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Palm Beach Letter Review 2023 (Is Teeka Tiwari Legit?)

  • By John Parker
  • Jul 28, 2023
Palm Beach Letter Review

Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Letter has exploded in popularity over the past few years thanks to its red-hot crypto and tech recommendations. We put together this Palm Beach Letter review to find out if this elite research service is the real deal. Keep reading to find out the truth about Teeka Tiwari and his flagship service.

What Is The Palm Beach Letter?

Palm Beach Letter is an investment newsletter and research service led by Teeka Tiwari and his firm, The Palm Beach Research Group.

The Palm Beach Letter primarily focuses on disruptive technology like cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Teeka believes blockchain is the next great global disruptor, and even refers to it as the “Genesis Technology”, which is the origin of the new tech revolution.

Like the smartphone, he thinks decentralized blockchain ledgers will radically transform world economics, politics, and more.

Through his work with The Palm Beach Letter, Tiwari wants to help everyday people capitalize on the upcoming blockchain revolution.

Each monthly newsletter issue contains Teeka’s investment insights, market analysis, and more.

Tiwari’s service emphasizes cryptocurrency plays, but he also covers regular stock picks, including income, growth, and dividend stocks.

The Palm Beach Letter will occasionally also recommend less traditional securities such as annuities, Forex investments, real estate, and commodities (e.g., precious metals).

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Is The Palm Beach Letter Legit?

Yes, Palm Beach Letter is a legitimate newsletter.

Palm Beach Group’s team does an exceptional job of delivering real market analysis and research for its subscribers.

You can tell by looking at the thoroughness of their analysis that they really know what they are doing.

It’s written in plain English, and as a result, you don’t need to be an expert to take advantage of the information.

However, even cryptocurrency experts could still find a lot of value in Tiwari’s research and market analysis as well.

That all sounds good, but who is Teeka Tiwari, and can you really trust him to lead you to promising investments?


Teeka Tiwari Review

Teeka Tiwari Review

The Palm Beach Letter is the brainchild of Teeka Tiwari, one of the most notable investors of the past 30 years.

According to his bio on the Palm Beach Research site, he’s best known for becoming a Wall Street executive at the age of 20 as the youngest-ever VP for Shearson Lehman.

Tiwari later founded his own hedge fund, but he eventually stepped away to bring financial empowerment to the masses.

Nowadays, Tiwari is off Wall Street and heading up the Palm Beach Research Group.

Tiwari has come a long way since first coming to the US with just $150 in his pocket.

Now, he’s a world-renowned investment expert that specializes in stocks, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies.

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Teeka Tiwari Review

Is Teeka Tiwari Legit?

Teeka has a talent for spotting tech-sector investment opportunities way ahead of the rest of the market.

He was an early proponent of blockchain technology, even after the “bubble” supposedly popped in 2018.

When Bitcoin sank to multi-year lows, Teeka stayed with it. Now, Bitcoin has surpassed its 2017 highs, and it looks like the crypto investing bulls were right all along.

While we don’t have a detailed breakdown of all his trades, Teeka Tiwari has been a prominent name in the finance space for some time.

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Palm Beach Research Group Review

Palm Beach Research Group is the publisher behind the Palm Beach Letter.

Helmed by Teeka himself, the company specializes in finding high-growth opportunities in unconventional assets like cryptocurrencies.

In addition to PBL, the Palm Beach Group also runs other newsletters like Palm Beach Confidential, Palm Beach Venture, and more.

And you can rest easy knowing you’re dealing with a reputable, US-based company.

Is Palm Beach Research Group Legit?

Palm Beach is a legit research firm that provides a wealth of valuable insights.

Its newsletter services have been providing solid stock and crypto recommendations for years.

There are plenty of Palm Beach Research Group reviews that testify to this.

Palm Beach Letter Investment Strategy

Teeka and his team understand that modern diversified portfolios have a place for a wide variety of assets, including precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

Rather than ignoring these assets, the Palm Beach Group approach capitalizes on the growth without placing any undue risk on your nest egg.

It’s the best of both worlds.

The Palm Beach Letter incorporates many of these techniques into its investment strategy, and many users say it works.

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More than 110 banks are already planning to recall the US Dollar

Palm Beach Letter’s Dollar Recall Presentation

Our banking system is in dire straights. We’ve seen three banks fail, holding more than $500 billion in assets.

That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what might be just around the corner. If the rumors are true, the very U.S. dollars in your banking account could be replaced by a new type of currency.

Such a move could leave paper money useless and catch millions of Americans completely off-guard.

What’s going on behind the scenes?

The Declining U.S. Dollar

The Declining U.S. Dollar

The U.S. dollar hasn’t been doing so hot of late. Its value has dropped 87% over the last 50 years and is still moving in the wrong direction.

Inflation absolutely crushed people back in the 1970s. It didn’t stop – you’d have to spend nearly ten times now what you did back then to purchase the same amount of stuff.

We’re right in the midst of another wave of inflation now. People are feeling the pain all over again.

It doesn’t help that America’s debt has shot up as well. We’ve passed the $31 trillion mark with no end in sight.

Brazil, India, China move away from US Dollar

Developing countries like India, China, and Brazil have caught wind of this. They’re moving away from the dollar at alarming rates.

Instead, these nations are trading with each other in their own currencies. No one believes in the dollar anymore.

The U.S. government isn’t about to stand idly by and let all this happen. It has a plan to keep the U.S. on top of the world.

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American Free Press

The End-Game: Digital Currency

The government’s solution? Have the U.S. switch to a new Central Bank digital currency (CBDC).

Such a move could preserve the dollar’s status as a go-to currency and keep other nations reliant on our economy. It sounds like a good move, but there’s a hidden aftertaste.

You see, moving to a digital currency gives the government direct control of your bank account. In theory, the Feds could block spending to slow the economy or freeze funds if they don’t like something you’re buying.

It’s a scary thought, for sure. The ball’s already in motion though, whether you like it or not.

We’re way behind other countries that have already launched digital currencies. This is just our bid to catch back up.

A switch to a digital currency is going to catch a lot of people completely off guard. And their hard-earned dollars could soon be completely worthless.

All hope’s not lost, though. Teeka believes the advent of a U.S. CBDC could be a huge opportunity if you play your cards right.

Teeka Tiwari

Teeka’s Escape Plan

Teeka’s got a plan to put you on the winning side of the move to a digital dollar.

This switch is coming at a record pace, but it’s not going to happen overnight. Time, effort, and technology are required to bring about such a monumental change.

The companies behind the technology representing this paradigm shift are in the perfect position to profit. After all, they’re needed to make a CBDC happen.

It’s no different from other big tech shifts we’ve seen over the years. Think back to the impact Apple, Amazon, and even Tesla had on the tech world. Folks investing in these companies early enough saw quadruple-digit gains.

Teeka claims what we’re about to see with the tech surrounding digital currency could yield higher returns than ever before.

You’ll need to act fast if you have any hope of capitalizing on what’s about to happen with our economy. Fortunately, Teeka’s identified the best investment opportunities, but you’ll only find them out by signing up for this deal.

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What's Included in this Deal?

What’s Included in this Deal?

You can get Teeka’s in-depth research on the Dollar Recall opportunity if you sign up for his Palm Beach Letter newsletter service now. Plus, you’ll also get tons of additional bonuses.

The Palm Beach Letter Newsletter

The Palm Beach Letter Newsletter

The Palm Beach newsletter is the primary vehicle for Teeka Tiwari’s research and stock recommendations, and you’ll get a new issue delivered directly to your inbox each month.

Each issue of the Palm Beach newsletter contains stock market research, stock recommendations, and much more.

It’s a complete guide to the market, and it comes every month like clockwork.

The newsletter doesn’t just cover stock picks. It also includes detailed analysis of the latest market moves, potential investment strategies, and much more

Rest assured, Teeka Tiwari’s newsletter will keep you busy with a steady stream of investment ideas for a full year.

Weekly Updates and Alerts

Weekly Updates and Alerts

Tiwari doesn’t leave you hanging with just one monthly newsletter. He also keeps you informed with trade alerts and updates on his recommendations.

You’ll receive a notification from Tiwari any time he’s recommending a new move. Buy alerts will alert you when a new opportunity is emerging, and sell alerts tell you when it’s time to exit a position.

You’ll always know when it’s time to take action thanks to Tiwari’s timely notifications, so you can focus on your day and forget about sweating the latest market moves.

It always pays to stay informed when you’re investing, so Tiwari will also keep you updated on the latest news affecting the Palm Beach Letter model portfolio.

There’s no regular schedule for these updates aside from the regularly scheduled monthly newsletter. However, he’ll send one out whenever necessary to keep you up to speed.

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Model Portfolio

Model Portfolio

The Palm Beach Letter portfolio provides a bird’s-eye view model of the service’s active holding recommendations.

You can instantly see what holdings Teeka is recommending, along with their ticker symbols, pricing, and other pertinent information.

For new subscribers, the Model Portfolio is a tremendous asset. It can help you hit the ground running with a slew of promising recommendations to get you in the swing of things.

Even the most novice beginners can get up to speed quickly with this valuable resource.

As soon as you join, you can see Tiwari’s latest recommendations and supporting research that will help you make an informed decision on each opportunity.

You can learn valuable investing lessons from seeing how Tiwari organizes his portfolio, and it makes it easy to stay on top of Teeka’s latest picks moving forward.

Teeka's "Best Ideas Vault"

Teeka’s “Best Ideas Vault”

Your subscription also includes access to a complete archive of Teeka Tiwari’s past research reports and other resources, so you can look back at all of his previous work.

When you’re learning about investing, you want to make sure you’re getting accurate info, and you know you’re learning from a credible source with Palm Beach Letter.

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, you’ll find sure to draw valuable insights from this collection of market commentary and analysis.

The archives add dozens of additional resources to your Palm Beach Letter subscription, and it could lead you to many promising investing ideas.

Tiwari’s archives pile on a lot of value to this deal, and America Reborn looks like a true bargain when you factor it in with all the other bonuses.

Dollar Recall Special Reports

If you sign up for Palm Beach Letter today, you’ll also get several exclusive research reports on the Dollar Recall and the coming shift to CBDC.

The 3 Simple Steps to Opt Out of the Digital Dollar

The 3 Simple Steps to Opt Out of the Digital Dollar

You have every right to worry about the fate of your money. A digital shift could leave paper dollars without value.

Teeka’s found three simple steps you can do from the comfort of your home to protect your money. The top elite like Mark Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk have already done them.

All the instructions are laid out step-by-step right here in this special report. It could very well be the only legal way to opt out of the digital dollar.

My #1 Stock for the Coming Digital Dollar

My #1 Stock for the Coming Digital Dollar

The government needs some help to pull off the switch to the digital dollar. They need access to your bank account, which over 100 institutions have already agreed to hand over.

It’s a scary thought, but not one without opportunity.

A little-known company’s playing a big role of its own in the shake-up. It’s made deals with central banks in a handful of other countries too to do the same.

More countries could jump on the bandwagon at any time. That means this company’s stock could skyrocket.

This report reveals the name of this company along with a detailed explanation of why you should invest.

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The $0.25 Moonshot: How to Make a Fortune with CBDCs

The $0.25 Moonshot: How to Make a Fortune with CBDCs

Tiwari says there are some mind-blowing money-making opportunities in blockchain investing. I’m talking the kind everyone dreams of happening.

Blockchain technology is new, and company shares move around A LOT. There’s a lot of risk here, but the good news is even a small stake can lead to a major payout.

Many of these opportunities have already come and gone. But Teeka’s tracking one right now with that kind of potential.

It costs less than $0.25 to buy in. If it jumps another quarter, you’ve already doubled your money. Tiwari’s betting it’s going to go much higher.

You’ll find everything you need to know about the blockchain stock right here in this special report.

The 10X Gold Secret

The 10X Gold Secret

Fiat currencies may be in question across the globe, but digital currencies aren’t the only place banks are turning to for stability.

They’re also picking up gold at record rates. Gold’s always been on everyone’s radar, but Teeka’s found an even better way to invest in the yellow metal.

Check out the chart below. His strategy has returned thousands of percent more money than just holding bullion.

Teeka's #1 Gold Investment has crushed the yellow metal

Few others are taking advantage of this big gold play that could reach new heights than to the budding gold market.

All you need to get involved is the name of the company and ticker symbol found in this bonus report.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Perhaps the best thing about the Palm Beach Letter is its generous 60-day, money-back guarantee.

You have 60 days to try out PBL and you can return it if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

No need to worry about buyer’s remorse because the guarantee ensures you’ll walk away from your purchase satisfied, or your money back.

If you don’t like it, you can cancel within 60 days and get a full refund on your purchase. No questions asked.

Palm Beach Pros and Cons

The Palm Beach Letter has lots of pros, but there are some places the service could improve on.


  • Detailed financial newsletter with regular stocks

  • Ran by crypto master and former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari

  • Comes with 4 bonus reports

  • Reports include more than 6 bonus picks

  • Unlimited access to past Palm Beach Research Group reports through the members portal

  • Save 75% off regular Palm Beach Letter pricing with this deal

  • Blockchain and crypto expertise

  • Unlimited access to Teeka’s model portfolio

  • Rock-solid 60-day money-back, satisfaction guarantee


  • Growth stocks can be volatile

  • No community chat room or forum

Teeka Tiwari Track Record

Tiwari has been picking winners for a long time. Here are some of his greatest hits:

Teeka Tiwari Track Record

In 2019, Teeka alerted his readers to a developing opportunity in a crypto called Luna. In less than a year, the crypto gave readers the opportunity to generate an 851X gain.

That’s incredibly impressive, but it’s just a warm up for Teeka Tiwari.

Teeka's Readers had the chance to become a millionaire in NEO

A few years earlier, in 2016, Teeka hit a grand slam when he recommended NEO to his readers. This coin ultimately delivered a whopping 150,900% gain in just a few months!

These stock picks represent just a small portion of Teeka’s total trades. However, he’s produced incredible results since taking over Palm Beach Letter in 2016.

Teeka Beats All of the top hedge funds

Since taking the reins, Teeka’s picks have crushed several notable hedge funds, including Elliott Investment Management, Peconic Partners, and others.

Gurus don’t share their trades very often, but it’s almost impossible to argue with results. Teeka’s track record speaks for itself, and it says volumes about this guru’s ability to pick winning stocks.

Again, these past performances don’t guarantee future results, but consistent gains like these don’t happen by accident.

Teeka is one of the world’s leading blockchain experts, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with him in the driver’s seat.

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Palm Beach Letter Reviews

We couldn’t find any verified Palm Beach Letter reviews online, but Tiwari shared a few during his most recent presentation.

Here are some of the most notable Palm Beach Letter reviews from real members we could find:

Palm Beach Letter Reviews from membersPalm Beach Letter Reviews from membersPalm Beach Letter Reviews from members

These Palm Beach Letter reviews are from verfied subscribers, according to Teeka Tiwari’s presentation, so you can rest easy knowing they’re legit.

Howver, as always, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. Always consult with a certified financial advisor before making any major investment decisions.

That being said, these reviews should provide some significant reassurance if you’re on the fence. Clearly, these individuals thought Palm Beach Letter was worth every cent.

How Much Does The Palm Beach Letter Cost?

A 12-month Palm Beach Letter subscription typically goes for $199.

Fortunately, you can get a membership for just $49 under the current deal, giving you a total savings of 75%.

That’s a steep discount, and you still get all the incredible research materials covered in this review at an average monthly cost of just $4.

How Much Does The Palm Beach Letter Cost?

Is The Palm Beach Letter Worth It?

After a thorough Palm Beach Letter review, I belive it’s an excellent resource for cutting-edge crypto at a great price.

Teeka Tiwari and the Palm Beach Group build a strong case for their stock picks and crypto recommendations. Overall, I give it an A rating.

Furthermore, Teeka Tiwari has an excellent track record and a long history of success. His picks have given readers chances at massive returns since he took over PBL in 2016.

He’s also one of the world’s foremost experts on blockchain and cryptocurrency, so you’re sure to pick up some valuable insights from regularly reading his research.

When you factor in the vast swath of bonus materials, the Palm Beach Letter’s Dollar Recall deal is one heck of a value at just $49.

Plus, you can buy with confidence knowing you’re covered for 60 days under Tiwari’s money-back guarantee, so you can forget about buyer’s remorse with this excellent bargain.

However, the 75% discount available under the Dollar Recall deal isn’t going to last forever, so don’t sit on the fence for too long. After all, your subscription is covered with Teeka’s air-tight guarantee.

Ultimately, my Palm Beach Letter review found this to be an excellent research service with a lot to offer. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a research service with a blockchain twist.

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John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.