called the Megapack. It’s essentially a beefed-up version of Tesla’s Powerwall.

When you look at some of the returns, energy storage is an absurdly lucrative industry.

The Megapack retails for around $1.2 million (or one million a pop if you buy 10).

Right now, demand for the Megapack is skyrocketing, and Tesla can’t keep up. Nomi says that “Musk wants 10X production as soon as possible.”

mega pack battery

Given how expensive and labor-intensive it is to extract the necessary materials, Musk has a long way to go before he can reach his goal.

And this is where Nomi’s liquid battery comes in.

Liquid energy is incredibly cheap. And the open system allows it to charge much faster.

This means that liquid energy tech could be implemented on a larger scale to meet the demand that exists today.

Or in Nomi’s words:

“… [I]magine if, instead of spending billions of dollars on expensive CLOSED batteries like the Megapack … 

That, for a fraction of the price, can instantly recharge OPEN batteries to meet urgent energy demands.

And create a new energy grid that delivers instant energy just like fossil fuels but without dirty carbon emissions.”

This all sounds great, but Nomi offers even more reasons why she is bullish on liquid energy and the company behind it.

Key legislation passed in 2021 that the team believes could have major implications for this technology.

Joe Biden and the Battle of the Batteries

The last piece of the puzzle in Nomi Prins’ energy revolution is President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Bill.

Nomi anticipates that this $1.2 trillion bill could be the catalyst that kicks off the energy revolution. That’s quite the investment.  

As Nomi puts it:

“The government has committed $11 billion into updating the grid for better energy storage in the coming years.

That’s $8 billion MORE than what’s being invested in lithium-ion batteries.”

As you can see, the current administration is making a seismic push toward green initiatives and improved energy storage.

A move like this could unseat lithium-ion as the top energy storage technology.

Regardless of how anyone feels about the current admin, it’s difficult to argue against the implications presented by this bill. It could provide much-needed capital to fund a new wave of tech.

Also, this clearheaded analysis dovetails into one of Nomi Prins’ strongest suits.

She doesn’t play politics.

Her team searches for opportunities and alerts members the moment she spots one with potential.

If you want to know more about the liquid energy opportunity, the Distortion Report’s latest analysis can be found in the team’s latest bundle.

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lead of the distortion report

Who Is Nomi Prins?

Nomi Prins is an investor, author, public speaker, financial journalist, economist, and one of Rogue Economics’ top analysts. Rogue Economics is the publishing company where Nomi has made her home.

Her expertise in macroeconomics is one of the defining features of her analysis. She also has a more filled-out resume than many of her contemporaries.

Some of the highlights of her Wall Street career include working as an analyst at Chase Manhattan Bank and as a senior strategist at Lehman Brothers.

Nomi even had a stint at Goldman Sachs as managing director.

She quickly rose up the ranks as a financial expert. However, Nomi eventually grew disillusioned with all the wheeling and dealing done between Big Gov, banks, and Wall Street behind closed doors.


Nomi decided to change her trajectory to share her experience and insider knowledge with everyday people. These days, Nomi pens books and oversees stock market research newsletters.

The focal point of her analysis cuts at the heart of market distortions, and more importantly, the “Great Distortion,” a financial crisis that she believes could be looming over the horizon.

Something I appreciate about Nomi is that she extends the scope of her analysis outside the United States.

A lot of analysis in this space tends to only focus on America or Europe. And this leaves out critical information.

For instance, a large swath of energy technology relies on commodities from across the globe.

If someone plans to invest in companies involved in this tech, it’s important to stay up to date with key events. This includes politics that could affect trading relations or a recession or economic collapse.

service package

What Comes with Distortion Report?

Distortion Report is an investment newsletter that provides a monthly stock recommendation, bonus reports, and more.

The recommendations dial in on distortion events.

Market distortions occur when there’s a disconnect between the real-world economy and the financial markets.

During a distortion, the price of a stock becomes completely disjointed from its actual value.

Several factors contribute to this. However, many recent distortions hinge on the government injecting freshly printed money into the stock market.

fed printing money

Institutional insiders then direct the cash flow in and out of select stocks.

The Distortion Report team keeps a diligent eye on the market and closely tracks these events.

Once they’ve spotted an opportunity to capitalize on a distortion, they issue trade alerts to members through the monthly newsletter.

Distortion Report subscriptions also offer a bunch of other benefits, like bonus reports and trade alerts.

12 Issues of Distortion Report Newsletter

The Distortion Report delivers one trade idea each month. These recommendations provide the ticker, buy price, and supporting analysis.

The newsletter also includes market commentary from Nomi Prins.

As mentioned, the recommendations are based on the team’s research into market distortions.

Trade Alerts

Members of the Distortion Report team are notified immediately of any news affecting an open position or the model portfolio.

Depending on the direction of the markets, the team may issue a buy or sell alert.

These alerts can be tracked on the dashboard. They are also sent via email.

Exclusive Access to Members Portal

Subscriptions to Distortion Report come with exclusive access to the member’s portal.

In the portal, members can check out the latest issue of the newsletter, browse the model portfolio, and more.

It’s also a good place to keep tabs on the team’s updates and alerts.

Most established investment research houses offer a member portal. So the team isn’t breaking new ground here.

Still, this is an exceptionally convenient feature, and I’m glad it’s included.

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New Member Bonuses

This package provides new members with additional trade ideas, including even more energy stocks.

In total, Nomi Prins and the Distortion Report team offer eight more investment opportunities.

main bonus report

Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution

Nomi Prins’ “Liquid Energy” stock is the centerpiece of the latest research package.

And this report reveals everything you need to know about it and the potential $130 trillion energy revolution.

I touched on some of the main beats earlier, but the report adds even more critical information about the opportunity.

It also reveals the stock ticker.

If you are signing up specifically for Nomi’s $4 stock, you might want to put this report first on your list.

research report

Energy & Income: Six New Dividend Stocks for 2022

Nomi Prins pinpoints six dividend payers that she believes could help add some stability to portfolios hit by the recent bout of inflation and stock market tumble.

Many of these recommendations are more traditional energy stocks that include the fossil fuel industry.

While the end goal is clean renewable energy, the reality is that oil and gas still provide the most reliable fuel.

Alternatives like solar and wind power don’t even come close.

Fossil fuels will continue to power energy storage technology until more stable green energy takes its place.

You might want to check out this report first if you’re looking for stocks that could pay dividends and provide the opportunity for a solid return. 

poltical stock report

The #1 Political Stock of the Decade: Cashing in on Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Law

Nomi Prins and the team don’t play politics. However, they don’t shy away from opportunities to potentially profit from them, either.

They have spotted one stock they believe could cash in on the government’s investments in energy through the Infrastructure Bill.

The team doesn’t give the name of the ticker in their presentation, but they do drop a few hints.

In 2021, many members of the US Senate snatched up this stock and added it to their portfolios.

Within the same year, its peak gains outperformed industry leaders such as Apple and Tesla.

Everything you need to know about this investment opportunity is included in the report.

refund policy

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Under the latest deal, new members have access to the Distortion Report‘s 60-day money-back guarantee.

This means you have about two months to test-drive the service. If you decide it isn’t a good fit, you can get a refund for the full cost of your subscription.

All you need to do is reach out to customer service.

Also for clarity, the refund is a cash refund — not in-house credit.

Considering that the industry standard for entry-level newsletters is a one-month refund period, this is an excellent deal.

It shows that Nomi Prins, Rogue Economics, and the Distortion Report team are confident about the quality of analysis they provide to members.

This offer is closed. Check out Nomi’s other guarantee

How Much Does the Service Cost?

Distortion Report typically retails for $199 a year. 

This is a fair price for expert market analysis and commentary from someone as established as Nomi Prins.

However, the team is sweetening the pot and offering an introductory deal that brings the price down by 75%.

This means that new members only pay $49 for the first year. With the discount, an annual membership costs a little over $4 a month.

It comes with all the features mentioned above. So there’s no trade-off for opting for this discount.

Keep in mind that the 75% discount only applies to the first year. When the subscription renews, it will cost $129 (a 35% discount).


Final Verdict

We’ll have to wait and see if Nomi Prins’ prediction plays out as she expects. That said, the team builds a strong case for their $4 liquid energy stock.

Anyone who wants all the details, including the liquid energy stock symbol and supporting analysis, should consider giving the latest deal a close look.

This package includes much more than the latest presentation’s stock picks.

Members can tap into the Distortion Report team’s monthly insights — not to mention updates about market-making news.

Plus, the 75% discount for the first year substantially drops the price. Times are tough, but $49 could fit into most budgets.

Even better, the latest deal is backed by a rock-solid 60-day money-back guarantee.

You can also keep the bonus materials if you opt for a refund. So you won’t leave empty-handed.

All in all, it is a great deal, and I recommend checking it out if you’re looking for top-tier analysis at a fair price.

This offer is closed. Find out what Nomi is recommending HERE



Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.