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StockDweebs Review

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StockDweebs is an equities research company focused on technical analysis. They offer their main flagship service known as the “Blue Box Signals” membership to over 100,000 traders.

Their goal is to take away the intense, day-to-day research, required to trade successfully through their stock picks. A paid subscription might be right for you if you’re looking for straightforward recommendations with proven track records of results.

However, if you’re leaning more towards long-term stock picks for investing with a 5-year and more time-horizon, their service may not be the best choice. There are a lot of stock picks and trading services out there.

So how does StockDweebs and their platform stick out from the rest? Is StockDweebs and their stock signals worth trying out?

We will pull back the curtain to answer these questions. In this StockDweebs review we will see if it is the best choice for everyday traders.

StockDweebs Review

StockDweebs Review: Overview

StockDweebs prides itself on uptrend trading. Their main philosophy is picking stocks within a strong uptrend.

They buy bullish pull-backs to continue their high growth trajectory to beat the S&P 500. According to their analysis, trends stay trends for a long time – and they like to take advantage of this with their stock signals.

Their founder has mentioned that strong bull markets tend to last anywhere between 4 to 8 months. As a result, with StockDweebs, you will receive a set of stock picks every Sunday with commentary on how to enter and buy correctly on trending stocks.

In 2020, they managed to catch 72% of the large growth in the technology sector driven by COVID-19. In 2021 they’ve also managed to catch the beginning phases of the large growth periods across lumber, copper, housing, and the financial boom.

You will never miss a bull-market with StockDweebs’s stock picks.

However, is this type of trading style right for you? There are drawbacks, like the eventual looming and deep corrections that may occur on these hyped sectors.

We’ll take a look in-depth on StockDweebs and decide if they have the best stock signals service in the market.

StockDweebs Review: What is StockDweebs?

By and large, StockDweebs is a stock signals platform. They combine their team’s expert technical analysis and charting skills, and their uptrend algorithm theory.

We should make this clear: you should have at least an intermediate-level of understanding on trading terminology when joining.

StockDweebs is not a platform for buying and selling stocks. Rather, StockDweebs is a research platform that provides exact buy, sell, and stop-loss signals to navigate uptrends and capture uptrending markets with ease.

StockDweebs features hand-picked charts and stock recommendations from their team of former Deutche traders to help you find the best trading opportunities. In essence, StockDweebs is meant to help you experience growth during the boom of certain sectors within the financial markets.

The most important benefit of StockDweebs is how they never miss the start of an uptrend. Many times, traders often catch the last phase of a booming sector. This ultimately causes extreme drawdowns when caught on the wrong side.

With StockDweebs, you are always guaranteed to ride a sector-wide boom in the early stages and have exact analysis on when and how to enter. Keeping up with many industries is extremely hard so StockDweebs provides you with the necessary stock picks so you’ll never miss another uptrend again.

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StockDweebs Review: How does StockDweebs Work?

StockDweebs keeps it extremely simple to sign-up for. All you have to do is visit their website and make an account.

For non-premium users, the great thing is, you will always receive their weekly stock picks for free. On each calling card, you will notice a core set of information you can use to determine your own set parameters in trading.

Once you have signed-up to their BLUE BOX Signals membership, you will have access to different features. You will have access to StockDweebs’s Growth Stocks, Dividend Stocks, and Stocks Under $30 lists.

Each list contains their popular charts. You will notice a blue box on their charts. These blue boxes represent their buy signals. StockDweebs recommends to buy the stock when price is within the blue box for the best chance at a bounce and catching the full price movement of the uptrend.

StockDweebs prepares these blue boxes at price points they call, “extremes.” These extremes are price levels that have the best chance at a bounce. They determine the blue box through algorithms similarly used at larger financial institutions.

StockDweebs Review: Try it Out for Free

StockDweebs built their reputation on helping out the finance community through their weekly stock picks. Hence, they made it a promise to always keep their weekly stock picks for free. StockDweebs has over 100,000 members that utilize their stock signals every week.

You’ll be able to track their current signals, past picks, and performance right from the dashboard.

To gain access to more stock signals, you can upgrade by choosing their BLUE BOX signals membership. Their flagship service provides their best stock lists across growth stocks, stocks under $30m and dividend stocks.

StockDweebs Review: View the Charts

StockDweebs Review: Stock Charts


The best feature is StockDweebs’s hand-drawn charts prepared by their team of former Deutsche analysts. Each calling card will have a “View the Charts” option. You will be able to check at which price to buy their stock recommendations.

Each chart will also contain target levels and stop-loss levels to make it extremely easy to follow. The chart program they use is also synced to TradingView – which enables each user to be able to press play on the “play button” located on the chart to see how price has moved since the chart was published.

This is great to keep track and up-to-date with their latest BLUE BOX signals.

StockDweebs Review: Is StockDweebs Legit?

Yes, StockDweebs is 100% legitimate. At the time of this review, StockDweebs has over 170,000 followers on Twitter and over 38,000 followers on YouTube.

They also have 100,000 users signed-up to their platform (counting both free and paid members).

StockDweebs also has thousands of praise and testimonials on social media. They are a legitimate competitor to services like Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts Plus, and Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor.

StockDweebs Review: Is StockDweebs legit?


Furthermore, StockDweebs does not sell your data or private information to third parties. You will only receive the latest updates to your personal information through weekly newsletters and announcements of potential new features. You will also receive alerts on specific stocks.

Therefore, yes. StockDweebs is an extremely trusted brand and entirely legitimate. StockDweebs is not a scam. They will never sell your personal information or steal your money. They are purely a service to help traders become better informed on the financial markets.

StockDweebs Review: StockDweebs Features

Below, is a list of StockDweebs’s features and what you can expect from them. Only the Weekly Stock Picks are free.

  • Weekly Stock Picks
  • Growth Stocks List
  • Stocks Under $30
  • Dividend Stocks List
  • Articles

StockDweebs Review: Weekly Stock Picks

StockDweebs Review: Stock Picks

StockDweebs’s weekly stock signals help you know exactly what to buy and when. This list is what StockDweebs has built their reputation on. Through their consistent research, they have been able to demonstrate their knack for finding winners way before average retail traders do.

Each of StockDweebs’s weekly stock signals has their charts attached to the calling cards.

With the BLUE BOX Signal membership, you get over 60 and more stocks a week with defined BLUE BOX signals located on each chart. These signals are handpicked and vetted by the StockDweebs team.

This will ensure the highest probability chance of further upside potential. Their team analyzes top stock recommendations depending on current industry and secular boom and bust cycles.

They rotate and cleanse their allocation and portfolio recommendations as market cycles shift into new catalysts. StockDweebs generally has a 4 – 8 month outlook in terms of their lists.

You can expect a few picks to be added every week, while a few picks to be removed from their lists every week. The rotation of stocks in and out their lists will ensure only stocks at the beginning stages of its uptrend are picked. As a result, you will benefit from the massive upside about to start.

StockDweebs Review: Growth Stocks List

StockDweebs provides an updated list of the best growth stocks within an uptrend every Sunday. This list provides the name of the stock and the buy-zone of where you should buy this stock.

They also have charts with their BLUE BOX signals to really help visually pinpoint the buy-zone. StockDweebs’s methodology is buying the dips on an uptrend. Therefore, you will tend to notice a lot of dip buying across trending stocks.

StockDweebs Review: Growth Stock Lists

StockDweebs Review: Stocks Under $30 List

Another popular feature is the Stocks Under $30 list. They created this list for individuals seeking to find micro/small-cap stocks. StockDweebs believes the next big company always starts out small.

This list helps discover the next Amazon while it’s still just a bookstore. Or the next Apple before the iPhone. StockDweebs does painstaking technical analysis based on the real value and the real potential of a company’s offerings to discover these hidden treasures. This is available for StockDweebs premium members.

The features of this list is the fact that it is affordable to beginners. It’s tough to dip your toes in the water with big stocks. You can diversify from the beginning with stocks that you’ll always know are in your price range.

Secondly, you can maximize your growth potential. These stocks start low, which gives you the most possibility to grow your profits. Forget blue chips – take a blue ocean strategy.


StockDweebs Reviews

StockDweebs Review: Dividend Stocks List

A lot of trading services do not talk about dividend stocks. However, StockDweebs believes dividend investing is extremely important. They believe it is important to build a portfolio that pays for itself.

StockDweebs Review: Dividend stocks list

Setting up a portfolio with regular, sizable dividend payouts is a great strategy. This helps generate capital to reinvest, or just to enjoy.

StockDweebs finds dividend stocks that have a good balance between growth potential and payouts which will fit nicely into your overall investment strategy. This is available for StockDweebs premium members.

With dividend stocks, you’re getting payments from the get-go. These can help you offset potential losses, or pay for yoru StockDweebs subscription.

Also, with dividend payments in your investment account each month, you have more capital to play with. You can increase your holdings without paying capital gains tax.

StockDweebs Review: Charting

Chart analysis is arguably StockDweebs’s most beneficial feature on its platform. You can scour through 60 and more names every week to determine when to buy a specific stock depending on its current price. Data on the charts come from its partnership and API provider TradingView.

With the premium subscription, you get their flagship BLUE BOX signals on every single stock recommendation every week. This allows you to save a tremendous amount of time every day trying to find your own picks.

StockDweebs’s methodology is buying the dip on uptrend markets. There is always a bull market somewhere – this is where StockDweebs comes in. They help you keep up-to-date with the latest stock recommendations in the soon-to-be hottest sector and industry.

Their charts help you pinpoint exactly where to buy to take advantage of these bull-runs. You don’t ever have to worry about missing out ever again.

StockDweebs Review: Charting

The chart tool through their TradingView API allows for users to keep track of price movement. This helps you to see if price is within their BLUE BOX signal by pressing play on the chart.

StockDweebs Charting

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StockDweebs Review: StockDweebs Cancellation Review

StockDweebs has an extremely easy cancellation policy. You can email StockDweebs’s support team at info@stockdweebs.com.

They typically respond in less than 24-hours. If you need any support in billing terms, they are on standby Monday through Friday – from 4:00 am New York Time to 1:00 pm New York Time.

StockDweebs Review: How Much Does Stock StockDweebs Cost?

Stock Dweebs pricing offers 2 main product lines: Dweeb Basic and the “BLUE BOX” Signals Membership

StockDweebs Review: Basic Plan (Free)

The basic plan option is completely free to use and provides weekly stock signals that are updated every Sunday at 9:00 am New York Time.

The basic plan also includes BLUE BOX signals across an array of stocks you can use to help you start your week.

The only limitation is the fact that you will not receive tailored stocks for growth, dividends, and stocks under $30, which are meant for premium users only. However, if you just need a simple recommendation, the basic plan will have everything covered.

StockDweebs Review: BLUE BOX Signals Membership 1-Year Plan

The BLUE BOX Signals Membership is $324 per year. This includes features such as, the Growth Stocks List, Stocks Under $30 List, and the Dividend Stocks List.

If you need more signals, this plan is perfect to capture every bull-market in real-time. You will never miss out on an uptrend ever again. StockDweebs’s sole purpose is to take advantage of uptrends. As they say, “the trend is your friend until the very end.”

  • BLUE BOX Signals Membership 2-Year Plan (10% off) – $289 per year
  • BLUE BOX Signals Membership 3-Year Plan (20% off) – $259 per year

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StockDweebs Review: Pros & Cons

StockDweebs has a lot of benefits but it may not be right for you. Here’s the list of some of the pros and cons of StockDweebs’s subscription service.

Stock Dweebs Pros

  • Tons of charts. StockDweebs is known for their charting expertise. You’ll gain access to their library of charts from active picks to past picks all on their platform. They have charts and buy-zones across many individual stocks. This is how StockDweebs became well-known – through their charting skills.
  • Sunday weekly updates. You don’t ever have to worry about missing a signal. All you have to do is take 5 – 10 minutes of your time every Sunday to set your game plan up for the upcoming week. This consistent schedule will help you know exactly when to expect new stocks to be added into their platform.
  • Gradual rotation in-and-out of stocks. StockDweebs always picks stocks across sectors and industries about to or currently in an uptrend. You will never be missing-out-in-action. If you’re kicking yourself in the past of missing out on tremendous gains in hot sectors, you’ll definitely enjoy Stock Dweebs service.
  • Amazing customer support. StockDweebs is known for their customer service. You will always receive an answer to all of your technical questions. Contact them at info@stockdweebs.com
  • Huge value for the price. StockDweebs’s BLUE BOX charts and analysis is top class. You will not find this many charts and this many labeling on charts anywhere in the marketplace. It really saves time, effort, and headache when planning what to do every week. Basically, outsourcing your game plan to StockDweebs is where the true benefit lies.

StockDweebs Cons

  • Very specific trading strategy. StockDweebs’s methodology is uptrend trading. They basically try to buy the dip at high probability price levels during a bull-market. This is highly successful – however, you may not be used to strategy. It does take time to get used too. It may not work for you.
  • Uptrends eventually end. StockDweebs has tremendous success in trading with the trend. However, all good things do come to an end. If you’re not careful, you could experience large drawdowns once the uptrend is finally broken. Or if the boom has burst. Therefore, it is highly crucial to keep notified on a weekly basis. StockDweebs will continue to stay dynamic in its lists.
  • Website bugs. Because StockDweebs has launched a new website, I did come across some bugs that partially hindered some aspects of the service.You may not be receiving real-time price quotes at times.

StockDweebs Review: Is StockDweebs Right for Me?

If you are a swing trader or an investor that generally has a forward outlook between 6 months – 1 year, then StockDweebs would be a tremendously complimentary service for you. It has all the benefits and tools you would need to succeed, without having to spend 8 hours a day monitoring your daily positions.

One thing to note is that StockDweebs does not directly cater to day-traders, even though their trades can be used for day-trading purposes. If you need a game plan every week, the charts in StockDweebs will be your best bet.

If you’re tired of always missing out on opportunities and large bull-runs, StockDweebs will always place you in the correct industry at the correct time.

On the other hand, if you are looking for day-trading, StockDweebs may not be the best service for you at first. Most likely, you’re better off trying the free version for now and deciding whether it makes sense to transition to their BLUE BOX signals membership. StockDweebs does a great job of giving you a buy-zone that could be used for trading purposes.

Final Decision: Is StockDweebs Worth the Value?

Will StockDweebs help you with your trading? Can they provide you with strong results through their uptrend strategy and membership?

We say, yes. StockDweebs is 100% worth the value.

They continuously keep you updated on bull-markets. You will never miss out on strong movements towards the upside. StockDweebs has an immense library of stocks ready to take off each single week.

And the best part is, each chart is hand-drawn with their proprietary BLUE BOX labeling. Our suggestion is to let StockDweebs outsource your analysis for you. It’s that easy.

Overall, StockDweebs is definitely worth it. We believe it can help you in every aspect of trading, so as long as you are looking for stock recommendations.

StockDweebs continues to bring new features onto its platform so you’ll never feel like they have an outdated system. Just set your alerts in the BLUE BOX buy-zone and you’re good to go!

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Jessica is a published author and copywriter specializing in personal and investment finance. Her expertise is in financial product reviews and stock market education.