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The 5ers Review 2022: Is This Prop Trading Firm Worth It?

Jenna Gleespen - December 15, 2021

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Our 5%ers review will tell you everything you need to know about this prop trading firm and whether it stands on equal footing with its competitors. Follow along for a full breakdown of The 5%er’s offerings.

Joining prop firms can be an excellent way to increase your earnings and build valuable skills at the same time.

The 5%ers is one of the biggest potential funders in the industry and offers programs that cater to a variety of trading styles, including more aggressive strategies.

It provides a forex trading platform that offers instant funding to traders, providing them with readily available capital.

But is the 5%ers legit, and can this firm help you make money?

Read our 5%ers review to find out!

The 5ers review

The 5ers Review: Overview

The 5%ers was founded in 2016 by Gil Ben-Hur and Snir Achiel.

Ben-Hur and Achiel are Israeli day traders who created the platform to help skilled traders increase their profitability without risking their own money.

The prop firm funds forex traders up to a million dollars in trading capital after meeting the trading criteria required and passing its evaluation process.

5%ers Evaluation Process

The 5%ers let users prove their trading skills through an evaluation program dubbed Level 1.

During the program, traders must reach set profit targets to gain access to a fully funded account.

Once traders have proven their risk management capabilities, they can proceed to Level 2, where they can earn more capital and boost their earning potential on the platform.

For the Level 1 account, users must:

  • Attain the set profit target
  • Consistently exceed the maximum stop out limit
  • Stay below the maximum leverage limit
  • Have a reasonable stop loss for all trades

After successfully reaching Level 1 target goals, you officially become a Funded Trading Partner, then receive a funded account with monthly payouts.

Users must pay a one-time participation fee to get an account, including the company’s funded capital.

After qualifying for the account, funded traders will have the chance to keep increasing the amount of capital they use for trades.

Essentially, funded traders can use someone else’s capital to improve their trading capabilities using low-risk programs or accounts.

The 5%ers aren’t forex brokers.

Unlike forex brokers, the instant funding firm doesn’t provide a retail trading account for retail forex traders.

The firm seeks out traders rather than investors, relying on a self-sustained model to provide capital to its users.

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How Does the 5%ers Work?

The 5%ers seeks out new and experienced traders to its firm and helps them sharpen their skills while they earn money by trading.

The prop firm insists it doesn’t accept money from investors; instead, it only invests from its self-sourced capital.

Throughout the forex trading process, including the evaluation process, users can secure real profits.

The accounts that the 5%ers offers vary depending on risk level, as well as the capital level.

Each account caters to traders with different investing styles, which include aggressive traders who live to take chances or beginner traders trying to gain some much-needed experience.

The 5%ers review

More on the 5%ers

After deciding the risk and capital level you’re comfortable using, all you need to do is log in, pay the participation fee, then begin trading.

The forex trading program is hosted on MetaTrader 5 (MT5), a highly advanced platform for forex traders and brokers.

Users can access the platform on their desktop or mobile device.

A variety of trading securities are offered with the 5%ers, including currency pairs such as:


Forex majors and forex major crossings are offered by the 5%ers.

Traders receive a 50% profit split after completing the first stage of the program, risk-free, with the split added to their account.

At Level 2 and beyond, traders can withdraw their profit splits at any time by using the platform’s dashboard.

You can withdraw $1,000 through PayPal, but any withdrawals exceeding the $1,000 mark will be paid through a bank transfer via TransferWise.

Each month, traders receive a fee-free payout, with further withdrawals incurring a minimum charge of $15 or a handling fee worth 3%.

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Who Can Get a Funded Account?

Traders who can complete the 5%ers’ evaluation programs gain access to a funded account.

Accounts provided after passing these evaluations include:

  • Low-Risk Evaluation Program
  • High-Risk Program

The 5%ers review

Low-Risk Evaluation Program

The Risk Manager program requires each forex trader to sustain a net profit gain of 6–7%, with an allowance of 4% maximum loss.

Its goal is to maintain profitability while minimizing risk, so it’s tailor-made for more disciplined traders.

The leverage for the low-risk evaluation program is relatively low at 6:1, and there is a mandatory stop loss.

The growth rate, meanwhile, can double the account at a net gain of 10%.

You get an extended window to pass the low-risk challenge, 180 days, to be exact.

High-Risk Program

Also called the Aggressive Trader program, the high-risk program is for freestyle forex traders who prefer high leverage trading.

The program offers higher account leverage of 30:1 with no mandatory stop loss.

The aggressive risk option gives traders the potential capacity to make higher profits.

You’re required to reach a net profit rate of 12% for the Level 1 funding account.

For higher levels, traders must attain a net profit of 25%.

You are given a 60-day window to complete the high-risk challenge.

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Is the 5%ers Legit?

The prop firm is a legitimate platform with a strong reputation among customers.

Customer reviews give glowing recommendations and speak highly of the firm’s ability to promptly pay traders.

The 5%ers are a private fund that holds ownership of a forex trading account under a regulated broker.

The firm doesn’t work under a regulation clause, as it is not a financial institution.

While the 5%ers doesn’t provide financial services, the firm does raise its own capital.

What Do You Get with the 5%ers?

The 5%ers offers quite a lot for new and experienced traders alike.

The firm’s standout features are:

  • Growth Trading Program
  • Access to Weekend Holdings
  • Trading Resources

Stay tuned for a full breakdown of each one.

Growth Trading Program

The growth program allows you to double your trading balance with every milestone you reach.

You receive a growth program schedule that tracks:

  • The initial balance
  • Milestone target
  • Maximum Loss
  • Leverage
  • Maximum stop loss

The 5%ers review

Access to Weekend Holdings

One of the biggest advantages the 5%ers has over other prop firms is that it allows traders to hold positions over the weekend.

This is especially attractive for long-term traders working with weekly and monthly charts.

Other prop firms don’t allow traders to hold positions over weekends or have very strict guidelines.

But with the 5%ers, trades can be held overnight, on the weekends, and when the market closes.

Trading Resources

The 5%ers includes a forex blog with articles, interviews, and trading psychology tips.

The 5%ers review

The firm also offers a forex trading room, equipped with weekly and monthly charts, to guide traders, monitor dollar index behavior, and trade with other traders in real-time.

Additionally, there are trading courses, which are particularly useful for a beginner looking to become a more advanced trader.


The 5%ers review


The 5%ers also provides a look at forex pivot points, an economic forex calendar, and various webinars and live events to educate users on the financial markets.

Also included among its comprehensive learning tools are countless videos, tips on how to reach profit targets, and workshops covering topics such as forex scalping and supply/demand.

The firm’s resources are ideal for professional forex traders and upstarts looking to become full-time traders.

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How Much Does the 5%ers Cost?

The 5%ers’ fees depend on the account size and the starter capital that goes with the account.

They also come with low profit targets for traders to reach before moving up.

Four funded capital account sizes are available on the Risk Manager Program or Aggressive Trader Program, featuring varying participation fees.

5%ers Fees

$24,000 – The profit target for this one is $375 (6%) for the Risk Manager or $750 (12%) for the Aggressive Trader, with $6,000 of instant funding provided. The participation fee for this level is $275.

$40,000 – Here, the profit target is set at $600 (6%) and $1,200 (12%), with $10,000 of instant funding. The participation fee for this level is $450.

$52,000 – The profit target is $910 (7%) for the Risk Manager and $1,560 (12%) for the Aggressive Trader. The instant funding provided is $13,000, while the participation fee is $565.

$80,000 – Users get $20,000 of instant funding, with the participation fee set at $875. Here, the profit targets are $1,400 (7%) and $2,400 (12%) for the Risk Manager and Aggressive Trader programs, respectively.

The 5%ers review

5%ers Cancellation Policy

The 5%ers offers a 14-day money-back, risk-free guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied with the service the prop firm provides, you will get a full refund within 14 days of making a purchase.

However, the signup fee for the service is non-refundable.

Any Level 1 accounts that have reached or exceeded the maximum stop-out rate will be closed.

If there are remaining profits in the account, the trader will receive the remaining balance at the next payout cycle.

5%ers Pros and Cons

We found a lot of pros in our 5%ers review; however, some areas can be improved on.

Read our pros and cons list to find out more. 

5%ers Pros

Time Duration – With such a long duration (180 days) for the low-risk account program and a 60-day duration for the aggressive alternative, the firm offers a lot of timescale flexibility for traders.

Extensions Available – If you just missed your profit target, you can request an extension if you immediately reach out to the firm.

Profit Targets – With such low-profit targets, lower than many trading firms, this trading platform may be more viable for traders.

Learning Materials – The trading courses, videos, tips, scaling programs, and other fundamental materials are helpful for traders of all skill levels.

5%ers Cons

Leverage Options – At 6:1 and 30:1, the leverage options aren’t the most attractive for traders.

Live Chat– Unlike other companies, there is no live chat feature for the 5%ers.

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The 5ers Trader Reviews

If you want to know what 5%ers’ prop traders have to say about the firm, check out these reviews.

The 5%ers review

The 5%ers review

The 5%ers review

The 5%ers Final Review: Is the 5%ers Right for Me?

The 5%ers prop gives traders more flexibility and breathing room to trade without having to use their own capital.

The low-risk program and aggressive programs cater to various types of traders.

You can hold trades at any time, the withdrawal process is straightforward, and the firm offers benefits that you may not find anywhere else.

If you’re looking to trade with one of the top prop firms out there, we recommend giving 5%ers a close look.

This is especially true if your trading style necessitates holding positions for an extended period.

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Jenna Gleespen is a copywriter specializing in finance and investment finance. Originally from the United States, she now calls London, England home.