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Options for Income Pro Review (Is Jay Soloff Legit?)

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Jay Soloff’s Options for Income Pro is touted as a savvy way to build retirement saving regardless of market conditions. But are the team really on to something? Get the full story with my Options for Income Pro review.

What Is Options for Income Pro?

Options for Income Pro is a monthly newsletter that delivers options plays and market analysis.

Every Tuesday, edited Jay Soloff shares three covered call options for conservative to aggressive opportunities.

His latest focus centers around Americans’ waning retirement savings and a recession-resistant method to combat the drain.

He believes his ONE Trade Retirement Plan is the answer.

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lead editor

Who Is Jay Soloff?

Jay Soloff is the lead Options Portfolio Manager at Investors Alley, an elite independent research firm. He currently edits the Options for Income PRO, Options Trading Mastery, and Profit Wheel 360, three of Investors Alley’s premiere publications.

Before coming on board at Investors Alley, Jay was a professional options market maker on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). The CBOE holds the title of the largest place to trade options in the world.

What’s more, he also helped develop some of the first options market-making software for trading options digitally when the concept first reached the United States.

This options expert even spent time working as a senior analyst trading options at a hedge fund and at the Kansas City Board of Trade in the Wheat Futures pit.

At present, Jay shares all that accumulated knowledge through his Investors Alley newsletters. Through these publications, he seeks to make the best options strategies available to anyone willing to learn.

His credentials speak volumes as well. Jay earned a degree in economics from the University of Illinois and two Masters degrees from Arizona State University. He holds both an MBA and a Masters of Science in Information Management.

tim plaehn investors alley

What Is Investors Alley?

Investors Alley is an independent publisher of research and financial content from a team of investment professionals. In addition to a handful of free reports, Investors Alley has several premium newsletters covering a wide range of topics.

Six editors with decades of experience pen these publications, sharing the experience they’ve gleaned while on the trading floor.

Options for Income PRO is just one of many such newsletters available on the site. Other top titles, each with its own areas of research, include:

  • The 20% Newsletter
  • Underground Income
  • Profit Wheel 360
  • 30-Day Double Up
  • Options Trading Mastery
  • 11-Day Trader
  • The Dividend Hunter
  • and more

Investors Alley members tend to hold the company in high regard, according to the Better Business Bureau.

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quote about one trade retirement plan

What Is The ONE Trade Retirement Plan?

The ONE Trade Retirement Plan is all about adding stock income while minimizing downsides. It offers protection even in volatile markets, becoming a low-risk way to build retirement savings no matter what mood the economy is in.

Here’s how it works:

retirement crisis

The Retirement Crisis

The ONE Trade Retirement Plan identifies a crisis in our nation that’s eating away at hard-earned money set aside for retirement. Over $3 trillion in retirement savings has already been wiped out due to the latest stock market fall.

The market continues to be an unsafe place to put money set aside for the golden years. Recession and inflation are a one-two punch most Americans did not plan for. More folks than ever are struggling to maintain an income strategy for the golden years.

What’s worse, Jay tells us the bigwigs in mainstream media and Wall Street are sending all of us in the wrong direction.

Even with significant sums saved away, market growth rates aren’t doing their job. Soloff believes most retirees will find themselves broke in less than ten years.

The solution is to find ways to generate more income by trading options. Buying and holding is out. According to Soloff, placing ONE trade at least every month is the answer.

This move has the potential to create the extra income you need not just to stay afloat but actually enjoy retirement.

portfolio increase chart

2022 has been another favorable year, closing in on a 90% win rate at the time of writing.

This trade is a simple, speedy way to bring in some instant income and takes just a few minutes each week. You can choose the level of risk to invest in through a conservative, moderate, or even aggressive approach.

Without going into too much detail, this trade secret revolves exclusively around options and selling covered calls.

Selling covered calls is surprisingly easy and can produce income no matter what the share price does.

Jay makes clear that we’re almost out of time to get on board with this exclusive trading opportunity. There’s a “commodity king” currently checking all the boxes for his ONE trade strategy.

Surprisingly, this stock is a relatively unknown silver company. Silver appears to be incredibly undervalued at present, creating an excellent opportunity for gains with covered calls.

All you have to do to uncover the name of this stock is become a member of the ONE Trade Retirement Plan.

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What Comes with the Service?

The ONE Trade Retirement Plan features several crucial tools packed with the information you need to build a retirement income strategy from options. Below you’ll discover what comes with every membership:

156x Weekly Options Trade Ideas

As part of the ONE Trade Retirement Plan, you’ll receive a list of three simple options trades with the potential for growth every week. These picks fit a range of trading styles from conservative to aggressive in their approach.

You’ll also get Jay Soloff’s thoughts on each trade and why the option is worth pursuing. He also shares pitfalls to watch for that could derail gains.

12x Monthly Issues of the Options for Income Pro Newsletter

When signing up for the ONE Trade Retirement Plan, you’ll receive 12 issues of the Options for Income Pro newsletter over the course of the year. Each monthly newsletter reveals a piece of Jay Soloff’s income strategy for trading options.

The magazine also contains new covered calls to fit different portfolio types and how to make the most of each trade. As the cherry on top, readers also get access to a section written by Euan Sinclair who has 25 years of options trading under his belt.

12x Monthly Sessions With the Council of Options Experts

Throughout the year, you can attend various meetings Jay hosts with an options strategy expert.

This unique approach puts you in front of a wealth of wisdom teaching new ways to trade. You’ll hear about what’s been working, what hasn’t, and option trade ideas coming down the pipe.

Past speakers include Sean Ryan from Seeking Alpha, Jay Hatfield from Infrastructure Capital Management (ICAP), and many more.

Access to Private Member Portal

Inside the private member portal, you’ll have total access to the hottest trades and the latest updates from other members. This section also displays live event news and the means to connect you directly to a customer support agent whenever you get stuck.

The secure zone is only available as long as you’re a ONE Trade Retirement Plan subscriber.

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The ONE Trade Retirement Plan also includes three exclusive bonus materials with the potential to help you make money. Let’s take a look at how each report can add to your income strategy.

3 “Recession-Proof” Stocks to Trade ASAP

This report showcases the stocks primed to give your income a boost.

The first is a pick-and-shovel gold play in the commodity market that offers a low-risk investment opportunity. Although trading comes with no guarantees, this security may dole out reliable extra cash for the foreseeable future.

Next on the list is a dark horse retail giant showing up in a big way. The team behind the ONE Trade Retirement Plan is a perfect 3-for-3 on trades this year and expects more good luck as time presses on. The stock even appears to be trading at a premium at the moment.

Stock number three is a little-known uranium giant out of Canada. This ticker just so happens to provide 18% of the world’s uranium and continues to do well on the market.

Complete A-To-Z Video Training Series

The Complete A-To-Z Video Training Series contains a wealth of information describing options trading. Each video takes you step-by-step through options strategy and how options can generate extra retirement income.

Videos are simple, to the point, and broken into digestible chunks for those just beginning to trade options. Anyone with questions about how to become a successful options trader will likely find them answered here.

12x Monthly Subscriber Trade Reviews

Every month, Jay looks at subscriber trades to offer his own personal feedback. Acting as a mentor, he points out good moves you made and areas where a different move may have produced better results.

Having this personal guidance is a hands-on approach to learning the best trade strategies quickly while avoiding common mistakes Soloff fell into while learning to play the options game.

refund policy

12-Month Money-Back Policy

Jay is so confident ONE Trade Retirement Plan package will make a difference in your trading game that he’s throwing in a 12-month money-back guarantee.

Subscribers can try out every aspect of the plan, from trade alerts to tips for buying options completely risk-free. If at any point during the year something doesn’t work as expected, you can obtain a full refund of your membership fee.

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Is Options for Income Pro Legit?

Jay Soloff, Options for Income Pro’s chief writer, started on the trading floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and has worked with Wall Street firms to design the very software used on electronic exchanges.

His on-the-ground experience helped hone him into a stellar options trader and a deep understanding of the options market.

Over two decades later, Soloff uses Options for Income Pro to share his knowledge with those also seeking to make money through options trading. He goes so far as to work with members on a monthly basis to iron out options strategy and help them find success.

To further cement his place as a trading guru, Soloff boasts an impressive track record. In 2021 alone, he brought in a 95% win rate on trades.

Pros and Cons

The ONE Trade Retirement Plan holds a plethora of information on generating income from options trading, but it’s not a perfect platform. Here are the pros and cons of the service.


  • 12 issues of the Options for Income Pro newsletter
  • Multiple trade ideas each month
  • Trade reviews with Jay Soloff himself
  • Video series explaining how to effectively trade options
  • Recession-proof stock bonus report
  • Private member portal with to the minute information
  • Perfect for those both experienced and new to trading
  • Budget-friendly price point
  • 12-month money-back guarantee


  • Focuses mainly on options strategy
  • Takes a long-term approach to retirement gains

Options for Income Pro Pricing

Anyone wishing to scoop up an Options for Income Pro package at this moment need only pay $69 for the entire year.

Twelve months of the namesake newsletter typically costs $399 on its own.

This special deal includes The ONE Trade Retirement Plan, the 3 Recession-proof Stocks report, and the Complete A-to-Z video training series at no additional cost. These three materials retail for well over $600.

Don’t forget that this deal comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with everything you receive, it takes nothing more than a simple phone call to get a full refund of your subscription.


Options for Income Pro Review: Final Verdict

Options for Income Pro offers a lot of value at a fair price.

The current state of the economy has sucked dry many retirement savings accounts, and there’s no end in sight. Soloff believes Americans must turn away from old “buy and hold” methods to new strategies for saving their golden years.

The ONE Trade Retirement Plan is a unique approach from the mind of Jay Soloff designed to help build retirement income resistant to market conditions.

There are always risks in trading, and not even the top gurus can guarantee the direction a security will go. Even so, selling covered calls seems to provide a near-perfect win.

For just $69, you can get your hands on everything you need to know about the income strategy. Jay walks members through the process while revealing the one trade with the potential to earn big with little effort.

With a 12-month money-back guarantee, you have plenty of time to test out the waters. If you’re not satisfied, it takes nothing more than a phone call to get back your sign-up fee.

All things considered, the ONE Trade Retirement Plan is a worthwhile option for anyone searching for an opportunity to build their nest egg.

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Jessica is a published author and copywriter specializing in personal and investment finance. Her expertise is in financial product reviews and stock market education.