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Jon Markman Power Elite Review 2024: Are These Stock Picks Worth It?

power elite review
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The market is buzzing about Jon Markman and his up-and-coming investment research service. However, we want to know if it can help our readers make money in the market. Our exhaustive Jon Markman Power Elite Review will tell you everything you need to decide if this research service is right for you.

Jon Markman’s Power Elite Review: Overview

The Power Elite is a subscription-based research service that provides members with top-rate market research, stock recommendations, analysis, and much more.

Each month, you’ll get an issue of The Power Elite newsletter, featuring new stock picks and up-to-the-minute insights about the latest stock market action.

The Power Elite editorial team uses tried and tested techniques to identify high-potential stocks.

However, this service’s investment strategy has a bit of a twist, especially under the Elite 35 deal, which we are reviewing today.

Is The Power Elite Legit?

The Power Elite is a legit research service with many valuable insights.

Markman’s take on moving with the market and leveraging the momentum of big players is a refreshing change of pace.

But how does it work?

Tune in to find out.

How Does The Power Elite Work?

Power Elite‘s primary goal is to help everyday folks find investment opportunities, even when the playing field isn’t level.

It’s no secret that powerful forces control the lion’s share of the economy.

As retail investors, the best we can do sometimes is to swim in their wake.

Jon Markman, the chief editor behind The Power Elite, believes it’s not worth trying to outsmart or fight these powerful market forces.

Instead, he follows the trends and uses them to his advantage.

When Wall Street wants something to happen, it usually does.

When the government gets involved, it becomes a virtual certainty.

In the US, the Federal Reserve has made it clear it’ll do whatever it takes to support the stock market.

We’ve seen unprecedented levels of government stimulus spending since the pandemic broke in 2020.

It’s scary to think of the potential inflationary effects of such a spending spree, but Jon Markman says this is no time to turn your back on the market.

Markman warns, “Don’t fight the Fed.”

The central bank is injecting trillions into the market to support the economy.

In today’s economic climate, there is no better alternative than stocks.

However, out of more than 5,000 publicly traded stocks, Markman believes as few as 35 of them are worthwhile investments.

The Power Elite helps members identify and capitalize on these top-tier opportunities.

> > Sign Up for The Power Elite Now <<

jon markman review
Jon Markman is a top analyst for the Power Elite.

Jon Markman Review

The man pictured above is Jon Markman, the chief researcher behind The Power Elite.

He is also the lead researcher for the Jon Markman Tech Trend Trader.

He uses the Weiss Stock Ratings as a top-line selection tool and then picks each stock individually, based on more than three decades of experience.

His years in the field have also helped Markman develop an extensive network of investment industry contacts.

Markman leverages a unique trading strategy that veers from the conventional wisdom that touts diversified stocks.

In fact, he believes they are a trap.

Here are Markman’s own words on the matter:

If you own a mutual fund, an Exchange-Traded Fund, a 401(k) managed by your employer, or even a wide range of “diversified” stocks …

Your stockbroker, financial planner and/or fund manager is trying to play you for a sucker in just another Wall Street “carny game.”

Markman refers to these market losers as “sucker stocks”, and understandably, he doesn’t recommend them to Power Elite subscribers.

He’s also a voracious reader who is known for gobbling up massive quantities of research reports.

Safe to say, Jon Markman has his fingers on the market’s pulse, but that’s not his only claim to fame.

Markman was managing editor of Microsoft Money, where he helped develop one of the world’s first online stock screening tools at a time when computer technology was still in its infancy.

He’s also listed as the co-inventor on two Microsoft patents.

And with his 1999 book, Online Investing, he was among the first to show readers how to invest online.

Jon has even won multiple awards for his writing, including the Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Financial Journalism in 2002.

Is Jon Markman Legit?

Jon Markman is a legit guru with a fascinating take on investing.

The Power Elite is one of Jon’s most popular services, but he runs two others published by Weiss Ratings, including Weiss Technology Portfolio and Markman’s Strategic Options.

Markman knows his way around the market, and he has an excellent reputation in the research industry.

When he says there’s a trend developing, you should listen.

Jon Markman Net Worth

Jon Markman’s net worth is not publicly available.

We’ll make sure to update this if that changes.

Now that you know more about Markman, let’s put Power Elite under the microscope.

power elite review contents

What’s Included with The Power Elite: Elite 35 Deal?

  • The Power Elite Monthly e-letter 
  • The Power Elite Anytime Flash Alerts 
  • VIP Video Briefings 
  • Model Portfolio 
  • BONUS: Lifetime subscription to the Pivotal Point e-letter
  • BONUS: Four Special Reports

>> Click here for instant access to these resources <<

The Power Elite Monthly Newsletter Review

The Power Elite monthly newsletter is the primary vehicle for the service’s most important research.

Each issue comes loaded with new recommendations, research, and analysis of the latest news.

You will quickly find yourself anticipating Markman’s report every month.

His stock recommendations are great, but the potential benefits go beyond solitary picks.

Markman’s research and commentary will help you see the market more clearly.

Pretty soon, you’ll likely notice potential trade opportunities all over the market.

While it’s not the flashiest item on this list, it could be the most beneficial.

This monthly report has the potential to lead you to some tremendous opportunities.

power elite flash reports

Anytime Flash Alerts

A month is a long time in the market.

It’s hard to stay in tune if you’re only checking in once a month.

Enter The Power Elite Anytime Flash Alerts.

Whenever something changes with one of The Power Elite positions, you’ll receive a flash alert via email.

That way, you can quickly act as necessary to adjust your position.

Flash alerts might not seem like a big deal at first, but day-to-day trading guidance can make a big difference.

Opportunities come and go in a heartbeat, but The Power Elite‘s email alerts ensure you’ll always know when it’s time to make a move.

VIP Video Briefings

Jon Markman goes the extra mile to keep his subscribers in the loop.

He holds a regular VIP video session to update his members on The Power Elite portfolio.

He also takes questions from attendees, so you have the opportunity to get the answers to your toughest investing questions from a true expert.

If you don’t follow the market every day, you’ll surely appreciate getting such a detailed presentation.

It’s like the State of the Union address for stocks.

Between the monthly report, flash alerts, and the VIP video briefings, you’ll never miss a beat with The Power Elite.

private briefing power elite review

Model Portfolio

The Power Elite tracks every active stock recommendation through a member-exclusive model portfolio.

Jon’s complete portfolio gives you a bird’s-eye view of every Power Elite stock, including the ticker, price, recommendation, and other important info.

Any time there’s a change to the model portfolio, you’ll receive a flash alert in your email.

Plus, an up-to-date model portfolio comes in every issue of the monthly report.

As soon as you sign up, a quick glance at the model portfolio will introduce you to the entire Power Elite lineup.

The model portfolio is a great place to score some easy stock picks, and it provides an excellent gauge for the service’s stock-picking performance.

>> Access the Power Elite model portfolio <<

Pivotal Point Newsletter Review

Your subscription also includes lifetime access to Jon Markman’s Pivotal Point.

This tri-weekly report provides a quick-and-easy overview of the day-to-day stock market grind.

Jon Markman believes we’re living in the “New Gilded Age”.

Pivotal Point’s purpose is to help everyday people navigate this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In other words, transformative technologies are everywhere, and Pivotal Point can help guide you to some of the best places to invest right now.

You get a lifetime subscription to Pivotal Point when you sign up, so you will keep receiving it even if your Power Elite subscription runs dry.

Pivotal Point is another excellent addition to the already jam-packed Power Elite lineup, and it’s yours to keep for life!

power elite reports review

Jon Markman’s Free Research Reports Review

As a bonus, Power Elite is giving away several special reports for new subscribers.

Here’s the current lineup:

Profit from The Power Elite

Profit from The Power Elite is the main point of Markman’s latest presentation.

Recent events have demonstrated that the US Federal Reserve is doing whatever it takes to support the US stock market.

Investors can reap significant benefits by merely trading along the same trajectory.

Profit from The Power Elite covers a handful of Power Elite stocks that could be the best investments on the market.

Some of the most influential people in the US, the so-called “Power Elite”, have made small fortunes off these stocks, yet they’re still relatively unknown at the retail level.

You’ll find 35 of Jon Markman’s stock picks in this report, along with four easy steps you could take today that will help drastically reduce your risk and streamline your portfolio.

Markman explains everything in a step-by-step fashion so even total beginners can follow along.

It’s a perfect introduction to the service and sets you up for long-term success.

>> Get the intel you need to succeed with the Power Elite <<

The Beauties and The Beasts of Utilities

Many investors are discovering that utility stocks could have serious potential.

These companies offer steady returns, hefty dividends, and minimal risk profiles.

However, not everyone is a winner, and picking a loser could cost you big.

Markman provides a detailed road map to the sector in this report, and he demonstrates how to utilize his techniques.

The brief also includes information on several of the best utility stocks for 2021.

The Disruptive Dozen

Owning mutual funds isn’t enough.

You need outsized exposure to top performers if you want to get ahead of the game.

Just take a look at the gains in Big Tech stocks over the past ten years, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

In this report, you’ll find 12 stocks with huge potential to become industry-leading disruptors over the next few years.

These stocks could take your portfolio to another level.

These high-growth opportunity stocks are a valuable addition to The Power Elite lineup.

Check this report out first because these stocks could skyrocket any day.

Work-From-Home Winners

Most of America is spending a lot more time at home, and it’s having a massive impact on the US economy.

Work-from-home stocks have made enormous gains over the past year.

However, there’s still plenty of market share to go around, and many young startups are eager to gobble it up.

Due to the nature of this fast-moving market, these picks could blow up fast.

Make sure you give this report a long look.

Money-Back Guarantee Review

Judging by The Power Elite refund policy, Jon Markman isn’t afraid to put his money where his mouth is.

The Power Elite offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for a full year.

That’s very reassuring for anyone who isn’t 100% sold on the service.

You can take advantage of the service for 364 days.

Even if you decide to cancel on the 364th day, you can collect your full refund and keep all the reports you’ve received.

Furthermore, The Power Elite is very above-board with its renewal process.

You’ll receive a notice thirty days before your subscription is renewed, so you’re never caught off guard.

Plus, you can cancel your renewal at any time.

Best yet, your subscription will always renew at the lowest renewal rate available.

You don’t have to worry about last-minute, bait-and-switch pricing tactics with The Power Elite.

Overall, it’s a fair and straightforward policy.

You get a full year to try out the service, and The Power Elite scores major points for its transparent pricing.

The Power Elite Pricing

Under the current deal, you can join The Power Elite for as little as $29 per year.

That gives you full access to everything we covered, including the four bonus reports.

At that rate, you’ll pay less than $2.50 per month.

That’s an incredibly affordable rate, and it makes the service easily accessible to just about anyone.

>> Sign up for the Power Elite now for as little as $29 <<

The Power Elite Premium Membership Review

For a little bit more, you can sign up for the Premium Membership.

This membership tier includes print delivery of The Power Elite, plus three additional bonus reports:

  • Cash Generator: A Surprising Investment Set for Spectacular Growth
  • Turn Trash Into Treasure With This Unexpected Moneymaker
  • Logistics Bonanza: Grab Your Share of an Industry Set to Grow $7 trillion in 4 Years

You’ll pay just $59 for the premium version, so it’s $30 more than the entry-level package.

If you’re interested in receiving a print version of the newsletter or you’d like to take a look at those bonus reports, you should consider upgrading to the premium version.

power elite review

Pros and Cons of The Power Elite Review

The Power Elite is pretty good, but nobody’s perfect.

Here are the best and worst things about the service:


  • Instant access to dozens of stock picks as soon as you join
  • Join for as little as $29 per year
  • Experienced leadership under Jon Markman
  • Includes a lifetime subscription to Pivotal Point
  • Four bonus research reports included
  • Airtight, full-year, 100% refund satisfaction guarantee
  • Transparent pricing and renewal practices
  • Regular updates through monthly reports, flash alerts, and more.
  • Live sessions with Jon Markman
  • Model portfolio access and regular updates


  • Focus limited to growth stocks and ETFs
  • No chat room feature

>> Access these benefits and much more with The Power Elite <<

The Power Elite Reviews

While you can find a lot of praise for Power Elite online, it’s not reviewed on any of the go-to third-party sites like Trustpilot or Stock Gumshoe.

If this changes, we’ll make sure to keep you posted.

Until then, we’re impressed with the service and believe it’s worth a close look.

Is The Power Elite Right for Me?

Most folks will get a lot of value from their Power Elite subscription.

However, it’s a particularly good fit for these types of people:

Retirement Savers

It doesn’t matter how old you are; you should be putting money aside for retirement.

Unfortunately, indiscriminately throwing cash in a generic mutual fund could cost you down the road.

The Power Elite‘s recommendations can show you how to give your portfolio the best chance of success.

Millennials & Zoomers

You can never start investing too early.

Getting started early puts you ahead of the game and sets you up for a comfortable retirement.

If you’re not sure where to start, The Power Elite makes for an excellent introduction to the market.

Plus, it’s incredibly affordable at just $29 per year.

No Time to Trade

Life gets busy, and it’s hard to find time for everything.

Unfortunately, many people neglect their investments because they don’t have time to follow the market.

The Power Elite makes it easy to follow the latest trends with mobile flash alerts, regular reports, and VIP video updates.


Mainstream finance news is like an echo chamber.

Most of the time, you’re going to hear the same thing from every major network.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to make money following the status quo.

Jon Markman’s independent research uncovers the hidden diamonds that the mainstream misses.

Is The Power Elite Worth It?

The Power Elite offers a unique combination of deep market insights and timely trade alerts.

Monthly Power Elite reports keep you posted on developing opportunities, and flash alerts notify you at the exact moment you should pull the trigger.

Factor in bonuses that include a lifetime subscription to Pivotal Point and four ground-breaking research reports, and you’ve got one heck of a value at just $29 per month year.

Best of all, you get a full-year satisfaction guarantee with your Power Elite subscription, so you have plenty of time to decide if you want to keep it.

If you’re tired of missing out on the hottest stocks on the market, you can sight up for Jon Markman’s Power Elite today.

>> That’s it for our Power Elite review! Click here to sign up for $29 before this deal is gone. << 



John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.