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City Traders Imperium Review 2022: Is This Prop Trading Firm Legit?

Jenna Gleespen - January 05, 2022

city traders imperium review ft
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Take a look at our City Traders Imperium review to find out everything you need to know about this top prop trading firm.

City Traders Imperium (CTI) is a prop firm that places a unique emphasis on supporting trader development.

Unlike other prop firms where you’re left alone to pass or fail, CTI has extensive educational resources and a mentorship program to prepare you for success on the market.

So traders of different skill levels can become funded traders, improve trading psychology, and earn a high-profit split.

The firm’s Funded Trader Program offers a fully funded account that lets you manage millions in capital.

That all sounds good, but how does CTI stack up as a prop firm?

Check out our City Traders Imperium review to find out!

city traders imperium review

What Is City Traders Imperium?

Based in London, City Traders Imperium was co-founded in 2018 by former professional head traders Daniel Martin and Martin Najat.

The co-founders established the prop firm after expressing frustration about how other UK prop firms conducted business.

In their words, they did not want to sell a “pipe dream” to traders.

The duo noticed gaps between what funded traders learned and the knowledge required to become professional traders.

The objective was to establish a prop firm that did business more proactively than others.

The Funded Trader Program was specifically created to bridge that gap, including features like a free course to improve trader performance, make winning trades, and boost each trader’s profit-making capabilities.

City Traders Imperium also offers scaling programs and educational tools to help traders step forward in the trading industry.

city traders imperium review

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How Do You Become a Funded Trader With CTI?

You can take home a profit share of up to 70% when you use the Funded Trader Program on City Traders Imperium — one of the better profit splits in the prop trading firm industry.

To become a funded trader via the prop firm, you will need to follow these steps.

Step: 1 Choose Your Funding

As you’re applying for funding from the prop firm, you can choose between two options: evaluation funding and direct funding.

You get funding from day one with the latter, and you can skip the evaluation period.

If you choose the evaluation funding method, you must show consistency in your trading style for at least 30 days and not rely on one-off trades.

Step 2: The CTI Challenge

Passing the CTI Challenge is a vital element of securing funding from the prop firm.

Once you pass the CTI challenge and qualify to use the prop firm platform, you will receive 400% of the Evaluation Initial Capital Balance so you can trade as a portfolio manager with City Traders Imperium.

Step 3: Evaluation Profit Target

The Evaluation phase does its best to eliminate luck from your trading, optimizing your risk management and trading skills along the way.

In the Evaluation Funding Program, you need to attain a profit target of 7%.

The profit share in the program is 50%.

The terms of the Evaluation Program are flexible, as traders get up to one year to pass the challenge.

But, as long as you fulfill your trade requirements and hit the profit target, you can receive funding as soon as possible.

With the Evaluation funding option, you can trade gold and forex.

City traders imperium review

Step 5: Use Funded Trader Accounts

With CTI’s funded accounts, you can leverage your trading skills and improve your earning potential through City Trader’s Funded Trader Program.

You can grow your account with a 10% target and begin trading capital, potentially managing up to $4 million.

You never risk your own money when trading through the prop firm.

Once you pass the evaluation phase, you will receive a fully funded account that is 400% larger.

When any losses occur, you will not be held liable.

The Funder Trader program also includes scaling plans that offer a larger absolute drawdown, an optional 6% drawdown for Evaluation traders once they’ve become portfolio managers.

There are five scaling plans you can choose from, ranging from $2,500 to $17,500.

city traders imperium review

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Who Can Get a CTI Funded Account?

Traders who prove their capabilities to make profitable trades and successfully pass the CTI Challenge can access a fully funded account on the prop trading platform.

If you’re a professional, retail, day, or swing trader, you can trade on City Traders Imperium and access information to help you improve your success rate.

Is City Traders Imperium Legit?

Yes, City Traders is a legit prop firm that produced successful traders.

City Traders Imperium is a registered UK business by Daniel Martin and Martin Najar.

It should be noted, though, that CTI isn’t regulated or authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) because it does not undertake any regulated activities.

The prop firm has a solid online reputation with customers, and its customer support team is typically reachable through live chat, email, and social media channels.

However, customer support with City Traders is not 24/7.

The company is fully legitimate and is a solid trading partner for anyone willing to trade consistently.

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What Does City Traders Imperium Offer?

City Traders Imperium offers a range of alluring features, including:

  • All Trading Styles Offered
  • Leveraged Rates
  • Portfolio Management Accounts
  • Profit Share Split
  • Free Course
  • Trader Support
  • Mentoring
  • City Traders Imperium Withdrawal

Follow along with our City Imperium Traders review for a full breakdown of each one.

city traders imperium review

All Trading Styles Offered 

Regardless of whether you’re a skillful trader with an aggressive mindset, you have strong risk management skills, or you’re relatively new to trading, you can make the most of a CIT-funded trading account.

You get absolute freedom, trading with the strategy of your choosing.

You can trade hedge positions, use your own E.A.s, and leave trades anytime, including overnight or on the weekend.

Leverage Rates 

The leverages rate for the Funded Trader Program is 1:100, one of the more accommodating leverage rates in prop trading.

Portfolio Management Accounts 

After completing the evaluation phase, you can access a pair of portfolio management accounts, where you can prove your ability to manage up to $4 million in CTI capital

While using the portfolio management account, the maximum stop loss per position is 1.5%.

Portfolio managers must place a stop loss as soon as possible for every pending limit, market, or stop order.

This placement applies to all open trades.

Trades closed without a stop loss violate CTI’s risk management policies.

Additionally, there is a maximum drawdown that portfolio managers must meet.

The maximum loss allowed during the portfolio manager phase is a 5% absolute drawdown from the initial balance.

Profit Share Split 

Traders on City Traders Imperium can make up to a 70% profit split.

As you progress throughout the Funded Trader Program, you acquire bigger profit shares until you reach the 70% mark.

You’re rewarded more as you show consistency while managing your CTI funded account.

Free Course 

As mentioned earlier, a free course accompanies the Funder Trader program on City Traders Imperium.

The course is designed to help traders improve their chances of success and transition to portfolio managers who trade capital regularly.

The course provides trading education, gives you a better idea of financial ideas, and shows you how to improve your risk management.

Trader Support 

Trader support is available for traders, with customer service provided through live chat, social media, and email.

However, customer support is not available 24/7, as its hours are 10 am to 7 pm on weekdays.


CTI has a mentoring program that’s leagues beyond what other prop trading firms offer.

You can sign up on the CTI website to be coached by Daniel Martin, the co-founder of City Traders Imperium.

He’s a prop trading pro, and you can learn a lot from his mentorship.

City Traders Imperium Withdrawal

City Traders Imperium’s withdrawals are paid out automatically once a month.

City traders Imperium has three primary methods to withdraw payments from accounts, which include PayPal, Transferwise, and Revolut.

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City Traders Imperium Funded Accounts

There are five funded Evaluation trading accounts and four Direct Funding accounts available on CTI.

City Traders Imperium Evaluation Program

$10,000 Forex Funded Account – With an Evaluation Account size of $2,500 and the profit target is $175. A one-time payment of £109 is required for the account.

$20,000 Forex Funded Account – The Evaluation Account size is $5,000 with a profit target of $350 and requires a one-time payment of £199.

$40,000 Forex Funded Account – The Evaluation Account size for this funded account is $10,000 with a profit target of $700 and a one-time payment requirement of £379.

$50,000 Forex Funded Account – The account size is $12,500 with a profit target of $875 and a one-time payment of £449.

$70,000 – Forex Funded Account – The account size is $17,500, and it is accompanied by a profit target of $1,225 and a one-time payment of £649.

city traders imperium review

Direct Funding Accounts

Starting immediately as a portfolio manager, you can access:

$20,000 Direct Funding – The growth target for all direct funding accounts is 10%, while the max leverage is 1:100, and a stop loss is required; you can trade gold, forex, and indices with direct funding accounts. The one-time fee for this account is £999.

$40,000 Direct Funding – The one-time fee for this account is £1,799.

$50,000 Direct Funding – The one-time fee for this account is £2,199.

$70,000 Direct Funding – The one-time fee for this account is £3,099.

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Program Scaling Plans

CTI can offer an optional 6% absolute drawdown for their evaluator traders once they reach the portfolio manager level of the program.

Traders can only access this option after passing the evaluation phase. 

Let’s take a look at the different scaling plans offered: 

  • $2,500 Scaling Plan
  • $5,000 Scaling Plan
  • $10,000 Scaling Plan
  • $12,500 Scaling Plan 
  • $17,500 Scaling Plan

city traders imperium review

City traders imperium review

city traders imperium review

City traders imperium review

City Traders imperium review

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City Traders Imperium Cancellation Policy

No refund is possible for the Funded Trader Program once the funded account has already been issued to the trader.

Is there a City Traders Coupon Code or Discount?

Currently, there are no coupon codes or discounts that cut the cost of signing up for City Traders Imperium.

The program is competitively priced, however, so we don’t see this as a point against the firm.

City Traders Imperium Pros and Cons

We found a lot to praise in our City Traders Imperium review, but there are some places that the firm could improve its offerings.

City Traders Imperium Pros

CTI Challenge – You have a full year to pass the challenge and become a portfolio manager so you can take advantage of the funded accounts on offer.

Direct Funding – If you want to become a portfolio manager immediately, you can access a direct funding account and receive funding.

Remember, you are not risking your own money and receiving the prop firm’s capital to trade with.

Free Course – The free course is a good addition to help traders fine-tune skills as they become successful professional traders.

Scaling – The scaling potential with City Traders Imperium makes it one of the best prop firms around.

If you make a 60% gain on your trading capital, you will receive the full $2 million in funding for your portfolio management account; for forex traders seeking consistent results, it’s an appealing tradeoff.

City Traders Imperium Cons

Customer Support – While there are multiple ways to contact customer support, it doesn’t run 24/7 — plus, it can get too busy at times, leaving some customers to wait longer than others to address their issues.

Lack of Educational Tools – The free course is a nice addition to the Funded Trader Program; however, it’s the only educational tool that comes with the program.

City Traders Imperium Trader Reviews

Want to know what actual traders who use City Traders Imperium have to say?

Let’s take a look at a few reviews from Trustpilot. 

City Traders Imperium Review

Is CTI Right for Me?

City Traders Imperium could be one of the best prop firms available given its flexible rules, immediate accessibility to funding, scaling programs, and a sizable profit share.

The firm is well suited for:

  • Retail traders
  • Swing traders
  • Day traders

CTI also offers a mentorship program unlike any other firm we’ve seen, where you can get one-on-one coaching from a founding member.

There’s definitely enough to like here to give CTI a fair consideration.

>> That’s all for our City Traders Imperium review! Sign up TODAY! <<


Jenna Gleespen is a copywriter specializing in finance and investment finance. Originally from the United States, she now calls London, England home.