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Is City Traders Imperium Prop Trading Legit? (Our Review)

city traders imperium review ft
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City Traders Imperium is widely regarded as one of the top prop firms for trader education. But does the service live up to its reputation? Tune into our City Traders Imperium review to find out.

What Is City Traders Imperium?

City Traders Imperium (CTI) is a forex prop firm with a unique emphasis on supporting trader development.

Based in London, the firm was co-founded in 2018 by former professional head traders Daniel Martin and Martin Najat.

Its co-founders established CTI after expressing frustration about how other UK prop firms conducted business. In their words, they did not want to sell a “pipe dream” to traders.

Unlike other proprietary trading firms where you’re left alone to pass or fail, CTI has extensive educational resources and mentorship to prepare you for success in the financial markets.

So folks of different skill levels can become funded traders, improve trading psychology, access managed trading accounts, and earn a high-profit split.

This proprietary trading firm lets you trade:

  • Forex
  • Gold
  • Indices

While you can trade gold on every account, indices are not available for a select few.

City Traders Imperium also offers scaling plans with a 1:10 leverage. There are other funded account providers that offer higher leverage, but CTI’s aggressive scaling plans more than make up for this.

What Broker Does CTI Use?

City Traders Imperium does not publicly disclose its broker.

This is a fairly common practice in the industry.

review cti logo

How Do You Become a Funded Trader With CTI?

Getting funded with City Traders Imperium is a reasonably straightforward process, and it’s a lot more flexible than its competition. Many prop firms have a two-step process, but CTI lets you prove yourself within a one-year window.

Another plus is that this proprietary trading firm offers a 50% profit split out the gate.

There are quite a few accounts to choose from, and they are broken down into a few categories. You can choose between Classic Funding accounts and Standard Funding accounts. The Classic Account is much more lenient on its rules.

Who Can Get a CTI Funded Account?

Traders who prove their capabilities to make profitable trades and successfully pass the CTI Challenge can access a fully funded account on the prop trading platform.

If you’re a professional, retail, day, or swing trader, you can trade on City Traders Imperium.

Evaluation Funded Account vs Direct Funded Account

When signing up for a funded account with City Traders Imperium, you’ll need to choose between Evaluation and Direct Funded Accounts.

Prop traders who sign up for the Evaluation account will need to pass an evaluation period that tests their ability to hit the profit target while not violating max drawdown rules. This is the more economical account, and it’s recommended for less-experienced traders.

On the other hand, the Evaluation account cuts through the red tape and lets you start trading as a portfolio manager from day one. These accounts cost quite a bit more, so you’ll want to be confident in your trading abilities if you intend to sign up.

city traders imperium features

Step: 1 Choose Your Funding Account

As you’re applying for funding from the prop firm, you have two main options: Classic and Standard Funding Accounts. Within both of these accounts, you can choose between Evaluation and Direct Funding, as well as the amount of capital.

Step 2: Evaluation Phase

The Evaluation is City Traders Imperium’s proving ground that tests your abilities as a prop trader. You can skip this process if you sign up for a Direct Funding Account, but it might be a gamble for less-experienced traders, as you’re putting up more cash.

Classic Funding Evaluation:

  • 12-month evaluation period
  • 7% profit target
  • 5% Relative drawdown for max loss

Standard Funding Evaluation:

  • 6-month evaluation period
  • 9% profit target
  • 5% absolute drawdown for max loss

reviews of cti

Step 3: Use Funded Trader Accounts

After passing the Evaluation or opting for Direct Funding, you can access City Trader’s Funded Trader Program.

You can grow your account with a 10% target and begin trading capital, potentially managing up to $4 million. Also, you never risk your own money when trading through the prop firm.

Once you pass the Evaluation phase, you will receive a fully funded account that is 400% larger. When any losses occur, you will not be held liable.

The Funder Trader program also includes scaling plans that offer a larger absolute drawdown, and an optional 6% drawdown for Evaluation traders once they’ve become portfolio managers.

City Traders Imperium rules are fairly flexible, which is good news for folks looking to become profitable traders with fewer limitations.

What if I Fail to Trade within CTI’s Rules?

If you fail to trade within the rules, you will lose your account. But CTI does offer discounts in the form of cashback for retries.

  • 5% discount on the next Classic or Standard Evaluation purchase if you failed previously on the last Evaluation on the same funding program
  • 10% discount on the next Classic Evaluation purchase if you failed previously on the last Direct Funding Account.

Some competitors’ forex-funded trader programs do offer a free retry (if you meet specific criteria), but their evaluation processes are typically much more difficult to pass.

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city traders imperium review

What Does City Traders Imperium Offer?

  • Multiple Trading Styles Allowed
  • Scaling Plans
  • Profit Share Split
  • Free Course
  • Trader Support
  • Mentoring
  • Withdrawal

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Multiple Trading Styles Allowed 

Regardless of whether you’re a skillful trader with an aggressive mindset, have strong risk management skills, or you’re relatively new to trading, you can make the most of a CTI-funded trading account.

You can trade hedge positions, use your own E.A.s, and leave trades anytime, including overnight or on the weekend.

The firm is well suited for:

  • Swing trading
  • News trading
  • EA trading
  • Day trading
  • And more

Retail traders looking for more support will find a surprising amount of flexibility. You can’t trade crypto, however, which might turn some traders away. But anyone looking to trade forex, gold, or indices should feel right at home.

Scaling Plans

City Traders Imperium offers scaling plans that increase the amount of capital that you’re entrusted to trade with. Scaling also provides you with higher profit splits.

The amount of capital accessible depends on the funded account you select. But the profit spread increases follow the same trends.

The highest possible capital that you can scale up to is $2,000,000 per account, with a maximum of $4,000,000 in overall trading capital. This is an impressive number that is much higher than many of its competitors.

CTI profit spread

Profit Split (Spreads) 

City Traders Imperium has one of the best profit splits we’ve ever seen from a prop firm. Depending on your success as a prop trader, it’s possible to earn up to 100% of the profits you generate.

Up until this, the highest we’ve seen is 90%, which was already impressive.

The spread will depend on how high your account has scaled.

Here are the spreads you could have access to:

  • 50%
  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 100%

Anything above 70% is already high compared to industry standards, and 100% is almost unheard of.


Trading Courses 

As mentioned earlier, a free course accompanies the Funder Trader program on City Traders Imperium. The course is designed to help traders improve their chances of success and transition to portfolio managers who trade capital regularly.

It provides trading education, gives you a better sense of financial ideas, and shows you how to improve your risk management.

If you need even more insights, there’s a more comprehensive set of courses provided by CTI. But they do have a small upfront fee.

Trader Support 

Trader support is available, with customer service provided through live chat, social media, and email. However, customer support is not available 24/7, as its hours are 10 am to 7 pm on weekdays.

CTI reviews speak highly of the team’s customer service.

The only drawback is that the customer service does not include phone support. While a phone number would be nice, the team is very responsive through social media and email.

mentorship programs

Mentoring and Coaching

CTI has a mentoring program leagues beyond what other prop trading firms offer.

You can sign up on the CTI website to be coached by Daniel Martin, the co-founder of City Traders Imperium. He’s a prop trading pro, and you could learn some solid trading strategies from his mentorship.

Great Psychological training is also available, which is a great addition to the firm’s already impressive educational lineup. Anyone looking to make intelligent, dispassionate trades, will certainly want to give this resource a closer look.

cti withdraw

City Traders Imperium Withdrawal

Withdrawal methods depend on which stage of the funding process you are in.

If you’re in the evaluation phase, withdrawals will be issued as a refund that provides you with a lump sum of the 50/50 profit split after you pass.

After the Evaluation phase, you can make a request once a month, and CTI will issue you a payment and collect its percentage of the profit split. Payments can only be requested during the last five days of the month, and payout can take up to seven days.

Payments can be issued in the form of:

  • PayPal
  • Transferwise
  • Revolut

At this time, you are not allowed to withdraw payment in the form of crypto. This is due to UK law, but the firm states that it’s trying to find a solution.

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Is City Traders Imperium Legit?

City Traders is a legit prop firm that has a reputation for producing successful traders, and it’s a registered UK business.

The prop firm has a solid online reputation with customers, and its customer support team is typically reachable through live chat, email, and social media channels.

It should also be noted that CTI isn’t regulated or authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) because it does not undertake any regulated activities.

The company is fully legitimate and is a solid trading partner for anyone willing to trade consistently.

Payment Proof

If you’re wondering if there is payment proof online for City Traders Imperium, you’ll be happy to know that the firm has a page dedicated to showing prop trader payments.

The snapshot below is just one of many screen grabs the firm has provided.

city traders imperium payment proof

Pros and Cons of City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium is a stellar prop firm, but there are a few places where it could improve.

Check out our list for the pros and cons of this prop trading firm.


  • Competitive profit split up to 70%
  • Excellent mentorship programs and growing forex traders
  • Supports a range of trading styles (news, swing, EA, etc.)
  • Unique focus on psychological training
  • Fair challenge program with a 1-year pass window
  • Great for novice and experienced


  • No free trial
  • Forex only — no crypto

City Traders Imperium Trader Reviews

There are plenty of positive reviews online for City Traders Imperium.

We’ve collected testimonials from a few rating sites to give you a balanced look at what reported members think about CTI.

Trustpilot Reviews

City Traders Imperium boasts an impressive 4.8 rating on the third-party review site Trustpilot.

Let’s see what folks have to say about this prop firm.

city traders imperium (CTI) Trustpilot reviews

This is quite the achievement, as members tend to let you know (in great detail) if they don’t like a service.

Google Reviews

City Traders Imperium has locked in a rock-solid 4.4 on Google reviews.

google reviews city traders imperium

City Traders Imperium Myfxbook Review

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any reviews for City Traders Imperium on Myfxbook. We’ll keep an eye on any reviews in the future, but for now, Trustpilot is the best source of third-party reviews that we’ve found.

We also checked Forex Peace Army, and the site does not have reviews for this service either.

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City Traders Imperium Funded Accounts Pricing

There are five funded Evaluation trading accounts and four Direct Funding accounts available with City Traders Imperium.

The pricing for the Evaluation and Direct Funded accounts are the same for both the Classic and Standard Accounts.

city traders imperium review

Evaluation Accounts Pricing

$10,000 Forex Funded Account – One-time fee of £109.

$20,000 Forex Funded Account – One-time fee of £199.

$40,000 Forex Funded Account – One-time fee of £379.

$50,000 Forex Funded Account – One-time fee of £449.

$70,000 Forex Funded Account – One-time fee of £649.

city traders imperium review

Direct Funding Accounts Pricing

$20,000 Direct Funding – One-time fee of £999.

$40,000 Direct Funding – One-time fee of £1,799.

$50,000 Direct Funding – One-time fee of £2,199.

$70,000 Direct Funding – One-time fee of £3,099.

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City Traders Imperium Cancellation Policy

In the case that a funded account has not been traded, CTI will refund the signup fee up to 7 days after the registration date. The caveat is that refunds cannot be issued on an account that has been traded.

It makes sense, as someone could easily take a loss on their account and then ask for a refund, which circumvents the whole Evaluation process.

This is why you want to make sure your trading strategies are tip-top if you’re going to try to land a larger funded account.

Is City Traders Imperium Worth It?

City Traders Imperium could be one of the best prop firms available, given its flexible rules, instant funding, scaling programs, and a sizable profit share.

It has a mentorship program unlike any other that we’ve seen, providing one-on-one coaching from a founding member.

This proprietary trading firm is an industry leader that offers an exceptional blend of accessibility, support, and spreads. Many competitors score high marks in one of these areas, but CTI nails all three.

All in all, CTI could be a fantastic fit if you’re a day, EA, news, or swing trader. There’s definitely enough to like here to give this firm a fair consideration.

>> That’s all for our City Traders Imperium review! Sign up TODAY! <<



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